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Welcome to Widrick Auto Sales Used Cars, Bad Credit Car Loans lot! With a large selection of Watertown Used Cars, Bad Credit Car Loans inventory and Used Cars. Auto Financing For Bad Credit inventory for Watertown area residents to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the right Used Cars. Auto Financing For Bad Credit inventory for your needs. Searching our Watertown for Used Cars, Bad Credit Car Loans inventory? Watertown residents know you’ll be happy with a purchase from Widrick Auto Sales Used Cars, Bad Credit Car Loans lot. Our friendly sales people will make sure your Used Cars, Bad Credit Auto Loans will provide you with everything you expect and more.

Widrick Auto Sales Watertown Used Cars, Bad Credit Car Loans lot also has a great Used Cars. Auto Financing For Bad Credit inventory to help you find the Used Cars, Bad Credit Auto Loans you have been searching for. With a variety of Used Cars, Bad Credit Auto Loans to choose from paired with an experienced sales team, we are confident that we can find the right Watertown Used Cars, Bad Credit Car Loans inventory for you. Our Watertown Used Cars. Auto Financing For Bad Credit lot features many excellent used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, car with bad credit, car loan with bad credit, bad credit auto loans, bad credit car financing, bankruptcy auto loan.  Have you been unable to locate a Used Cars, Bad Credit Car Loans inventory in Watertown?

For many years, our Watertown Used Cars, Bad Credit Car Loans lot has been serving customers from all around including Adams, Adams Center, Black River, Brownville, Calcium, Chaumont, Copenhagen, Deferiet, Depauville, Dexter, Evans Mills, Felts Mills, Great Bend, La Fargeville, Limerick, Rodman, Sackets Harbor, Watertown. Pick up the phone and call 3157881913; or stop in to look over our inventory and say “hi!”

All of the employees at Widrick Auto Sales Used Cars, Bad Credit Car Loans lot would like to thank you for your interest in our dealership. Call us anytime at 3157881913 or visit us in person. We look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business.

Widrick Auto Sales – Used Cars, Bad Credit Car Loans Watertown, NY

Who has the Best Auto Insurance Rates? Insurance Articles and RSS Feeds

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Who has the Best Auto Insurance Rates?

Auto insurance is a highly adopted tool to help people with the unexpected expenses associated with accidents. In the state of California it is against the law to drive a motor vehicle without liability insurance. There are millions of people in the United States who are in need of coverage and don t know which company to choose from, since there are so many out there.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance rates? Each driver may have a different cheapest company because of the many differences between drivers. It really all depends on each individual insurance company s guidelines. For example, some carriers may quote cheap rates to those with tickets and/or accidents, referred to as the Non-Standard Market , and others may be cheaper for only those in the Preferred Market , or people with a good driving record.  Instead of wanting to know what is the cheapest auto insurance company out there? , the better question is, who offers me specifically the lowest rates?

Drivers all over the world are categorized and rated differently according to each insurer s past experience and statistics. Accepting drivers in a specific category, may be profitable for some if it turns out profitable for them. If that is the case, rates may be lowed for drivers in that category. Company statistics are the main source of a carriers rating system. No company can offer the cheapest rate for every type of driver. Companies sometimes suffer huge losses and require that premium to be up-rated to maintain solvency.

Even geographic location affects premiums in that specific areas. Areas that are highly populated and heavily congested are subject to higher rates. Statistics show that more accidents occur in highly congested areas as opposed to areas with minimal traffic. Areas that are profitable may be issued lower premiums because of the decreasing loss ratios. Claims made are recorded and used for future ratings (with statistics).

Compare auto insurance rates as an effective way of finding the cheapest one out there for you specifically. By researching, consumers have the ability to find those overcharging or those offering competitive prices.

Making an unrehearsed decision may lead to overpaying each year by significant amounts. Onlineautoinsurance.com offers auto insurance online from many major carriers throughout the U.S. and can help you find inexpensive coverage online.

Permission is granted to republish this article, free of charge, as long as embedded links remain intact and articles are not changed, edited, or reworded.

Where Insurance and Technology Meet

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Small commercial business is highly competitive. While the majority of the business continues to be written by brokers, direct writers and direct marketers are making inroads, primarily because of their ability to process business quickly and efficiently. Nov. 24: 7 Essential Technologies for Engaging Insurance Customers. by Kevin Haydon, EIS Group

You need to improve CX what can you do? You know what it will take, but how do you explain that it will entail a whole new level of integration between your sales, marketing, and core systems? Nov. 22: The Sword of Technology: Cutting Your Path to the Future

New technology options can produce intended and unintended consequences. We will showcase strategies and tactics to plan for the unknown as well as the known at ICTC2016 . Nov. 15: Cyber Risk: Opportunities and Threats for Insurers

Uptake for cyber insurance has been challenging, but recent reports say that this is turning around, and it seems rates and premiums are rising as well. Can the industry respond to turn these into opportunities? Nov. 8: What role will insurance play in the Sharing Economy Theatre?

