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Auto Loans

Put yourself in the driver’s seat.

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New and Used Vehicle Loans

  • Easy point-of-sale financing at dealers in our partner network .
  • Quick, paperless online application available Mail or bring your binder and purchase agreement into any branch to finalize your loan.
  • 30-day approval lock for easy, confident shopping.
  • Financing up to 125% of TLTV (total loan-to-value). 1
  • Competitive fixed rates.
  • Terms up to 7 years on new and used vehicles to keep monthly payments low. 1
  • Convenient payment options; automatic deduction with AutoPay; transfer via phone, ATM, or Internet Banking; or by check or cash in person or through the mail.

Rate Discount with AutoPay

Refinances Welcome!

Refinancing your loan from another lender could save you hundreds of dollars in interest or lower your monthly payments. Talk to us to compare financing. Stop by any branch or call us at 845.463.3011 / 800.468.3011.

Insurance Protection

Financing Forms

  • Vehicle Information Refinance Form Use when the registered and titled owner(s) of the vehicle remain the same upon refinancing from another institution.
  • Private Purchase Agreement Use when purchasing a vehicle from a private individual as opposed to a car dealership.
  • Lien Request Letter Mail with a payoff check to the current lien holder(s); this informs them to send the lien release and/or title to HVFCU.

Important Notice for Buyers Trading in Used Cars

If you trade in a used car on which you still owe money, make the dealer put in writing that he will pay off your car loan in 10 days or NO DEAL. Without contractual proof, some unscrupulous dealers legally delay paying off these loans (in some cases indefinitely). In addition to making payments on your new loan, you must continue making payments on your previous loan until it is satisfied by the dealer (since the loan is in your name) or risk going into arrears and ruining your credit. Most dealers are reputable, but to be safe, always include clear payoff terms in your contract and follow up with the lien holder to ensure the dealer has complied. If a dealer refuses to include this, be ready to leave immediately and take your business to a reputable dealer.

1 As an example, an 84-month new auto loan with a fixed rate of 6.14% APR would result in a payment of $14.68 for each $1,000 financed. Your rate may increase if variable.

2 Rates that are discounted by .25% include a requirement that loan payments are automatically transferred from your savings, checking, or tiered money market account for the life of the loan. The monthly payment is not decreased as a result of this discounted rate. The discounted rate only applies to new loans and newly refinanced loans from another lender.

Vehicle Refinancing Transfer Your Loans to HVFCU and Save!

Refinancing an auto or motorcycle loan from another lender can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in interest and lower your monthly payments. Depending on your interest rate, you can even save on vehicles financed 6, 12 or 18 months ago.

When you refinance, you have:

  • No application fee
  • No handling fee

Use our online loan application. and answer Yes to the Is This Loan a Refinance? question. You ll receive an answer in 60 seconds or less.

However, if you d rather speak with someone about your refinancing options, call us at 845.463.3011 / 800.468.3011 or stop into one of our branches. Our staff will review your current terms and let you know if we can give you a better deal.

Print and download our Vehicle Information Refinance Form to speed your refinancing process.

Online Loan Amortization Schedule: Printable Loan Repayment Chart

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(Home Auto) Loan Amortization Calculator

The Full Monthly Repayment Chart and Understanding Your Payment Allocations

No one factor affects the cost of purchasing a house more than length of the loan. This may seem like a no-brainer, but so many people look only at the monthly cost and never consider the total cost. That is a huge error. Using our amortization calculator you can enter various scenarios to reveal the true cost of the place you will call home any other type of loan.

Compare a 30-Year Loan

It can’t be expressed enough that you should almost always choose a 15-year fixed mortgage . Unless you plan to move in a few years, the 15-year is the way to go. In the beginning, a large portion of your payment goes to interest. As time progresses more is placed toward principal, but it takes years before the interest and principal are equal paid. For example, let’s assume you have a $200,000 fixed mortgage for 30 years at 4% interest and no down payment. Your monthly principal and interest is $954.83, but it would take 153 payments until more money is directed to principal than interest. The road to building equity is slow moving. After five years you still owe $180,895; after 10 years you still owe $157.568, and after 30 you will have paid the bank $143,739 in interest. Yes, you saw that right. So In reality that $200,000 home really costs you $343,739!

