Nov 17 2017

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Classic Car Insurance from the Nation’s #1 Auto Insurer*

Protection for Your Antique and Classic Vehicles

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Is Your Car Eligible for Antique Car Insurance Coverage?

If you’re not sure, these definitions may help:

  • Classic Automobile: A motor vehicle ten or more years old, which is rare or of special historical interest because of exceptionally fine workmanship or limited production. A classic motor vehicle 25 years old or older is covered as an antique.
  • Antique Automobile: A motor vehicle 25 or more years old.

And here are some important conditions for classic car insurance eligibility:

  • Your antique or classic car must be used on a very limited basis, such as exhibitions, club activities, and parades or similar events.
  • You need to have restored, maintained, or preserved your antique or classic car.

Available Coverages

  • Liability
  • Medical Payments/No Fault
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle/Underinsured Motor Vehicle
  • Emergency Road Service
  • Death, Dismemberment and Loss of Sight
  • Loss of Earnings

NOTE: This is only a general description of available coverages and is not a statement of contract. All coverages are subject to policy provisions and applicable endorsements. For further information on antique auto and classic car insurance, see a State Farm agent .

More Reasons to Choose State Farm

  • Lower insurance premiums since your antique auto or classic car is used on a very limited basis such as exhibitions, club activities or parades.
  • When you choose antique or classic car insurance with us, you and State Farm will agree on the value of the car. If the car experiences a total covered loss, we will pay this agreed-upon value, rather than the actual cash value of the car.**
  • Up to $500 coverage for your car’s spare parts.*
  • 24 Hour Good Neighbor Service During the day or in the middle of the night, you can call your agent’s number and speak with a State Farm representative to handle your antique auto or classic car insurance needs.
  • We understand your classic car. We’ve been insuring collector cars for many years. In 2010, State Farm employees even created a 1968 ‘Split Camaro’ as a teaching tool. It clearly demonstrates the difference between a vehicle fully restored to original condition and a vehicle thats been significantly modified. Learn more about the “Split Camaro” .

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