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Quick Auto Funding

Based in Southern California, Quick Auto Funding is a multi-state auto refinance company. Its auto loan refinance is intended to bring together qualified borrowers and competitive lenders to create the best possible financing opportunity for each of its customers. Auto refinance offers exceptional rate savings, while lowering car payment. Quick Auto Funding promises to provide customers with an average 5 interest rate reduction. Its customers are also promised to save an average of 80/month on their car payment. Quick Auto Funding is intended to assist its customers in finding the best rate, term and payment for refinancing their auto loans. The companys auto loan refinance includes such options as refinancing of an existing car loan, no interest prepayment penalties, simple and quick approval process as well as no fees.

205 n 2nd Ave Upland CA 91786

Just like the above complaints I refinanced my car and cancelled warranties. My credit union received money from the extended warranty however, the Gap. Read more

Quick Auto Funding – Waiting for my reimbursement since 4/2014!!

Sloane Automotive Group


Welcome to Sloane Automotive Group

The Sloane Automotive Family of dealerships offers genuine factory authorized parts, warranty, maintenance, body shop, and repair services for finest automobile manufacturer’s in the world, with Dealerships located in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Online Service Appointments and Extended Service Plans are available.

Our dealerships service Toyota, Honda, and Scion as well as hand selected Certified, One Owner and Pre-Owned Vehicles of most every make and model.  Our Technicians receive ongoing training and are ASE and/or Factory / Manufacturer Certified.

We offer a wide range of outstanding Employment Opportunities for Technicians, Sales Consultants, Service Advisors, Office / Clerical / Accounting, Management, and more.

Services offered included Oil Change and Lube, Tune-up, Tire Replacement /  Rotation, Wheel Alignment, Brakes, Exhaust Systems, Mufflers, Steering, All / Four/ 4 x 4 Wheel Drive, Electrical System Diagnostics, Steering, Suspension, Transmission Service / Replacement, Air Conditioning Diagnostics, Shock Absorbers, Struts, Electronic Ignition, Fuel System / Injectors, Diesel, Hybrid, Lighting System Alignment, Body Work, Engine Wiring, Fluid Flush / Replacement, Testing  and more!

When you visit a Sloane Automotive Dealership for Sales, Service, Parts, Financing, or Extended Service Plans on either a New or Pre-Owned Vehicle, you can expect the highest level of professionalism from each and every Sloane Automotive Associate.  Thank you for visiting our websites.  Please let us know how we can earn your business, and make you part of our Family of Satisfied Customers!

Remember. There’s No Place Like Sloane!

12 Photos – Advertising – Lakeland, FL

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From the business


AutoShopper.com is a leading classified website for new and used car buyers, sellers and dealers across North America. The search engine features the inventories of over 16,000 car dealerships 24/7 to millions of local car buyer’s smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Since 1978, the Auto Shopper brands, and our more than 100 employees, take pride in providing our dealerships effective affordable targeted marketing solutions and our consumers a quality online research buying experience. Showcase Publications, Inc. a privately held company with offices in Toms River, NJ and Lakeland, FL, publishes 10 information websites and over 30 classified magazines serving millions viewers and readers.

What’s This?

This user has arrived from Qype, a company acquired by Yelp in 2012. We have integrated the two sites to bring you one great local experience.

What’s This?

This user has arrived from Restaurant-Kritik.de, a company acquired by Yelp in 2014. We have integrated the two sites to bring you one great local experience.

Wrightway Auto Carriers

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Mon: 8:00am – 5:00pm Tue: 8:00am – 5:00pm Wed: 8:00am – 5:00pm Thu: 8:00am – 5:00pm Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm Sat: Closed Sun: Closed

Wrightway Auto Carriers

For 60 years we have specialized in transportation of new, used and specialty vehicles to, from and with in Alaska, the lower 48 and Hawaii. We are capable of handling all makes and models. We have terminals located in Anchorage, AK, Fairbanks, AK and Tacoma, WA.

Over the years our superior approach to customer service has made us the largest and most experienced transportation company in the state.

We are fully insured, committed to the highest safety standards and are dedicated to our customers.

With Wrightway Auto Carriers you get qualified drivers trained to handle all aspects of transportation. We offer you an edge few vehicle transportation companies in Alaska can match. Quite simply: quality service, experienced personnel, modern and well maintained equipment.

Wrightway Auto Carriers was founded in 1951 pioneering transportation of vehicles in Alaska. We know Alaska and how to transport vehicles quickly, safely and affordably.

Copyright 2013 Wrightway Auto Carriers, All Rights Reserved.

Work At NAPA Auto Parts

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Eric Cassidy joined NAPA as an assistant manager. His good work ethic and positive attitude quickly propelled him into a position as a store manager, overseeing the daily operations at the main store in Atlanta. “The most rewarding thing about working at NAPA is the ability to build my career,” says Eric. “I could become a general manager or a district manager. I can move to the distribution side, or I could even move into IT,” says Eric. He’s seen many people build their careers at NAPA. Some have started as drivers and moved up to store manager and beyond.

