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Sears Auto Center – Auto Repair – Elmhurst – Elmhurst, NY – Reviews – Photos

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Recommended Reviews

I brought my car here because my brake pads we re pretty much bald. So it was convenient to come here with a new coupon that I had received.… Read More

I brought my car here because my brake pads we re pretty much bald. So it was convenient to come here with a new coupon that I had received.

Big mistake.

The guy John went to look at my car and pot it on the lift. He started to look thoroughly at the front end of the car. I observed him carefully as he went into details to touch. Look and write things down. He almost looked legit.

He comes back and says: We have good news and bad news. The good news is that I m glad you came here so we can resolve your issues. The bad news is you have bad brakes and the front wheel drive is shot. It must be replaced.

Already angry I respond:

my car is only rear wheel drive, so what are you talking about? Please take my car down, have a nice day, you re trying to piss me off, and I am not in the mood for games.

He further tells me that he is a professional and it is what it is, so I can have  it done or not.

Tesla used cars – CBS News

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Would you buy a used car from Tesla?

  • Jerry Edgerton
  • MoneyWatch

Nov 12, 2014 12:39 PM EST

p Tesla’s flagship Model S sedan runs on electric power. /p Close


Tesla Motors (TSLA ) founder Elon Musk is also known as the co-founder of PayPal and CEO of commercial space company SpaceX. Now he’s going into the used car business.

Tesla is planning to sell its flagship Model S cars as certified used vehicles as people trade them in or as leases expire. The company confirmed the plan recently to Automotive News. but has not given an exact timetable.

With the price of a new Model S topping out at over $100,000, a certified used version would give motorists a chance to own the widely lauded electric car at a lower cost. It also could add to Tesla’s profits. Profit margins for used car sales at dealerships of all brands average about 12 percent, compared with four percent for new cars.

One hurdle before Tesla starts the program is getting regulatory approval in most of the states where it plans to sell used cars. The company has clashed with state regulators in the past over its practice of selling directly to consumers instead of through franchised dealerships.

5 hot trends in 2015 cars

Though the company did not respond to requests for further details on its certified pre-owned program (as it is known in industry jargon), we set out to find some answers to key questions from automotive experts. Some of their responses:

How much is a used Model S likely to cost? Very few used Model S sales have yet taken place that could indicate the vehicle’s resale value. But Eric Ibara, director of residual value consulting for Kelley Blue Book, made a comparison to a used German luxury model offering certified programs.

“The vehicle most associated with the Model S — by Elon Musk’s designation — is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class,which holds a 36-month residual value of over 50 per cent, ” Ibara said. “Given the sparse data available, it is speculative to suggest that the Model S would retain more than 50 percent of its value in three years, but that does not mean it cannot happen.”

New Model S prices start at about $70,000 for the version with the 60 kilowatt-hour battery and range up to over $100,000 for cars with the 85 kWh battery. That suggests a Model S coming off a three-year lease might sell for $35,000 to $50,000. With Tesla selling a large share of the used models, it would have more power to set the used car price than is the norm for other manufacturers.

Should you worry about battery life? Since driving range before needing to recharge the battery is a major concern for electric car owners, the durability of the battery pack is a natural question when considering a used electric vehicle. The EPA rating for the maximum driving range for the Model S on one charge of the 60 kWh battery is 208 miles and 265 miles for the 85 kWh version.

Kevin Riddell, chief powertrain analyst for consulting firm LMC Automotive, notes that Tesla’s new-car warranties are transferable to second owners and that they last for eight years and 125,000 miles on the smaller battery and eight years with unlimited mileage on the larger version. For used car buyers, “That should reduce concerns about having to replace the battery in the first few years of ownership,” he said.

Riddell added that battery packs in gas-electric hybrids such as the Toyota Prius have shown battery longevity beyond the time stipulated in the warranty.

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Tesla unveils sleek new features for electric cars

At Plug In America, a research and advocacy group, surveys of Model S owners indicate that the 85 kWh battery retains 90 per cent of its capacity after 100,000 miles and the 60 kWh version holds that level up to 75,000 miles on average.

