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SEBRING, Fla. (March 17, 2018) –

The No. 4 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet Corvette C7.R of Oliver Gavin, Tommy Milner and Marcel Fдssler took the GT Le Mans (GTLM) lead right at the four-hour mark after starting ninth in the category, and the 2016 Sebring class winners remained among the front-runners past the halfway mark.

“It looked like in the middle of the race that we were looking pretty good. As we started to lose the sunlight, it looked like we lost the balance and performance in the car. We were unable to generate the grip we needed to be competitive. There are some lessons to learn here. We battled all weekend with our Corvette and tried to come away with as many points as possible. It’s frustrating through to have a clean race, not make any mistakes and come away with nothing. Marcel and Tommy drove well. We rolled the dice a couple of times on strategies.”

“All things considered, that was as good as we could have expected today when you look at how practice shook out. All the guys on the team did a great job. Marcel and Olly did a great job – no mistakes. I only had one little bit of contact from another car all day between the three of us. We can’t be unhappy about that. We tried everything we could throughout the race to make something happen… strategy calls, car changes, things like that. We can be proud of the effort we put in all weekend. We never gave up! But I still think we can be disappointed with the finishing result. That is a valid frustration. We got OK points. Our Corvette’s in one piece. We can all hold our heads high knowing we did the best job we could today.”

“If you look at the results, I think it we can for sure be a bit disappointed because we knew it was going to be a very tough race for us going into it today. But now seeing it… that there really wasn’t a chance to go on the podium, it is disappointing for the team. But we look now to the future, and we know that we come back stronger. It wasn’t our weekend, now we focus forward.”

“For us here, it feels like we either go from winning to completely out of contention. It is a bit of a shame to not even be able to fight for it. We knew at the start that it would be hard. After the puncture, we kind of came back and I had the feeling following the Porsches that the car wasn’t that bad. That was in the opening hour. I had some hope there that it was probably going to be a good race for us. But then everything fell apart. It was very unfortunate. It was very difficult to spot are issues were. We lost a ton of laps. In this category, as soon as you have a little mistake, you lose every opportunity.”

This is Sebring for you. When things are great around here, man they are so great. But when they are like they are today, boy is it a long day. Our guys worked hard so we could go back out. We drove to the end to take whatever we can take. It is just about salvaging one or two more points if we can. It’s not what we came here for, but it is what we have.”

“I had a couple of decent stints there. In the first one, we were still struggling with the steering. After that, things were fine. The Corvette was very good and it was good to get more laps. The track was difficult and very greasy for everyone toward the end of my second stint. We thought we would have a chance of victory, but we tried everything we could. Our pace was similar to the No. 4 Corvette. Things happen at Sebring but we kept fighting.”

The C8R can't come fast enough!

You think the C8R is going to come in and dominate? If it does its because we sandbag and they haven't figured out how to BoP it yet. They'll restrict it back to the pace of the field. All C7R needs is them to open the restrictors on the intake manifold.

. and there you have it – a waste of time keeping up with this series of fixed capabilities. Much better off just keeping up with Vette lap times at various tracks to see the truth of it. Still rooting for Team Vette but it’s just too fixed to be racing.

— 72 from st coll on 03.25.2018 at 1:53PM

DETROIT (Jan. 28, 2018) – Corvette Racing turned in a mistake-free run with both its Chevrolet Corvette C7.Rs to post third- and fourth-place class finishes in the Rolex 24 At Daytona to open the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. The result was a positive effort as Corvette Racing begins its 20th season of competition.

“I think we can be happy. We again didn’t make any mistakes by the drivers, the pit stops were fine… we may have had an unscheduled stop for brakes. Other than that, everything worked perfect. We just didn’t have the pace. It was a little bit like what happened a lot last year. If this was Lime Rock, I’d be super happy with third. But here at Daytona or Le Mans, you only want to win. That’s part of our driver mentality… we want to win these races. But we can be proud. Our guys did a fantastic job. We showed all we had and gave it all. If the Fords were faster than us, we can’t do anything else but congratulate them. We just didn’t have enough to fight them, especially with the limited number of yellow flags.”

