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Last Updated On: August 27, 2015

Insurance Auto Auctions Corporate Contact

Business Name: Insurance Auto Auctions Inc

Corporate Address:

Two Westbrook Corporate Center #500

Latest Insurance Auto Auctions Complaint

Misadvertising and dishonesty

On: April 2, 2015

By: JB

Reported Loss = $2,000.00

Management sucks at this location. They ripe people off. I bought a car from this auction, which they damaged after I won the bid. When I went to get the car, It didn t look like the way it was in the pictures during the auction. They damaged the car pretty bad after I won the bid. I was waiting for 3 hours for them to bring my car.

After I checked with the security guard about the status of my car, he said you car should be here already because they handed him back the paper. Over the radio, he asked the guys in charge of pulling cars why they didn t bring my car and one of them replied: We couldn t find it. I pay pull out fees. Why he didn t keep searching until finding it? I believe that s when my car was damaged. And before I pick it up. I went to talk to the manager, the front end lady went to tell him, he said he was busy. Well, we all are busy, he isn t any busier than anyone who buy from this auction. It is not professional to reply in such an answer.

So, another manager named Helen came. I showed her the pictures of the damaged that I took while the car still sitting on their lot the car, versus the pictures they posted on their website. After she saw them, she went to talk to the manager who said he is busy. After she came back, throw the paper on the counter and said we cant do anything for you, you are responsible for the car once you buy it while she is laughing like a five year old that she was able to ripe me off. They did not even walk to the lot the inspect the car or investigate who damaged the car.

How am I responsible for a car they damaged while it is still sitting on their lot? If i am responsible for it as they claim, then they vandalized my car because it wasn t like this when I bought it. Pictures are the proof. So basically, they can damage the car after you win the bid, and you are responsible for it. This ridiculous, they have no business ethics, they aren t honest about what they sell to make buyer place higher bid so they can make more money. I called the cops and willing to take my case to court.

This is a real review and I have documents to support my claim.

Insurance Auto Auctions 2535 W Mount Houston TX 77038 | 281-668-5283 |

5 steps to trim a subprime car loan rate #chilton #auto #repair

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5 steps to trim a subprime car loan rate


  • A subprime car loan is for a buyer with a low credit score.
  • A consumer has the right to dispute any information on a credit report.
  • A down payment of 20 percent will improve your profile with a lender.

Despite the stigma of the word “subprime” when it’s attached to any kind of loan, subprime car loans are on the upswing as a share of overall auto financing. says Melinda Zabritski, director of automotive credit at the credit reporting bureau Experian.

A subprime car loan is for a buyer with a low credit score and a spotty credit history. As a percentage of total automotive financing, such loans represented almost 20 percent of all new-vehicle financing in 2010 from almost 17 percent in 2009, according to Experian. For Experian, a credit score of 670 or lower is considered subprime.

Steven Bowman, chief credit and risk officer at GM Financial, the financing arm for General Motors, says there isn’t much a consumer can do to significantly raise a credit score while negotiating with a dealer’s financing manager.

“It’s (done) over time and not a quick process,” he says.

Still, there are steps you can take in the short term to increase your chances of snagging financing and perhaps lowering the cost of a subprime car loan, even as you confront a lousy credit history.

Obtain your credit score

A key factor in determining creditworthiness and establishing a rate, your credit score is a snapshot of your credit status. Good or bad, it is information you should have before you go car shopping because even for consumers with good credit, their credit score can influence their rate.

You can obtain your credit score through any number of online sites. Some sources offer your score for free as a come-on for other consumer-finance services and others charge a small fee, usually $10 or less. The three national credit reporting bureaus — Experian, TransUnion and Equifax — provide credit scores and are a good place to begin your search.

Aquire your credit report

A credit score and credit report are two different pieces of evidence a creditor will scrutinize when considering a financing application. If your credit score is a snapshot of your creditworthiness, your credit report is its history.