The 15-Year is the Real Winner

Let’s take the same $200,000 fixed loan at 4%, but this time let’s select a 15-year term. This scenario provides monthly principal and interest of $1,479.38. This is a bit more than our other example, but stay with me here. Right off the bat, more of your investment is going more to principal than interest. After five years you still owe $146,117; after 10 years you still owe $80,328, and at the end of the term you will have paid the bank only $66,287 in interest. This time the total cost of borrowing $200,000 is $266,287 saving you $77,452 in interest compared to the 30-year option. Think of what your life would be like being mortgage free after only 15 years and having an extra $77,452 in your pocket!

Figure your savings by comparing 15-yr vs 30-yr loans side by side.

Few are Disciplined Enough

You may say that you don’t want to be locked into that higher payment and that you’ll simply add extra each month to reduce some of that interest? It rarely happens. Life happens, and the extra money slides through your fingers for things you no longer remember. Forcing yourself to fit the higher payment into your budget from the start is the only way to ensure paying the loan off in 15 years and saving all that interest.

Additional Borrowing Expenses

Principal and interest are not the only expenses tied to the loan. Your county wants some of your money and so does your insurance company, so be prepared for property taxes and homeowners insurance. The more expensive the house, the more both of these will cost. Most people roll these two charges into their monthly mortgage. Otherwise, you will be faced with a large bill at the end of the year.

If your down payment is under 20%, the bank will require private mortgage insurance (PMI). This doesn’t protect you. it protects the bank in case you default. It can cost 0.5% to 1% of the entire loan. This fee is also rolled into your monthly payment. When the equity in your house reaches 20% the PMI can be removed, so this is another reason to choose the 15 year option – where your equity builds faster.

Home Ownership Has Other Costs

If you are a renter, you are accustomed to charges for utilities, but if you move into a larger house, be prepared for a larger heating and cooling bill. If anything needs repaired, you are responsible for all the parts and installation. So you need to build a rainy day fund, because odds are against you that one day the air conditioner will fail or the roof will leak or one of your major appliances will go on the blink. Without an emergency fund, these types of events can put you in the red. Lawn maintenance is another expense which may be new to you. Lawn mowers, weed whackers, hedge trimmers, etc. will be an immediate expense. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, monthly or quarterly fees may be required.

Don’t Go Overboard

Although a discretionary expense, home decoration/improvements must be addressed here. The home you buy, may not be move-in ready, so carpets may need to be replaced, floors refinished and walls painted. Beyond that, there is also the temptation to buy new furniture, draperies, and wall hangings, especially if you move from say a 1,200 square foot apartment to a 2,400 square foot house. You will be eager to make the house your home and nothing says home like the unique additions you select. For bargains look at amazon.com. your local craigslist.org or ebay.com. Go slow and don’t overextend yourself by buying on credit. It’s very easy for first time homeowners to find themselves not only with a large payment but also debt that can be overwhelming. It’s wise to make a list of the things you want to change and plan to tackle one every few months or however long it takes to save the extra money. You have just made the most expensive purchase of a lifetime, enjoy your new surroundings, and treasure the gradual debt free changes you make over the years.

OpenRoad Lending

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Refinance Your Vehicle

It s Time to Put Your Auto Loan Payment in Reverse SM  and start paying less every month

Lower your car loan payment by taking advantage of our low rate auto refinance  loans. Get a quick decision with no application fees. OpenRoad Lending has simplified the auto refinance process to help you save money each month on your monthly payment. Our expertise and lending partners are here to assist you in improving your financial situation.

Why refinance my auto loan?

Refinancing is a great way to lower your monthly payment. Take advantage of our low rates in case you need to free up cash each month. If you love your car but not your payment, car refinancing  is right for you. See auto refinance savings examples here.

What kind of vehicles can I refinance with OpenRoad Lending?

