Sep 22 2016

Remanufactured Engines – Heads – Domestic – Import Auto Parts Supplier – City Motor Supply, Inc. Dallas

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cms clients say

Richard J.

Allen, TX

There isn’t a place in Dallas quite like City Motor Supply. There are some similar but where City Motor Supply shines is in their machining. Need your cylinder head resurfaced? It’s $25. Have a broken intake or exhaust stud? $35.

If you need a new motor, they have the common ones listed on their website and if it’s not listed, just call them up and they’ll get you a price. If they don’t have one that’s rebuilt, you can bring in yours and they’ll rebuild it for you.

Bruce C.

Dallas, TX

City Motor supply primarily sells remanufactured engines and engine parts (cams, cylinder heads, pistons, blocks, etc). Engines can come in a short block (block sans parts) or as a long block (block with pistons, cylinder heads, etc. )

My last transaction at City Motor was a late 70s model 350 (5.7) engine to go into my project boat. The long block out the door with an intake was just under $1,000. That included the oil pan and gaskets. All I needed to add was the accessories and my carburator.

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