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Date Published : July 30, 2014

Renault Thought of It First

Since its humble start in 1899, the Renault has always had its sights on the future. The French company has edged its competition to introducing innovations to improve its cars. These innovations are so remarkable and revolutionizing, one has to wonder why nobody thought of them before.

Renault Voiturette Type B: The first sedan

Cars were coming of age in the latter part of the 19th century. In 1899 Renault added a twist on the cars by putting two doors, and a roof on the Type B. This might not sound much, but the Type B was, by definition, the first ever sedan in the world. Without this, who knows how long it would take before somebody thought of putting a roof on cars.

Renault 8: Discs an all fours

Fast forward to 1962, Renault introduced the elegant R8 which was mostly based on the successful Renault Dauphine. The major innovation of the R8 was the installation of disc brakes on all four wheels for sedans. This was a change from limiting disc brakes on the front, and using drum brakes on the back, improving car safety and control.

Renault 25: Redefining luxury

1983 saw the company do a take on luxury cars with the Renault 25. What set the 25 apart first was the spacious cabin area for all passengers. The greatest innovation on this luxury car was electronics that made driving easier and more comfortable. Gadgets included an electronic fuel gauge, outside temperature display, express driver power window, and remote controlled stereo. Car luxury is placed on a whole new level with these additions.

Renault Espace: The first multi-purpose vehicle (MPV)

The big and spacious design of the 1984 Renault Espace allowed families to enjoy being in a car. It was virtually a living room on wheels. Holding a capacity of p to seven passengers, with foldable rear seats, the car could definitely carry a heavy load. These features gave the Espace the title of the world’s first real MPV.

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