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Don’t let them get away with it! Let the truth be known!

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Reputation Management

Corporate Advocacy Program

This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business.

All business will get complaints. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from bad businesses.

Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements.

Replacement Auto Body Parts

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Find Replacement Auto Body Parts Fast. Cheap.

Great Discounts On Auto Body Parts

Buying auto body parts can be very costly. The auto parts are required regularly. The car needs the replacement auto body parts, which could be a big auto part or small part.

Most of us try to find out good deals. We want the auto part to be of good quality with affordable price. For thisauto body parts aftermarket is the best place to search. There we can get used auto parts at great prices but with good quality.

You can buy a used auto part and save lot of money. The used auto parts are available at auto garages and used auto stores. Before buying the auto parts, you must check the working condition. You can also get discount auto body parts from the internet. Sometimes it might happen that if you go to used auto store, the dealer is tempted to sell you the part at the retail price or little less than that. He dealer will charge with markup fees and service charges. Therefore, if you buy the replacement auto body parts from our website, you will get it at reasonable price with no charges attached.

Our website consist all types of auto body replacement parts. You will not find a single piece, which is not available with us. You can even compare our places with the auto body parts from aftermarket. You will surely get prices that are more reasonable at our website.

Whether you are in search for motorcycle part, car part, or truck part, all kinds of replacement auto body parts are available with us. If you find a need of multiple parts, you can buy in bulk with good discount.

There are sales exhibited on regular basis, which can give you the exact auto part you want at reasonable prices. Our auto body parts are extracted from the used cars. Our expert supervisors examine them. These parts are of the premium standard and are then displayed on the website.

We provide you with good-quality replacement auto body parts. Following are few auto parts from our inventory:

  • Rear and front end bumpers
  • Air filters
  • Brake disc
  • Brake pads
  • Mirrors
  • Cold air intake
  • Catalytic converter
  • Radiator
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Battery

We provide with auto parts of almost all types of models in the car, trucks, or motorcycles.

Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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# Reviews

About is a website specializing for over three decades in financial publishing, which includes researching current financial trends and information, compiling data, and then sharing their findings with their users.

Founded in 1976 as a financial newsletter, went online in 1996 and currently has more than seven million monthly visitors who use their information when determining financial decisions. They collect original and impartial personal finance stories in order to help consumers make informed financial decisions.

They claim to be the web s leading aggregator of financial rate information, with over 4800 financial institutions in all fifty states surveyed so they may provide objective and unbiased information to their customers.

According to their site, they provide rate information on more than three hundred different financial products such as mortgages, banking, investments, auto loans, credit cards, insurance, and general financial planning information.

They also include information on more specific financial planning questions, such as comparing money market accounts to CDs, certificates of deposit, and evaluating checking and ATM fees.

But their most popular feature may be their wide multitude of financial calculators. They provide everything from mortgage calculators and auto loan calculators to calculators for investment and savings plans, all the way to college finance calculators.

All the information, services, and tools at are free to use. However, users should be aware that offers many links to third party companies, and their Terms and Conditions no longer apply if you leave their page for a partner.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your reviews below.

Ripoff Report

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Don’t let them get away with it! Let the truth be known!

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  • Consumers Say Thank You
  • In the Media Repair your reputation the right way Corporate Advocacy Program

Reputation Management

Corporate Advocacy Program

This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business.

All business will get complaints. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from bad businesses.

Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements.

Texas Cars for Kids

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Our Auctions are held every Saturday at 9:00 am with different inventory every week and over 150 cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, boats and RV’s to choose from. Registration starts at 8:00 am.

If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to let us know. Please call 866-835-5437 or send an email by clic king here

See what our customers are saying about us:

I have been coming to the auction since before you had your facility here in Dallas. I have always liked the organization and the vehicles you offer. I came today to find a car for my teenage daughter that would not only be good, but also cheap on gas. The fact that the proceeds go to help kids is really what keeps me coming back – Gerald

I came today hoping to find some vehicles for my daughter and granddaughter. I ended up purchasing three vehicles from here and I’ll let them pick between them. I like the fact that the people I talk to are nice and willing to help us through the auction process. I have some vehicles that I was considering donating to another organization, but after my experience here, I will definitely donate to Texans Can. – Donald

Retail Stores

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Canadian Tire Retail and its Dealers together form Canada’s most-shopped general merchandise retailer, with over 487 stores from coast to coast. Canadian Tire offers customers a unique mix of products and services through three specialty categories in which the organization is the market leader – automotive parts, accessories and service; sports and leisure products; and home products.

If you are interested in joining a Canadian Tire store team, apply at your nearest Canadian Tire store to fill out an application form at customer service or drop off a resume with the manager.

If you want to become a Canadian Tire Dealer, please visit HERE for more details.

