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Best Car GPS

At the time of publishing, the price was $200.

At the time of publishing, the price was $180.

At the time of publishing, the price was $354.

If you’re looking to spend a little more, our upgrade pick is Garmin’s

$355 nüvi 2798LMT. a seven-inch navigation system that offers gobs more visual real estate, most of the features of the 2539LMT (minus Foursquare), and an added bonus of voice controls, Bluetooth speakerphone connectivity, and a wireless backup camera that you can install in the rear of your car. This happens to be a feature I’m bullish on, given the the safety enhancement and the convenience factor, but the vast majority of respondents in our reader poll said this wasn’t a must-have feature.

Our survey showed that most of you want a GPS specifically so you can avoid relying on your phone for navigation, so that’s a dealbreaker. Garmins are complete devices in and of themselves and accommodate a wider range of users. That’s a good thing. They’re basically idiot-proof—and if you spend any time at all on the road, you know there are plenty of idiots out there.

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Why you should trust us

For more than a decade, I’ve been an automotive critic for Popular Science, Men’s Health, and other outlets, as well as a consumer-technology generalist. I’ve spent countless hours tinkering with portable electronics, including GPS devices and smartphones. In fact, I’ve been using navigation technology since the first automotive devices came out in the early 2000’s via in-dash variants, stand-alone devices, and, now, smartphone-based apps. I use them constantly, and have been led astray by faulty directions as often as I’ve had my bacon saved while running late to some destination or another. If I have any natural gift at all, it’s a sixth sense about navigating, so I can quickly tell when something a GPS device suggests doesn’t quite sync up with reality. (This, by the way, also makes me great fun as a backseat driver.)

For this guide, I spoke with engineers at GPS navigation product manufacturers, consulted with readers via our in-depth survey, and then read reviews of the products in key publications. Then, of course, I spent hours experimenting with the GPSs both in my office—to understand all the functions and settings without the “distraction” of actually trying to drive somewhere—and on the road.

Isn’t my smartphone enough?

If you think your smartphone is enough, it is. If you already have a car charger and car mount. your favorite GPS app will get you where you need to go. In addition to working perfectly fine, your phone carries all your contacts, settings, search history, etc. with you whether you’re on foot, on your bike, in a new city, or whatever. Also, the ease with which you can search for something on your device (restaurant, park, etc.) and then make it your destination with a simple tap—or a copy/paste—makes phones hugely convenient.

But we still think that stand-alone GPS units plug a few important gaps in smartphone functionality, and so did you.

When we polled our readers about car GPS devices, a majority (58%) wanted something that could still guide them through cell service dead spots and wouldn’t drain your smartphone’s battery (54%). Concern about data usage was a distant third (24%). In other words, your smartphone is not always enough. Another concern worth noting is that while you can download maps for offline navigation, these take up significant amounts of storage on your phone.

Garmin GPS devices can direct you to locations within locations, like terminals or parking lots within a larger airport.

There are no pop-up notifications, calls, or texts to distract you from driving and no music controls to futz with. It’s dedicated to navigation.

A GPS checks all those boxes and will help you navigate more safely, letting you concentrate exclusively on driving directions. There are no pop-up notifications, calls, or texts to distract you from driving and no music controls to futz with. It’s dedicated to navigation. With the latest features like traffic data (and avoidance), Direct Access to get you to a specific location within a larger address (like a store in a mall), Foursquare integration, and more refined voice directions based on natural language (turn right at the movie theater), Garmin’s standalone GPS devices can beat any free navigation app blow for blow and match any paid app. That’s not to say that Google, Waze, Here, and Apple Maps won’t get you where you need to go just as quickly 99% of the time, but for now, a GPS still has a few advantages when it comes to plain old navigation.

