Used Car Loans – Save On Used Auto Loans

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Used Auto Loans from a Dealer

Rates as low as

1.99% 1 APR with AutoPay

You can buy any used auto you want – any year, make and model – from any dealer, with a used auto loan from LightStream, our online lending division. You can also obtain a loan to purchase a used car from a private party . When you have good to excellent credit, LightStream rewards you with a great rate.

The LightStream loan process is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Apply online and get a quick response during business hours.
  2. Once approved, e-sign your loan agreement.
  3. Have the money in your account as soon as today! 2

We guarantee that this will be the best loan experience you’ve ever had – if not we’ll give you $100. 3

“Just wanted to thank LightStream for helping me fulfill a lifetime dream of owning a collector car. I now have the car of my dreams and can’t thank you enough for making it happen. Your service is awesome and I am already recommending you to my friends, and the dealer I bought the car from. An overjoyed 69 Camaro owner.”

– R.P. from Mount Bethel, Penn.

Used Car Dealership in Savannah GA

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Welcome to US Auto Sales Savannah

Used Cars for Sale in Savannah, GA

Welcome to US Auto Sales, the home of your next car. Located in Savannah, Georgia, we offer a range of vehicles to meet every budget and every type of driver. Though our inventory changes from day to day, we may have the exact right car for you when you come in and check out our selection. Although we only carry used cars, on any given day, we might have some that are nearly brand new, including trucks and SUVs on the lot with a few older models sitting around too. We encourage you to visit our lot and get a feel for each model that interests you before talking with us about financing.

Auto Service & Repair

The check engine light that you see flashing on your dashboard should alert you to possible problems with your engine, but it may also come on because of a loose wire. As you never know what causes that light to turn on, it’s important that you let a qualified mechanic check out your engine. Our team of qualified mechanics in Savannah can check your car for other problems and help you with routine maintenance too that keeps your car in great shape. After an appointment with our mechanics, you might just notice that your car handles those crowded Savannah city streets a little better than it did before.

Flexible Finance Options

Don’t let price stop you from getting the car or truck that you deserve. At US Auto Sales, we offer flexible financing options for all our customers. Very few people have the luxury of walking into a dealership, handing over a check or a wad of cash and driving off in a vehicle. Our staff members here in Savannah are more than willing to work with you and your situation and guide you through the entire process. If you decide that leasing is a better option for you, we’ll work with you to figure out the best lease package and which car is right for you.

Benefits of Buying Used Cars

There are plenty of reasons why buying a used car is better than buying a new car. Many drivers like knowing that they will pay less in the coming years for insurance and repairs, both of which fall under the banner of cost of ownership. Others like knowing that they can get a better car for less. While you might not have the $30,000 that it takes to buy a brand new SUV, you may receive financing that helps you purchase an SUV that is just a few years old. The less money that you spend when buying a car, the lower your monthly payments will be too.

Quality Used Cars

At US Auto Sales, we believe that every driver deserves the right to a quality used car. You want a dependable vehicle for getting around Savannah, driving across the south on vacation and for taking longer trips, and you don’t want to worry that your vehicle might break down on the side of the road. You can rest assured that when you buy from us, you get a car that can meet all your needs. Our cars can get you around Savannah, around Georgia and all across the south. Contact us to learn more about the inspections that we give all our vehicles and to get help choosing a new car.

Used Car Dealership near Augusta in Martinez GA

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Welcome to US Auto Sales Augusta

Used Cars for Sale near Augusta in Martinez, GA

Let’s face it. We have to get around, and, in our increasingly connected world, we have to travel substantial distances to achieve our goals. Whether you commute to work or school, having access to a reliable vehicle is a must. If your current car is putting on excessive miles or you’re just ready to switch things up, we have what you’re looking for here at US Auto Sales in Martinez near Augusta, GA.

Buying a used car or truck takes careful consideration. After all, aside from your house, this is likely the largest financial investment you’ll make in life. That’s why our staff is here to help you come to a decision that will best meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.

Used Car Sales in Martinez, GA

We have an inventory complete with used cars, trucks, and SUVs. so you’re not likely to have trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for. With the availability of all makes and models, you are allowed to be specific when it comes to finding the best car to drive off our lot. Our location provides quality used vehicles for everyone around the Augusta, GA area including those across the border in SC.

Auto Service & Repair

Although we only sell quality used vehicles, let’s face it, over time, any mechanical device requires maintenance. You’ll be pleased to know that our staff here in Martinez also offers auto service and repair in the Augusta, GA area. We feel it’s important to establish a working relationship with the team who works on your car. After all, you rely on it to fulfill your daily responsibilities. We are here to ensure all regular maintenance and upkeep is performed, and this allows you to further gain trust as well as have a familiar hand to reach out to when emergency situations arise.

