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Rates valid as of 11/28/2015 8:12 PM

1-84 Months

View All Rates *APR denotes Annual Percentage Rate

*Rates reflect a .25% APR reduction for Automatic Payment Service and loan amounts up to 100% of the retail value of the vehicle. Your rate will increase if you discontinue Automatic Payment Service. PSECU will charge an additional 2% to the current interest rate when financing a vehicle for more than 100% and up to 120% of the retail value, and an additional 3% to the current interest rate when financing a vehicle for more than 120% and up to 130% of the retail value. PSECU will only finance up to 100% of the vehicle value for Refinance purchase types. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price determines new vehicle values; Kelley Blue Book or other authorized guides determine used vehicle values. Minimum value is $3,000. PSECU makes all final decisions regarding vehicle value and proper rate. Loan rates are effective as of 4/29/14 and subject to change. See the Consumer Note, Disclosure and Security Agreement at or call 800.237.7328. Kelley Blue Book is a registered trademark of the Kelley Blue Book Co. Inc.

Prime Choice Auto Parts And Service Ottawa

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Prime Choice Auto Parts And Service

You already know Prime Choice as Ottawa s source for low cost, high quality auto parts. Prime Choice is now your ultimate source for all things vehicle repair, by offering exceptional vehicle service in addition to our low priced parts. Nowhere else can you save up to 70% on auto parts, then save again on repairs all under one roof.

Prime Choice stocks a wide range of products for any vehicle need. Our massive inventory includes

hub bearings, axle shafts, ball joints, tie rods, suspension conversion kits, shocks, struts, control arms, starters, alternators, spark plugs, ignition wires, vehicle lights, brake rotors, brake pads, brake hardware, air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, transmission filters, wipers, window regulators, serpentine belts, timing belts, fuel pump assemblies, oxygen sensors, radiators, mirrors, mufflers, and more!

Or expert mechanics have been serving the Ottawa area for over 35 years, and in that time they ve taken on any challenge presented to them. At Prime Choice, you ll also save big on service, up to 50% off the regular service rate of some other garages in town. There s no end to how much you stand to save when you buy parts and book service with Prime Choice!

We specialize in all aspects of vehicle repair. Our service experts are Ottawa s top choices for brake and tire service, as well as safety inspections, oil changes, light replacements, engine repair, suspension service, fluid changes and flushes, and much more. You can count on our reliable service and our quality parts to keep your vehicle running its very best for thousands of kilometers to come.

By combining our incredible prices on auto parts with our expert service mechanics, we re able to treat your car to the service and parts it deserves. Get the complete package on vehicle maintenance without any compromises, only from Prime Choice Auto Parts and Service.

Where to Shop for a Used Car

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There are many choices, but be cautious

There is a far wider range of outlets for a used car than a new one and both prices and vehicle quality can vary greatly. To find an outlet, check print and online classified ads, particularly those for local newspapers and websites specializing in used-car sales.

New-car dealers. Nearly all franchised dealers have a used-car department, which tend to feature late-model vehicles, two or three years old, that often carry the remainder of the original factory warranty. Many new-car dealers don’t bother with cars more than four or five years old, or ones that are difficult to sell, so they can be more expensive.

Auto superstores. Superstores are dealerships with huge lots and scores of cars to sell. CarMax, for instance, is a chain that sells cars at no-haggle prices. So-called auto malls, have numerous brands under the same roof or sharing the same chunk of real estate.

Independent used-car dealers. These dealerships are apt to handle any car make, and the vehicles can run the gamut from the almost-new to the junker-in-waiting. Some dealers specialize in late-model cars and are affiliated with new-car franchises. If the dealership has been around for a long time and has a good reputation locally, that’s a good sign.

Many used-car dealer­ships can arrange financing for you. Both price and quality tend to be lower than at a new-car dealership. Independent dealers may also specialize in working with customers who have a shaky credit history. Such financing is often what’s called a subprime loan, and may carry a very high interest rate. Caution is the watchword. Whether the financing is easy to arrange or not, you must be extra careful not to get in over your head.

Independent mechanics. Some mechanics have a sideline business selling used cars. They may not have all that many cars to sell, but prices are often better than those you’ll find at a dealership.

An added benefit is that the station may have serviced the car throughout its life, giving them knowledge of its repair history. But it is wise to take it elsewhere to have an impartial inspection performed.

