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Auto warranty reviews

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Auto warranty reviews

What You Need to Know about Car Warranties

Auto warranty reviewsA warranty is a pledge to a car buyer from a manufacturer or a car dealer that the vehicle they have bought shall fully function for a period. To strengthen the promise, the car seller offers to pay for malfunction repairs that may occur if the warranty doesn’t work as promised.

A car warranty is very handy especially in hard financial times, however; drivers shouldn’t be careless with the hope that the warranty will cover any repairs. Every manufacturer or car seller have their warranty terms, and the general rules are that the warranty doesn’t cover damages from accidents or carelessness or simple maintenance issues such as wears for tires, an oil change or a brake pad. It is important to know what a warranty states before you purchase a car because it helps you know what maintenance costs you might require in case your car needs a repair out of your pocket or insurance cover. Here are the three most important things you must know about care warranties.

There are 5 major warranties car dealers offer

  1. The bumper-to-bumper” warranty: This is the most basic and general coverage. It pays only to repair damaged factory parts.
  2. Roadside assistance: Like its name, it covers simple on the road costs such as tire changing in case the car stops working while on the go.
  3. Drivetrain Warranty: This one takes care of a broken engine, transaxle parts, and the transmission system.
  4. Federal emission warranty: takes care of refurbishment required for defects in parts that cause general malfunction.
  5. Rust or corrosion warranty: Covers any rust sound in parts of the car.

Other warranties provided by car manufacturers include but are not limited to;

  • Cooling system repair/replacement
  • Fuel and ignition systems repair/replacement
  • Clutch and brake parts repair/replacement
  • Steering repair/replacement
  • Electronic repair
  • Gearbox repair/replacement
  • Suspension repair/replacement

There is a difference between a car warranty and auto insurance

Auto warranty reviewsMany people tend to confuse the two. If you are planning to purchase a car, you will need to know the difference between these two. As described in our definition above, a warranty is a word of promise from a manufacturer that the car will function properly over a certain period. On the other hand, auto insurance is a paid obligation that an insurer must take care of damages or losses that may arise during driving. Even though the manufacturer will give you a warranty, you must buy insurance as well. Because first of all the State requires every car owner to do so and second, a warranty doesn’t cover everything.

An extended warranty saves you money

Extended warranty is a cover that you buy after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It is usually obtained from the same manufacturer and can be purchased even before the manufacturer s warranty expires. If you are the type that knows how to groom your car and make it glow 5years on, then you are the perfect candidate for this kind of warranty. An extended warranty covers major breakdowns and helps reduce the cost of repairs having in mind that prices of labor and parts can fluctuate with time. Depending on the brand of car, an extended warranty can go for 5-10years.

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Auto warranty reviews

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