Nov 30 2017

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One of the Biggest Inventories in the Region

Save Money with Our Used Auto Parts

Whether you are an individual or you own a shop where you commonly use parts from salvage vehicles, you need auto salvage yards you can turn to so you have the right parts for each job. At Alma Imports in Phoenix, we offer all the used auto/car parts you need to make repairs on a large number of imported vehicles. We understand that it can often be difficult to find these parts, and it is our goal to help our customers find them easily. This is what sets us far apart from the other wrecking yards in the area.

Not Your Average Junk Yard

Sure, there are plenty of junk yards out there – but we understand that those in the automobile repair industry are looking for more than just run of the mill. We always have a huge inventory to choose from, and we even provide a warranty on all of our items. Alma Imports is dedicated to both quality and durability, and it’s just one of the many ways we’ve set our business apart from all of the other wrecking yards in the area.

A Vast Selection

We understand the importance of offering a vast selection of used car parts. Some junk yards in Phoenix only carry what they happen to find along the way. Our professionals make sure we carry a vast selection of different cars and their parts so we can be sure to help each customers find the exact parts they need for a specific repair. If we don’t currently have what you need on our lot, we will help you find it. We don’t want you to leave our yard without the right part in hand.

Our fantastic selection of warranted used vehicles is always open for sale to the general public. We’re happy to provide you with credit applications, and we also accept all major credit cards. You can view our currently available selection by clicking the “Cars for Sale ” tab.

A Dedication to Customer Service

Not all auto salvage yards in Phoenix put their customers first, but we do. We understand how expensive car repairs can be and want to give individuals another option. When you purchase your used auto parts from us, you can count on a part that will work once you install it on your vehicle. Every part you purchase from us is covered by our warranty. This means you won’t have to pay for a part that doesn’t work. We will take it back and help you find one that works.

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