Additional Auto Refinance Related Articles:

Your Refinancing Checklist

Here s what you ll need to refinance your car loan. Having these documents ready will help make refinancing your car loan easier and faster for you to be on your way to saving!

During the loan process, you ll be asked to provide the following information about your car and your current car loan:

  • Vehicle make, model and year–vehicle must not be 7 years older than the current model year
  • Vehicle mileage–must be under 100,000 miles
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Any vehicle features and special options (power windows, sunroof, etc)
  • Copy of vehicle registration
  • Car insurance information
  • The lien holder s name (this is the bank or lender to which you are currently making payments)
  • The account number for your current car loan

Note: Any person being removed from the title must sign the documents at closing.

A Power of Attorney (POA) is required in order for us to complete the title work

Additional Documents that may be requested:

  • Verification of income (proof of your monthly income typically this is done with your most recent check stub from your employer)
  • Verification of Residence this is proof of your physical address (this is done by providing a utility bill showing your current address)

Options Auto Trading System Service

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Iron Condor 1 vs Iron Condor 2

Monthly Cash Thru Options IC1 service autotrades through several on-line brokers. Autotrading is a service where your brokerage account is traded automatically based on recommendations published by Monthly Cash Thru Options.

At the end of each monthly cycle, we send an auto-trade report to our auto-trade subscribers. To see an example report please click on AutotradeReport .

The IC1 Service currently offers auto-trading through TD Ameritrade . eOption . tradeMONSTER/OptionsHouse . TradingBlock , Autoshares and Global Autotrading that autotrades through Interactive Brokers . If you are interested in our auto-trading program and don’t see your broker listed, please contact us and we’ll contact your broker to see if they support auto-trading.

The process of setting-up an IC1 autotrade account is as follows:

1) Fund your brokerage account. The minimum level to start with for autotrading is $6,500, where $5k would be traded for the month and $1500 is reserves (about 25% to 30% of what is being traded). In addition, it is recommended to keep reserve cash in the account at all times. Another example would be to fund the account with $13k where $10k would be traded for the month and $3k is reserves. The MCTO Team will autotrade accounts up to $200k. If you are interested in trading more than $200k, please contact us at 408-375-9890 and we can discuss the MCTO managed funds.

2) Within your broker s website, log into your account, navigate to the autotrade area, select MCTO as the newsletter provider, select the Iron Condor 1 service, select specific dollar amount , and then enter the amount of cash you would like to allocate to each trade that we send in. We place a maximum of 5 trades per month that require cash in the autotrade accounts. (we actually open up to 10 credit spreads each month, but the first 5 spreads require the cash) As an example, if you were to set your autotrade rule to $2k, you would be trading $10k for the month. You would also need 25% reserve cash of the amount that you are trading, or $2500 for this example, so you would have $12,500 in the account. (it s NOT recommended to select % of buying power when setting the autotrade rule). Another example would be to set your autotrade rule to $4k; in this case you would be trading $4k x 5 = $20k for the month; you would need $5k in reserve cash, for a total of $25k in the account. For more information about Iron Condor 1 versus Iron Condor 2 please go here .

3) Set your autotrade amount in increments of $1000. Working off of the previous example, the next level up would be setting your autotrade rule to $5k per trade where you would be trading $25k per month and you would have about $6k in reserve cash for a total of $31k in the account.

4) You may adjust your autotrade rule at anytime, even mid-cycle when trades are already open.

5) When we need to access to the reserve cash, we ll send in a 6th trade alert, and then possibly a final 7th trade alert, which will allow us to access all of the reserve cash. This usually happens 1 to 2 times per year.

6) It s recommended to start small and grow your account over time as you gain understanding and confidence in our analysis and how we execute our trades. Credit spreads represent a long term strategy where it s a marathon, not a sprint.

7) After you set up your autotrade rule in your brokerage account, the broker will contact MCTO and alert us that your account is ready to be auto-traded and is pending.

8) Sign up as a paying subscriber to the MCTO autotrade service. To learn more about packaging and pricing please go to the Subscribe page. Unfortunately, the 30 day free trial does not apply to auto-trade accounts; however, we do offer a $5 first month special for autotrade subscribers. MCTO will then approve the autotrade rule and your autotrade account will be activated.