Credit bureaus report the information creditors provide, which isn’t always correct. A consumer has the right to dispute any piece of information appearing on a credit report and should challenge anything that is incorrect. This is particularly true for someone seeking a subprime car loan and who needs to reduce the negative information on his or her credit report.


Moreover, each credit bureau issues its own report and these may differ from one another. Rod Griffin, Experian’s director of public education, suggests obtaining your report in advance of applying for financing to give yourself time to dispute any inaccuracies.

Once you know your credit situation, you can begin to look for ways to improve it. “You need to know exactly what your credit report says,” he says.

Best Used Cars Under $5, 000 – Motor Pros #auto #window #repair

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Best Used Cars Under $5,000

Face it: 5 grand is not a huge budget for a car. But that doesn t mean you re destined to drive a rusty, worn out car without a heater. There are great deals to be had at used car lots all across the country, you just have to know what you are looking for. Take your time when shopping and use this article as a quick guide to finding the best used cars under $5,000.

Best Used Car Options for Under $5,000

Early 2000’s Honda CR-V

Honda is known for building vehicles to last, so purchasing an older CR-V is a great option to get into a quality vehicle that is only less-expensive because of its age. This model of CR-V will get you excellent gas mileage, which is not something you are likely to find in many other used cars. Also, the safety rating of Honda vehicle is legendary, so you can put the whole family inside this one with confidence.

Late ‘90’s Subaru Outback

Much like Honda, Subaru has a great reputation for building vehicles that last. Also, they have a similarly impressive track record in the area of safety. If you need to haul the family around but want to avoid the cost and bulk of a big SUV, this wagon is the way to go. You will get nice gas mileage, reliable performance, and room enough for the whole family plus cargo in the back.

Early to Mid-2000’s Toyota Camry

If you just want a standard family sedan that is a useful all-around car, you can’t do much better than the Toyota Camry. Just as with the two carmakers above, Toyota engines are well-known for their ability to keep on running mile after mile. The Camry also has a slightly larger 4-cylinder engine that others in the class, making it capable of more acceleration and a better driving experience.

Late ‘90’s Honda Odyssey

Sometimes, only a minivan will get the job done when it comes to hauling around family and gear wherever life takes you. The Honda is a great choice for a used van because, again, it will provide impressive durability even as the miles add up. These vans are quite expensive new, so getting one used for under $5,000 is a great opportunity.

There is no reason to settle for a piece of junk vehicle, even if you are only shopping with a $5,000 budget. Any of these vehicles listed above, or other models from those makers, would be excellent choice. Shop around, take your time, and you will be amazed at the kind of deals that you are able to uncover.

Over 750 Cars, SUVs, Vans and Trucks In Stock Now at The Auto Connection – 5 Locations to Serve You ( (888) 558-1417) #olympia #auto #mall

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Reliable Cars – Priced to Fit Your Budget We are The Car Buyer’s Best Friend! , with four Virginia locations (Danville, Newport News, Norfolk, and Richmond) plus Wilson, North Carolina to serve you


5 Locations. Each with their own Service Department.

Over 750 Cars In Stock. With fresh deliveries every day.

Free Carfax reports. Provided on all of our vehicles, upon request.

Better Finance Options. More ways to finance and to save.

Rate Saver. Lower your interest rate by 1% for every $500 down. Ask for details.

12-month extended warranty. Currently offered at no extra charge on any vehicle financed in-house.


The Auto Connection maintains a great inventory of reliable late-model vehicles – import and domestic cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers and minivans – priced to fit your budget. These aren’t just any vehicles. These are “Mack Mack” approved cars! We get new deliveries daily, so our inventory is constantly changing. Below is a representative sample of what you can expect to find at our four Virginia locations (Danville, Newport News, Norfolk, and Richmond) plus Wilson, North Carolina to serve you.

The 5 Cheapest SUVs for Sale #auto #camera

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The 5 Cheapest SUVs for Sale


Whether you are shopping for a new or used vehicle, getting the cheapest SUVs possible can help save you money. It is important to make the right decision by choosing a reliable vehicle that offers plenty of safety and comfort features.

