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Auto Crash Parts

Things changed in the 1970’s and 1980’s. More and more after market auto crash part manufacturers entered the market. This change occurred primarily due to two reasons:

    Unreasonable and irrational pricing policies of the car manufacturers as far as auto crash parts were concerned. Improvements in technology that made it easier for others to manufacture auto crash parts of the same specifications as that of the original equipment manufacturer.

Auto crash parts are automobile parts that are fitted on the outside of the vehicle.

Why these parts are called crash parts or collision parts? Since these parts are fitted to the outside of the vehicle, these parts bear the brunt of damage in the event of any accident or crash. Further, an auto crash part is rarely replaced unless a.The car owner wants to redesign the car to make it look different. Or b.The automobile has been involved in an accident which has made it imperative that the external part be replaced Until the 1970’s, these crash parts were manufactured by the car makers themselves. At that point of time, it was felt that only the manufacturer of the automobile would be in a position to provide replacements as well. This was in sync with all other industries and products. The manufacturer who makes the entire product is invariably trusted to manufacture the spares as well.

The car makers had a virtual monopoly in the industry as far as auto crash parts were concerned. This meant that the car makers had no incentive to improvise and innovate. They priced the parts as they pleased and sought outrageous profit margins on these products. The end result was that car owners often felt short changed by the policies of the car makers.

Secondly, when the after market manufacturers entered the market, the public realized that they were being charged in excess of 40-50% on these parts. Further, the public got much better service from these crash auto parts makers as compared to the car manufacturers. The combination of cheaper products combined with better service made these part manufacturers seem like a much better option as compared to the original car makers. The earliest cars used wooden auto crash parts. The cars were treated as an extension to the buggy carriage. However, the first major event in the manufacture of auto crash parts took place when makers shifted from wood to metal. Iron was used first. Then, the car makers moved on to steel and aluminum. Emphasis was on keeping these body parts as light as possible without compromising on strength. This was because these body parts would bear the first impact of any crash. Strong auto crash parts are essential to safeguard the occupants of the car. Check out auto crash parts manufactured by numerous makers at

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