Private owners. You can usually get the best price if you buy a car directly from its previous owner. A private party doesn’t have to cover the overhead of a business and frequently just wants to get rid of the vehicle. But an owner may not be aware of trouble signs that a dealership or service station would recognize.

Conversely, many rebuilt wrecks are sold through private sellers who fix up damaged cars on the cheap. In the end, having the car inspected thoroughly by an independent mechanic is critical.

Shopping online. Researching and buying used cars online significantly eases the process, as you can search, sort, and investigate the marketplace without leaving home. Used cars aren’t necessarily cheaper online, but the web does provide an easy way to find out prices for various models for sale in your area. You may find, how­ever, that many offerings are located inconveniently far from home.

Used-car websites typically ask you to fill in some search parameters: the make and model in which you’re interested, your price range, and the region (usually based on your ZIP code) where you’d like to shop. Try to limit your search to locations that are easy to reach. You then get a list of vehicles that fit your buying criteria, along with a way to contact the seller. Because many sellers are car dealerships, most sites provide direct links to the dealership websites. Many services also let you place a classified ad for selling your old car.

Online auctions (eBay Motors is by far the largest) are another route. The auction system is a little different from stan­dard dickering over price. On eBay, once you enter a bid it’s like signing a contract to buy, whether there’s a reserve or not. The winning bidder is obligated by the bid, and the seller is obligated to accept it. If there is a reserve, it must be met or the auction will expire without a transaction. While auctions give you an opportunity to snap up a bargain, it also means that you have committed to the deal, unless the seller has made some serious misrepresentation. There is, however, a conditional guarantee by the seller and a short-term service agreement of one month or 1,000 miles. You can arrange to have the vehicle inspected through a paid service on the site.

Problems we’ve noticed with used-car websites include outdated information and the clutter of pop-up and banner ads. Some sellers must constantly update their offerings as inventories change, making it challenging to even find common models that area available. Always make sure the vehicle you’re looking for is still available before visiting any seller, whether it’s a dealership or a private party.

No matter how much of the transaction you conduct by phone or e-mail, it’s important to inspect the vehicle in person and take it for a test drive before you buy.

Private Party Auto Loans: Loan Requirements for Approval.

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Private Party Auto Loans: Loan Requirements for Approval

The way private party auto loans are set up is similar to that of dealer auto loans. There are only a few differences between the two types. When you arrive at a dealership, everything is right before you during the sale process. Purchasing a new or used vehicle from a private owner requires you to go through all of these steps individually. This article will explain the main differences between a dealer loan and a private party auto loan.

Interest Rates

This rate can vary from 1% to 2% higher. It will also be dependant on your own personal credit score, your payment history, whether you have a co-signer or not and might include items such as your income level and length of employment. The higher your credit score is, the lower rate of interest you will be offered. If you can easily be approved for a dealer loan, then a private party auto loan will be as easy.

A dealer loan is typically a 72 month loan. A private party auto loan is no longer than 48 months. With this shorter term and higher interest rate, your monthly payment might be higher than a dealer loan but you will actually be paying less interest overall. More money will be set toward the purchase price of your vehicle. If you can afford the higher monthly payment, it s a good practice to choose a shorter term loan so less money will be paid in interest.

Down Payment

Having a down payment is often not necessary when obtaining a private party auto loan. Dealers oftentimes require you to place some amount of money down on your new vehicle unless your credit score is outstanding. With receiving a private party auto loan, down-payments are not necessary but are recommended. It s always a good practice to place around 20% of the total vehicle price down on the loan. It will lower the loan amount of the vehicle which will reduce the loan amount overall.

You will need to pay for and apply for the tax, tag and title for the vehicle. These costs will not be included into your private party auto loan. A dealer loan has the ability to roll all of these additional costs into their loan. A private party auto loan is simply just for the vehicle price itself. Nothing more can nor will be figured into the loan amount. Be prepared to cover these additional costs upfront.

As you can see, applying for a private party auto loan has its own beneficial side. You will receive a good price on your used vehicle, save money on interest by having a choice on the terms and be able to own the vehicle sooner than that of a dealer. If you re in the market for a vehicle, it will serve you well to look at the Private Owner section as well as the Dealer section for your future vehicle.

