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Welcome to East West Auto Parts!

East West Auto Parts, Inc. established in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1990, is the original green auto recycler. Our vision was and is to provide good quality vintage auto parts while protecting our environment. We were green before it became the popular buzz word it is today. We are the only known auto recycler to receive the Sierra Club s award as Friends of the Earth . Our 17 acre facility was built with energy conservation in mind.

We created a state of the art building and were featured several times by local television stations for the innovative way we built and operate our salvage yard. Our warehouse and office buildings are passive solar heated and super insulated. We use a waste oil furnace for backup heat that is EPA approved. Our buildings and fences were constructed using recycled bricks. No pesticides are used to control vegetation on our 17 acre facility.

East West Auto Parts, Inc. is a mail order only company. We specialize in older General Motors cars and trucks from 1934 to 1994. Ken Freeman, the owner, has years of experience with Pontiacs. His personal favorites are 1961-1963 Pontiac Tempests. We are long time members of Pontiac Oakland Club International (POCI) and charter members of the Little Indians sub-chapter. Also stocked in our yard are vintage Volkswagen, Saab, Volvo and Opels.

Our Hollander computerized yard management system contains over 75,000 parts and there are millions of other parts that are not practical to inventory. These parts include brackets, mouldings and interior parts. The only parts we do not sell from our salvage cars are floor pans and trunk pans. All other sheet metal we sell for your restoration projects. The parts we sell are good used, not NOS (new old stock).

We are the source that many parts locators call. Many say they have parts in stock, when in fact they have few parts, if any, and only sell parts from other s inventory.

We ship worldwide. Our hours of operation are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Central time) Monday thru Thursday, and Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Orders may be placed by calling our toll free phone number or on our secure website. Most orders ship within two to five business days. Call, email or fax your part requests and we will contact you as quickly as possible during our normal working hours.

Please understand we do not send photos. (Note: There are photos of some products on our online parts store, of which we are constantly updating)  The reasons are many. It is difficult to get a good photo unless there is unrestricted access to the vehicle and/or part. With over 1,500 cars in the yard this is often a problem. Part imperfections may not show up on a photo. Oftentimes the photo can make a part look worse/better than it truly is. We have found that an accurate description of the condition of a part is better than a photo most of the time. If there is a problem with a part we will notify the buyer before the part is shipped.

As East West is a family operated business we are particular about honest business practices and ethics. We apply the golden rule in dealing with our customers. And in so doing we have developed many happy customers and friends over the years.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Ken and Gale Freeman and staff


918-832-7900 FAX

918-832-7077 Local

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