The sharing economy (code for disruptive services such as Airbnb and Uber ) is catching on with high consumer acceptance. Insurance will play a key role but will we be wearing a white hat or black hat?

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Where to Find Cheap Full Coverage Insurance

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Where to Find Cheap Full Coverage Insurance

Cheap full coverage insurance may seem hard to find, but fortunately, it’s not always as expensive as you might think to protect your vehicle — and the peace of mind you’ll gain could be worth the extra money. However, enhanced coverage is actually a bad investment for some drivers, and of course, some companies provide better rates than others. Before you sign up for a policy, it’s wise to do your homework.

What is full coverage insurance?

Though the term “full coverage insurance” is common, it’s also a misnomer. No insurance company can really protect your car against all damage. Still, if you’d like to protect your vehicle – in addition to yourself and other drivers — in the event of an accident, full coverage is the way to go.

Full coverage refers to the combination of state-mandated coverages: personal liability, sometimes additional policies – like uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection — and collision and comprehensive coverage. In many cases, you can’t add one without the other, or can’t add comprehensive without having a collision policy. Collision coverage protects your vehicle from damage caused by another car or an object, generally when you’re at fault. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from damage caused by many other events, including fire, vandalism, theft and adverse weather conditions.

That may sound like it covers all your bases, but there are still some common restrictions. For example, most comprehensive coverage doesn’t cover animal damage that isn’t the result of a collision. And while it will cover the theft of your vehicle, it usually won’t cover the value of items inside – that’s the job of a homeowner’s or renter’s policy. Make sure your policy covers all of your likely risks before you sign.

Who should buy full coverage insurance?

Even though you can find a good deal on full coverage insurance, you shouldn’t spend the money if you don’t really need it. However, the extra premiums are a good investment if:

  • You’re financing a vehicle. If you still owe a substantial amount of money on your car, you want to keep it in good shape. In some cases, comprehensive policies may even be required by your lending agreement.
  • You have a new car. Regardless if your new car is financed, you’ll want to protect your investment. Consider carrying comprehensive and collision policies for at least a few years, until your car value drops below a few thousand dollars. The total of your annual comprehensive premium and your deductible is a good marker.
  • You live in an area with lots of traffic or extreme weather. The more adverse conditions your car is exposed to – whether it’s congested highways during your commute, or strong, frequent storms — the more likely your car is to sustain expensive damage.

Although you should consider all of these criteria when choosing your coverage level, the age of your car trumps other factors. Even if you have a long, stressful commute or live in a storm-prone area, it’s not worth it to pay for extra insurance on an older vehicle.

Where can drivers buy cheap full coverage insurance?

Collision and comprehensive coverage are standard policy options from any insurer, in addition to liability. This means your current company can help you out with supplemental coverage. The amount that collision and comprehensive will add to your bill varies by company, but in general, the best way to manage these premiums is to opt for a higher deductible. The deductible is the amount subtracted from your insurance payout if you make a collision or comprehensive claim. Your vehicle will also affect collision and comprehensive coverage costs.

Let’s consider a sample scenario. The amounts quoted below apply to a 28-year-old single female, living in San Francisco and driving a 2012 Toyota Camry, with liability limits of $100,000 for injuries for one person and $300,000 for injuries for one accident. Our sample rates include a $500 deductible on both comprehensive and collision.

Where s the Best Place To Buy a Used Car?

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Where’s the Best Place To Buy a Used Car?

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You have a number of options when deciding where to purchase a used car. Is buying from a private party better than buying from a certified pre-owned dealership? Would you ever hit a used car lot before CarMax? We’ve noted the most common outlets for used car purchases and listed the pros and cons of each.

Use this list as a quick reference guide to point you in the right direction when buying a used car. Each used car resource has its strengths and weaknesses, so depending on your priority (price? selection? warranty?), several outlets may fit your needs.

CarMax is a used-car retailer that has more than 100 stores around the country. It has emerged as one of the better alternatives to buying a certified pre-owned car at a dealership. CarMax puts its vehicles through a rigorous testing process, and according to the company’s Web site, less than 50 percent of the cars it receives are eligible to be sold at its stores. Those that aren’t up to its standards are sold at auctions.