Print Bill Of Sale

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Car Bill of Sale

I, (name:)_______________________________ of (address:)______________________________________________, hereby certify that I am the lawful owner of this vehicle: (Car, Truck, SUV, Van, Crossover SUV)

Year ________

Make ______________________

Model _______________________


and have the authority to sell it. I hereby acknowledge the receipt of $___________ in the form of _____________, from (Buyer’s name:)_______________________, as full payment for the purchase of the said vehicle, which is sold “AS IS”. I hereby state that the mileage of the vehicle at the time of sale is ______________.

I do hereby grant, sell and transfer full ownership of this vehicle to the buyer. I certify that this vehicle, at the time of sale, is free from all encumbrances, taxes, fees and liens except as those specified on the Title or listed below; and that, I (Seller) will defend and be held fully responsible for such lawful claims and demands with respect to the vehicle, if any.

Buyer accepts full liability for the vehicle, damages, and any third party liability incurred from the vehicle use from the date of sale.

If applicable, Seller agrees to make arrangements for the reasonable delivery of vehicle title from lien holder to buyer immediately.


Seller’s Signature

Private Party Auto Loans With Bad Credit

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Private Party Auto Loans With Bad Credit

April 12, 2013

Private party auto loans are one option for auto purchase financing. Private party loans often require thorough documentation, but may be a more available and reasonable option for individuals with less-than-perfect credit history.

CarsDirect Financing

CarsDirect helps more credit-challenged customers find car loans than any other website in the country. The company works with a network of dealers who specialize in car loan financing. The dealer has access to a number of financial institutions and will shop around to find you the best deal. Just fill out a simple application and you will be on your way to receiving a car loan.

What Is a Private Party Car Loan?

A private party auto loan is a used car loan that allows you to finance a vehicle through a private party or individual in place of a dealership. There are many advantages to opting for a private party loan, and depending on your circumstances it could save you a lot of money.

Private Party Auto Loan Advantages

Going with a private party car loan opens up several options to you as a consumer. There are a number of banks, credit unions and financial institutions with varying car loan rates all competing to service you. The Internet is a great resource to compare rates from different companies, and there are online brokers that will connect you directly with an auto loan lender to give you a quote within minutes.

If you have bad credit then a private party loan is probably your best bet. Because you can pick which loans to apply for, you can choose only loans that are accepting of people with a bad credit rating. It’s important to realize that getting turned down on a loan can actually lower your credit score. You will also be able to find private party loans that do not require a down-payment, however if possible it’s recommended to pay at least a little up front to lower your monthly bill. Private party loans typically have shorter payback periods resulting in higher interest rates. However, don’t be put off by this because you can actually end up paying more on a loan with a longer payback period even if it has a lower interest rate. Also, with a shorter payback period It is more likely that your car will still be worth something when you are done paying off your loan.

Private party auto loans can also give you an advantage when negotiating with the person selling the car. Used car salesmen working at dealerships are trying to sell several cars to multiple people on a daily basis. This means that their knowledge of a car in question can only run so deep. With a private party loan you are typically dealing with the previous owner of the car so you should be able to get better information about the vehicle’s history and any problems you should be aware of before you buy it. Another advantage in the negotiation process with private party loans is that you have to be approved before you make an offer for a car, and therefore you already know your spending limit. This allows you to take a hard stand with people when negotiating the price you can afford to pay, whereas a dealer may try to persuade you to borrow more through their financial services.

Private Party Auto Loan Disadvantages

There are several disadvantages to this kind of car purchase loan.

Loan Term

One of the disadvantages of private party loans is the length of the loan term. For auto purchase loans, the loan term length can be as long as six years. However, private party loans often are for a substantially shorter length of time. Usually, the a private party loan is offered for a maximum of four years or 48 months and very often private party loans are only offered for 36 months. For a borrower who is looking for a much longer period to finance the purchase of their car – and lower their monthly payments as a result – a private party loan can have serious disadvantages.

The ultimate result of a shorter loan term is that you are paying the same principal for the purchase of the car, but you are paying a higher amount of interest. This results in higher monthly payments, overall when compared to auto loans that are financed through a dealership finance company.

Interest Rates

Another disadvantage of private party loans are the standard interest rates charged for these kinds of auto purchases. Typically, car loans obtained from the dealership may have largely reduced interest rates and may even be offered at zero interest if certain restrictions and requirements are met at the time of purchase. However, it is also possible to comparison shop for favorable interest rates if a borrower is able to dedicate enough time to this task.