Our retail stores are an important part of the NAPA system. They’re where we connect with the people who need us most. Every day, Eric helps build and maintain relationships with wholesale and retail customers. “Everybody knows each other by name – or even by voice,” says Eric. That’s part of what makes NAPA successful, “We know our stuff, we have the parts, and our customers can count on us the first time.”

“I started out not knowing a lot about parts,” said TJ Whitt. But that’s changed since becoming a driver for NAPA. His managers and coworkers make sure he is always learning, keeping him on track to grow as an employee, and giving him the skills to share KNOW HOW with the customers. Since TJ works directly with the customers he understands that having a knowledgeable team in place is what keeps the customers calling.

Communication and teamwork are essential at NAPA AUTO PARTS. “We all get along really well,” says TJ. In fact, many of his friends work at NAPA. He is proud of his team and the reputation that NAPA has built – it’s a great work environment. That’s one of the many reasons TJ is happy to be at NAPA AUTO PARTS. The career opportunities are another reason. “I hope to move up to counter, then become an assistant manager and one day have my own store,” says TJ.


“When you come out here and do your job 120%, then you will be successful at a Distribution Center,” says Demond Vinet. He speaks from experience. Demond started his career loading trucks at a NAPA Distribution Center and he’s quickly moved through the ranks to become an assistant stockroom manager. At a Distribution Center, you can take your career in many different directions.

Distribution Centers play an important role in keeping NAPA running strong. “We supply everyone around here. All the AutoCare Centers – everyone with a blue NAPA logo,” says Demond. When you work here, each day is different. Demond is constantly on the move, working with his team, and taking on the daily challenges. His drive and attitude are what make our Distribution Centers successful. “I come to work happy every day,” says Demond, “and if I can rub off on one person, then I’ve done a good deed.”

Whitney Swingle is currently a product manager at NAPA Headquarters, but she started her career through one of several of our management training programs. The programs train future NAPA employees to run NAPA stores, work in operations, or work in distribution. Whitney’s program taught her to work with wholesale customers, and enabled her to learn the NAPA system, inside and out.

The training program was a perfect opportunity for Whitney to accelerate her career. Before working at NAPA, she managed one store in a different industry. “The career opportunities available after the training programs end are limitless,” says Whitney. By taking her talent to NAPA and applying it to one of the management trainee programs she was able to set herself up for rewarding job opportunities that would elevate her career. Whitney says, “Your first step outside your training program is just the beginning. From there you can go anywhere within the company.”

Window Decals, Custom Window Decals

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Product Info

An affordable advertising solution with a stunning gloss finish. Regular Vinyl Decal Film is back-adhesive (applied on the outside of the window). Select “Inside Glass” for front-adhesive if you wish to apply on the inside of the window facing out.

Features— Thickness: 3.4 mil. Full-color, single-side printing on white material. Select Shape or Exact Die-Cut for custom shapes. Car Safe uses a special adhesive to protect your car’s paint. Clear Vinyl Decal Film available for additional cost. Life expectancy: 3 years. Before installing, read our Vinyl Decal Installation Instructions .

Best For— More permanent advertising in high-visibility store fronts and offices, as well as on vehicle fleets. Storefront window displays, office or vehicle door graphics, bumper stickers, etc. For full-coverage store window graphics, select Store One-Way Vision .

Clear Vinyl

A transparent gloss adhesive film that is completely see-through from both sides of the window. Our unique white ink technology produces white or solid effects on any text and image when placed on a clear background. Text and image options include white ink, see-through color, or solid color. Background options include clear or transparent, see-through color.

Features— Thickness: 3.4 mil. Full-color, single-side printing and a pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive backing for outside application. Adhesive is removable for easy installation and repositioning (up to 1 year), but not reusable. Select “Inside Glass” option for front adhesive that applies on the inside of the window facing out. Life expectancy: 3 years. Before installing, read our Clear Vinyl Installation Instructions .

Best For— Advertising in high-visibility store fronts and offices. Only recommended for vehicle windows as small decals and stickers (select Car One-Way Vision for full coverage).

Why used-car loans are clunkers

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Consumers shopping for a used car worry they’ll end up with a lemon, but they are more likely to be saddled with a clunker-like loan.

Used-car buyers accounted for 62% of all the car loans originated during the second quarter of this year, according to data from credit bureau Experian. And these borrowers are driving away with interest rates that can be double what they would pay on a new-car loan. They also likely owe a lot more on the loan than what the car is worth.


