Aug 2 2017

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Fireside Shiloh Shepherds

Welcome to Fireside Shiloh Shepherds. We are Breeders of Large, plush, healthy Shiloh Shepherd Dogs. We are located in Altavista, Virginia. Puppies are available to select homes. Our Shiloh Shepherd Puppies are temperament tested and evaluated for conformation to the breed standard. Puppies come with a health guarantee and a life time of support. All puppies are raised in our home and socialized with our family, and other Shilohs.

Shiloh Shepherds are the ultimate family dog. They are great with children, guests and other dogs. Our Shiloh Shepherds have a well balanced protective instinct and intimidating presence. However, their accepting and friendly nature allows them mingle with and reach out to strangers. Check out our puppy pg for information on current and upcoming litters.

I hope you enjoy our website. Thanks for visiting.

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The Shiloh Shepherd dog is a relatively new breed. They were bred to resemble the shepherds of the past in both looks and temperament. Shilohs have been selectively bred to be more gentle and large than their German Shepherds ancestors.

Shilohs are incredibly intelligent so they excel in therapy, search and rescue, obedience and much more. Their life span is 10-13 years. Males typically weigh between 110-130lbs and reach heights of 28-31 inches at the shoulder. Females weigh in between 80-120lbs and are 26-28 inches at the shoulder. Their straight long body makes them appear longer than tall

Shiloh Shepherds have a natural beauty and noble presence draws people to them. Bringing a one out in public is truly a unique experience! They turn a lot of heads and you need to have an extra 20 min. on your hands to field questions.

Fireside Shiloh Shepherds, Shilohs Shepherd breeder, Our goal is: Large Healthy, sound temperaments, high intelligence, large broad heads, heavy bone and flawless, conformation. We live with out Shiloh Shepherds in Virginia. Our Shiloh Shepherds and Shiloh Shepherd Puppies are Long Haired Plush. See our site for more information about our dogs and the way we do things.

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