Apr 11 2017

Big Bucks Auto – Big Buck s Doesn t Pay Top Dollar Review 146129 Oct 01, Jefferson Valley, New York, Poor Service @ Pissed Consumer #auto #insurance #ratings

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Big Bucks Auto – Big Buck’s Doesn’t Pay Top Dollar


Big Buck’s commercials air incessantly day and night throughout the tri state area. In those commercials they claim to pay you top dollar for your leased or financed vehicle. To some, they represent a beacon of hope to those that find themselves upside down on car payments and juggling bills to make ends meet. Easier than eBay, easier than craigslist, offering a less embarrassing alternative than running back to the dealer with your tail between your legs and your chin down. Big Buck’s Auto preys on the weak and overstretched.

I too was one of the weak and overstretched. Choking on an exorbitant monthly finance bill for my vehicle, I too sought refuge in what Big Buck’s was promising. “Top dollar cash” for my financed vehicle. I had high hopes. After all, the vehicle wasn’t even a year old, it was in mint condition, and I had barely driven it anywhere. For all intents and purposes it was brand new. I followed the recommendations on their website, put in all of the specs for my vehicle, and within an hour did receive an “instant quote.” Looking at the swing of estimates they provided, I was happy. Even at the lower end of the swing, I was still in good shape. So feeling confident in Big Buck’s, my wife and I made the journey over to Queens to get “top dollar cash” for our vehicle.

As we pulled into the parking lot, I soon had a sinking feeling in my stomach. This place was not what I envisioned. Dirty, sparse, and from what I could tell, run by a gaggle of t-shirt clad twenty-somethings who all were busy on their respective computers more than likely updating their Facebook status. I took a deep breath. OK, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Shortly after walking in, a member of the gaggle came to side and asked if he could be of service. I outlined that I was interested in selling my vehicle and we sat down. He scribbled down some numbers I gave him, asked why I was selling the vehicle (I was honest), and left me to take a quick walk around the vehicle. Not more than 30 seconds later he had returned and was subsequently distracted by a conversation with the gaggle around “what to order for lunch”. Shortly thereafter he returned and sat down. Please note, at no point in time in between returning from my vehicle and figuring out what would cure his hunger did he EVER look at a computer. He then said something that shocked me. “The best that I could do is the low 30’s.” I scratched my head and suggested that was interesting because the “instant quote” I had gotten for my mint, brand new, low mileage vehicle was more than 25% what this t-shirt clad twenty-something was now offering. He then said that the instant quota didn’t matter and I then asked what the purpose of that exercise was…to which he said “to get you in the door.” Realizing I had been had, I than made the decision that I had stayed far too long as is and made my way out of the same door I walked in.

There is a bright side to this story so don’t be discouraged. However you will not find the bright side at Big Buck’s. You’ll have to travel a little farther west to W 55th Street and stop by Car Cash. The only place you should ever consider.

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