It’s important to realize that this isn’t an either/or scenario—a smartphone and dedicated GPS benefit each other. For example, I could go to Google Maps on my phone to look around for places to take photos in a park, or use Google to search for my destination, then input that into the Garmin. It would be great if the devices that pair with smartphones worked in this manner—that is, you could just “shoot” a destination from your phone to your GPS—but that functionality is only now starting to appear and is still half-baked at best  1  . TomTom just announced its MyDrive service, which lets you search destinations and plan routes on your desktop or smartphone and send them directly to your GPS. When this functionality is implemented on smartphones, it could be a gamechanger for people who like the idea of using their GPS with their phone as opposed to instead of it. We can report that the web app works as advertised, but we’ll evaluate the devices that incorporate MyDrive when they do come out.

In short, while I’m absolutely dedicated to my iPhone, driving is a different kettle of fish. Having a dedicated device on your dash still makes a ton of sense.

How we picked

I started by reviewing our research from last year, following up with updated reviews and roundups from sites that include CNET. PC Magazine. Consumer Reports. and GPS Tracklog. Then I surveyed user reviews on and to see what the consensus was on specific models and manufacturers.

Combined with our own survey of several hundred Wirecutter readers—which included opportunities for respondents to write in open-ended complaints or praise for specific products or the tech in general—this information pointed us toward newer offerings that we thought might displace last year’s selection. I also considered our survey results because I wanted to make sure our readers’ needs were being met.

Features like backup cameras, premium traffic data, and Bluetooth weren’t a hit (only 13% said the first two were worth paying extra for and only 30% would pay for Bluetooth), but we also learned that people were mostly willing to pay for unlimited map updates (72%). We also learned that 63% of you wanted something that cost less than $200 if possible and that 84% of you wanted something with either a five- or six-inch screen, with most of those votes going for a five-inch device.

With this knowledge in hand, we quickly gravitated toward the Garmin 2539 and the TomTom GO 500. but we also considered Garmin’s 2689  and the Magellan 6230 unit (discussed in the Competition section), multiple other Garmins, the Magellan SmartGPS 5390. and the six-inch TomTom Go 600 along with its less full-featured GO 50 and GO 60 siblings. We considered some devices that, while outside some of our criteria, we wanted to give a fair shake, in case their specific feature sets were particularly compelling.

We ultimately decided that we wanted our device to operate independently of smartphones, since purchasers may not want some functions (such as traffic or POI search) to be tied to their smartphones. (Or purchasers might not have a smartphone to begin with.) This thinking, by the way, was a key part of our eventual decision to knock the TomTom GO 500 out of the running, as it’s dependent on a smartphone for traffic updates.

From left to right: Garmin’s 58LMT, 2798LMT, the Magellan SmartGPS 5390, TomTom’s GO 500, Garmin’s 2539LMT, and the TomTom GO 600.

How we tested

Then, of course, I hit the road. Over a course of a month, I used them in environments ranging from deeply rural Pennsylvania—far from any cell signals—to the urban jungle of New York City. I drove through rush-hour traffic, had the devices reroute us around trouble-spots, and entered distant destinations to gauge variances in routing strategies.

Nashville Auto, Home, Business Insurance Specialists

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Affordable Insurance Agency provides full service on a broad array of insurance products to meet your exposure requirements. From the humble beginnings on Nolensville Road in 1995, the hard work and effort of the staff and the loyalty of our customers enabled expansions to five more locations around Middle Tennessee: East Nashville. West Nashville. Madison. Hermitage. and Smyrna.

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We offer the expertise in our companies by selecting only the most financially secure and highly rated insurers. After all, your family, your investments, and your business are your life. We are here to work with you in developing the best protection options that fit your budget.

We offer many types of insurance including auto. motorcycle. boat. homeowners. renters. and commercial. It is our goal to find you the lowest price without sacrificing important protection.

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National Auto Finance

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If you are to act as a financier in between a transaction involving two different people, the importance of finishing the transaction in the shortest time is very paramount so that the transaction does not seem too involving as that feeling can discourage people to transact business with you in future instances. At national auto finance, the company does not only take part in selling the financing service but also pays close attention to the need to have prompt advice to the car dealer and the client as well so that all parties involved in the business get to understand the implication of their decisions as well as the long term effects of their financial decisions.

