Sep 6 2018

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Latest Auto Transport Company Reviews

MC# 466142

Rating: 4.75 our of 5 stars

From the very beginning, the price was great, the customer service was excellent, and the pickup was very quick. I just can’t say enough.

Transport Services

MC# 635660

Rating: 4.60 our of 5 stars

I had my vehicle shipped with Transport Services and they provided me with excellent service. They picked up and dropped off my car on the.


MC# 498378

Rating: 4.54 our of 5 stars

I am very happy with the service AA Auto Movers gave me. I hired another company that was less and they could not get it done. I went back.


MC# MC431039
10 Reviews

Rating: 4.50 our of 5 stars

My salesperson Cory with his words of reassurance, friendliness and complete professionalism makes me want to go out and a buy a fleet of cars for shipping! They’ve got a special gift with there. read more


MC# MC210561
46 Reviews

Rating: 4.46 our of 5 stars

I just can’t say enough about Ed and AAA’s organization, I’m a strong believer in giving praise where praise is due, most of the time people only hear the negative, complaints and all, and I always. read more


MC# 380199
14 Reviews

Rating: 3.68 our of 5 stars

AAA, Inc. was professional and great to deal with. I was given a window ot two days in which the carrier was to pick up the vehicle and they did so on the earlier of the two days. the delivery was. read more

A Advantage Logistics

MC# 454981
60 Reviews

Rating: 3.61 our of 5 stars

As head of my own company I dont often write letters like this, because I believe they should be meaningful and sincere. Therefore this is both. I write to express to you my complete pleasure in. read more


MC# MC320693-B
10 Reviews

Rating: 3.55 our of 5 stars

Having had a bad experience previously shipping my car cross-country, I tried to find a more reliable service. I came across this company by reading epinions and also a man at my mom’s company knew. read more


MC# MC470147-B
10 Reviews

Rating: 2.15 our of 5 stars

Silva provided the best price for an encloseed carrier for my MG, and was able to handle things in a very timely manner. I was contacted within 2 days for pick up, and had the vehicle cross country 7. read more

Agape Auto Transport LLC

MC# 522055
7 Reviews

Rating: 1.43 our of 5 stars

I called Friday for South Florida delivery. It was picked up four days later on Tuesday in a small town in West Virginia. It was delivered three days later on Friday. And it was the best price. read more

The web site is an excellent starting point for verifying the validity of a transport company. Although you may not find out everything you need to know about a company at SaferSys, one thing is certain. if you cannot find the company in question, you better do some very serious investigating before hiring them. Whenever you are considering an auto transport company, you should always ask for their authority and insurance. Authority comes in the form of either an ICCMC# (Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier Number) or US DOT (US Department of Transportation). As long as you have one of these numbers, you can research both the company and their insurance. However, the Safer System is not always accurate on insurance, and the only way to know what a carrier has for sure is to either get a copy of the insurance information from the company, or find out the name of the insurance company and call them directly to verify.

Dependable auto shippers

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