9) If you are auto-trading in an IRA or Roth IRA account, because moving cash into and out of the account is prohibited, you’ll need to hold your reserve cash in the same brokerage account. If you have any questions about how to set up an IRA account or regular taxed account, please call us toll-free at 877-248-7455.

The Auto Store – Used Cars – Highland IN Dealer

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The Auto Store – Highland IN, 46322

Welcome To The Auto Store  Highland Area Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks Lot

The Auto Store is highlighted amid more dealerships in the Highland, IN area for its unequaled customer care, truthful support, and inexpensive Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks inventory! Whether you’re searching for used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks, The Auto Store in Highland, IN located near Blue Island, Calumet City has the best fitting vehicle for you!

Our way of being at The Auto Store is simple. If we treat our customers with truth and respect, while offering terrific Highland Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory at competitive prices, we will be ahead of the game. As one of many Used Cars, Pickup Trucks dealerships in the Highland area, we know that we have to exert ourselves to earn and keep your business.

Located in Highland, The Auto Store is your source for Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory. Give us a call at 219-838-3900. At any given time you will find used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks on our lot. Our goal is to give as many Beecher, Blue Island, Calumet City, Cedar Lake, Chicago, Chicago Heights, Country Club Hills, Crete, Crown Point, Dolton, Dyer, East Chicago, Flossmoor, Gary, Glenwood, Griffith, Hammond, Harvey, Hazel Crest, Highland, Hobart, Homewood, Lake Station, Lansing, Markham, Matteson, Merrillville, Midlothian, Munster, Oak Forest, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, Portage, Posen, Richton Park, Riverdale, Robbins, Saint John, Schererville, South Holland, Steger, Thornton, Wheeler, Whiting, and all other IN customers an outstanding Used Cars, Pickup Trucks dealer experience when it comes to price, selection, and customer service. It is through treating people right that The Auto Store separates itself from car dealerships in Highland, Blue Island, Calumet City and throughout IN.

Highland Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks Dealer

The Auto Store located in Highland is your local Highland Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks dealership for Blue Island and Calumet City as well. The Auto Store is committed to customer service on all Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory, used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks and we are here to help you save. We have a great inventory of Used Cars, Pickup Trucks near Beecher, Blue Island, Calumet City, Cedar Lake, Chicago, Chicago Heights, Country Club Hills, Crete, Crown Point, Dolton, Dyer, East Chicago, Flossmoor, Gary, Glenwood, Griffith, Hammond, Harvey, Hazel Crest, Highland, Hobart, Homewood, Lake Station, Lansing, Markham, Matteson, Merrillville, Midlothian, Munster, Oak Forest, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, Portage, Posen, Richton Park, Riverdale, Robbins, Saint John, Schererville, South Holland, Steger, Thornton, Wheeler, Whiting. Please give us a call anytime if you have questions.

Highland The Auto Store in IN has a robust and dedicated sales team with several years of automotive sales experience in satisfying our customers’ needs. Feel free to browse our Used Cars, Pickup Trucks inventory online, request more information about vehicles from one of our trained sales professionals or set up a test drive.

The Auto Store is located in Highland, IN. As a Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot located near Blue Island, Calumet City who offers great prices on used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks to all of our neighbors in Beecher, Blue Island, Calumet City, Cedar Lake, Chicago, Chicago Heights, Country Club Hills, Crete, Crown Point, Dolton, Dyer, East Chicago, Flossmoor, Gary, Glenwood, Griffith, Hammond, Harvey, Hazel Crest, Highland, Hobart, Homewood, Lake Station, Lansing, Markham, Matteson, Merrillville, Midlothian, Munster, Oak Forest, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, Portage, Posen, Richton Park, Riverdale, Robbins, Saint John, Schererville, South Holland, Steger, Thornton, Wheeler, Whiting, customer satisfaction is vital to our benefit.