Dealer Incentives

One of the features that many dealerships have been advertising of late are dealer incentives that provide for purchase security should a borrower lose their job or income. However, in order to take advantage of these incentives, a borrower must make their purchase finance arrangements through the dealer financing company. By using private party loans, borrowers eliminate their ability to take advantage of these incentives, which could be significant if they find themselves without a job and unable to meet their financial obligations as a result.

Negotiating Disadvantage

The entire process of purchasing a car usually involves a great degree of negotiation, including not just the purchase price, but also the interest rate and the monthly payments. In most cases private party loans require pre-approval before the actual purchase of a car. This greatly reduces the ability of a borrower to negotiate since they are already locked into their loan obligation when they walk into the dealership.

This can also be somewhat of a disadvantage even if purchasing a car from a private party, since pre-approval is usually needed before even approaching a seller. Here again, borrowers may find themselves locked into a loan that is larger than their actual needs and regret it every time they make their monthly payment.

While private party auto loans can be an attractive option in dealing with a finance department of a dealership, they offer specific and significant disadvantages when it comes to the length of the loan, interest rates and ability to negotiate those rates and monthly payments.

How to Research Private Party Auto Loans

If you are car shopping and looking to purchase a used car from someone other than a car dealer, you will probably need to research some private party car loans. Use the following steps when conducting your research.

  1. Find lenders. Since the only difference between a private party auto loan and a traditional car loan is the fact that no dealer is involved, regular lenders will likely be able to supply you with a loan. The only lenders which are now out of the picture are captive finance companies, meaning that banks are still viable loan sources. Other options when looking for a private party loan are local credit unions. You may find them online or in a phonebook.
  2. Submit loan applications. The lenders you find will be able to guide you through the loan approval process. You should be 18 years of age or older; have proof of income of at least $1,800 a month; have proof of residence; not be bankrupt; and have a social security number. More may be required by certain lenders and they will tell you if this is so.
  3. Compare approvals. After submitting applications and getting approvals, you may compare them to find the best deals. Details to compare are loan rates, additional fees and any special options which you feel will be beneficial.
  4. See what kind of interest rates you can get

Researching private party auto loans can help you purchase a used car and save money on the loan for the best deal possible.

Prestige Auto Sales – Used Diesel Pickups – Brillion WI Dealer

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Prestige Auto Sales – Brillion WI, 54110

Prestige Auto Sales Brillion Used Diesel Pickups, Used Pickup Trucks Lot 54110

When you visit Prestige Auto Salesin Brillion WI, we will treat you like you own the place. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them over and over again. You’re not going to find a Brillion Used Diesel Trucks, Used Pickups For Sale dealership with a friendlier staff, warmer atmosphere, or greater selection of pickup trucks, used trucks, pickups, diesel performance, diesel pickups, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks than you will at Prestige Auto Salesyour Brillion Used Diesel Pickups, Used Pickup Trucks dealer. Your Diesel Trucks, Pickup Trucks buying experience is assured to be easy, quick, and fun.

Prestige Auto Sales Used Diesel Trucks, Used Pickups For Sale Lot in Brillion WI. Prestige Auto Salesis located in Brillion near Appleton and Green Bay. Our business hours, directions are available online. You can browse our Used Diesel Pickups, Used Pickup Trucks inventory from our website or come visit us at our showroom. Prestige Auto Salescan help you find the perfect pickup trucks, used trucks, pickups, diesel performance, diesel pickups, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks. We look forward to helping you into the Diesel Trucks, Pickup Trucks you deserve. Give us a call at 920-731-8940.

We hope that you find our website helpful to your needs. Although Prestige Auto Sales of Brillion in WI doesn’t stay open 24 hours a day, our dealership website is always open all day, every day! On our website which serves Brillion area customers, you can research our Used Diesel Pickups, Used Pickup Trucks, Used Diesel Trucks, Used Pickups For Sale, pickup trucks, used trucks, pickups, diesel performance, diesel pickups, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks. Search the extensive inventory of all the Prestige Auto Sales Diesel Trucks, Pickup Trucks that we offer at great prices, request a vehicle price quote, view pictures and data about the Used Diesel Trucks, Used Pickups For Sale or learn about our Diesel Trucks, Pickup Trucks that we currently have.

