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Dependable Auto Shippers

Dependable Auto Shippers, Inc. provides vehicle relocation services in the United States. The company ships vehicles of all types including cars, recreational vehicles, trucks, antique cars, motorcycles, custom cars, ATVs, boats, vans, and even planes.

The company was founded in 1954 as a family owned business (as it remains today) and is based in Mesquite, Texas with branch offices near Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Atlanta. In addition, DAS maintains a terminal network of nearly 90 local towing companies for driveway pickup and delivery services as well as convenient, cost-effective customer drop-offs.

DAS owns its own fleet of over 150 car carriers, but also contracts with other car carriers on a Freight Forwarding or Brokered basis in order to provide enough nationwide capacity to meet the demands of the market.

DAS leverages a sophisticated truck routing and GPS tracking system to maximize the utilization of its transportation resources. The system also allows DAS customers to see exactly where their vehicle is located at any time.

DAS is, by far, the largest auto carrier that focuses on the movement of personally owned vehicles. Most of those vehicles are the result of cars being purchased on Internet Auctions (DAS enjoys a special relationship with eBay), or from corporate employee relocations.

In recent years, DAS has added additional channels of business including movements for the car manufacturers, dealers, auto auctions, and leasing companies.

Overall, Dependable Auto Shippers ships over 115,000 cars each year with industry leading performance in terms of customer service, on-time delivery, and damage free transport.

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