The Auto Store – Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks Highland, IN

Ontario Car Loans

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Ontario Car Loans

Car Loans Canada was designed to help you find car loans in Ontario. Through Car Loans Canada, you can find our easy 30 second online credit application that are non-intrusive and designed to get you in a car today!

When it comes to finding a car loan in Ontario, our credit application has been designed especially for those with bad credit. Thanks to Car Loans Canada, you are not required to answer embarrassing and intrusive personal questions. Instead, you will only need to give the most relevant information.

Finding Bad Credit Car Loans in Ontario Couldn t Be Easier

Car Loans Canada takes pride in the fact that we have helped thousands of Canadians in all ten provinces and both territories find car loans even those with bad credit. The car loan industry in Canada has become specialized, and this means that there are lenders who focus specifically on bad credit. Car loans you find in Ontario cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor are unique. Therefore, you may not find the same service in another province or territory. However, keep in mind that the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council licenses and regulates dealers in Ontario

We Can Help You Find Car Financing in Ontario

If you have bad credit or credit problems don t worry, as Car Loans Canada is here to help. We know how critical it is for those living in cities such as Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga to have access to lenders that specialize in bad credit car loans. As a result, we have assembled a network of lenders who have worked to help thousands of Canadians find the financing that they need

Car Loans in Ontario

In Canada it is no longer necessary to go through the difficult, uncomfortable and awkward procedure of meeting with a bank s loans officer. Through Car Loans Canada, you can find a simple online credit application that streamlines the process and skips the awkwardness. If you are in Ontario or anywhere in Canada and you need help financing a car, then Car Loans Canada has you covered. Apply now !

Online Car Loan

Online car loans have become extremely popular in recent years. The number of online applications has simply soared and with good reasons. Being able to apply for a car loan easily in the comfort of your own home is a dream, and the online car loan application couldn t be any easier or safer.

Online Banking

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Online Banking – Capital One 360

Banking, Credit Card, Auto Finance, and Home Loan products and services are offered by the Capital One family of companies, including Capital One Bank (USA). N.A. and Capital One. N.A. NMLS ID 453156. Members FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation .

All entities are separate but affiliated legal entities of Capital One Financial Corporation, each is responsible for its own products and services.

Securities are offered by Capital One Investing, LLC. a registered broker-dealer and Member FINRA Opens a new window /SIPC Opens a new window. Advisory services are provided by Capital One Advisors, LLC. an SEC registered investment advisor. Insurance products are offered through Capital One Agency LLC. All are subsidiaries of Capital One Financial Corporation .

Securities and services are: Not FDIC insured Not bank guaranteed May lose value Not a deposit Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency

2015 Capital One. All rights reserved.

Online Amortization Schedule Calculator

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Amortization Schedule Calculator

Loan Payment Schedule Help

Every loan has four primary attributes or variables. (1) The loan amount, (2) the number of payments, (3) the annual interest rate and (4) the payment amount.

Enter any 3 values and zero (‘0’) for the unknown value. Click the [Calc] button to solve for the unknown and create a schedule.

Note: you can enter a non-zero value for all 4 variables. In that case, your inputs will be used to create the amortization schedule.

The Loan Date is the date the monies are advanced. It is also called the origination date .

The First Payment Date is the date the first payment is due. It may be the same date as the Loan Date but not usually. When they are the same, this is known as Payment-in-Advance . Leases are typically paid-in advance.

Payment Frequency determines how often payments are due. Monthly is the most common in the USA.

Compounding impacts how interest is calculated. In most cases Compounding should equal the Payment Frequency .

Points are charged on some loans by the lender. Points are expressed as a percentage of the loan amount. A 300,000.00 loan with 2 points results in an extra fee due the lender of 6,000.00. Points are common for mortgages in the US only. Normally, you will want to leave this input set to 0.0%.

The Amortization Method should usually be set to Normal . If the loan originates in Canada then you’ll want to set this to the Canadian method. In some special cases loans will have only the interest paid as the regular payment or no interest at all. In that case, you can set the Amortization Method to accommodate those types of loans. The Rule-of-78’s is sometimes used for car loans or other consumer loans.

