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Retractable Auto Sun Shade


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Single-motion car sun shades mean cooler cars on hotter days.

Summer driving can mean blistering steering wheels, but our car sun shades make even the hottest summer days cooler. Why fight with large, awkward cardboard pieces when this Retractable Auto Sun Shade reduces interior temperatures and protects dashboards and upholstery.

Ready to park? The auto sun shade easily attaches to the far right side of the windshield (passenger side). Simply pull the pleated sun shade out and hook it onto the mounted brackets installed on the driver’s side. Ready to go? The spring-loaded mechanism on the auto sun shade fully retracts. The Retractable Auto Sun Shade delivers a pleasant driving experience, no matter how hot it gets.

Although many vehicle models share the same size windshield, it is important to specify MAKE, MODEL, BODY STYLE, and YEAR (please see Shade Body Style Table ) when ordering Retractable Auto Sun Shades so we can send the best fit for your car.

Customized items are not returnable. The Retractable Auto Sun Shade cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box.

Benefits of the Retractable Auto Sun Shade:

  • Auto sun shades have durable fabric that keeps cars cool even on the hottest days.
  • Easy to install, auto sun shades mean no more fussing with large pieces of cardboard.
  • Protect steering wheels, dashboards and upholstery with auto sun shades.
  • Car sun shades are custom-sized for a perfect fit, every time.
  • Auto sun shades are easy to use, retracting fully when not in use.

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