This is a rare treat that most companies do not pay much attention to then importance of the above factor and instead only concentrate on the importance of offering the financial service with the objective of making some money out of the interest rates charged. For any body who is interested in maintaining some reputation in the financing industry for a longer time, you must be prepared to give the right advice to each client so that you have an opportunity to serve them for longer.

With lots of years and experience in the auto industry, national auto finance also acknowledges the importance of a good work force and thus ensures that its employees’ welfare is taken into consideration. This is done by giving the employees good health insurance in addition to a profit sharing plan that keeps the employees in high spirits at all times.

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Myrtle Beach Auto Traders – Conway SC, 29526

Myrtle Beach Auto Traders’s Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks Lot in Conway SC

Myrtle Beach Auto Traders’s Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks inventory is conveniently located in Conway SC, just minutes away from Aynor, Galivants Ferry. Myrtle Beach Auto Traders’s Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot of Conway has the area’s largest selection of Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory.

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Myrtle Beach Auto Traders – Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks Conway, SC

Myrtle Beach Auto Traders

National Auto Finance

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2015 GMC Yukon $31,895

Buy Used, Save Huge

Your source for late model, clean repairables, & used vehicles in mint condition.

We take great pride in being your source for late model repairable vehicles and ready to go cars, trucks, and SUV’s. Everything we buy is carefully inspected by our experienced purchasing staff. These damaged vehicles include theft recoveries, fresh water floods, collision damage, interior fires, vandalisms and some repossessed vehicles.

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The Best Cities and Towns for Used Car Deals

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The Best Cities and Towns for Used Car Deals

By Keith Griffin. Used Cars Expert

Keith Griffin has been an automotive journalist and new car reviewer for more than 13 years. His experience as a journalist dates back 35 years. He is currently immediate president of the New England Motor Press Association. has released a list of the top U.S. cities that offered the most used car deals (under-priced cars) as a percentage of all the used cars for sale in the city. It s a helpful list for expanding your used car buying search, especially if you re on the East Coast.

The lesson from the research that did is look towards bigger cities, especially on the East Coast. It s dime-store sociology, but the prices may be better because more poor people live in urban areas and dealers have to price to what the market can afford.

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According to a press release from the company, iSeeCars analyzed 30 million used cars listed on over the past year and found that New York City had two times the underpriced cars than than Los Angeles even though both cities had about equal number of cars for sale. iSeeCars classified good used car deals as at least 5% below iSeeCars’ estimated market value. Eight of the top 10 best cities for used car deals were on the East Coast.

Based on the iSeeCars analysis, the Top 8 cities with the best used car prices as a percentage of all the cars for sale were:

  • New York City,
  • Buffalo,
  • Detroit,
  • Cleveland,
  • West Palm Beach,
  • Miami,
  • Washington DC, and
  • Hartford/New Haven.

On average, used cars priced under $15,000 in these cities listed at 10-14 percent below market value. New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles all showed more than 300,000 used car listings, but nearly 40 percent of used car listings in New York City were good deals, compared to Chicago at slightly more than 25 percent and Los Angeles at less than 20 percent.

Here s an interesting tidbit from the website.

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While East Coast shoppers enjoyed better used car deals, iSeeCars’ research determined that widening your car search could yield big savings no matter where you are located. “We learned that Washington DC had close to four times the number of deals as nearby Baltimore,” said Phong Ly, CEO and founder of “Similarly, Dallas and Austin are only about a few hours away but there were three times as many underpriced cars in Dallas than Austin.”

As always, make sure you get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection from an outfit like AiM done before purchasing any used car. Include a vehicle history report from CarFax or AutoCheck as part of any used car purchase, too.