Tom Saxton, the organization’s chief science officer, told CBS MoneyWatch that these results were similar to an earlier study done on the Tesla Roadster, the sports car that launched the company’s line. But he cautioned that these numbers can be affected by driving style and conditions.

What are the drawbacks to buying used? Buyers of new Model S cars get a federal tax credit of up to $7,500, and in some places an additional state tax credit. But second owners of these cars are no longer eligible for such credits.

Tesla also may be issuing a new-car competitor to its used Model S cars. Current plans call for the Model III — expected to sell for around $40,000 — to roll out in 2017. And that car would be eligible for the electric-car tax credits if Tesla had not yet hit the cutoff point of 200,000 cars sold by one manufacturer.

For Tesla itself, if it can navigate state regulations, the used-car sales would generate additional revenue from its investment in company-owned showrooms.

Salvage World is the fastest growing online auction salvage cars dealer.

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Welcome to – The Worldwide Insurance Salvage Auction

Auto Salvage cars and Repairable Cars for Sale SALVAGE WORLD AUCTIONS is the Largest worldwide online Insurance Salvage Auction in the industry today. Our salvage cars are from Insurance Auto Auctions and Salvage Car Auctions, as well as Rental Car companies. Our Salvage Cars for Sale are offered to the General Public. Salvage Cars for Sale online has never been easier. Salvage Cars USA also offered in Canada.

Our company is unique, because we allow the general public all over the world to search and purchase salvage vehicles without the need of special salvage and/or dismantler licenses. The vehicles that we offer on our site are only offered to licensed automobile dealers and salvage buyers who need to be registered in each state, In fact many of these salvage dealers need specific licenses and bidding cards to purchase these vehicles. With us, there s no need for those licenses!

At Salvage World, we offer thousands of repairable vehicles located in every part of the United States. We also have a few locations in Canada and soon we will be offering vehicles from the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.

There are over 160,000 vehicles offered weekly. These are rebuildable salvage and have clean titles from insurance companies nationwide. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the vehicles of your choice. We can give you access to browse through our inventories by clicking here .

If you are the highest bidder at the end of our auction, we will then submit your actual offer to the insurance company. A deposit of 10% of your highest offer is required to be submitted right away. may also require a 33% deposit or a minimum of $3000 on each vehicle depending on the insurance company or auction house that the bid is being placed with. Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions before placing any bids. We will then inform you if your offer is accepted via your my offers section of your account. is NOT an auction site. It is a Proxy Bidding site. We offer more vehicles than any other competitor in the industry.

In our Global economy, there is a huge demand for salvaged vehicles that can be still be restored. Salvage World was created to share all of our years of experience and resources to our valued customers. Cut out the middleman, buy salvage cars directly from the source, and avoid the inflated and marked up prices!

Saving money by buying salvage or clean title Repairables is not a problem! We handpick quality vehicles so that you will not make the mistake of buying a car without knowing its full information. We offer a wide range of services, ask your customer care represenative for more information. Call us now at our toll free number 800-232-5038!

Satisfaction Ratings

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Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Ratings

At Erie Insurance, we adhere to disciplined auto underwriting, fair pricing and a prudent investment philosophy. These factors contribute to our ability to earn consistently superior customer satisfaction ratings in the auto insurance industry. In addition to great ratings, ERIE s quality independent agency force, commitment to customer service and financial stability assure you that we ll be there when you need us most.

Because of ERIE s commitment to service, the company continually receives distinguished marks and high ratings in the auto insurance industry for service and customer satisfaction from independent consumer organizations.

Auto Insurance by the Numbers

  • ERIE s property/casualty companies are rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best. a global credit rating agency with a unique focus on the insurance industry. A Best’s Financial Strength Rating is an independent opinion of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations.

ERIE is highly rated by a nationally recognized research firm in the areas of customer satisfaction for homeowners and auto insurance and claims resolution.

