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Why buy Auto Parts from CPD?

Car Parts Discount, Inc. is an industry leader among online discount auto parts stores. We provide genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), rebuilt, and new aftermarket components for domestic and imported passenger cars and trucks. Thanks to our streamlined order processing system and extensive distribution network, we supply our customers with quality body, cooling, engine, exhaust, air conditioning, heating, suspension and steering components, which are quickly shipped to retail customers in the United States, Canada and world-wide. Our auto parts warehouse and helpful support staff are located in the USA, and work diligently to help you quickly identify the correct repair and replacement items, answer ordering questions, and assist with the occasional return or exchange.

Warehouse-Direct Parts

The massive inventory in our car parts warehouse enables shipment of most automotive items and accessories within three business days, and special orders typically within seven. We carry a wide variety of major brands, so there’s no need to settle for generic components when you could restore your car, truck or SUV with genuine OEM or brand-name aftermarket components. If you own a garage or professional repair shop, you might be surprised to learn our online prices are often lower than buying wholesale from your local dealership. And most of the items in our catalog are in stock and ready to ship, because our warehouse receives large shipments of sturdy American-made and economical overseas products from our suppliers daily.

To get your car or truck repaired as quickly as possible, we recommend selecting an expedited shipping method when buying rebuilt OEM, new aftermarket, or other cheap auto parts online. That way you only have to make the repair once, saving you money and time. And it couldn’t be faster and more convenient to find everything you need; simply select your year, make, and model on our web site to review everything that’s available. Then add the items to the shopping cart, enter your zip code to get shipping fee estimates, and add your payment details to complete checkout – it’s that simple.

Genuine OEM and Aftermarket Components

We pride ourselves on our amazingly low prices, but don’t think that means we sell salvaged or used parts. Our automotive experts search tirelessly for new genuine OEM and aftermarket automobile components that present the maximum “bang for the buck” performance and longevity. Our durable replacements are manufactured in modern production facilities in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Mexico to name a few, often in the same factories that manufactured the original pieces used to build your American, Japanese, Asian, European or German vehicle. Whether you drive an economical compact, luxury sedan, pickup truck or minivan, be assured we stock a huge selection of the repair products your mechanic needs to keep your automobile operating efficiently and performing its best. We also sell a variety of discount replacement equipment for the braking system, interior, injection system, transmission and exhaust, plus chrome dress-up trim and accessories.

Low Prices, Expert Customer Service

CPD has been in business since 1999, so our automotive experts know what it takes to satisfy automobile enthusiasts in need of aftermarket replacement parts for all kinds of auto or engine repairs. Whether you’re a DIY shade tree mechanic, passionate enthusiast, or are buying high-quality yet cheap car parts to be installed by a professional technician, you want low prices followed by quick delivery. Our computerized inventory and streamlined processing helps us meet your needs, from the latest chrome accessories to the engine components necessary for a complete rebuild. Best of all, we make it easy to find OEM auto part numbers, check availability, and place your order – all online with just a few clicks on your computer or smartphone. If you’d like help making your purchase, our knowledgeable customer service representatives are only a phone call away.

Old Cars – Classic Car Classifieds, Classic Cars For Sale

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Newest Classic Cars For Sale

1962 Chevrolet Belair 2 door sedan resto-mod

1962 Chevy Belair *original paint, black, *1994 LT1 engine, balanced and blue printed. head work and comp cam *app. 15,000 miles on motor and T56 6-speed trans. *car has less than 3,000 miles since modified. * wilwood 12 inch disk on.

1964 Mercury Montclair

1964 Mercury Montclair. No rust. All original except carburetor. Runs but needs exhaust gasket replace on left exhaust manifold and needs brakes bleed. Very good condition. Has been repainted with original paint color. Located in southern Indiana.

1977 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

1977 Cadillac Coup de Ville. All original 1977 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. 61,000 original miles. Always kept in the garage. Black exterior with black leather interior. New catalytic converter and muffler system, new tires, new battery, tube-up.

1938 Buick Buick Special

Model 41 Restp Rpd 60-430 Buick Motor Auto over Drive Transmission Camero sub Frame Vintage air Condition Tilt Wheel Power Stearing Vintage air AMFM cassette ration power bucket seats

1949 Mercury

1949 Mercury. Very nice Merc mild custom, actually started life as a Ford Monarch (Canadian Merc) 350 Olds engine from late 60’s early 70’s automatic. lowered, shaved door handles, custom grill & taillight treatment, cruiser skirts with wide whites.

