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Low Cost Auto Insurance

Low cost auto insurance for your car is it the Holy Grail

Low cost auto insurance in today’s difficult financial environment is what most drivers tell me they would like to find. Of course car insurance is necessary for all drivers and is a requirement by law in most countries and states. For most people it is wise to have their automobile fully covered, but depending on their circumstances some drivers can get by on third-party low cost car insurance liability.

A great many insurance companies say that they are a low cost auto insurance company. Anybody who wants the best low cost car insurance should be certain that the discounted insurance rates that they receive are not in fact laced with areas not covered nor have a number of hidden costs.

The best low cost auto insurance companies can only be found with a lot of careful information searching, collecting and comparing. Only after that can you be sure that you’re truly getting a good deal.

Low cost auto insurance is perfectly acceptable for many people but it is very important to make sure that it is issued by a reputable insurance company. There’s just no value in getting really low cost automobile insurance and then finding out that they mess you around, or worst still, that they don’t pay out.

Is the low cost car insurance provider financially secure?

To make sure a low cost car insurance company is bona fides and has good customer service it is wise to look them up at an insurance rating company. To find independent financial ratings for insurance companies, Weiss Ratings and A. M, Best are good places to start; they also publish a lot of useful consumer information.

These two websites can prove very useful when checking on insurance companies as they give lots of information on a Texas low cost auto insurance company’s or other states insurance companies overall service levels and have info on the level of satisfaction of their customers. The information is easy to read and should help to quickly eliminate the nightmare companies.

Do you meet the criteria necessary for low cost car insurance?

Low cost auto insurance is available for drivers who meet certain criteria but these criteria can vary wildly with every company. Some companies provide a ca low cost auto insurance quote by limiting the coverage provided, for instance by providing insurance that only pays 50 or 100,000 dollars per accident which of course would prove totally insufficient in a serious accident.

The whole reason in the first place, other than the law, of having auto insurance is to protect your property and assets in the case of an accident or other problem. It is false economy to buy auto insurance with insufficient cover just because it is cheap. Unfortunately very high cover is very expensive from many insurance companies in many US states.

Low price car insurance the questions you should ask

One of the questions you should ask yourself before you buy a low cost auto insurance program from any company is how long will this company take to pass a claim if you should be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, you don’t want to find out later that its months and months after the event.

Low cost car insurance for you automobile should at a minimum pay the vehicles damage, wage losses due to injury and other medical expenses. The liability insurance should also cover the court costs if any. Coverage limits are generally reduced though and they might not protect you from being sued. You just need to make sure you understand what cover you are getting in your Texas low cost auto insurance online or other states policy.

Do all low cost car insurance companies have the same criteria?

Whether you are wanting Washington Auto Insurance Quotes. California low cost car insurance, Texas low cost auto insurance or car insurance in any other state the rates you will be quoted will always depend on your age, your driving history, the type of vehicle, the vehicle and your location. Although there can also be many other factors and they can vary substantially with different auto insurance companies. It is of course best to have full coverage but if your car isn’t worth much it may not be necessary to have this type of cover.

Auto insurance companies look at how likely you are to make a claim and how much it could cost them if you do and as you have a degree of control over these factors you can help lower the rates they quote you. So taking defensive driving classes for instance, adding security and safety features to your car, even driving less, and of course anything else that you can do that would make you less of a risk will lower your long term auto insurance costs.

Keep your driving record clean and choose higher deductibles for lower quotes

Of course a driver with a good driver’s record will be given particularly good low cost auto insurance quotes. Teenage drivers, the statistics show, unfortunately have more accidents than older and more experienced drivers therefore the insurance providers set their insurance rates for them much higher.

Another way to get low cost car insurance in your state is to raise your deductible premiums. Normally a high deductible will give you a lower auto insurance premium. For instance increasing your deductible from $250-$500 can save you $100 or more and raising it from $100-$500 can save you up to 15% of the premium. Whereas $1000 deductible can save you in some instances 50% of your premiums.

Don’t forget low cost car insurance companies new customer discounts

Remember also that most low cost auto insurance companies many times give new customers very large discounts to attract them as customers. These discounts are of course there to entice you to give them your business.

When you have finished your research, reviewed and checked as far as possible all of the different quotes it is also a good idea to ask friends and family about their dealings with low cost car insurance companies. We find that the company’s service record with its customers tends to not change much.

If it is difficult to find people with good experiences of any of your low cost auto insurance rate providers then it’s probably better to go with one of the others. This should ensure you get a Safe Auto Insurance Quote. As if you are unfortunately involved in a car accident then the low cost car insurance company’s customer service can be a very important part of your decision making.

Get many different quotes and compare them

As we said earlier rates can vary dramatically between different companies for a low cost auto insurance quote so you must always compare many different quotes. Make sure that each company provides you with a written quote of the premiums and the coverage that will be provided.

It unfortunately can take a considerable amount of time and effort to do your research and due diligence in comparing many different low cost car insurance quotes but it usually is worth the effort as remember you will be saving money each and every year.

Going online to find your quotes

You can of course use the Internet to help you with your research and most companies have an online quote system. But we have found that generally the best people to find your low cost car insurance policy from are in fact local agents who know all the insurance companies very well and more importantly the laws of your state but not all agents work with all insurance companies so we always advise to get at least five quotes from five different local low cost auto insurance agents.

To help you with that search we have provided below, a simple three-minute form for you to fill out where our experts have done all the heavy lifting for you and selected up to 8 of the best low cost auto insurance quotes from 8 completely different local agents and of course it goes without saying it is totally free and without any obligation.

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