Mar 30 2017

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Public Car Auctions



Do you love a good deal? Want to buy a used vehicle at wholesale prices? If so, the action-packed public auctions at Winchester Auto Auction could be the place to find your dream car.

Auto Auction Tips

If you’ve never been to an auction, here’s the inside scoop:

  • View the options. The average public car auction has hundreds of vehicles for sale. View the online run list before arriving so you’ll know which cars and run numbers to focus on without getting overwhelmed.
  • Do the research. It’s important to learn a vehicle’s retail value before bidding. Bring some pricing guides along to help, such as the Black Book or Kelley Blue Book®.  
  • Arrive Early. Most public auctions open early so people can preview vehicles. Leave enough time to examine and inspect every vehicle you might bid on. Once you’re the high bidder, the car is yours…so check the vehicle out…”buyer’s remorse” is not welcome.
  • Set a limit. Make sure to set a limit before bidding — and then stick to it. The highest bidder is legally obligated to buy the vehicle.

The Light System

Car auctions use a light system that’s placed above the auctioneer. It’s important to note that the light colors refer to how much information the seller has disclosed about the vehicle — and not what the vehicle’s condition is. Below is a quick guide:

  • Red light. The car is for sale as is. It may have problems that are not obvious to the naked or untrained eye. Good deals here but buyer beware.
  • Yellow light. The auctioneer will make an announcement about the vehicle (usually about a defect of some kind). Once these items have been announced, they aren’t subject to arbitration. Don’t bid without fully understanding the problems.
  • Green light. The seller has provided full disclosure on the vehicle’s condition (as defined by the arbitration policy).
  • Blue light. A blue light means that the vehicle’s title is not at the auction. In most cases, the seller has 30 days to provide the title or the deal is cancelled.

If you’re confused at any point about what the lights mean, make sure to ask one of the staff at Winchester Auto Auction.

Ready to experience the excitement and energy of a public auction. Register today! We look forward to offering an unforgettable bidding experience. Also, don’t hesitate to call us at 304-229-4400 with any questions or to learn more about us .

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