May 19 2017

LA Auto Exchange – Car Dealers – 7433 Telegraph Rd – Montebello, CA – Reviews – Photos #orielys #auto #parts

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While looking for a used car for my youngest daughter (she specifically wanted a Honda Civic in White) with less than 60,000 miles and for… Read More

While looking for a used car for my youngest daughter (she specifically wanted a Honda Civic in White) with less than 60,000 miles and for under $12,000.  I had looked for this car through the local dealers. Norm Reeves Honda  and many other sources and none could provide the car with that kind of mileage, or when you called (that car was sold ) they no longer had them but had others for more $$$. Talk about the bait and switch.

I had been schooled and as a result kept seeing cars from LA Auto Exchange but my wife wasn t interested due to their rep . Upon reading the reviews here though, while a lot of them were less than positive the primary complaint wasn t about the car but the lot salesman,  and stuff that normally I would classify as buyer beware and things that most people should do(due diligence) and not relying on what any salesperson tells you. In addition, I reviewed how many reviews these people had done and seeing that  a lot of those negative reviews were from those that didn t have a lot of reviews to their credit,  I tended to put less credence on them .

Well, I decided to call them and ask for the guy that responds to the negative reviews John S and got Javier on the phone. He let me know who John S is but if I allowed him to help me he would see about getting me the car I was looking for. He was very upfront (and told me that he also have some negative reviews on Yelp) and found him to be forthright and asked him about the car / review issues and addressed them to my satisfaction. I asked him since I would be coming down to have his mechanic completely check out the car and let me know what they found. A day later he got back to me and told me that it was clean.

In addition, I looked online for the best independent mobile pre-purchase mechanic I could find to check out the car and had that done prior to committing to the car. We had already gone through the car fax and  Javier even agreed to hold the car w/o a deposit subject the mechanic. I couldn t believe how honest he was (don t worry about us selling the car- currently were not moving so many that you need to  rush down and get or else it will be sold).

In any case the mechanic I chose took 3 hours checked the car completely (even using some type of radar thing to see if there was any bondo, etc.) and let me know that the car was clean, needed new wipers, cabin filter and the left rear tire monitor is either faulty or to put air in it. He also told me that the left side had been repainted and done professionally but that it couldn t of been a lot of damage (probably someone keying it based on the results). I also asked him if he was familiar with this retailer and he told me he s done several inspections for customers considering them as well and NEVER found them to be dishonest or found outrageous stuff wrong that wasn t disclosed.

Javier stated that he was aware of the repainting and it came that way from the auction.  So now I had a car that was mechanically sound, in great condition, and only 26,000 miles for 11,999. We came down to sign the paperwork and again the transaction was hassle free. I noticed that the rear left lens had a small crack and Javier agreee to repair it and we drove away with as new a used car as you can find.

The only caveat I would state that others may not be aware of that there is no cooling off period or 3 day right to return a car like a new one. They do have a insurance policy at an additional charge but that wasn t applicable since I had the car checked prior to purchase.

The only outstanding thing I m waiting for is the DMV registration to come through but it s only been 3 weeks and would expect that to come through any day. In summary if you do YOUR due diligence and have the car checked you will find as good a value as any and I can tell you I m as leary as they get- just check my reviews and you ll see that I m not a casual Yelper. I sincerely care and share my experiences as I also depend on others reviews to make my decisions as well on Yelp.

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