“This year’s race was a lot difference than previous years because of the lack of safety car periods. Usually, you had to get the car right for the last three or four hours, and then in the last hour you had to nail it. This year, you had to push the whole way. By the end of it, we didn’t have enough, which is a shame because we ran a good race. We didn’t go throughout any issues but we didn’t hit anything and the car is in one piece. We ran out of brakes at the end because we were pushing the whole way through. So that’s something we’ll have to look into. It’s the most physical Rolex 24 I’ve ever done. I didn’t do one stint behind the safety car. I think I did 10 stints and every one of them was full-on. We’ll go back, look at everything and get ready for Sebring.”

“At the end, we had quite a good race. We just didn’t have enough in our Corvettes to win today, but that is racing. In the end, we showed very strong performance… the car, the crew and the engineers. The car stayed in one piece and we had no technical problems. We’ll attack again next time and try to win at Sebring. This is a great start for Corvette Racing in the points, but there is a small disappointment because we wanted to win again.”

“Today was tough… hard, demanding. But the team never, ever gave up. They always had a plan and a strategy to try and get us back to the front. We worked through any problem we had. We didn’t have a completely faultless race; there were some issues and problems we had to work through. But that is what this team is fantastic at – working through the problems. Yes, we got fourth place today but that’s great points for us. Last year we finished ninth here, and it wasn’t a particularly good start for us. But this year we have good fourth place points. It gets us a good start in the championship. That’s positive. We are now moving ahead to Sebring. That race is another classic and another gem in the endurance racing crown. We are looking forward to that. But 24-hour races are tough; they are brutal. And today’s was just another one of those. I was surprised that there were only four cautions throughout the entire race. That was really, really surprising. So this was a good, solid fourth place to the team. Good points and we will move on to Sebring.”

“What an incredible race. I guess this race set every record for distance traveled and laps completed with really no big issues for us whatsoever. We can be really proud as a team. The cars were faultless. Just missing that little bit of pace and when you don’t have that many cautions, you can see the gap to the winners. Congratulations to those guys, You could see they had a great race. For us at Corvette Racing starting our 20th year in competition… no better way to start the season by getting both cars to the finish with no problems and no issues. That’s really impressive.”

“This was really pretty awesome. The race kept me very busy during the night with the rain because it was actually quite difficult to judge how much standing water there is. I had a big moment once in the oval when I was close to spinning as a result of hydroplaning, but somehow I was able to manage it. At the end of the day we had no mistakes; we did everything right. But I have to say we just didn’t have the pace of our opposition unfortunately. This race is normally known for a lot of cautions. There were hardly any this weekend so that didn’t allow us to have the opportunity to put pressure on the top two cars. I think we can still be happy and proud of the work we have done. There were no mistakes, the strategy had everything right, but it didn’t pay off. Now we are looking forward to Sebring with good points.”

Auto-Garagen – jetzt günstig bestellen, A, hagelschutz auto.

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Das EU-Reifenlabel

Das am Produkt angebrachte Energielabel zeigt die Klassifizierung des jeweiligen Reifens im Hinblick auf Kraftstoffverbrauch, Nasshaftung und Geräuscheklassifizierung. Die europaweit einheitliche Kennzeichnungspflicht gilt für alle nach dem 30. Juni 2012 produzierten Reifen.

Bewertungskriterien des EU-Reifenlabels


Das Symbol mit der Zapfsäule steht für den Rollwiderstand des Reifens. Je geringer der Rollwiderstand ist, umso weniger Energie (CO2) wird verbraucht und desto geringer ist der Kraftstoffverbrauch. Die Einteilung erfolgt von Klasse A (grün und damit höchste Kraftstoff- effizienz) bis Klasse G (rot und damit geringste Kraftstoffeffizienz), wobei D nicht belegt ist.

Hagelschutz auto


Die Regenwolke symbolisiert die Nasshaftung, die entscheidend für die Fahrsicherheit ist. Reifen mit ausgezeichneter Nasshaftung verkürzen den Bremsweg enorm. Die Einteilung der Leistung erfolgt in die Klassen A (höchste Leistung, kürzester Bremsweg) bis G (geringste Sicherheit, längster Bremsweg), wobei D und G nicht belegt werden.