Start your search for a new SUV here

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is an excellent value whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle. Simply put, with the large number of Explorers on the road, they depreciate quickly. This depreciation is offset on new vehicle purchases by a variety of employee/supplier discounts and rebates offered to buyers. These low selling prices when new also translate to cheap prices when buying used.

Nissan Xterra

For buyers shopping for a mid-size SUV, the Nissan Xterra offers a variety of options that provide for capable off-roading and passenger comfort. Not only does the Xterra offer lots of comfort features, it also has a five-star crash test rating, and a starting price of $22,450 when new. The Xterra has been available for years, so you should be able to find a lot of used examples in your area for sale at excellent prices.

Chevrolet Trailblaz er and GMC Envoy

The mechanically-similar Chevrolet Trailblazer and GMC Envoy were built with minimal technical changes from their introduction in 2002 until their phase-out after the 2009 model year. They offer a choice of smooth straight-six and V8 engines that provide lots of power and towing ability. While most Trailblazers and Envoys feature five-passenger seating, a long-wheelbase version was available for several model years, offering seating for up to eight passengers. Although new models are no longer available, used examples of these vehicles are excellent values.

Kia Borrego

While the Chevy and GMC examples are recently discontinued, the Kia Borrego is a newcomer to the body-on-frame SUV market. Offering smooth V6 and V8 engines paired to an automatic transmission, the Borrego provides three rows of seating and an interior quality uncommon in Kia products. Although few used examples are yet on the market, this is one of the cheapest full-size SUVs, available new for a suggested price starting at $26,245.

Jeep Liberty

The Jeep Liberty offers great front seat room and reasonable accommodations for rear seat passengers. If you purchase new, Jeep Liberty models are often discounted heavily by way of employee discount programs and large rebates offered by Chrysler. If you want the absolute best pricing possible, consider the rare manual transmission, which was only offered through the 2008 model year.

How to Buy Cheap SUVs Online

To locate the best SUV at the best price, buyers need to take the following points into consideration.

New or Used?

Depending on how “cheap” is being defined, buyers should be able to find both new and used SUVs for a cheap price. If shopping for a new SUV, buyers should find that many auto manufacturers are offering significant rebates and incentives. Manufacturers are having a difficult time selling cars in this current economy, let alone SUVs, so buyers should be able to score a good price on a new SUV. If shopping for a used SUV, buyers should have many options to select from that are priced at or below Kelly Blue Book.

Start your search for a new SUV here

What Kind of SUV Do You Want?

Whether purchasing new or used, certain SUVs may offer buyers a better chance at scoring a cheap price than others. For example, domestic SUVs generally have lower prices and, if buying new, higher incentives than comparable foreign SUVs. Domestic options include the Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Trailblazer and Dodge Durango. Many lesser-known foreign SUVs can also be found at discounted prices. Kia’s Sorento and Hyundai’s Tuscon are two examples. Popular foreign SUVs such as the Toyota 4Runner and Honda CR-V won’t usually be priced as low as other SUV options, but discounted models can be found.

How Cheap Are You Willing to Go?

Certainly, cheap SUVs can be easy to find if a buyer’s expectations are low enough. Age, mileage and condition are three key drivers of an SUVs price. Accordingly, an older, higher mileage SUV in need of TLC will have a cheap price. Price, however, is not the only consideration. Oftentimes, a cheaper SUV requires some maintenance and reconditioning, which adds to the total cost of the vehicle. Shopping online will provide buyers with plenty of options for any desired price range.

What Are Comparable SUVs Being Sold For?

Once an SUV has been identified, use the Internet to shop various dealerships and private parties offering that vehicle. Take one dealer’s advertisement or Internet print-out to a competing dealer to see if they are willing to offer any sort of discount or incentive to purchase the SUV from them. It is possible that dealers will vary widely on their advertised prices, so comparison shopping can only benefit a potential buyer.