Flexible Finance Options

It’s no secret that buying a car, truck, or SUV is going to cost some money. Especially when the need for your purchase arises out of an emergency, it can be difficult to come up with financing. When you do business with us, we can help ease your struggle. We are your one-stop-shop. At US Auto Sales near Augusta you can both find the vehicle you love and receive flexible financing options including leasing.

Benefits of Buying Used Cars

The thought of buying a brand new car fresh off the lot may seem novel and exciting. However, the truth is that there are many benefits to instead let someone else enjoy that new-car smell. When you choose to buy used, you take advantage of:

    Missing out on the substantial depreciation that occurs during the first year Avoiding certain new-car sales fees Avoiding paying for certain features you could live without Enjoying more options as they aren’t limited to the newest arrivals

Quality Used Cars

When you choose US Auto Sales in Martinez, you can rest assured that every vehicle is thoroughly inspected before being put up for sale. We value your experience, and your satisfaction is a direct reflection of our business model.

When you browse through our extensive inventory, the only problem you’re likely to encounter is narrowing down your options. Our staff takes pride in having acquired your business, and we make it our goal to get you behind the wheel of the car or truck that will best accommodate your individual circumstances. Call us today or stop by our dealership in Martinez near Augusta, GA for a test drive to see just how we can make your life easier.

Used Car Dealership in Snellville GA

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Welcome to US Auto Sales Snellville

Used Cars for Sale in Snellville, GA

We live busy lives, and it’s crucial that we are able to get to and fro. Whether you’re looking to purchase your first vehicle or a second one for backup in case one breaks down, you don’t have to break the bank purchasing new. Vehicles inevitably depreciate over time. When you buy new, you lose an average of 19 percent in the first year alone. This means, if you spend $20,000, you lose $3,800 that can never be retrieved. The staff here at US Auto Sales wants to help you make the best financial choice on your upcoming purchase, and we have an extensive inventory of used cars for sale in Snellville, GA for you to explore.

Auto Service & Repair

Our staff goes above and beyond to best ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We offer auto maintenance service and repair for all makes and models in the Snellville, GA area. Our staff sees you as more than just a one-time customer. Instead, it’s our ultimate goal to develop an ongoing business relationship with you to best ensure all your automotive needs are met whenever they may arise.

Furthermore, we can help you stay on track with your vehicle. We understand that life is hectic, and it can be easy to forget routine maintenance such as oil changes. We can help you establish a car-care plan and stick to it.

Flexible Finance Options

When it comes to the purchase of a new-to-you car or truck, you have to come up with the money to make the transaction. A vehicle is a substantial financial investment, and you likely don’t have that kind of money lying around the house.

Our staff here in Snellville understand that many of our customers come to us in an emergency situation where transportation is an immediate need. That’s why we offer flexible financing options in house. You don’t have to run all over town getting hits on your credit. We are your one-stop-shop for flexibility in terms of leasing or financing vehicles.

Benefits of Buying Used Cars

When you buy used, the initial substantial loss in value has already occurred, and someone else has suffered that financial hit. There are numerous reasons why buying a car that’s new-to-you is the best options including:

    Monthly payments are lower and allow you more flexibility in your financing Cheaper sales price Ability to avoid potential fees often associated with buying new Ability to buy any make and model and not being restricted to what’s new on the market

Quality Used Cars

When you do business with US Auto Sales, you will quickly discover that we value your business, and it’s important to us that you have a positive experience. That’s why we only allow high-quality vehicles on our sales lot. We want you to be the kind of company you’d recommend your friends and family to do business with. To best ensure quality vehicles, we inspect every one thoroughly before putting them up for sale.

Visit Us Today

You are going places, and we can help. Contact us today or vist our dealership in Snellville. We can help you explore your options and find an affordable car, truck or SUV you can depend on for many years to come.

US Auto Sales Snellville

Standard Presumptive Calculator

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Standard Presumptive Value

Texans who buy a used vehicle from anyone other than a licensed vehicle dealer are required to pay motor vehicle sales tax of 6.25 percent on the purchase price or standard presumptive value (SPV), whichever is the highest value.

SPV applies wherever you buy the vehicle, in Texas or out of state. A vehicle’s SPV is its worth based on similar sales in the Texas region. The Texas Legislature passed the law in 2009 to raise additional revenue to fund Texas schools. Black Book, the national guide that provides the values, uses an average wholesale used vehicle value based on Texas sales data. You can preview the full SPV of a used vehicle by entering the vehicle identification number (VIN) and odometer reading (not needed for motorcycles) in the boxes below.