Canadian Tire Petroleum is Canada’s largest independent gasoline retailer with 266 gas bars across the country. If you are interested in working at one of our gas bars, please apply at your nearest store. If you would like to become a Petroleum Agent, running a gas bar, click here  for more details. For Petroleum opportunities at our Corporate office click HERE .

PartSource was launched in 1999 and is Canada’s fastest growing automotive parts specialty chain and one of the cornerstones to the future success of a “bigger, better” Canadian Tire.  Our store is designed to meet the needs of both hobbyists and major purchasers of auto parts – professional automotive installers and serious do-it-yourselfers. With over 87 stores and locations across Canada we are opening new stores on a frequent basis.

We offer a flexible work environment that works for you. We have full- and part-time opportunities both in our stores and support centre, located in Vaughan, ON. We are growing rapidly and offer lots of opportunity for career growth, personal development and advancement. We are an excellent place to work, whether you’re starting out or looking for a new career in the automotive aftermarket parts industry.

To find out more about PartSource please visit our website.

Mark’s Work Wearhouse is one of the country’s leading apparel retailers, operating 378 stores across Canada. Under the Clothes that Work strategy, Mark’s sells its own private label branded apparel and footwear (Denver Hayes, WindRiver, Dakota and Health-Pro) in work, work-related, casual and active-wear categories, as well as healthwear and business-to-business apparel. We are a successful, innovative, and growing company that values diversity and fosters a culture of performance and accountability. We invest in the growth and development of our employees and empower them with the freedom and responsibility to perform their jobs better. Even as a nationwide retailer, we remain true to our entrepreneurial roots by encouraging and rewarding innovative thinking.

If you are interested in joining the Mark’s Work Wearhouse team, please visit

The Forzani Group Ltd. (FGL) is Canada’s largest national retailer of sporting goods, offering a comprehensive assortment of brand-name and private-brand products. FGL employs over 14,000 people in communities across Canada and operates stores under the following corporate and franchise banners: Sport Chek, Sport Mart, Athletes World, National Sports, Sports Experts, Intersport, Atmosphere, Sportsphere, Tech Shop, Nevada Bob’s Golf, Hockey Experts, The Fitness Source, and S3.

We believe every employee is a leader and contributes to the success of the organization. As such, we’re committed to providing our employees with learning and development opportunities so they can continue to grow and enable us to accomplish our goals and objectives.

To find out more about joining the Forzani team today click HERE.


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About Us

When you trust your vehicle to a shipping company, you want to know they have the experience to handle your vehicle the right way. There are many auto transport companies out there, but not all of them offer the service or expertise that RELIABLE CAR TRANSPORT  can offer its clients.

We have been in the business of auto transport for a long time and we know all of the things we need to know about auto transport and doing it safely. Our auto carriers are friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable about auto transport and can always talk to you about your needs and concerns about auto transport. We take the safety of your car seriously while on the road and you can relax knowing your car is securely being transported across any distance.

You will be hard pressed to find another company who even comes close to providing this type of service. You’ll find that our team of dispatchers, logistics coordinators, and customer support specialists go the extra mile when most others are long gone.

Refinance Calculator: know how much you can save through refinancing

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Refinance Calculator

User Rating. ( 37 votes, average: 4.05 out of 5 )

Should I Refinance Now? Our mortgage refinance calculator tells if you’ll save money, lower your payments save on interest fees. Simply enter information like principal loan balance, and current payment and interest rates to find out if refinancing is the right thing to do now.

This mortgage refinancing calculator tool compares your existing mortgage against terms of a new loan. To make the most of this calculator, you should have actual mortgage quotes to compare against. You can request up to four free quotes through our free matching service to see what refinance rates are available to you in order to find the best refinance rates.

* Do not include any escrow contributions, prepaid interest, prepaid taxes, insurance (other than title insurance), or other “prepaids” as closing costs.

How to use the Refinance calculator

When using a refinance calculator, you’ll be asked to enter the following information for your current mortgage loan:

  • The original loan amount
  • Interest rate (APR)
  • Total length (repayment term): mortgage loans usually have repayment terms of 15 or 30 years.
  • Time remaining : If you have a 30 year loan, and have made payments for five years, the time remaining would be 25 years
  • Remaining principle on current loan: This is your present mortgage balance. Your monthly mortgage statement should show this information.

Now you’ll enter the refinancing terms you’re considering:

  • Amount refinanced: This is the amount you want to borrow for your new mortgage.
  • Interest rate of new mortgage: Enter the interest rate for the new mortgage
  • Term length : Enter how long you’ll have to repay the new loan. (Typically 15 or 30 years for mortgage refinancing loans).
  • Cash out amount, if any: Enter any additional cash you’re taking out, for debt consolidation / payoff, home improvement, vacations, medical expenses or whatever.
  • Closing costs, discount points, down payment amount: The refinance calculator displays an estimated amount of closing costs, not including discount points, on the next screen. You can use this estimate if you don’t know the amount of closing costs.

