May 19 2019

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Explore the home of creating, working, and laughing

and design your lifestyle for decades to come

Our vision is to create a sustainable coliving concept where everyone is invested in personal growth and in helping others grow themselves; whether that be on the social, financial, professional, experiential, spiritual, or any other axis.

This is a community of people who love hearing about each other’s lives and openly offer up their own experience to for the benefit of others.

We’ve created a place where light-footed househoppers and globetrotters can take their passions home with them. Because pouring your creativee energy into a disinterested flatmate or an unresponsive browser can be a bore.

They say that the greatest companies put personal growth on top for the whole team – so why not choose a home that grows you too?

Choose your vibe and come stay with us.

Sunny Double Room in Awesome flat

Brick Lane, London, UK

This bedroom is large with great amounts of sunlight, storage cupboards and a desk. It also faces Brick Lane, which is one of the most famous streets in London – constantly buzzing with activity! W.

CoHome – The Entrepreneurs’ Flatshare

Brick Lane, London, UK

This bedroom is large with great amounts of sunlight, storage cupboards and a desk. It also faces Brick Lane, which is one of the most famous streets in London – constantly buzzing with activity! W.

The Creative Studio – The space to innovate

Brick Lane, London, UK

This bedroom is large with great amounts of sunlight, storage cupboards and a desk. It also faces Brick Lane, which is one of the most famous streets in London – constantly buzzing with activity! W.

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CoHome Values


Wanna move to stay in the groove?. Work can take us anywhere, and life, well, it happens everywhere!

Why can’t we jump on that one-way flight deal and work from Lisbon for a month? Why turn down a face-to-face chat with a client, when you can always come back to a home that’s waiting for you?

CoHome’s flexible room-hire structure gives you the perfect base; whether you’re looking to stay for a couple of nights, a month, or become a resident CoHomie.

CoHome Values

With all the flexibility this nomadic lifestyle brings, we didn’t want CoHome to stop feeling homely.

Being with your people, for months or just a meal is good for your wellbeing and perspective.

That’s why we incentivise our flatmates to give back to the community, and to take an active interest in growing each other – because together we can all succeed.

Can CoHome inspire you to do something awesome? Let us know and we’ll help you leverage CoHome’s network, resources and entrepreneurial minds.

Weekly dinner

Chat group


Everybody loves surprises.

We don’t use our mailing list much, but when we do it counts. Enter your email address below and you’ll receive the occasional invite to CoHome community events!

Here are a few extra services that we’re currently developing with our guests.

Nomad Launchpad

If you’re looking to dive into Remote Work or the Digital Nomad lifestyle, we’ve got a package that’s perfect for you. behind the scenes

London Launchpad

Moving to London to break into Europe’s leading startup city? We’ll show you London life, and help you build up a plan and get connected. behind the scenes

We have a community of brilliant business minds ready to brainstorm your next challenges. How could you benefit from working with us?

Want a bespoke itinerary for your entrepreneurial stay? Let us know and we’ll arrange something for you.

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