Man from classic Victory Auto Wreckers commercial talks to WGN, WGN-TV, victory auto wreckers.#Victory #auto #wreckers

Man from classic Victory Auto Wreckers commercial talks to WGN

Victory auto wreckers

Since 1985, Victory Auto Wreckers has been reminding you ‘that old car might be worth money.’

The classic Chicago TV commercial is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Bob Zajdel, the man from the commercial, joins WGN Morning News to r eminisce.

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I hope he ditched the watch by now.


I was only 8 years old first seeing that commercial.


Didn t the original commercial start off with That old car is worth money in the bank!


Ahh this is the one I was thinking of

David Forgue

I can t believe that 1985 was the debut for this commercial. I would have guessed 1975, not 1985. Did they have a previous commercial?

BP (@bpmart05)
Dave Artman

Jesus, BP, sour much?

I remember this commercial very well. I would like to know, when then do the remake of this commercial if they would shoot it at the same location, with the same tow truck driver. Does anyone know they neighborhood? Also, who s Impala was that? Was it really his? I think he should donate his watch and t-shirt (for a price) to the MBC museum. They should have the best of Chicagoland commericals (Magiskist, Eagle Insurance, Bushell, Bert Weinman Ford, Schmerler Ford, Z-Frank) I remember the first time I went to Victory Auto (the original) pick and pull, I was in high school and I had to by a power steering gear box for my 79 regal, only 50.00! What memories!

II used to hang out with the guys who lived in the house in the background. It s right behind Sunrise Park in Bensenville. For years we thought the guy in the commercial was one of the residents of the house but it wasn t. I also went to high school with the tow truck driver. His name was Johnny T .


Man, I didn t know this came out in 1985! I remember seeing this when I was a kid. I thought it came out maybe in the late 70 s. I could have sworn I heard somebody say that it probably came around in that time.

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