  • Values are updated weekly.
  • SPV should be used for estimation purposes only.
  • Actual sales tax due is calculated at the county tax office when the title transaction is submitted.
  • If a value for a late-model vehicle is not available, tax is based on the purchase price.
  • This SPV calculator does not contain mileage adjustments for vehicles older than 2005.

If you paid less than the standard presumptive value for your vehicle, you may pay sales taxes on an appraisal amount provided it is certified by a licensed insurance adjuster or a licensed motor vehicle dealer; and obtained within 20 working days of the date of purchase.

Standard Presumptive Value Calculator

Used Auto Parts

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How to Find Inexpensive Parts Online

A quick search of the locator featured on this homepage instantly returns all in stock parts for sale. There is a simple process that every buyer goes through to begin searching for in stock parts and sticker prices. Locating affordable parts is now a possibility regardless of the part of the country where buyers search. The search locator is pre-built with hundreds of suppliers of used, aftermarket and new condition parts for sale.

5 Steps to Search the Complete Auto Parts Inventory

1. The first step to locating availability for inventory here is to choose the vehicle brand and year of a vehicle that requires parts.

2. The second step is to choose the model of the vehicle.

3. The third step is to select the replacement part needed.

4. The fourth step is to select the engine size and transmission to ensure compatibility since VIN numbers are not required.

5. The fifth step is to provide information where quotes should be sent.

These easy steps are completed daily by thousands of car owners, junkyard owners, salvage owners, service centers, mechanics and car restoration companies to find cheap parts for sale.

Reasons to Choose Pro Auto USA

There is strength in numbers. There are hundreds of auto parts distributors in the U.S. although most refuse to sell to the general public. Buying inventory at wholesale prices is how most retail shops obtain discounted inventory. One reason why so many purchasers online choose this resource is the easy access.

There is no business license needed to find cheap pricing here. This is a blockade that is eliminated for all U.S. buyers. Any person is free to search the inventory 365 days a year to find the best in stock pricing. There are no limitations to the amount of price requests that can be initiated here.

Warranties are sometimes non-existent in the used parts business. Some consumers know this although continue to purchase from untrusted resources. Experienced auction buyers know that getting parts that are in good condition is 50/50. Every part featured here comes with its own warranty policy. This is standard with all foreign and domestic auto parts for sale.

Price quotes used to take days through independent resources. The automation offered through this parts resource has eliminated the waiting time. Most quotes for parts pricing are distributed instantly upon request. The huge supplier network of partners offer inventory updates for all in stock inventory. This creates a flawless way to find, review and compare any auto parts brands.

Dealer Direct Pricing for Vehicle Parts

There are plenty of middlemen in the auto industry. This resource is completely free to use online. The direct to dealer pricing promoted here is real. No consumer information is collected during the quotes process. This provides a daily resource to compare any vehicle parts or accessories pricing. The types of salvage, junkyard, new and aftermarket condition inventory here expands monthly.

There is nearly every type of used automobile engines available for sale here. This resource also specializes in used vehicle transmissions. Buyers hoping to find a transfer case will find these in stock. Hard to find components like complete steering column assemblies are also searched here. A good supply of tires, rear ends, front axles, rear axles, side mirrors, side doors and truck caps are available for shipment.

Helpful and Knowledgeable Support Staff

It can be confusing researching, validating and buying motor vehicle parts. Every U.S. customer who visits this resource is treated fairly. This means that online quote requests, questions or phone calls are taken seriously. Time constraints are understood in the replacement parts industry. There is no time to waste during the search efforts to find compatible inventory. A complete staff of friendly experts provide all support through this website.

A USA support team is available by toll-free number at 1-888-230-1731. What is found when utilizing the research tools that are promoted on this website can be found through the phone system. This automated system is setup to immediately link customers with pricing and other requested information quickly. There is no longer a need to call tons of sources only to be disappointed with the results. Auto Pros provides one unforgettable resource and instant results for all brands of motor vehicle replacement components.

Used Auto Parts VA

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Used Auto Parts in VA

Lacy Auto Parts Inc. is one of the nation’s premiere recycled parts provider of used auto parts in va .  Since its inception in 1940, Lacy Auto Parts Inc. has been proudly providing our customers with the parts, they need when they need them, with the guarantee they deserve.

With over 30,000 parts in stock and overnight access to more than a million. Lacy Auto Parts boasts one of the largest inventories available.

All recycled parts are not created equal.  At Lacy Auto Parts Inc. we stand behind every part with our 30 day parts warranty. and offer three year Signature and Premium unlimited mileage parts and labor warranties .