Buying from CarMax is a hassle-free process. All of its vehicle prices are fixed (non-negotiable) and its salespeople are paid on a flat-commission basis (except in California). That means that whether they sell you a BMW or a Ford, they’ll get paid the same. CarMax spokesman Chris Wilmore says this pay system allows salespeople to focus on helping customers find a car that best fits their needs.

If you bring a vehicle to sell, CarMax will offer you a fixed price on that, too. All CarMax vehicles come with a 30-day limited warranty (60 days in Connecticut). The company also offers a five-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind about the vehicle you choose. There are a lot of cars to choose from, and they can be researched online. If you find a car you like at another branch, you can arrange to have it shipped to a location near you for an additional fee.

Certified Pre-Owned at a Dealership

Buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) car is a convenient way to find a used car in excellent condition. Sold from dealerships of the same brand, CPO vehicles go through extensive inspections and are reconditioned with factory parts. They also come with the best warranties. General Motors, for example, offers a one-year/12,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and a five-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty on all its CPO cars. Our certified program comparison tool can help you see the differences in coverage. But just because they come with warranties doesn’t mean they are exactly like new cars. Read “Certified Pre-Owned Cars: A Reality Check” to see what expectations you should have for a CPO car.

The coverage and convenience of a CPO car comes at a price. CPO cars are typically the most expensive used-car option. Edmunds.com data indicates that consumers will pay on average a 5.8 percent premium for a 3-year-old CPO vehicle. This adds up to a $1,160 premium on a $20,000 vehicle. If you want a luxury CPO vehicle, expect that premium to jump up a few percentage points. One alternative might be to find a private-party vehicle that is new enough to still be under warranty.

Dealer Non-Certified at a Dealership

When shoppers buy new cars at a dealership, they don’t always trade in a vehicle of the same brand (e.g. they trade in a Toyota Camry at a Honda dealership). The dealership can still sell these cars, but they cannot be considered for the certified program. Dealerships also sell their own brand’s used vehicles that are too old to certify. These two kinds of vehicles don’t typically get the same attention that a CPO car would receive, but are still given a reasonable inspection, and any major issues are usually fixed before the car is put up for sale. Since dealerships accept trade-ins on a daily basis, you’ll have an easy time finding these vehicles at a dealer.

Independent Dealership

An independent dealership isn’t associated with any particular automaker. The selection and size can vary wildly, depending on whether you’re shopping at a corner lot or a full-size dealership with a service department. Since the quality also can vary from one place to another, we recommend you run Google and Yelp searches and see what kind of reviews that dealer has. The Better Business Bureau is also a good resource.

Independent dealerships are useful if you’re trying to find a really inexpensive vehicle. If you have poor credit, you’ll have a better chance of getting a vehicle financed at these dealerships. But keep in mind that their interest rates may not be as favorable.

Some independent used-car lots may specialize in a certain type of car, which can make your selection process easier if you have that one in mind. For example, there is an independent dealer near the Edmunds offices in Santa Monica, California, that only sells BMWs. Another specializes in classic cars.

Use your best judgment if you do business with independent dealers and make sure you run a vehicle history report for a vehicle you are seriously considering. We also recommend that you read our “Field Guide to Independent Used-Car Lots.”

Private Party

Shopping for a car in the private-party market offers a varied selection and the opportunity to get the best price, though you sacrifice the convenience of seeing many cars side by side, as you do at dealer lots. Negotiating with a private-party seller is usually much easier than negotiating with a salesman at a dealership, since most car owners haven’t received formal sales training. There are numerous ways to find private-party vehicles. Some of the more popular places to go on the Web are Auto Trader, Craigslist and eBay.

Unless a vehicle you purchase from a private party is still under warranty, you’ll be buying the car “as-is.” This is a riskier move, but if you bring a mechanic with you or get the car inspected before you buy it. you can offset this risk. With private-party sales, you’ll find that the prices are lower across the board. Our pricing analysts calculate that a used vehicle will typically cost about 12 percent more at a dealership than it would cost if sold by a private party.

What to Know Before You Buy Car Insurance Online – Allstate

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What to Know Before You Buy Car Insurance Online

Buying car insurance online can be challenging. Sure, there are dozens maybe even hundreds of auto insurance providers vying for your business through interactive websites that allow you to do everything from getting a simple quote to closing the deal on coverage. But if you’ve got any questions that need answering beforehand, your best bet is to pick up the phone and talk to an agent directly .

