Jun 25 2017

DONT BUY AUTO GLYM LIFESHINE! #auto #loan #with #bad #credit

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15 February 2014

****UPDATE****This is the orginal review made by me. a few people have copied this and made it there own, And i can assure you i am not the same person as sugested on other posts!

Ok i appologise my spellings bad, but i wish to leave it unedited and as it was originaly posted probably over 6 years ago now maybe more!

Also I havent dealt with thease products in at least three/four years from this date (15/3/14) so ill be honest i dont know how this product is priced at this current time. Nor am i interested as i dont use auto glym anymor e. but at the time of writting this review i strongly belive my comments were correct for that time period.*******************

Hello there, my name is adam i am a professional car valetor and i would like to warn all people out there looking at autoglym lifeshine kits. dont be fooled buy the auctions. Most kits are usualy refilled bottles from valetors left overs. Infact how can some one sell a kit on ebay for say 29.99 when infact the kit is around 80.00 to buy off autoglym. Yes your being conned. another note is that the boxes come sealed. And the full auto glym packages comes with a 40 aftercare valeting package, and a 10 year warranty. Now the warranty is only valid if stamped and signed by the AUTORISED autoglym life shine agent/valetor, Which then has to send auto glym a copy of this document. Please dont be fooled by the prices on here. you are not buying the full package and will be dissapoint. Check the autoglym website and see foryourselfs what comes with the kit. lifeshine is a fantasic product but only when you buy the full package, have it professonaly applied and not using some valetors fast buck making leftovers. if any of you out there would like help with this product please contact me. always happy to help

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