Hagelschutz auto

Externes Rollgeräusch

Das Symbol mit dem Lautsprecher zeigt das externe Rollgeräusch in Dezibel (dB) an. Der Messwert gibt die Lautstärke des Vorbeifahr- geräusches an. Je mehr “Schallwellen” angezeigt werden, umso lauter ist das Außengeräusch des Reifens.

Hagelschutz auto

Inspirierend Schrank Buche Massiv Inspirierend, schrank schlafzimmer massiv.

#Schrank #schlafzimmer #massiv

Inspirierend Schrank Buche Massiv Inspirierend

Inspirierend Schrank Buche Massiv Inspirierend- Dürfen in der Lage sein meine blog, mit diesem gelegenheit ich werde zeigen in Bezug auf schrank buche massiv. Und nun, das kann ein initiale eindruck:

Kleiderschrank Tollow Kernbuche massiv geölt 3 türig from schrank buche massiv,

Wohnzimmer Schrank holz Kernbuche massiv natur geölt CASERA from schrank buche massiv,

Nachdenken über eindruck zu Ende? kann sein welche unglaublich?. wenn sie mehr engagiert sind folglich, Il m dir erklären ein paar foto noch einmal unter:

Schlafzimmer Kleiderschränke Buche massiv teilmassiv from schrank buche massiv,

Massivholz Schränke und Kleiderschränke aus Buche PureNature from schrank buche massiv,

Kleiderschrank Vinschi 2 türig Buche massiv wendland moebel from schrank buche massiv,

Kernbuche Schrank Herrlich VITRINE PASSEPARTOUT 08 SCHRANK MIT from schrank buche massiv,

Echtholz Kleiderschrank mit Spiegel Buche massiv geölt FRONT2 5 from schrank buche massiv,

Highboard Pisa 14 Eiche bianco massiv 180x134x41 cm Schrank from schrank buche massiv,

Tv Schrank In Buche Möbel design Idee für Sie latofu from schrank buche massiv,

Kleiderschrank Schiebetüren Buche from schrank buche massiv,

Massiv kleiderschrank angebote auf Waterige from schrank buche massiv,

Kleiderschrank Massivholz kaufen Pharao24™ from schrank buche massiv,

„sthetische Inspiration Relita Schrank Und Fantastische from schrank buche massiv,

TV Lowboard 120×46 8x60cm 2 Schubladen Kernbuche massiv geölt from schrank buche massiv,

Nauhuri from schrank buche massiv,

Mehrzweckschrank Buche massiv natur geölt CASERA Schrank IV from schrank buche massiv,

TOLLOW 3 Schrank Kernbuche massiv geölt 152 from schrank buche massiv,

Schrank Kernbuche massiv geölt Anschlag rechts Solido ♥ from schrank buche massiv,

Kernbuche Schrank Schonheit Schrank Anna Holz Kernbuche Massiv from schrank buche massiv,

Highboard Vigas III Buche massiv lackiert Türanschlag rechts from schrank buche massiv,

So, wenn Sie möchten bekomme das unglaublich fotos Über Inspirierend Schrank Buche Massiv Inspirierend, klick einfach sparen verknüpfung speichern diese fotos für dich laptop. sie sind alles bereit zum herunterladen, wenn du lieber wärst und möchte habe es, klicken sparen symbol auf der website, und es wird sein direkt runtergeladen zu deinem laptop-computer. Zu guter Letzt wenn Sie möchten gewinnen einzigartig und das kürzlich grafik bezüglich Inspirierend Schrank Buche Massiv Inspirierend, bitte folgen sie uns auf Google Plus oder lesezeichen dieser blog, wir versuchen unser bestes dich vorstellen täglich aktualisierung mit frisch und neu schüsse. Wir hoffen Sie Liebe bleiben genau hier. Für die meisten upgrades und kürzlich information Über Inspirierend Schrank Buche Massiv Inspirierend schüsse, bitte folgen Sie uns freundlich auf twitter, path, Instagram und google plus, oder sie markieren diese seite auf lesezeichen bereich, wir versuchen dir anbieten aktualisieren regelmäßig mit frisch und neu grafik, genießen ihre surfen, und finde das beste für dich.