Are You Willing to Walk Away?

When buying a new or used SUV, whoever wants the deal less will walk away with the better end of the bargain. Buyers should walk away if a dealer or private seller is unable or unwilling to meet your price. An emotionally-attached buyer will usually end up paying too much. Walking away shows the seller you’re serious about waiting for a better deal to come along.

The Internet can be a powerful tool for buyers shopping for cheap SUVs. Research prices in your area on the CarsDirect website.

Start your search for a new SUV here

4 Reasons Not to Buy a Cheap SUV

Buying a cheap SUV can get you into trouble. Here are some reasons why it is better to spend the extra buck on a better SUV.

Poor MPG

SUVs are the biggest gas guzzlers on the road. The fuel economy ratios on some SUVs is terrible. Getting 15 miles per gallon or lower is making people pay more at the pump, and more frequently. Cheap SUVs can have reduced fuel ratings, which ends up being a waste of money. It’s better to spend a little more upfront, in exchange for better fuel economy for the duration of your car.

Poor Reliability

Cheap SUVs are more prone to frequent breakdowns. Not to say that the better SUVs don’t break down, it just means that cheap SUVs are likely to break down more often than a more expensive SUV.

Lesser Warranties

Cheap SUVs don’t come with as good of warranties as more expensive SUVs. A luxury SUV is covered bumper to bumper, usually with the best warranty. For a cheap SUV, you may be paying a lot of the repair bill, and your car may take extra time to repair.

Fewer Safety Features

Cheaper SUVs may not have the latest safety features installed. Luxury SUVs are usually the first to get the newest technologies such as electronic stability control, rollover sensors, lane departure warnings and other advanced safety features. Chances are a cheap SUV may only have airbags and not much else when it comes to the latest safety technology.

Start your search for a new SUV here

5 Extended Warranty Tips #occasion #auto

#extended auto warranty

1. Decide Whether You Really Need It

В­Most manufacturers offer at least 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper protection on their new products. In addition, many offer extended warranty coverage on eВ­ngine and powertrain components and limited warranties on certified used cars. In most cases, these plans offer consumers excellent protection. But if you drive more than 12,000 miles per year or plan to keep your vehicle for a long time, then an extended service plan might offer the kind of security you are looking for.

According to Ann Tomlanovich at DaimlerChrysler. many consumers choose to purchase extended bumper-to-bumper warranties to match Dodge’s free 7-year/70,000-mile extended warranty plan. This guarantees that consumers won’t have to pay for repairs for at least seven years or 70,000 miles. Tomlanovich also went on to state that roughly 30 percent of consumers are purchasing extended warranties-up considerably from past years.

Keep in mind that it is less expensive to purchase the plan while the vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If you wait for the bumper-to-bumper warranty to expire before looking into and extended plan, then you will pay considerably more. Most of these plans are self funded and insured, so the earlier you pay, the lower your rate.

If you think of an extended warranty as a security blanket then you might not mind paying money up front to avoid a large repair bill in the future. Consumers also need to look into the reliability history of their automobile. Some models with higher-than-average repair histories might necessitate an extended warranty. Also, consider the cost of parts. Many domestic models have repair costs that are half that of imported models, making an extended warranty appealing to owners of foreign cars.

5 Most Popular Car Repair Insurance Providers #oreiley #auto #parts

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5 Most Popular Car Repair Insurance Providers

June 19, 2013

There are many different car repair insurance providers taking care of customers all over the country. These can be localized insurance companies, or those that are nationwide. Some are very well known because of commercials on television, while others are circulated through word of mouth and reviews on different websites. If you are in the process of looking into buying a car repair insurance policy, but do not know where you should start looking, here is a quick list of the most popular car repair insurance providers.

