Feb 12 2019

Cheap Auto Insurance in Houston – Average Rates from $55, cheapest auto insurance houston.

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Texas Auto Insurance Quotes Cheapest Rates from $29/mo

Cheapest auto insurance houston

Texas Auto Insurance Quotes Cheapest Rates from $29/mo

Cheapest auto insurance houston

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Find Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance in Houston, TX

Believe it or not, you could easily find cheap auto insurance in Houston, TX. And you do not have to leave your house. Just visit the website to gain access to and compare up-to-date quotes.

Begin Saving by Knowing the Average Houston Auto Insurance Quotes

Houston residents might be better off buying their vehicle insurance off-site. The average rate is $1,748, which is just slightly lower than the $1,767 average of Fort Bend-Harris County. The good news stops there, as both figures are higher than the average for Texas as a whole, which is at $1,731. The national average of $1,725 is the lowest figure.

Factors that Make Car Insurance in Houston, Texas High

The specific amount that a vehicle owner pays depends on a lot of things. The specific type of vehicle and the circumstances of the owner are taken into consideration in coming up with the final price. There are also factors, such as the following, that make the rates in Houston generally higher compared to other areas.

  • Location This is not as much as where but more on how many people are living in an area. More often than not, a higher population count and population density will equate to higher rates. Not surprisingly, the rather higher rates in Houston can be partly attributed to its high population. As of 2010, there are 2,099,451 inhabitants in Houston. This makes the population density at a slightly cramped 3,623 residents per square mile.
  • Driving To Work The average Houston resident s daily commute is 27.4 minutes one way. If you spend more time than this average, then expect higher rates. More so if your daily drive is during the peak hours of traffic. The possibility of getting into an accident increases the more time you spend on the road. It increases exponentially during the rush hour period. In 2009, there were 8.5 fatal accidents recorded in Houston per 100,000 residents.
  • Auto Thefts Larger cities will most likely have more counts of auto-thefts. In Houston, there were 12,817 vehicles reported to be stolen just in 2010. The probability of having your vehicle being stolen increases if it is a 2003 Dodge Ram, as it has been reported as the most stolen vehicle in Texas. You can try to avail of lower rates if you put in gadgets that prevent your vehicle from being stolen.
  • Education 20.4% of Houston residents have earned their high school diplomas, and 17.3% have further earned their college degrees. Compare this to the higher number of high school graduates, 24.8%, but a lower percentage for bachelor s degree holders, 15.6%, for the whole of Texas. These numbers matter because you can expect better rates if you have finished your high school studies and much better rates if you have earned your bachelor s degree or even higher.

Houston residents are already disadvantaged because of certain circumstances they cannot control. Do not let that stop you from trying to find the cheapest automobile insurance you can get your hands on. By answering a few questions on the widget provided by, you can easily compare available rates so that you end up with the cheapest that applies to you.

If you don’t live in Houston, that’s okay; you can still save money if you live in Dallas, Austin, or Ft. Worth!


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