Of course, you may not have to do that. If your needs are simple, you may be able to seal the deal without even picking up the phone. Here are a few things to know about buying car insurance online.

You will be asked to provide specific details about the car you’re insuring.

It’s not enough to be able to key the make, model and year of your vehicle into an online car insurance quote form. Beyond those basics, you may be asked a number of detailed questions that will help the insurance company give you the most accurate quote. Be sure you have the following additional information handy when you buy car insurance online.

When an Attorney Can Help in a Car Accident Case.

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When an Attorney Can Help in a Car Accident Case

Need a lawyer? Choose an area of practice:

An automobile accident brings with it a host of questions. Who is at fault? Who pays for damage to my car? Am I entitled to a rental car? Who will pay for my medical bills? Can I ask the insurance company to reimburse me for lost wages? An experienced injury attorney can be extremely helpful in negotiating the often chaotic and confusing world of insurance claims and settlements.

Because most injury attorneys work on a contingent-fee basis. and only get paid if there is a successful resolution to your claim, there is often little incentive to try to handle these types of claims on your own.

Knowledge of Law and Procedural Rules

Hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you after a car accident means you will have a professional working for you — one who is extremely knowledgeable about the relevant laws and procedural rules that may affect your case.

An attorney can advise you of any time limits (called statutes of limitations ) that can bar you from filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. For instance, in many states you must file your lawsuit within two years of your car accident or be forever prohibited from filing your lawsuit. An attorney will also be able to inform you about any special exceptions to the statute of limitations — for minors, for example.

Your attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf and will know how best to handle any possible defenses raised by the other side. In addition, once your case gets under way, an attorney will be an invaluable guide in navigating the often confusing world of trial preparation — and even going to trial if your case doesn’t settle .

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, having an attorney who is knowledgeable about the law evens the playing field, especially when you are going up against the experience and vast resources of a large insurance company.

Lawyers Do The Legwork

There is a lot of work that goes into negotiating an insurance settlement and trying a personal injury lawsuit. After you have been in a car accident, taking on this time-consuming work may be the last thing you want to do, assuming you’re able. An attorney can do it all for you.

Whereas this may be your first time dealing with the ins and outs of an accident claim, injury attorneys have dealt with all manner of claims and a variety of insurance companies. They have experience obtaining the necessary evidence to support your claim, including gathering police reports, witness statements, medical records and bills, and employment and lost wage information.

Your attorney will also be able to organize the evidence and prepare a settlement demand letter for the insurance company. If you are unable to settle your accident case, your attorney can take care of filing the necessary paperwork to start a court case and can deal with the defense attorneys on your behalf. Having someone knowledgeable handling the hard work of your case eases the burden on you, which is especially important if you have been seriously injured and are trying to recover from your injuries.

An Attorney Advocates for You

Perhaps the most important way an attorney can help you with your car accident case is by being your advocate. This means that your attorney acts on your behalf and for your benefit throughout the entire claims process (negotiating with the automobile insurance company) and even in court if a lawsuit becomes necessary. He or she will be your champion before the judge, jury and other attorneys, making sure that your side of the story is heard and that you are compensated for all of your losses .

Having an experienced and articulate advocate working for you is essential in obtaining a reasonable and fair resolution in your car accident case.

What You Need to Know Before You Get an Auto Loan

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Before You Get an Auto Loan

By Justin Pritchard. Banking/Loans Expert

Justin Pritchard helps consumers navigate the world of banking.

For a successful auto purchase, you ve got to get several things right: choose the right car, get a good price, and fund the purchase in the most affordable way. If you re going to borrow for your auto purchase, it pays to know how to get a great auto loan .

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Plus, when it s time to make a deal, you ll be ready — and you ll be on the road that much more quickly.

Key to a Great Auto Loan #1: Manage Your Credit

One of the first things you should do before applying for an auto loan is review your credit. All US consumers are entitled to a free credit report under federal law, so exercise your rights. Make sure that your credit looks as good as it possibly can — it will affect the interest rate you get, and therefore your monthly payments. Find out if there’s anything on your reports that needs fixing.

Key to a Great Auto Loan #2: Know How Much You Can Spend

Diligent budgeters already know this, but most people don t put enough thought into it before it s too late. Get a clear idea of how much you can spend (down payment and monthly payments) before you start looking at cars. If you fall in love with a vehicle before you know whether or not it s in your budget, some salespeople can make it appear as if the car is affordable with fancy math and long term loans .