To print any loan schedule, click on Print Preview and then Print this schedule .

When the first period, the period of time between the loan date and the first payment date is longer than one full period, there will be interest due for the extra days . This is known as odd day interest . The odd day interest, with this schedule, is shown as being paid on the loan date. Example: if the loan date is March 24 and the first payment date is May 1, then there are 8 odd days of interest – March 24th to April 1st.

Conversely, if the time between the loan date and first payment date is less than the payment period set, then the first period is said to be a short initial period and (as of the Jan. 2013 release of this calculator), the first payment will be reduced due to less interest being owed.

Online Auto Parts Stores Now Searchable at

#online auto parts store

Online auto parts stores are now searchable courtesy of http://www.autoprosusa.com. This discount resource center online has now linked multiple retail databases into one resource online to help auto parts buyers locate parts in stock.

The original MSRP price is verified with OEM and SKU numbers to provide customers with the correct retail price to compare discounts.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 01, 2013

Auto parts are bought and sold online daily from hundreds of different retailers in North America. One drawback for buyers searching these websites is the time that takes to find retailers with the right parts in stock. The http://autoprosusa.com company has now created a searchable database that links online auto parts stores into one location. This time-saving effort is one way that can be used by buyers to find discount parts that are ready to ship for installation purposes or resale.

The automotive industry is made up of distributors, wholesalers and retailers that provide the majority of parts and accessories to buyers in the United States. Automakers license the aftermarket production of parts and components to supply replacements for preowned vehicles.

Since pricing can vary between online companies and automobile owners and mechanics can often locate a range of prices when performing research before purchase.

The price structures that are listed on the AutoProsUSA.com website are researched to ensure that the lowest possible cost is displayed to customers. This company now researches multiple retailers and wholesalers to locate pricing that is accurate and consistently updated for consumers. The original MSRP price is verified with OEM and SKU numbers to provide customers with the correct retail price to compare discounts. This company has created this resource to cut out the waiting time before purchases are made.

Aside from pricing and database searches, the types of auto parts that are now available for search and purchase online are assorted. Inventories of used engines, used transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, crate engines and performance parts are now offered by the Auto Pros USA company in an effort to provide one of the largest resources found on the Internet. The launch of the company website has made it easier for customers to locate pricing and stock information.

About Auto Pros USA

The Auto Pros USA company launched its website online in 2013 to provide better resources and better prices for customers. With thousands of popular parts in stock, this online resource is providing the type of inventory and price structure that customers can have difficulty locating on the Internet. The range of new and used auto parts that are searchable through the company database provides immediate matches for VIN, SKU and OEM numbers. The Auto Pros USA company provides support to customers and immediate answers to questions. This company was created to provide alternatives for parts buyers frustrated with chain retail stores.

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Online auto loans Free no-obligation auto loan application

#online auto loans

Getting an online auto loan puts you a step ahead – and makes life easier at the dealership .

Home > Online Auto Loan

Celebrating Our 20th Year

The operators of Autoloan.com, the InterActive Financial Marketing Group, can be found in Richmond, Va, humming along in a cool new office space.

Founded by a three-generation car-selling family, InterActive became part of the Dominion Enterprises family in 2007. The Norfolk-based conglomerate is a major player in the auto services world, but is probably best known for print and online versions of magazine rack staples such as CycleTrader.

Even though we’re all grown up and corporate, we still wear jeans on Friday and we still reflect the values of the family that started the company in 1989. We could not have processed 5 Million aplications since 1989 without thousands and thousands of happy customers.

Our online auto loan application is handled on a secure, encrypted server to protect your private information. Your email address is not sold to spammers and we ask for only the barest minimum information needed to process your online application. You can hear for yourself on our online auto loan customer testimonial page.

FINAL POINT. If you proceed to another online auto loan Web site, please look to see if they list a physical address and phone number. Why would a company ask for your personal information and never provide any of their own?

Our address is below. And if you want to call and apply over the phone, just dial 1-800-Auto-Loan. And thanks again for your time.