Brillion Used Diesel Pickups, Used Pickup Trucks | Appleton WI Used Diesel Pickups, Used Pickup Trucks | Green Bay Used Diesel Pickups, Used Pickup Trucks

Prestige Auto Sales – Used Diesel Pickups, Used Pickup Trucks Brillion, WI

The 57th Annual Murray O Reilly Auto Parts Autorama – Street Rodder

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The 57th Annual Murray O’ Reilly Auto Parts Autorama – 57th Detroit Autorama

You wouldn’t know it from recent news reports, but the TV and radio reporters have got it all wrong. Detroit isn’t dead. The spirit of the Motor City is alive and well and it was on display at the 57th annual Murray’s O’Reilly Auto Parts Autorama, presented by Meguiar’s.

Over a three-day weekend, thousands upon thousands poured into the Cobo Exhibition Center, the 700,000-square-foot convention facility located in downtown Detroit, Michigan, to check out the latest from hot rod builders from all over the United States and Canada.

Owned by the Michigan Hot Rod Association and produced by Championship Auto Shows, Inc. the Autorama has come a long way in its nearly six decade existence. Initially formed to fund the building of a local race track for hot rodders, the show has grown to what some believe is the most important car show in the country.

That feeling is due, in part, to the creation of the Don Ridler Memorial Award, which was named for an early promoter of the show. Nowadays the Ridler, given to a vehicle that emphasizes exemplary levels of creativity, engineering, and workmanship, has become one of the most sought-after trophies a car owner can attain.

In some years, there seems to be an obvious winner as soon as the announcement on Friday afternoon of the Pirelli Great 8 (what the group of eight contenders for the Ridler each year are called), but this year the competition was close. Featured on, each of the Pirelli Great 8 all looked like winners, but the eventual top dog was Doug Cooper and his 1932 B400 that was built at Alan Johnson’s hot rod shop in Gadsden, Alabama. At first glance the Deuce was about as clean a build as you’d ever want but, upon closer inspection, there were literally dozens and dozens of refinements and modifications that made this car like no other, and a deserving recipient of one of the nation’s top prizes in rod building.

Some of the other reasons this show is so successful is there is also a lot to do besides look at the 700 or so cars on display. Customizer (and Bubble Top King) Darryl Starbird was the 2009 Builder of the Year, and he had many of his creations at the event (see page 60 for more on Starbird). One of the most recognized T-buckets in history, the Kookie Car, is so famous it has spawned several clones of it over the years, and one of the best was featured in a special area of the show along with Norm Grabowski, the `50s TV star who is generally acknowledged as the father of the custom T-bucket.

Another attraction was The Motor City Auto Arts Pinstriper Charity Jam, which is a carry over from past panel jams where dozens of pinstripers from across the country donate their time and artwork (much of it created during the show in front of spectators) to a worthy charity (this year it was Leader Dogs for the Blind) and money is raised through an auction of the artwork (see page 48 for more on the auction).

The show is one of seven events STREET RODDER will team with Ford Racing to find the Best Ford in a Ford. Three cars from each event will be picked by a representative from both Ford Racing and the magazine that best represents the hobby and, though some of the top finalists will receive a prize package, the winner will receive a new crate engine from Ford Racing. Rules, requirements, and the list of shows where the awards will be presented can be found on

And, if the acres of hot rods and cool customs wasn’t enough for you, you could travel back in time and hit the basement of Cobo Center, which is where 100 or so beater and traditional type of rods were parked in a show-within-a-show. The Autorama was one of the first indoor car shows in the country to recognize these hardcore hot rods with a place of their own, and the location has a historical significance, too: it was where the first Autorama at Cobo was held back in 1964. Awards were presented (such as the Hard Luck Trophy and the King of Kustom award) and rock-a-billy bands played, and it was a completely different scene than what was going on up the escalator and in the main hall.

Kids are also taken care of at the Autorama with appearances of famous TV and movie cars (such as Speed Racer Mach 5 and two cars from K.I.T.T.), and older folks got to meet and greet Chip Foose and Chris Jacobs from TV’s Overhaulin’ or ogle (or at least get an autograph from) Carolyn Savage.