Use the drop-down window to select the appropriate option for paying closing costs:

  • Paid by cash or check: You’re contributing funds to cover closing costs
  • Rolled into the loan: Your refinanced mortgage amount will include closing costs.
  • Paid by Lender: Your mortgage lender pays the closing costs (but you’ll pay a slightly higher interest rate).

After clicking the “calculate” button, the first section of the next screen displays a comparison of your current and proposed mortgage amounts, interest rates, and if applicable, any cash out amount and closing costs for the new mortgage.

The next section compares the interest you’ll pay for the full term of your existing loan and for the new loan.

The third section of the screen shows your current monthly payment compared to the estimated monthly payment after refinancing. Finally, the calculator indicates the net estimated savings after payment of closing costs (if applicable.) This is the “bottom line” figure that can help you decide whether or not to refinance. You can use the refinance and comparison calculators for reviewing multiple refinancing options.

Once you’ve tested different rates and figures, try comparing the lowest rates offered by mortgage refinancing lenders. There results are tailored to you, and there’s no obligation for seeing if you qualify for a refinancing rate lower than your current rate. With lenders competing to offer you their lowest rates, you could end up saving thousands over the course of your loan!

13 Responses to “Refinance Calculator”

    Lauren 12, Aug, 2012

Staying with your current lender eases the refi process, and may be best if their rate is comparable to the other lenders. If you do have money to invest in closing costs, and are willing to pay for a lower rate, use the refinance calculator to determine how many months it will take before you recoup your closing costs in monthly savings and make sure there is little chance of you selling the home before that time. We wish you well in your search. One of two things will happen, you’ll either find a way to save yourself some money by refinancing now, or you’ll find yourself better prepared to take advantage of the next refinance opportunity that comes your way. Either way you win. Too many people just resign themselves to their current loan and aren’t so proactive at exploring opportunities for improving their situation. Calculators4Mortgages applauds you for being such a proactive manager of your financial affairs.

Reply MASH 09, Sep, 2011

I have a april 2004 manufactured home and need refinance my current 15yr mortgage at 4.75%. I am more than 6yrs into biweekly payment and the left over amount is lower than the current value of the house. I was offered a lower rate 15yrs loan but it doesn’t save me anything and extend the period of loan till 2026 which I don’t want. The calculator doesn’t help on biweekly payents started sometime in the middle of last 6yrs. I was also offered no closing cost.Can anybody help me out with this problem. I would like to save money if I refinance. Lower payment but need to have some saving too.

Reply Cris 24, Feb, 2010

We part way through both a 1st and a 2ndwith different $ amounts and time remaining. Do you have a calculator that can help us figure out if we should refi both into a new loan.

Reply Refinance 10, Feb, 2010


Reply Jonathon 08, Jan, 2010

Works great

Reply ld 13, May, 2009


Reply Linda 20, Mar, 2009

Refinance Your Auto Loan – Free Quote

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Complete Submit The Application Below

1.99% APR*

Auto Finance Loans Simplified

Need a loan to buy a new or used car or truck? Want to refinance your existing auto loan? Then CARCHEX can help you, hassle free. Nearly 100 lenders compete to give you the best deal. CARCHEX finds the best prime and subprime loans for:

  • New car purchases
  • Used car purchases
  • Refinancing a car or truck you currently own

Just fill out a simple online form, and within minutes you have quotes from 4 different lenders. CARCHEX locates the best lenders based on your loan type and credit score.

If you did this on your own, you might compare 4 or 5 lenders, and it would take hours. CARCHEX has access to nearly 100 lenders, meaning that you get the best quote possible for your situation.

Poor credit? No problem. CARCHEX works to find loans for bad credit.

Nearly 100 lenders auto finance companies compete to give you the best deal. When you refinance your auto loan you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.

Auto Refinance Loans Simplified
  • Save an average of nearly $100.00 per month
  • Lower your auto payments and shorten your term
  • Fast and free online refi application process
  • You may even be able to skip a payment
New and Used Loans Simplified

Refinance Calculator: Fannie Mae

#refinance auto loan calculator

Refinance Calculator

This calculator returns information based on your inputs regarding your existing mortgage information. It is important that you provide accurate information in order to receive more realistic results. This calculator can only provide a general overview of your situation based on the information you provide. Your mortgage company may use different information to determine eligibility and your individual results may vary from the results shown by this calculator.

Calculate Results

Please Note:

These results have been calculated based on your inputs regarding your existing mortgage information. Your mortgage company may consider additional factors in determining your eligibility and potential savings, which may result in a different payment or savings amount.

Please save this information (as a PDF document) or email it to yourself, so that you may have it as a reference when you speak with your mortgage company or a housing counselor.



Find the answers to common questions concerning your mortgage and the various options to avoid foreclosure.