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In reality, you ll end up with a loan that costs too much and that you ll be stuck with for years.

Key to a Great Auto Loan #3: Look at the Big Picture

The terms of your auto loan will determine how much you pay now and how much the auto loan costs overall. Remember that a low cost now may not mean low total costs for you in the big picture.

For example, most borrowers choose a low down payment because it’s easy to manage today. However, that choice increases the total cost of your auto loan and usually leaves you ‘upside-down’ (meaning you owe more on the vehicle than it’s worth) for years to come.

Figure out exactly what your loan will look like — month by month — by running your loan details through a loan amortization calculator. You ll learn how much you re spending on interest and how much you ll still owe on any given date in the future.

Key to a Great Auto Loan #4: Consider Insurance

When you ask various lenders what they’ll offer you, you may find that you need insurance to get the best auto loans. I’m referring to disability insurance and life insurance at this point. The lender is concerned that something could happen to you and you won’t be able to pay them back.

Having insurance might not be a requirement, but it might be helpful to have the details of any coverage you have available. Even knowing that you have coverage (even if you don t know how much) can be helpful in moving your purchase along.

Key to a Great Auto Loan #5: Shop Around

This is simple but it is often overlooked. The most important point here is that you don’t have to get your auto loan from the dealership. Check with a credit union. bank, online lender, or P2P lending source. In most cases your car dealer won’t have the best auto loan (but in some cases the dealer s offer can t be beat). By consulting with an alternate lender before stepping onto the lot, you’ll be armed with knowledge of what’s available to you — and that gives you bargaining power.

Things change in life and flexibility is important. Your auto loan should also be flexible. Find a lender that will allow you to make extra payments or pay off the loan entirely without any penalties. It’s important to read the fine print – some penalties aren’t called “penalties”.

South Chicago Auto Auction – Car Dealers – Harvey, IL – Reviews – Photos

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Recommended Reviews

So someone from this company writes a response telling ME that I didnt buy a car here and they are closed auction. BULLSHIT!  They must have… Read More

So someone from this company writes a response telling ME that I didnt buy a car here and they are closed auction. BULLSHIT!  They must have recently changed from open to the public to closed to dealers. Dont tell me what I did or didnt purchase at your crooked auction. Just search Google reviews. Are 50 other people wrong that THEY didnt buy a vehicle at your auction.

Not only are you lying to everyone AGAIN trying to make their comments not valid but you are trying to deceive others.  And since you changed your business model why do you care what a dealership thinks about the people that purchased from your open auction. That is unless you are going to switch BACK to the open auction model after you tried to discredit the people that you screwed?

Lisa Madigan is watching you.

We are dealer auction ONLY. We do not sell cars to the public. This person did not buy a vehicle from us. Please feel free to contact us… Read More

We are dealer auction ONLY. We do not sell cars to the public. This person did not buy a vehicle from us. Please feel free to contact us directly to verify this: (708) 225-2277.

What Is High Risk Auto Insurance?

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Temporary Denial

Some reasons for denying insurance are temporary. If a driver gets several speeding tickets or is involved in an accident, the insurance company may allow the driver to purchase insurance again after a few years. The driver may also be able to take traffic school courses to remove violation points from his license. The amount of time before an auto insurance company no longer considers an old accident when it decides whether to insure a driver varies by insurer.


An insurer can refuse to insure a driver because of mileage restrictions. If the insurer sets a maximum mileage on its policies, such as 30,000 miles per year, a pizza delivery driver or a taxi driver does not qualify for insurance from the company. High risk auto insurers may write a policy for people who do these jobs at a higher price.

State Programs

States establish programs to make sure that a driver who qualifies for a driver’s license can get insurance coverage. States often form partnerships with insurance companies to spread the burden of insuring high risk drivers across all insurance companies in the state. The state may also subsidize these high risk insurance policies. A state program is often limited to residents of the state.

Family Members

An insurer can refuse to write a policy because one member of the household is a high risk driver. According to the Ohio Department of Insurance, the insurance company expects members of a household to share their cars with family members. Another family member may have to purchase a policy that excludes coverage for the high risk driver, and the high risk driver can buy a separate high risk auto insurance policy.

Auto Type

High risk insurance is necessary for some types of cars. An insurer may not want to take the risk of insuring a luxury car, especially if it is a sports car that can operate at high speeds. An antique car, such as a Model T, may also be very valuable. There are some high risk insurers who specialize in offering coverage for cars that other insurance companies won’t insure. High risk auto insurers can also offer a higher amount of auto insurance coverage than the minimum limits state laws require.