Erie Insurance Group is ranked among the 500 largest U.S. companies. in terms of revenue, by FORTUNE Magazine.

Erie Insurance Group is the 16th largest property/casualty insurer in the United States based on total lines net premiums written.

  • Erie Insurance is the 12th largest auto insurer in the country based on direct premiums written, and the 2nd largest auto insurer in Pennsylvania .
  • For more information about ERIE s ratings, refer to the company profile .

    San Diego, California Vehicle Storage

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    All Services Auto Storage is now The Vault Auto Storage

    All Services Auto Storage is now under new ownership and management.

    Veloce Motors The Vault auto storage has recently aquired all services and will now merge the two local businesses into one company. The two facilities are within a 1/2 mile of each other and compliment each other well. The Vault Auto Storage is dedicated to creating a secure, clean and easy enviorment to meet your car storage needs. Please visit The Vault website by clicking here for additional information about the new company.

    Whether looking to store that extra car, exotic or classic car, restoration project in the works, or you re going on deployment or extended travel, The Vault can provide you with peace of mind for your prized possession. Don t take chances with your automotive investment. Our storage facility provides long-term and short-term car storage and also offers special deals for military car storage.

    We don t just store your car; we keep it in working order! We start and run your car monthly, perform tire pressure checks and cycle heating and A/C systems. Your battery is disconnected between start-ups and recharged when necessary. We wash your car upon pick-up. Blocking is available to prevent flat spots in tires. Call our storage facility today to learn more about our secure car storage solutions!

    SAAB, VOLVO, BMW, SUBARU service, repair, body shop in Falls Church VA. Serving Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, and Washington DC.


    IM Autohaus: Service, Parts Sales

    Northern Virginia Washington DC – Saab, Volvo, Subaru

    IM Autohaus has proudly served the Northern Virginia and Washington DC Metro area for more than 50 years with specialized and expert automotive sales, service and advice. Since our beginning in 1960, we have operated with one guiding principle: Loyal Customers Are More Important Than Short-term Profit. Our Customer Pledge is our commitment and contract with you to provide honest, reliable and informative service, every time.

    IM Autohaus, where Our Integrity is Our Brand. proudly serves Washington DC and Northern Virginia, including Falls Church, Arlington, Fairfax, Vienna, McLean and Tyson’s Corner VA for specialized Saab, Volvo, BMW and Subaru service, maintenance and repair.

    Headlight Recondition – $200 (total for both) Are your headlights cloudy? Discolored headlights can reduce nighttime visibility by as much as 90%! Replacement parts can cost several hundred dollars or more! Keep your Saab, Volvo, BMW or Subaru headlight shining bright.

    Trans Flush – $230 Keep the transmission on your Saab, Volvo, BMW or Subaru running strong. Includes BG Quick Clean, to remove build up and grime from all internally lubricated transmission parts, and 16 quarts of new synthetic transmission fluid. *Recommended every 60,000 miles under normal driving conditions and 30,000 miles under heavy city conditions.

    Free Wash & Vacuum with purchase of a service on your Saab, Volvo or Subaru

    Saab Car Parts, Discount Auto Parts, Saab Used Parts Locator @ Bumper To Bumper Store

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    Saab Online Store – Original Aftermarket Car Parts

    Our online Saab parts catalog is the largest online OEM and aftermarket database. It is available to you at anytime without revealing or registering any personal information. The only time we will need your information is when actually placing an order. Our automated catalog is safe and easy to use.

    We, at Bumper To Bumper Store have been working very hard to bring you the best online Saab parts, engines, transmissions & accessories catalog for Genuine OEM, replacement and remanufactured auto parts you can find. Along with being the best Saab online part catalog we also offer our Saab car parts at a deep discount. In most cases you will save up to 70% of the OEM car dealer prices. Our store features Saab GT750 headlights & taillights, Saab car parts, auto body parts, quality exterior parts, rebuilt engines. 9000CS engine parts, 93B OEM wheels, aftermarket wheel covers, 9000CS water pumps, alternators, starters, oil filter, Sonett brakes, brake pads, brake shoes, 9000S Turbo fuel pump, 9-2X mufflers, 95 Wagon V4 radiators, Saab shocks, catalytic converters, and any other Saab car parts you can think of. To place a Saab parts order online. Click on the category link above and drill down through the related categories until finding the parts you are searching for. Alternatively use our Search section, insert the year and model of your Saab and hit the Go button. Once you find the Saab item you are looking for, add the item to your shopping cart and follow the checkout process. If you are not comfortable placing your order online or cannot find the particular item you are searching for, please call the number listed above and one our sales reps will help you.

