Oct 5 2016

Auto Loans for People with Bad Credit #oreily #auto

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Why Choose Prescott Financial?

Let’s say you’ve found the car you love with a price you can live with. Think your work is all done?

Not exactly. Unless you’re purchasing with cash, you still need financing to get the car you’ve been dreaming about.

But securing a car loan is not always easy.

While a lot of dealerships, banks and credit unions provide some of the most competitive rates around, getting approved is a bumpy ride for many auto loan seekers. You need to negotiate the car’s purchase price, have the best credit rating, and earn enough to get a decent loan. Your application may even take weeks or months to be processed. Not easy.

So we want to make things easier for you here at Prescott Financial. Applying with us takes only a few minutes. And we’ll accept your application even if you have bad credit! We’ll also work with you a flexible car financing plan that best fits your situation and needs.

The Leading Auto Provider

Prescott Financial is one of the leading auto loan providers in the country. We offer financing and refinancing programs for new and used cars. We welcome all types of loan seekers. That means good credit and bad credit are accepted. So if your credit doesn’t look so good, don’t worry! We’ll arrange a car financing program that will match your credit standing and income. We also offer more:

BAD CREDIT: Got repossession, bankruptcy or foreclosure records in your credit report? No problem! We specialize in special auto financing.

HASSLE-FREE: Our application form asks only the necessary information to assess your creditworthiness. It won’t take too much of your precious time to complete it.

QUICK DECISION: We’ll let you know about the status of your application within 24 hours.

YOUR DESIRED VEHICLE: Tell us about the car you want to buy and we’ll set you up in the best auto loan payment scheme.

CONVENIENCE: Our service is nationwide. We can process your application wherever you’re applying from in the U.S

Get Approved Instantly

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Complete our secure and no-hassle application form.

2) Receive our approval within the hours.

3) Get on the road with your new car!

Tips for Getting Approved

Make sure that the application form is completely filled out. Otherwise, your application might not be processed.

Although we let you choose your car, we don’t want you to go for something that’s beyond your means. Here at Prescott Financial, we will help you create a financial plan so that your car payments would indeed be viable and easy.

Use our Preapproval Calculator at the link below to get an idea of how much you can get approved for.

We thank you for considering Prescott Financial for all of your auto financing needs! Get Approved Instantly Today!

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