Get Free Car Insurance Quotes

If you watch late night television, or are addicted to NASCAR, then you will no doubt have heard about the Rusty Wallace endorsed U.S. Fidelis insurance company. One of the more popular companies in the country, they are not without their problems. Several open court cases have been filed against the company that is reeling from the verge of bankruptcy. This company provides limited service policies to comprehensive, bumper-to-bumper coverage. However, their fine print is sometimes too much for their customers.

Another leading provider of short term car repair insurance and limited warranties is called Warranty Direct. This is a financially sound company that has been providing new and used warranty service for many years. One of the pitfalls when working with an insurance company is whether or not they will honor their policies or have a lot of different fine print clauses. Warranty Direct is the leading company in customer satisfaction and honoring each claim that they process.

Dealing with major companies is usually going to provide you with some of the best coverage and experiences. The Allstate Insurance company provides protection against car repairs as well as regular collision insurance. This gives them the financial power to be able to honor their customers by taking care of their claims without a lot of hassle. Their requirements are not as stringent as other smaller companies, and can further help with lower premiums and policy costs.

The CARCHEX Insurance company is also one of the more popular insurance companies that receive the greatest customer satisfaction rewards. They work with each new customer to help tailor a customer insurance policy that will reflect their needs instead of a generic policy. Consistently at the top in their industry, there are few complaints in an industry that generally receive large amounts.

There are other car repair insurance providers in the marketplace today, as well as many different online providers. However, these are the most popular. Start your search with these before moving onto other companies.

Buying a Used Car for $5, 000 #buy #a #car

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Buying a Used Car for $5,000

1 of 3

Shopping for a $5,000 car isn’t plumbing the bottom of the market, but it’s pretty close. Unlike the search for newer used vehicles, the emphasis here is on correctly assessing the mechanical condition of the car: Some cars advertised for $5,000 will be in terrible shape and not worth considering; others will have plenty of years of service left. It’s up to you to tell the difference. While there are no guarantees of how long the car could run without requiring major repairs, using vehicle history reports and getting a pre-purchase inspection can speed the search and help you find a gem.

If you have even less money to spend, see Buying a Used Car for Under $2,500 . And, for a general description of the process, read 10 Steps to Buying a Used Car.

What To Expect

Most cars in this price range will have from 100,000-150,000 miles and are likely to be at least 10 years old. While the cars might have scratches and dings, the bodies should otherwise be clean, with no serious accidents. The interiors of these cars will show signs of wear, particularly the driver seat. But if they’re well cared for, cars of this age can be remarkably clean.

It also helps to understand the markets in which you will be shopping. Some new-car dealerships’ used-car departments won’t sell cars in this price range. However, independent used-car lots will carry many such vehicles. Of course, many $5,000 cars will be available from private-party sellers as well.

Choose Three Target Cars

If you know exactly what car you want, that simplifies the search. But if you are only seeking reliable transportation, it’s better to choose three cars of similar make and model. If you look for popular brands, such as Toyota and Honda, expect to find only older cars, with more miles, in your price range. Cars from Mazda, Nissan and the domestic automakers, while still reliable, will be newer, with fewer miles, and will cost less. For more ideas see our Best Used Cars list.

Most used-cars listings, such as the ones on can be filtered to narrow the search, saving you time and legwork. Begin by setting your search for cars with less than 150,000 miles priced at less than $6,000 if the search engine you are using allows. Your goal is to bargain the seller down to within your price range. It’s also good to start local, so set your search radius to 10 miles. If you don’t see what you want, gradually expand the distance. Build a list of candidates before you take your next steps.

Review Pricing

Once you have some possibilities, appraise your choices using the used car appraisal tool. This will show you Edmunds’ True Market Value (TMV ) for the cars. Assume that asking prices in the ads will be about $500 higher than their actual value. If the price is much higher than TMV, you might want to reject the car; the seller probably has unrealistic expectations of its value. If the price is much lower than TMV, it might indicate there is a problem with the car, possibly that it has a salvage title. Proceed with caution.