Interest rates on used-car loans averaged 8.56% during the second quarter, compared with 4.46% for new cars, according to Experian. But a closer look at the average rates charged by credit score brackets shows that borrowers with the poorest credit scores end up paying a lot more when they buy a used car rather than a new one. Consumers with near-perfect credit received a 3.77% rate on average for a used-car loan, which was one percentage point higher than what they would pay for a new-car loan. Meanwhile, consumers with the poorest credit scores ended up with an average rate of 17.72%, more than four percentage points higher than what they’d pay on a new car loan.

These borrowers end up paying thousands of dollars in extra interest. On an $18,000 loan for a used car (roughly the average amount borrowed) at a 17.72% rate with a six-year repayment period (a typical duration), the monthly payment is $407.70, compared with $365.24 for the same loan on a new car with a 13.41% rate. The borrower with the used-car loan ends up paying almost $3,060 more in interest over the life of the loan.

Credit analysts say used-car buyers tend to have poorer credit — which is why they end up paying more. Borrowers who signed up for a used-car loan in the second quarter had an average credit score of 660, versus an average score of 749 for new-car loans, according to Experian. (These scores are based on Experian’s own scoring system, which ranges from 330 to 900.)

5 cars the richest Americans are buying

Which cars are the most popular among residents in the 25 wealthiest zip codes in the U.S. MarketWatch s Jim Jelter says it may come as a surprise, but the most affluent buyers aren’t shelling out for Bentleys or Ferraris. (Photo: AP)

Lenders incur bigger losses on used-car loans. The reason: More subprime borrowers tend to sign up for these loans, and they default more often. Net losses — that’s the loss lenders are left with after borrowers stop paying the loan and the car is repossessed and resold — exceed 7% of the total loan amount among subprime borrowers, most of whom sign up for a used-car loan, says Sanjay Wahi, a vice president and senior analyst at Moody’s Investors Service, covering bonds backed by car loans. In comparison, net losses are no more than 3% for prime borrowers, most of whom sign up for new car loans, he says.

To be sure, consumer experts often recommend purchasing a used car over a new vehicle. New cars tend to lose around 20% of their value when they are driven off the lot while a used car depreciates at a slower pace. In addition, car loans are often a bad deal whether the borrower is getting a new or used car. To begin with, they are paying interest on an asset that is depreciating. And in most cases, they end up underwater, meaning that they owe more on the loan than the car is worth from the moment they get the loan.

Used-car buyers, however, find themselves deeper underwater than their counterparts. On average, they owe 131.1% on their used-car loan compared with 110.5% for new cars, according to Experian. On a $20,000 car with 100% financing, for instance, a used-car borrower would owe $26,000 while a new-car borrower who would owe $22,100.

That’s partly because used-car buyers tend to purchase more add-ons when they buy a car. For instance, most new cars are sold with a warranty included, whereas warranties for used cars often cost extra. Their cost can be added to the dollar amount that is being financed.

The longer-term problem for these borrowers is that they could find themselves in a perpetual cycle where they are constantly underwater. This can happen if they want to sell their car and the price they get does not cover their remaining loan amount.

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Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Texas?

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Best Car Insurance Rates in Texas

ValuePenguin analzyed car insurance quotes in nearly 300 cities in Texas from over thirty companies and driver profiles to identify the cheapest insurers and rates in the state. Our analysis showed a wide range in costs from company to company.

For example, in Houston, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive company was $2,073 a year – one year’s premium at the most expensive company could pay for about four years of insurance at the cheapest company. This is why to get the right rates, consumers should shop around. Enter your zip code above now to start shopping for great auto rates in your area among the top U.S. insurers, or read more by clicking directly on each section below.

Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Texas

To identify the cheapest companies, we reviewed auto insurance quotes for several single and married drivers from over thirty five underwriters in Texas and then ranked them based on their average across almost 300 cities. Here are the six companies with the best auto insurance rates in Texas:

Who Is? Autotrader Careers

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Who Is AutoTrader.com

AutoTrader.com was established in 1997 and is a majority-owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. Investors in AutoTrader.com also include the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers and the private equity firm Providence Equity Partners.

Our Mission

Our mission at AutoTrader.com is to be your ultimate online solution for buying and selling new, certified and used cars. To that end, we are the Internet’s leading automotive marketplace and consumer information website and the only website with more than three million vehicle listings from 40,000 dealers and 250,000 private owners. We provide the largest selection of vehicles and attract more than 15 million qualified buyers each month.

How We Help the Consumer

AutoTrader.com gives consumers control of the research and car buying process to make finding a vehicle easier than ever. Through our site, visitors can:

  • Search for a vehicle from the largest selection of vehicle inventory
  • Get tips for buying and/or selling a vehicle
  • Use our research and compare tools, including reviews, photos, videos and more
  • Get help with finance, insurance and warranty programs

Our Success

We attribute our success to our products, consumers and most important, our employees. It’s why AutoTrader.com stands out as a category leader and why dealers want to work with us, organizations want to partner with us and why consumers come to us time and again as a leading resource for buying and selling vehicles.