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Car Donations Routed through Many Charity Channels

Wondering what happens to dear old Betsy once you donate her? Judging from our phone calls, many people do want to know where their old car goes, so we thought we’d share what happens here when a car donation arrives. Whether it’s a relatively new car or a very old family friend, it gets star treatment at Cars 4 Causes®.

When you donate, you determine what charity benefits from your vehicle donation. and we make sure we make the most of the donation for both you and your charity. (See our list of over 13,400 charities. ) Some cars not designated with a charity enter our Give-Away Program that directly benefits needy individuals.

Choosing the Best Route for Your Car Donation

We have our own sales locations where we evaluate the car to determine its route.

  • When it is cost-effective, we make major or minor mechanical repairs, and then we detail the cars and advertise them for sale. The cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles are sold, and then they move on to their new owners.
  • Some cars go to auction, as this is the best route for them, for the best return.
  • If the cars are not road-worthy, we recycle them through salvage and scrap channels. The scrap is recycled, turning up next in a surprisingly wide array of products – your new bicycles, your new appliances, new cars.

Your Tax Deduction

At the completion of any of these sales processes, you receive a tax deduction receipt for the donation. And, because of these evaluation and sales processes, Cars 4 Causes® The Charity That Gives To Charities® receives the highest average return for you in the industry! You benefit from this success in your tax write-off, and your charity benefits with a corresponding donation.

So, whether it’s old Betsy or that slightly used car in the garage, your donation is honored and appreciated all along the donation route.  Thank you for your generosity.

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