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Server Backup Software, Backup Utility to Enhance the Security for Windows Server 2003

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Summary: EaseUS Todo Backup Server is the best Windows Server 2003 backup software to image hard drive, partitions and important files for all Windows Server users.

At present, almost every network administrator has learned the importance of making a backup for their servers in case of server crashes or any other data disasters caused by virus, malware, or any other unknown reasons. Backup will help you protect your data via creating a backup image for your system, hard drive and data to other places like hard disk, CD/DVD, external hard drive and so on.

However, not all the server users do backup for their Windows 2003/2008/2012 Servers. Among them, some may think that they have never suffered from data loss before and will always have a good luck. Only when the day that their servers crashes comes and pay a heavy price for it, they will regret not make a backup for the Windows 2003 Server before. Others may not do it as the limited budget. Here this article will introduce you an easy way to backup your server with Windows 2003 Server built-in backup utility. You can also backup Windows 2003 Server with the server backup software – EaseUS Todo Backup Server.

Free backup software built-in Windows Server 2003

The Windows Server 2003 built-in backup utility enables users to backup and restore files and setting for your Server. To backup the 2003 Server, please access it at Start – All Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Backup. If you are running the utility for the first time, it presents you Backup and Restore Wizard as the following picture.

The snap-in backup utility enables users to back up and restore files and setting for your Server.

However, I suggest you to use its advanced mode to backup your Windows Server 2003 as it will be more convenient for users to choose what exactly you would like to backup. In the advanced Backup Wizard, you can choose to back up everything on this computer, backup selected files, drives, or the network data or only backup the system state data as the following picture.

After choosing what you want to backup, you need to provide a safe place to put the backup image and then the backup operations to be performed will be listed. To perform backup, click finish. Then you can backup your Windows Server 2003. However, if you backup your system, it will be hard to restore it if the system crashes. In this situation, the best backup software for Windows Server 2003, EaseUS Todo Backup Server is recommended to backup your system and do disaster recovery if the system crashes.

Server backup software – EaseUS Todo Backup Server

EaseUS Todo Backup Server is potent Server backup software providing system backup restore, hard disk or partition backup restore, disk clone, schedule backup. incremental backup ,differential backup. etc. to protect your system and disk. It can back up whole PC and Server, including the operating system plus your data, applications, settings and everything!

With EaseUS Todo Backup Server, Server users may choose two ways to backup the Windows Server 2003 to secure their data: one is to backup the system partition or hard drive to an image and store it on CD/DVD, network storage, external hard drive or any other safe places and then restore backup image if the system crashes; the other is to clone the entire hard disk to another one. Why not get a copy of this server backup software to protect you data now?

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