The Best Auto Repair Manuals

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Online Auto Repair Manuals

Auto repair manuals are extremely important to get the job done right and quickly. Anyone who has attempted a complicated repair job can attest to the importance of solid instructions.

When I first started out working on cars, I went to the auto parts store and picked up a cheap repair guide. It worked great at first. As I started getting into more complicated repairs and bigger jobs, I found out is that these simple guides were often missing a lot of the information I needed. and when it did contain the info, many times it was just too general to be of any use.

As I transitioned to working as a full time mechanic, I found out that a good repair manual with accurate details makes all the difference – It allows me to save time troubleshooting problems, cut down on repair costs and avoid expensive mistakes.

ALLDATAdiy – The Best Auto Repair Manuals Online

Considered by many professional mechanics and auto dealers to be the gold standard in auto repair information, ALLDATAdiy offers professional grade manuals for over 30,000 vehicles.

That makes you will be able to find specific diagnostic and repair information for your vehicle’s year, make and model (see a sample here ).

Their exhaustive database caters to almost all vehicles manufactured from the 1980s and onwards. They also offer information for even older vehicles but it is not quite as extensive and sometimes you have to call or chat with a representative in order to get what you need.

I consider this to be the best auto repair manual because it is the easiest to use (step by step instructions for troubleshooting and repairs) plus contains all the information you will need in one place (detailed diagrams, parts list and even prices for OEM components).

Mitchell1DIY – Another Good and Popular Option

Another good repair manual that is on the same level as Alldata (just not as good in my opinion) is called Mitchell1 or Ondemand5. This company provides all of the same information as Alldata but just in a different format. In my opinion the information is much harder to find and is not organized as well as with Alldata.

One thing that Mitchell1 does a little better is wiring diagrams. When you pull up a wiring diagram you have the option of highlighting a particular circuit in a specific color. This gets more important if you are working on a complex electrical problem.

While I would choose Alldata first Mitchell1 or Ondemand5 is easily my second choice. Read more about Mitchell1 here.

The “Other” Auto Repair Manuals

The only other halfway decent repair manuals out there are Chiltons and Haynes. These repair guides are good starter guides for repairs that are not too in depth and when you don’t need a lot of detail. Things like brake jobs and maintenance items can be done easily using these guides.

While I would buy either Alldata Mitchell1 (since they are the same price or less) before I would consider either of these, some people prefer to have a printed guide in their hand. In that case, these are the ones for you.

What About Free Auto Repair Manuals?

If you are looking for free auto repair manuals you will most likely not find any that meet your needs well. There are no company’s that I know of that provide free auto repair information. This type of information is just too valuable to give away for free.

That being said there is one place that I know of where you can find some general information about your vehicle for free. Every vehicle is not listed and you will likely need more information than they have, but you may be able to find what you need. Read more about this free auto repair information here.

OEM vs. Aftermarket-Auto Insurance, Auto Body Parts, Auto Body Shops

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If aftermarket auto parts are as good as OEM auto parts, then why are auto insurance companies prohibited from installing them on current and prior year model motor vehicles ?

Most Auto Insurance Policy Holders are under the assumption that if involved in an auto accident requiring auto body repairs, their Insurance Company will repair their vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

Unfortunately, this generally is not the case. Most likely, your car will not be repaired with all original OEM parts. Instead, Aftermarket body parts (if available) will be used. If you decide that you prefer to have OEM parts used to repair your vehicle, you will be expected to pay the difference because this is what you agreed to when you signed your Auto Insurance Policy. is dedicated to the research, compilation and providing of information needed by auto owners to make informed decisions as to the type of auto body parts to be used to repair their vehicles.

We intend to shed light on the idea that most Auto Insurance Companies are seriously lacking in proper acknowledgement of the type of auto body parts being used to repair vehicles back to pre -accident condition.

Our Mission is to have Auto Insurance Companies give auto owners the choice between an OEM Parts or Aftermarket Parts Insurance Policy when selling an auto insurance policy. In addition, Auto Insurance Companies should fully acknowledge to auto owners the differences between these auto insurance policies concerning the type of auto body parts that are going to be used to repair their vehicles if a claim is filed.

M ost of the fifty sates have State Regulations Regarding The Use of Aftermarket Body Parts. These laws generally require a written estimate, disclosure statement regarding aftermarket body parts, a written consent signed by the vehicle owner to use aftermarket body parts, a warranty of aftermarket body parts by the auto insurance company and/or a limitation on the type of auto body parts used.