Vehicle History Reports

Using the vehicle identification number (VIN) in the ad, run a vehicle history report (the two biggest companies providing these are Carfax and AutoCheck ). Do this before going to see the vehicle or even calling the seller. The report will tell you if there is a salvage title on the car or if there were any serious problems in its past. In some cases, the report will even show the car’s service records.

It’s not unusual for cars of this age to have been involved in at least one minor accident. However, if the accident was years ago, and it has been driven many miles since then, it isn’t necessarily a problem.

Contacting the Seller

Assuming that the vehicle history report is good, it’s time to contact the seller. If the vehicle is being sold by a private party, it’s always best to speak with the seller on the phone first. The conversation may give you a sense of how the car has been maintained. However, this can be difficult because, at least initially, many sellers prefer to email or text.

When you reach the seller, verify the basic information in the used car listing: year, make, model, number of miles and condition level. If the seller is patient and has time, ask for the information in this questionnaire. While you don’t want to negotiate until you’ve seen the car, you can ask if there is any room for flexibility in price.

Test-Driving and Inspecting Used Cars

Evaluating used cars breaks into two main considerations. First: Do you like the car? Second: Is this car in good condition? Since you will have the car inspected by a mechanic, you job now is really a pre-inspection: Is it worth paying to have an expert look at it?

Before driving the car, do a walk-around to check for body damage, dings and scrapes. Open the hood and make sure there are no leaks or sprays on the underside of the hood lining that would indicate a burst hose or fluid leak. With the engine running, listen for noises that might indicate a mechanical problem. On the test-drive, check for acceleration, handling and braking. After the test-drive, ask the owner or dealer for maintenance records. For more on what details to look for, read How to Test-Drive a Car.

If you like the way the car drives, you should have it inspected before making a deal. A pre-purchase inspection costs from $75-$100 but it can save you thousands of dollars. A private-party seller will probably allow you to do this without much resistance. But at an independent used car lot, you might get some resistance.

Make a Deal

In the $5,000 range, there is a smaller window for negotiating than on higher-priced cars. If the car is priced near TMV, then your negotiating window is only about $500. Negotiating with a private-party seller can be a quick and fairly relaxed process. Negotiating with a used-car salesperson might take longer because you’re dealing with a professional. Make an opening offer that is low, but in the ballpark, based on TMV.

Before money changes hands, request the title (sometimes called the pink slip) and have the seller sign it over to you. Rules governing vehicle registration and licensing vary from state to state, so read How To Close a Used Car Sale .

Making It Your Own

If you have some money left over after buying and registering your used car, you can set it aside for any unforeseen repairs that might arise. Alternately, you could consider proactively buying a set of tires or a new battery, as we did in the Debt-Free Car Project. With these items replaced, you can breathe a sigh of relief and begin to enjoy a well-vetted, reliable bargain car.

5 Best and Worst Cities For Buying a Used Car #auto #tires

#buy a used car

5 Best and Worst Cities For Buying a Used Car

PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet ) — A used car hasn’t always been a great deal since the recession, but buyers in some U.S. town are finding them a much easier sale than in others.

Depending on location, the price of a used car on a dealer’s lot or even in a listing on Craigslist can be considerably more than what someone on the other side of the country is paying. Supply, demand and the general economy of the surrounding area mean there might be better deals just a few towns away or across the state border.

The U.S. auto industry reached 15.6 million vehicle sales last year after bottoming out at 10.4 million in 2009. While the industry is on pace for 15.9 million sales this year, it’s still well below the 17.4 million it rung up back in 2001.

Sales of new cars have increased 4.3% year to date, but used cars have continued to be hot commodities as inventory recovers from the economic downturn and buyers seek deals. Publicly traded used car dealers CarMax. AutoNation. Asbury Automotive Group. Group 1 Automotive. Litihia Motors. Penske Automotive Group and Sonic Automotive have watched vehicle sales rise for 19 consecutive quarters and by double-digit percentages in three of the past four quarters alone.