    Looking to save on used Saab parts? our nationwide network of Saab salvage yards, junkyards and used car part dealers will help you find used Saab parts or used Saab engines and lights or accessories to your vehicle at the lowest price. Why wasting your time searching the web for used part dealers? Let our system work for you – Simply utilize our Bumper To Bumper Store Locating Service and you are there. No Markups!

    Enjoy your visit, and come back any time you need parts for your Saab car or truck!

    Route 66 Extended Warranty

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    Route 66 Extended Warranty

    A Route 66 Extended Warranty policy can extend the manufacturer’s warranty by picking up where that policy leaves off. It can supplement the manufacturer’s warranty by providing services such as towing, rental reimbursement and roadside assistance when that warranty is still in effect and then also cover repair costs after the warranty expires. A Route 66 Extended Warranty policy is a vehicle service contract that protects members from the high cost of future repairs. It is priced lower than extended warranties offered by auto dealerships. The premium is made affordable by adding it to the loan, thus spreading the cost over the length of the loan.

    • Affordable protection with a 60 day free look
    • $0 deductible
    • Includes 24-Hour roadside assistance
    • Expanded coverage for vehicles with high mileage (over 100,000)
    • Reduces out of pocket expenses for unexpected repairs
    • Up to $250 Rental car reimbursement in the event of mechanical breakdown of a covered component

    Easy Street

    Vehicles are eligible for the Easy Street Level of Coverage if they are 8 Model Years Old or Newer and have 75,000 miles or less on the odometer.

    Coverage. 5 years or until the odometer reaches 100,000 miles; whichever comes first.

    • Standard Vehicles – $1,395
    • Premium Vehicles* – $2,395
    • Hybrid Vehicles – $2,395

    Main Street:

    Vehicles are eligible for the Main Street Level of Coverage if they are 8 Model Years Old or Newer and have between 75,001 miles and 125,000 on the odometer.

    Coverage. 36 months or until driven 36,000 miles from existing odometer reading at the time of purchase; whichever comes first.

    If you would like to add Route 66 Extended Warranty to your existing PenFed Auto Loan, call us at 800-247-5626.

    SafeAuto Insurance Company – About Us

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    About Us

    SafeAuto offers you cheap auto insurance rates for high quality coverage that keeps you legal to drive.

    Safe Auto Insurance Company is a property and casualty auto insurance carrier based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1993, we are built on a philosophy of customer service, The Diamond Principle. This means we strive to provide caring, professional, knowledgeable, responsible and dedicated customer service to help make insurance affordable to every driver, no matter what their situation.

    Availability and Flexibility

    Our customer service, sales, and claims call centers are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure a representative is available whenever you are or should the need arise, when you need us the most!

    For your convenience, Safe Auto offers the flexibility to access your account information by contacting our call center, (1-800-SAFEAUTO), online at or by mobile phone. Also, if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, feel free to stop in to one of our new storefront locations to meet face to face with an agent.

    We provide many payment options to best suit your needs and unlike many other insurers, we don t subject you to unnecessary underwriting questions, which is another way We Keep You “Legal For Less!”


    If a court or a state government agency has required you to show a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) we are happy to help you file an SR22, SR22A or FR44 form and to get you insured and back on the road.

    Drive Safe, Spend less!

    Today, Safe Auto provides the state minimum car insurance coverage as well as full comprehensive and collision in 16 states including: Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

    Getting a car insurance quote is easy and only takes a few minutes to get your policy started!