At-Fault Drivers

If you are an at-fault driver filing an insurance claim for auto body repairs to your vehicle through your Auto Insurance Policy that allows the use of aftermarket body parts and you choose to have the auto body shop use all OEM body parts to repair your vehicle, the Insurance Company may only cover the cost of repairs using the aftermarket body parts and you may be responsible to pay the difference.

Not At-Fault Drivers

If you are not the at-fault driver filing an insurance claim for auto body repairs to your vehicle through the at-fault drivers Auto Insurance policy, it is probable the at-fault driver’s Insurance Company will attempt to dictate the use of aftermarket body parts to repair your vehicle. You don’t have an insurance claims agreement with the at-fault driver’s Insurance Company and should demand the use of all OEM parts to repair your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

Oh Good, Car Thieves – Tool Is On Sale For Black Friday Too

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Oh Good, Thieves Tool of Choice for Opening Your Car Is on Sale for Black Friday Too

By Aaron Cole on November 25, 2015

Good news! That mysterious device that extends the reach of keyless entry systems so meth heads  — um —  ICP fans — er — idiots can rummage through your car and borrow your wallet, purse or golf clubs without bringing them back is now on sale!

For 15-percent off for the holiday weekend only, you can have your own Chinese-made codes that totally won t be used for going through your neighbor s Prius and stealing his iPod.

The code scanner uses brute force or nerd magic to pick up key codes and open car doors. The device sells for around $100 on many easily found sites, but for savvy shoppers looking to spend their saved dough on cheap cough syrup, it s 15-percent off for you!

I m sure there are many legitimate uses for the code scanner — which I found on sale for the weekend on a Chinese website — none of which they re being used for.

There are instructional videos online that show how to use the code scanner, which I absolutely don t understand.

Thankfully, the small, handheld device is getting attention from officials and researchers as problematic  for car owners who don t appreciate their handbags getting pinched in mall parking lots.

So if you re looking for something for that hard-to-shop-for tweaker in your life, at least you can save a little scrilla to use as bail money later.

(Reminder: If your car is parked on the street and you re in a neighborhood that may have a problem, keep your keys in the freezer or in one of these. )

(H/T to David for the NYTimes story.)

Now It s Subprime Auto Loans Under Scrutiny – ABC News

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ABC News

Federal prosecutors are looking into the booming business of subprime auto loans. The investigation raises questions about whether GM and other firms have been selling questionable auto-loan investments to investors. The recent rise in auto sales has been fueled largely by consumer lending. Subprime loans are often made to borrowers who have poor credit histories. GM Finance says it has received a subpoena from the Department of Justice for documents related to subprime auto loans made since 2007. The Justice Department is said to be considering a civil lawsuit for potential violations of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act, a federal law that was passed following the savings and loan crisis in the 1980s.

General Motors says it has made progress in fixing its recall website so that it correctly lists all the cars that need repairs. The company says it expects the site to be fully corrected this week. The government had said Friday that GM’s vehicle identification number look-up system has been incorrectly telling some owners that their cars aren’t being recalled. That happened when the cars’ parts weren’t available. But the government says all recalls should be listed.

Gannett is spinning off its publishing business from its broadcasting and digital operations. The company is also acquiring full ownership of for $1.8 billion. The decision follows moves by Tribune, Time Warner and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp in breaking off print media from their rapidly expanding broadcast operations. Gannett says the publishing business will basically be debt free once spun off, with the broadcasting and digital businesses holding the existing debt.

Sand is the new gold. Prices are going up as mining companies increase fracking at oil and natural gas sites. “Sand is a key ingredient in items from solar panels to smartphones, but in recent years billions of pounds of it have been poured down wells to help coax more fuel out of the ground,” The Wall Street Journal says. During the fracking process, sand is mixed with water and chemicals. “Frackers are expected to use nearly 95 billion pounds of sand this year, up nearly 30% from 2013 and up 50% from forecasts made by energy-consulting firm PacWest Consulting Partners a year ago,” the Journal reports.