According to used-car data firm Manheim Consulting. vehicle repossessions are down as the economy improves and 8% fewer people are selling their used cars. Meanwhile, leases are back and dealerships are unloading 2.5% more used cars than they were a year ago. Prices for used vehicles are up across the board, with cars that were selling for $8,000 to $10,000 less popular this year than models going for $11,000 to $14,000.

Part of the problem is that frugal U.S. drivers shocked by the recession aren’t as willing to swap out their cars as they once were. Automotive data service Polk found that the average age of cars and light trucks on U.S. roads to be 11.4 years. That’s up from 8.9 years a decade ago and 9.8 as recently as 2007.

“Where you shop for your car can make a big difference in the prices you’ll find, so if you are motivated to save money, it’s worth looking beyond your local area,” said Langley Steinert, founder and chief executive of used car pricing site CarGurus. “However, even for shoppers living in the more affordable used car cities, understanding local market values is critical to assessing whether a particular listing is a good deal or not.”

There’s a lot more than geography separating places where used cars are a great deal from towns where they’re far pricier. CarGurus, for instance, used its Instant Market Value algorithm to determine used car values in 139 different metro and rural areas across the country. It then ranked the largest metro areas in the contiguous United States according to how prices in that market compare to the nationwide average.

According to its findings, a car buyer paying 1.4% more than the national average for a car in Harrisburg, Pa. would be best served driving an hour and a half or so to Allentown and paying 2.8% less than that average or making the two-hour trip to Scranton for a 2.5% discount from what the rest of the country is paying. Don’t like getting gouged from 1.8% above the national average in Indianapolis? A less than two-hour trip to Dayton, Ohio, will get you get you a slightly better deal at 0.1% less than average.

According by CarGurus’ numbers, the following are the 5 best and worst places to get a car. Just to help buyers out a bit, we’ve also looked in their surrounding areas to see where cash-squeezed buyers can find some savings.

Winnipeg used car dealer fined $5, 000 under Manitoba Consumer Protection Act #advance #auto #coupons

#auto protect

Winnipeg used car dealer fined $5,000 under Manitoba Consumer Protection Act CBC Friday, November 27, 2015

Auto Gallery of Winnipeg has been fined $5,000 for running the finance price before the cash price in online advertisements for vehicles, Gord Pedersen, one of the company’s owners, told CBC.

For example, if the vehicle was selling for $20,000, Auto Gallery would also list it as $19,000 because the customer got $1,000 off for financing it through them. In the online ads, the lower price appeared first.

Consumer protection … in June started asking dealers when they run their ads to run the cash price first, he said.

We clearly had both stated [but] we had the finance price first instead of the cash price first.

On Friday, the Manitoba Consumer Protection Office issued a press release that said Auto Gallery of Winnipeg received the fine for including special deductions or circumstances in advertisements for their vehicles.

Provisions in Manitoba’s Consumer Protection Act protect consumers in a variety of ways, including protection from false advertising and misleading pricing practices when purchasing a motor vehicle, a news release issued by the province on Friday states.

The law states that vehicle sales ads must indicate the total cash price of a vehicle, including all additional charges except for the retail sales tax and the federal goods and services tax.

A penalty of $5,000 is issued for a company’s first contravention of the act, the news release states.

On Friday afternoon Pedersen said the business is in the process of appealing the penalty.

We were working with consumer protection to change the advertising to what they wanted but there hadn’t been a definitive timeline placed on it, he said.

It looks like we hit the end of the timeline prior to finishing the advertising changes.

Pedersen reiterated that Auto Gallery of Winnipeg has received zero complaints in the past, and that the company’s advertising is very straight up.

The Consumer Protection [office] is definitely there for the consumer, but we had been there, too, he said.

The Consumer Protection Office encourages Manitobans to learn about their rights under the law, which they can do by calling the office at 204-945-3800 in Winnipeg, toll free in Manitoba at 1-800-782-0067 or by visiting its website here.