Jul 14 2018

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SPLP Auto Transport

Reliable auto transport

Premiere, Trusted and Insured Carriers

SPLP Auto Transport’s mission is to treat each vehicle as if it were our very own. We take pride in our talented and courteous customer service that can spot the little details before they can become big issues. Our reputation within the auto transport industry is also a strength as our car transport carriers and truck drivers know that they can count on SPLP to have well-informed customers.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Reliable auto transport

If you want to transport a high value, unique, or restored automobile, an enclosed carrier is the best choice. Our providers have some of the best equipment in the business and employ the most seasoned drivers so that you can have the best-enclosed shipping experience possible.

Dealer Transport Services

Reliable auto transport

We understand the needs of transporting for dealers and manage every detail of our transportation solutions to contribute to your profitability. Our follow through from vehicle pick up to delivery ensures customers will never be left in the dark wondering when their vehicle will arrive.

Motorcycle Transport

Reliable auto transport

When shipping your motorcycle it’s important to choose a reliable carrier with thorough experience and stellar customer service. We have shipped all makes and models of motorcycles and we are trusted and exclusive transport partners with many of the large Motorcycle Manufacturers and Dealers.

The SPLP Auto Transport Experience

If you have any question about how best to ship your vehicle our premier consulting service is exactly what you are looking for. We don’t ask you to blindly trust us. We show you how you’re getting the best. Here’s how:

  • We ensure each carrier has valid authority and is in good standing.
  • All our carriers have valid insurance in full force and effect with mandated amounts.
  • We only select carriers with superior on the road safety records.
  • We cross-check carrier satisfaction ratings from real world customers, not self-regulated rating scores.

When weighing the cost of completing a due diligence review against the cost of being scammed, you will always come out ahead by letting us run a complete broker review to verify the carriers legitimacy and find your best point-to-point delivery option.

Since 1985 we’ve worked with the best in the business, transporting from dealerships, auctions, race day events, and private homes. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned again and again the old adage “you get what you pay for,” especially applies in the vehicle transport business. When you get cheap car transport quotes from low cost brokers they’re typically setting you up for failure any number of ways:

  1. Less reputable auto transport brokers will collect a non-refundable deposit then take weeks or months to transport your car, or in some cases, not ship your vehicle at all.
  2. Transporting vehicles is similar to an auction where the carriers have the luxury of choice on which vehicles they deliver. The lowest broker bid does not win.
  3. Cheap discount brokers may guarantee their low price, but that’s not a guarantee on the delivery. Read the terms closely. Only adequate insurance covers deliveries.
  4. If you switch between one low-cost broker and another, you’ll have two similar bids in the carrier marketplace and even less chance of any carrier taking on the vehicle.
  5. Most importantly, DO NOT pay a deposit when just placing your auto shipping order with any broker. Deposits should only be charged when your vehicle has been successfully picked up by a carrier.

Reliable auto transport

We’ve remained in business for decades because we listen to–and act on–the requests of customers. It seems simple, but ensuring the customer has an excellent and hassle free experience makes our business that much easier. Customers such as Lyn St. James and Tire Rack proudly use our service.

Reliable auto transport

To be one of our customer success stories, call us toll free at: 1-800-204-0754

Request a Quote

We can provide you with reliable quotes via email, and schedule a call to discuss your specific transport needs if you fill out our quote form below. We never resell your private information.

Transporting for The Tire Rack One Lap of America

Reliable auto transport

TRANSPORTING for Tire Rack One Lap of America

The Tire Rack One Lap of America Presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine is proud to announce our latest partnership with Sterling Productions as the official transport company of the Tire Rack One Lap of America. For the 3rd year in a row Sterling Productions will be handling the transportation of the official staff vehicles from the BMW Performance Center to The Tire Rack and back.

In addition to transporting the official BMW’s Sterling is offering special pricing to all One Lap participants and will have one of their fast haulers on stand-by throughout the entire event for any team that runs into trouble. Located in North Carolina Sterling will be within 2 days of any tracks the One Lap visits this year.

Choosing a transportation company is not an easy task. Apart from having the confidence the cargo will show up on time and undamaged, ease of booking and customer relationships must take center stage.

That is why Duane and Paige Johnson have been building and solidifying relationships within the exotic, classic car and motorcycle industries. Today Sterling Productions is recognized as the transporter of choice for top manufacturers, dealers, collectors and automotive professionals across the country.

The One Lap family welcome Sterling Productions Enclosed Transport to the One Lap family and encourage our participants and fans alike to consider them for your next haul. – Solomon A. Rosenthal / Rosenthal Media Consulting / Media Director / Tire Rack One Lap of America

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