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What Charities and Donors Say

Linda Dozoretz

Executive Director

When Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) was founded in 1976, our goal was simple – to rescue homeless cats and dogs and place them in permanent, loving homes. I’m proud to say that NEAS has succeeded beyond our wildest expectations – NEAS saves more than 4,000 homeless cats and dogs each year. NEAS is now one of New England’s largest no-kill shelters.

It is so heartwarming to see a local family come to our adoption center and be united with a furry family member. I will never tire of seeing a newly adopted pet, leaving with her or his new forever family – adults and children smiling, dogs’ tails wagging, cats purring.

With each pet’s life that we save, a caring adopter will take home a new best friend who they will love and cherish. Most of these pets were facing euthanasia, and are now beloved members of local families.

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