Nov 27 2017

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    Identifying Vacuum Leaks with Scan Data

    Accelerator Pedal Sensors

    The Accelerator Pedal sensor indicates the position of the accelerator on vehicle models with electronic throttle control. The APS is basically a throttle position sensor (TPS) with a pedal attached. A Standard Accelerator Pedal Sensors utilize drive-by-wire technology, consistently been first to market in this category and has the APS line to over 150 SKUs with an emphasis on the import applications. As a basic manufacturer, Standard has complete control of the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product. Standard pedal sensors maintain specific installed outputs to match OE rather than adjustable consolidated designs.

    Each sensor undergoes rigorous end-of-line testing with thousands of data points to validate output voltages for optimum performance and trouble-free operation.

    Anti-Lock (ABS) Sensors

    The anti-lock braking system uses an ABS or wheel sensor to monitor the wheel speed and send this information to the ABS computer. The ABS computer uses this information to prevent the brakes from locking during an emergency stop. If wheel speeds are not equal the computer modulates the anti-lock feature until the speeds are equalized. The ABS sensor is typically located in each wheel hub/rotor on a four channel ABS system. Some rear wheel drive applications have the sensor mounted in the rear differential. A failing sensor can illuminate the vehicle warning light or ABS warning lamp, and may cause failure of the anti-lock braking system to operate safely and properly.

    As a basic manufacturer, Standard has complete control of the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product. The Standard ABS sensor line has complete coverage for domestic and import applications.

    Brake Pad Wear Sensors

    The Brake Pad Wear sensor, or brake wear indicator, is an added safety feature on many vehicles used to warn a vehicle’s driver if their brake pad’s life becomes too low. Brake Pad Wear sensors are designed to “fail” as brake pads wear. They should be changed whenever the pads are replaced or when the vehicle’s warning light indicates.

    Offered in our Intermotor brand, we have the most complete Brake Pad Wear Sensor line in the industry. These are direct OE replacements with perfect fit, finish and function for flawless operation. As a basic manufacturer, Intermotor has complete control of the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product.

    DIS Control Module

    A distributorless ignition system (DIS) control module controls current flow to the coils. The DIS module processes sensor inputs about crankshaft position and engine speed to establish ignition timing and sequence.

    Standard’s modules undergo extensive testing ensuring better quality, increased confidence, enhanced performance, and improved durability. Standard DIS modules are engineered with flip Chips to provide the best connections and are matched to the thermal expansion properties of our ceramic substrate eliminating failure due to broken connections between the chip and the board. We use double wire bonds to make better connections for greater dependability and longer life, despite intense vibration and other harsh conditions. All Standard DIS modules contain a copper slug heat sink that provides better heat dissipation to prevent damage to the module. The electronic suppression diode (ESD) protects the unit from voltage spikes that could destroy it. Standard’s comprehensive coverage provides the perfect form, fit and function demanded by today’s top technicians.

    Distributor Caps

    A premium quality distributor cap could be the component your car needs. Standard distributor caps fit many vehicle makes and models and are equal to or better than the original. Standard caps are made of high dielectric strength, glass/mineral reinforced polyester resin for less carbon tracking, greater resistance to electrical breakdown, and superior performance. Solid brass terminals make better connections and greater resistance to electrical pitting and corrosion. Standard caps simply last longer and perform better.Our Standard distributor caps exhibit superior finishes and provide better ignition system performance. We offer high-quality distributor caps for your automotive needs.

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