Before any part is sent out to our customers whether you are a body shop across town or a do it yourself mechanic across the globe you can rest assure your part will be personally inspected, verified, and certified.

We understand that when your vehicle is in trouble, you are in trouble and we are devoted to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

As a URG 8000 accredited facility our best business practices are leading the industry, and are setting the pace for the future in automotive recycling.

Used Auto Parts Store – Used Car Parts, Used Truck Parts – Free Shipping Available

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Discount Used Auto Parts Store

We’re happy to announce the visitors can buy online almost any used auto parts desired!

Our nationwide network of salvage yards are spread through every state in America and all through Canada. Since we have locations all over, we can offer shipping FREE of charge within the continental 48 US States.

This network of 400+ salvage yards features over 15 MILLION used auto parts for late model import and domestic vehicles. In terms of quality control, we set the standards far higher than the competition. Know that all sub standard auto parts get crushed into metal and are never in consideration to be sold to the public. All remaining auto parts are triple checked for their quality status.

Our inventory consists of auto body parts or assemblies, engines, transmissions, frame components, mechanical parts, interior parts, accessories and electrical parts. For example, you may find here front or rear bumper assembly, front or rear clip, headlamp assembly, taillight, power or manual mirror, grille, front or side air bag, engine block, transmission unit, fender, radiator support, wheel rim, CD changer, steering pump, abs, tailgate, hood, quarter panel, Quarter Window, Speedometer, Steering Column, Pillar, Spindle Assembly, Fuel Pump, Starter, front or rear Suspension, Engine Computer and many other part types.

All our salvage auto parts and truck parts come with an exceptional warranty of 12 months and lowest price guarantee. Buying from our salvage yards is safe and simple. Note that, daily we pass on savings on to the consumers by dealing in such high volume, which results from keeping dismantling costs low and the quality high.

With our OEM recycled parts the quality level, fit compatibility and overall functionality is never in question. Thus, your automotive part buying experience has never looked this positive. Please take advantage of the savings and experience by giving us a try. You will benefit greatly and be more than satisfied.

To get started, please utilize our search box options to select your automobile’s make, model, year and desired part type. After discovering the part or accessory you desire, click on the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to checkout. You can then continue shopping on complete the checkout process. When buying multiple items, you might be eligible for additional discount. We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Our online checkout is safe and secure.

To read more about our Online Used Parts Store, please visit the Information page.

Most Popular Used Auto Parts :

Used Auto Parts Lakeland FL


Welcome to Auto Parts Pros

At Auto Parts Pros we can deliver the auto parts you need quickly and efficiently to Lakeland, FL, Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, and the nearby areas. We offer used auto parts at competitive prices so you can have the items you need at affordable prices. We carry late model foreign and American made parts that are guaranteed to operate at optimal performance levels, With Auto Parts Pros, you can expect only the very best used car parts.

We have one of the most comprehensive auto salvage yards that is fully stocked with parts of every type. No matter what make or model you need used car parts for, we can supply them for you with fast shipping from UPS. Whether you need parts for a car, truck, sports utility vehicle, or minivan, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Our friendly and helpful staff will assist you with any questions you may have. Our goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers by delivering the exact parts they need at unbeatable prices.

Carefully Inspected parts

All of the parts in our salvage yard have been carefully curated, screened, and tested to guarantee reliability and complete functionality.We invite you to browse through our selection of available parts to choose the ones you need. You can place your order easily as we accept all major credit cards.

We have a wide variety of different parts to choose from including door trim panels, sun visors, door handles, park lights, headlights, radiator fans and more. Ask us about saving more by using recycled parts, Give us a call today!

Used Auto Parts

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A-Abco Fridley

“The Twin Cities Closest Auto Parts Recycler”

Call us today:


Home of the Lifetime Warranty*  

We have locations in Fridley and Spring Lake Park, MN. 

All the Used Auto or Truck Parts you need!

One Million Domestic and Foreign Auto Parts in Stock!

Search A-Abco’s used auto and truck parts inventory here:

We have thousands of used tires and like-new take offs from insurance totaled vehicles.

Great prices and industry leading warranties for Wholesale and Do-It-Yourselfers.   Where the Pros Shop!


A-Abco Fridley Auto Parts is located in the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area.

The Twin Cities’ Low Price Used and New Wheel Dealer!

Serving used and recycled auto and truck part needs since 1946.

WE ARE NOW OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK! Abco Fridley Used Auto Parts is open 8am to 7pm, Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm on Saturday

Largest Twin City Inventory with over one million automotive and pick-up parts in our warehouse.