Standard & Poor’s rating agency says the rising wealth gap in the United States is complicating the rebound from the recession, and raising the risk of boom-and-bust cycles. S width:670px;height:90px”

Nuvell Auto Finance – Nuvell Auto Financing – Nuvell National Auto Finance – Your

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Nuvell Auto Finance

Nuvell is one of the auto finance companies which is nationally recognized and is equipped with huge variety of services in order to fit various needs. Nuvell offers services to those customers who aren’t able to get credit from conventional sources and also provides help to dealers who are looking for innumerable financing alternatives for their own organization. Nuvell is committed to provide high quality services to all its customers as well as dealers.

Nuvell is a completely owned subsidiary of the GMAC and has hence very fast become the nation’s premier service providers for wide ranging vehicle servicing as well as financing.

Nuvell offers better quality auto finances schemes by developing a strong association with all their retail dealers and customers. The success of Nuvell is wholly due to their result oriented nature. Nuvell generally emphasizes on their teamwork, customer service and continuous improvement.

Nuvell’s superior way of executing services, highly motivated workforce and performance driven team along with customer loyalty makes their auto financing service stand apart from the others. GMAC in 1997 purchased the entire operating assets of the third party called as LSI which is a provider of residential and auto mortgage loans and receivables. After acquiring the LSI it established company named Nuvell financial which is one of the wholly owned supplementary in Arkansas. In the year 1998, Nuvell made its own labeled division to influence Nuvell’s proficiency in the field of retail auto finance service sector by providing a huge range of personalized financial service for dealers who have been franchised by different private labeled distributors and manufacturers.

Nuvell constantly expanded its business by acquiring the operating assets of one of the auto finance companies in December 2000. Nuvell then created the National Auto Finance LLC which is the division of Nuvell Credit Company LLC. It offers retail financing from near-prime consumers till the non-GM dealers franchise.

Nuvell which was just located in a single place in Arkansas has now boomed and has bought offices in various places such as Texas and Florida. In the year 2008 Nuvell had shifted their headquarters to Florida. In all the 50 states Nuvell serves dealers.

Executing services excellently, highly motivated as well as performance driven staff along with the customer’s loyalty makes Nuvell Auto finance sector different from others. Being a performance driven sector, Nuvell always honors and values the diversity, potential and contribution of all its employees. Nuvell auto finance core values are their basic principles which guide their actions in the company itself as well as whilst dealing with their customers.

The best autos ranking site to help you find your perfect car

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# editors have compiled the most extensive rating database on the internet, drawing upon $20 million of automotive research from CarsDirect and Autodata, and summarizing expert opinion from an extensive group of the leading third party sources. Here is a brief overview of how we do it:

Professional Reviews Ranking: editors analyze car reviews from a range of magazines and websites, distill each down to a quantifiable ranking and then average those rankings to arrive at the Professional Review Rank.

Other Rankings: also ranks vehicles based on criteria such as fuel efficiency, cargo capacity, and comfort and convenience features. You can see some of the data that we have used to rate each vehicle in any given category by expanding the category header on the vehicle detail page. For example, click on the arrow next to “Passenger Space” on the Honda Civic detail page to see the actual measurements for that vehicle’s interior. These measurements were stacked up against the interior measurements of all the other vehicles in the compact car segment in order to calculate the Honda Civic’s rating in the Passenger Space category. That rating is then used to determine the Honda Civic’s overall ranking in the compact car category.

NY Preowned Luxury Dealer

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NY Preowned Luxury Dealer | Long Island City Used Cars

Long Island City customers love the no pressure sales experience at Major World. Here at Major World our mission is treat every visitor like an honored guest in our home, but it is much more than a mission statement. Our customers quickly learn that shopping at our New York used car dealership means being treated with respect and not having to negotiate or visit multiple NY preowned dealers to get the price you deserve.

Being treated like family means that when shopping at our Queens luxury dealership. you’ll get real price quotes on the Queens used cars you’re looking for when you request it. These business methods have helped us stand out from other New York used vehicle dealers and our it s exactly why our customers keep choosing Major World.

At Major World we also consider ourselves to be one of the premier New York used car dealers. Major World maintains a large selection of quality Used Cars for Long Island City shoppers with over 3,000 cars to choose from!

At Major World we believe that all customers deserve quality, reliable pre-owned NY vehicles and we have the inventory and NY used car finance options to make it happen. We also welcome you to our Service center for all your maintenance and repair needs.

Please continue browsing our website or visit us at our dealership, conveniently located at 43-40 Northern Blvd Long Island City, NY 11101, or call us at (866) 614-2884 .

Major World

43-40 Northern Blvd

Long Island City, Queens, NY 11101

Occasion auto

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