Sep 26 2016

How to Set a Price on Car Detailing

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How to Set a Price on Car Detailing

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Compare the price of other shops in your area. Contact a few local detail shops and automotive dealers to determine what they charge. Keep your price in line with theirs; whenever possible, set your price lower, especially if you are just getting started and trying to build a clientele.

Determine your cost of doing business. Your overhead, including the cost of cleaning supplies, tools and property will eat away a great deal of your gross profits. Keep this in mind when setting a price. If you are operating a mobile detail business, consider the cost of fuel and maintenance on your vehicle.

Categorize your services; set a price for each service. Consider offering basic, mid-level and advanced service packages. Your basic package could include an exterior wash and wash along with a light interior detail. Add more services and increase the price for each ascending package, such as a full interior detail for your advanced package.

Offer specials, discounts or coupons to repeat customers. One of the most important factors in establishing a successful detail business is establishing a clientele. Throwing in a freebie or extra from time to time may increase the chances a customer comes back to you–instead of going somewhere else–when they need their next detail.

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