Jan 15 2018

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Auto Repair Estimates

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we want to be your partner in maintaining your vehicles for the long haul. The first step in the repair process is bringing your vehicle to our shop for a diagnosis. We know that car owners are wary of mechanics who offer dishonest quotes and constantly try to upsell the customer. We do things differently: we offer transparent estimates to all our customers and walk them through the service process to ensure they can make informed decisions about the health of their vehicles.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, our motto is Love your neighbor as yourself. Call your nearest Christian Brothers Automotive location today.

Our Repair Estimate Process

When you visit Christian Brothers Automotive for an estimate, our experienced automotive repair technicians have manufacturer diagnostic tools ready. Our goal is to return your car to the road as soon as possible. That means no standing around, waiting for equipment, or going to other auto shops to get the right diagnosis. Christian Brothers Automotive makes an appropriate recommendation to provide high-quality repairs and completely fix your vehicle.

Have you ever doubted a repair estimate for your automobile, or asked yourself, How can I be sure this is reasonable? At Christian Brothers Automotive, we will describe the work that needs to be done on your vehicle and explain why. It might not always be the quickest, or the cheapest solution to the problem, but we promise it that will be the most thorough solution not just a patch job for the symptoms. We will never recommend work that we do not feel is necessary, and we ll clearly explain your options for your vehicle s particular needs.

Our Promise to You

Here at Christian Brothers Automotive, we ask your permission before doing any repairs on your vehicle. You don t need to fear paying for items or services you didn t approve. It is our duty to inform you of the condition of your vehicle, but it is our pleasure to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Expertly trained, experienced technicians will repair your vehicle like it was one of their own. You can trust Christian Brothers to keep your vehicle ready to handle your family s needs.

We re ready to be your trusted source in car repair. For your next service, call your local Christian Brothers Automotive shop today.

  • Christian Brothers AutomotiveAuto repair estimates

“They Have Earned Our Trust”

  • Christian Brothers AutomotiveAuto repair estimates

    “I Trust Them”

  • Christian Brothers AutomotiveAuto repair estimates

    “I Would Not Hesitate to Recommend”

    Visit your local shop for all of your automotive needs!

    Visit your local shop for all of your automotive needs!

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