Top 50 Cities with the Most % of Used Car Deals Under $15,000

5 Cleveland-Akron (Canton), OH – 35.1%

6 West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, FL – 33.8%

43 Las Vegas, NV – 16.3%

44 Nashville, TN – 15.4%

45 San Diego, CA – 14.8%

46 Memphis, TN – 14.2%

47 Greenville-Spartanburg, SC – 13.0%

48 Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA

49 Seattle-Tacoma, WA – 13.0%

50 Portland, OR – 12.6%

iSeeCars analyzed more than 30 million used cars for sale in the U.S. over the last 12 months and studied the used cars which were priced $15,000 and below. A used car is a deal if the price is at least 5% below iSeeCars’ estimated market value .

“Market value” of a used car is determined using a proprietary algorithm that analyzes similar cars for sale nationwide – those with the same year, make, model, trim, options, mileage, and other factors.

Muscle Car Restorations, Inc.

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Muscle Car Restorations – Suppliers

Muscle Car Restorations is in a unique position of trust with all of its customers. The single most important responsibility is to choose the finest and most dependable vendors and suppliers possible. We look for vendors that ensure and deliver the highest quality and craftsmanship possible. It is with their efforts MCR leads the way in the restoration industry.

Year One has a large inventory of reproduction GM and Mopar parts for 1964-1979 muscle cars, located in Tucker, Georgia.

Click here or on the logo above to visit Year One’s website.

PPG manufactures protective and decorative automotive coatings. PPG paints have been our paint of choice for a very long time.

Click here or on the logo above to visit PPG’s website.

Classic Instruments has been in business for over 30 years and have always supplied us with the highest of quality gauges and gauge services. If you need any work done on your cluster or are looking for aftermarket gauges make sure you add Classic Instruments to your list. You can visit their website at the following address. Classic Instruments Website

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Moving? Get an Instant Auto Transport Estimate Here! 2012

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I’m happy to send in this review after having a successful experience moving my wife’s car last week. Choosing a shipper was painless and I was able to get the rate within my budget. Most importantly the car arrived in the same shape it was when it left our home.

– Ronald Talyor, Athens, Ga

All day long I manage the shipping of the cars we sell at our dealership. Sometimes we get special requests that are budget and time restricted. Last week one of our customers needed to send is newly purchased exotic to Texas. I knew we weren’t going to be able to ship this on an open carrier so I began my search for some car shipping options. I think I received 4 or 5 choices. It was pretty simple. Our customer called in to tell us how happy he was with the driver

and the delivery time.

-Sandra Rothschild, Detroit, MI

Find the deal, save money, move it quick and let me get on with my day! That’s my mantra anyways. Thanks for the help.

-Dave Schmidt, Olympia, WA

I move about 5-8 cars a year. I make online purchases through the major trader sites to locate my deals. I’ve used the same transporter for years but he retired in 2011. I stumbled to and gave out enough info to get in touch with a few auto transporters. They promised a good experience and that’s what I received.

-Todd Tillbrooke, Boston, Mass

My family relocated to Florida for the winter this year, first time visiting Florida actually. We would also need the car shipped to West Palm Beach, Fl for 3 months then returned back to the house in New Jersey. We were able to book both trips at with the same company and that saved a bunch of leg work. Thanks again.

-Samuel Richards, Newark, N.J.

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The Company

Based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirate (UAE), MJK Auto Spare Parts Trading is a company involved in the import, export, wholesale, retail and distribution of tires, Petroleum products, Petrochemicals, Lubricants and Spare Parts for Commercial Cars, Trucks and Trailers. which provides professional services on all kinds of Japanese, Korean and American cars and body parts.В  MJK Auto Spare Parts Trading will also sell auto spare parts to the auto part stores in the region.

Our establishment was founded in May 20, 2012 to facilitate our trading of spare parts from Taiwan, Japan and China to Middle east. We have ventured into various activities such as Spare Parts, Petroleum Products, Petrochemicals and Lubricants and which has helped us established a name and reputation for supplying quality products to our customers.


MJK Auto Spare Parts Trading is to establish successful business partnerships by exceeding customer expectations for products, services and attitude, earning our credibility by delivering quality products and comprehensive services and meeting commitments. In order to contribute to the ongoing success, our mission is to focus resources of high value, high quality products and to continuously improve all aspects of our business.