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Moving a car from one state to another can be a daunting process. Finding a reliable auto shipping outfit requires knowledge about a company s background and history as well as their rates. K2 tries to take some of the guess work out of the process by providing access to a network of licensed and insured auto transport companies. Information like this would usually require research and time, but K2 provides access by following a couple of easy steps. By providing some basic info in our quote form you will receive multiple competitive quotes from a selection of reliable shippers who will be able to provide basic service from door to door or tailored service for your individual needs. Although we are not a transport company we will put you in touch with an auto transport company to fulfill your needs. Info will come direct from the source!

Auto transport within the US?

If you are looking to move a car within the US than you have chosen the right site. From any location in any state to any other state we will give you the choices that you are looking for. Beginning with free auto transport quotes you will able to review the various companies info until you are comfortable with a final choice. After providing your basic shipping info multiple carriers will compete for your business.

Why use K2?

Once you submit the info it will usually take only minutes to receive competitive quotes and associated shipping info from licensed operators. As you review the info provided you will be able to educate yourself as to what is involved with this process and what concerns require attention. COMPANIES COMPETE AND YOU COLLECT THE BENEFITS!

Guidelines for a safe transport

After receiving your info best practices point  towards reviewing quotes and info from at least three different carriers. This will allow you to develop a degree of comfort with the carrier that you will eventually choose. As with most things there are some guidelines that will produce a smooth and uneventful shipping experience.

The first step is to ask for the contract and documents that each company uses along with background information of the company that you are proposing to use. Focus on shipping details especially pick up and delivery dates. Don;t hesitate to review in details and ask about pricing carefully requesting references from the outfit that you would like to employ as it is essential to understand all relevant info including insurance and eventual handling of the vehicle. Laws require auto shippers to carry insurance, but these required levels of insurance are often insufficient. It is worth checking with your homeowner s policy for additional insurance, but even this may leave you needing more. Fortunately, many car movers provide additional insurance with additional fees. Once you manage these issues you will be steps closer to having your transport begin.

In order for the shipping process to proceed smoothly a vehicle owner will need to remove personal effects from the car being shipped. Auto Carriers are not in the business of moving household effects and should not be considered so. When hiring a company it is important to consider all elements and potential complications of pick up and delivery from point of origin though to the end destination. Remember that auto shippers use carriers that are very large and may subsequently have difficulties navigating narrow streets or curved roads.

You will need to inspect your car before the process begins. Using paper and pen take note of all scratches and dents taking note if your car has any operation problems. It is essential to remember to run the fuel down so that your car is not a flammable danger in an accident. The transport process may involve many miles. so any can happen during its journey. It is always best to be cautious!

Both you and the car transport companies want an uneventful safe transport. Following the basic principles and steps explained here will help accomplish that. After all is said and done, moving your vehicle quickly and safely is everyone s goal!

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