There were book signings, seminars, and autograph sessions all around the show, but one of the best functions to happen was done before the event was even open to the public. On Friday morning a group of roughly 600 students from surrounding high schools attended a seminar with a guest speaker that has their roots in the automotive aftermarket (everyone from Chip Foose and Troy Trepanier to IHRA drag racers have been featured speakers in the past), and then the kids get into the show to check out the cars before the public does. Many of these pre-adults have never seen cars made before 1960 in person, and many are impressed with what they see. People always wonder “Where are the kids of tomorrow going to get the chance to experience hot rodding?” but it happens at 11 of the shows the ISCA sponsors all around the country.

So it’s safe to say whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, the Detroit Autorama is always worth a visit, so start planning a trip–the 58th annual Detroit Autorama is less than 10 months away!

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Polovno – Polovni automobili – Berza kola – Polovna vozila – Auto foto oglasi

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Used Cars from Autotrader, Used Car Values & Car Insurance

Auto oglasi, Polovni automobili i polovnjaci sa fotografijama.Kupujete ili prodajete automobil?

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Pre-qualify for Bad Credit Car Loans

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Get Pre-qualified

Apply by Phone by calling: (855) 439-0814

Apply Online in just 3 minutes: Apply Now

Simply explaining the bad credit auto loan process is not easy. While the process of applying can take just minutes, it takes slightly longer to understand how we examine your unique credit situation in order to help you make the kind of choice that will both save you money and help rebuild your credit score.

Bad Credit

  • Typical Requirements
  • Types of Bad Credit
  • How Things Work
  • Fixing Bad Credit

What is a Bad Credit Car Loan?

For those new to the process, a bad credit car loan is an auto loan that is made available to an individual with a credit score that is considered subprime. A subprime credit score is usually considered any FICO score below a 620. People with such scores are considered to be “high risk “, and are often denied by traditional lending sources.

If you do not know what your credit score is, the Fair Credit Reporting Act entitles you to a copy of your credit report once every twelve months through We here at Auto Credit Express highly encourage potential car buyers to read and be aware of what their credit report says before applying. And be sure to check your credit report for errors to avoid being penalized for old and/or incorrect information.

What are the Typical Requirements?

While there is no nationwide standard, here at Auto Credit Express the typical requirements for someone applying for a vehicle loan are as follows:

  • Monthly income of at least $1,500 gross
  • 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Current resident of the United States or Canada
  • Current legal American or Canadian citizen or legal resident
  • Employed full time or has guaranteed fixed income

Gross income refers to an individual’s pre-taxed monthly income. This income should be verifiable through documents such as tax records. Fixed income such as Social Security, Disability Insurance, Child support, Alimony, or Public Assistance should be included in your monthly income total.

At least $1,500 gross income is required, and a $1,800 monthly income is recommended for most credit situations. Seasonal employees or temporary employees who have been at their agencies for less than six months do not qualify. The rest is fairly self explanatory: We only have bad credit car dealership networks in United States and Canada, and you must be a legal adult for contractual purposes.

“They made me feel like my credit was not a problem from the first step in the door.” Jerdina C. Detroit

Your score plays a big part in how favorably or unfavorably a dealer or lender views your credit. To gain a better understanding of what your score means, see what credit range you fall into on the chart below. Say, for example, you’re in the below average credit range with a 570 credit score. While some people may tell you that you have bad credit, it is still not the same as those who have truly bad credit of less than 500.

    Bad Credit Scores | 400-525
  1. Subprime Credit Scores | 525-550
  2. Below Average Credit Scores | 550-575
  3. Slow Credit Scores | 575-600
  4. Less Than Perfect Scores | 600-620

Also, not all bad credit is equal when it comes time to apply for a low credit score vehicle loan. Lenders will often separate bad credit into two profiles: situational and habitual bad credit. For example, if you have low income, a spotty job history and have missed many payment deadlines, you would be viewed as a habitual and unfavorable risk.

However, someone who has a higher average income, a good job history and generally makes all their payments until an unexpected event occurs, such as divorce or major illness, may be viewed more favorably. This is true even if both parties had similar credit scores. Why? The person who has exhibited responsible behavior until some sort of personal crisis occurs is perceived as less of a risk, while many lenders believe that someone who habitually misses payments is likely to keep missing payments in the future.

Below are some examples of situational bad credit and habitual bad credit.

  • divorce
  • illness or injury
  • loss of employment
  • bankruptcy due to medical issues, loss of income


  • multiple issues, not single event, long history
  • multiple bankruptcies
  • significant bad credit after BK
  • currently delinquent on all existing obligations