Hier sind sie bei unsere seite, artikelüber Inspirierend Schrank Buche Massiv Inspirierend veröffentlicht von beim . Heute wir sind aufgeregt nach bekannt geben wir gefunden haben ein sehrinteressant nischesein überprüft, das ist Inspirierend Schrank Buche Massiv Inspirierend Einige leute versuchen zu finden infos überInspirierend Schrank Buche Massiv Inspirierend und definitiv einer von diesen bist du, nicht wahr?

Assegno di cura 2017 della Regione Puglia: scadenza 6 ottobre 2017, invio online di domande di prestazioni a sostegno del reddito.

#Invio #online #di #domande #di #prestazioni #a #sostegno #del #reddito

Assegno di cura 2017 della Regione Puglia

Le domande dellassegno di cura possono essere presentate fino al 6 ottobre 2017 ore 12:00

Assegno di cura 2017 della Regione Puglia

Dal primo settembre 2017 è possibile presentare alla Regione Puglia la domanda per lassegno di cura per le persone con gravissima non autosufficienza.

Dal primo settembre 2017 dalle ore 12:00 e sino al 6 ottobre sempre ore 12:00 è possibile presentare la domanda telematica alla Regione Puglia per ricevere un beneficio economico denominato assegno di cura.

Limporto del beneficio corrisponde a euro 1000,00 per una mensilità intera e in euro 12000,00 per lannualità intera. Tale importo viene erogato dalla Asl di riferimento con cadenza bimestrale, successivamente dopo lapprovazione della ASL dellistanza telematica presentata sul sito di sistema puglia.

Chi sono i beneficiari?

Possono presentare la domanda di assegno di cura le persone in condizioni di gravissima disabilità e non autosufficienza residenti nella Regione Puglia almeno a partire dal primo gennaio 2017 che si trovano alla data della presentazione della domanda alle seguente condizioni:

  • beneficiari di indennità di accompagnamento (legge 18/1980);
  • Cittadini di età compresa tra 18 e 65 anni con diritto allindennità di accompagnamento (L. 508/88, art. 1, comma 2, lettera b);
  • Minori di età con diritto allindennità di accompagnamento (L. 508/88, art. 1);
  • Cittadini ultrasessantacinquenni con diritto allindennità di accompagnamento (L. 508/88, art. 1, comma 2, lettera b);
  • Ciechi civili assoluti (L. 382/70 L. 508/88 L. 138/2001);
  • Inabili con diritto allassegno per lassistenza personale e continuativa;
  • Invalidi sul lavoro con diritto allassegno per lassistenza personale e continuativa (DPR 1124/65 art. 66) Invalidi sul lavoro con menomazioni dellintegrità psicofisica di cui alla L.296/2006, art 1, comma 782, punto 4;
  • Invalidi con diritto allassegno di superinvalidità (Tabella E allegata al DPR 834/81);
  • trovarsi in una delle condizioni di non autosufficienza gravissima specificati nella seguente tabella:

Tabella assegno di cura

Nel caso la condizione di non autosufficienza non si è ancora definita, è possibile comunque presentare la domanda ed accedere al beneficio, però in presenza di una diagnosi rilasciata nel primo semestre 2017 da parte una struttura ospedaliera.

La valutazione della gravissima non autosufficienza sarà valutata dalle unità di valutazione multidimensionale di ciascun distretto socio sanitario della Asl. Per i pazienti che alla data presentazione della domanda si trovino in condizione di ricovero temporaneo presso strutture ospedaliere, sanitarie extraospedaliere o strutture socio-sanitarie, possono presentare la domanda di assegno di cura solo se è prevista la dimissione entro 30 giorni dalla data di presentazione domanda.

Dopo aver approvato la domanda, la Asl eroga gli importi calcolati dal 14 luglio 2017 fino allultima mensilità già maturata.

Come si presenta listanza online dellassegno di cura?

Prima di presentare la domanda è importante aver certificato la propria posizione economica con il modello Isee ed avere sottomano:

  • i dati del referente dellanziano (carta didentità codice fiscale numero di telefono indirizzo e-mail;)
  • i dati del beneficiario (anziano) e di tutti i suoi componenti presenti allinterno dello stato di famiglia;
  • lattestazione Isee con i dati del protocollo, Data Rilascio Attestazione, Codice Fiscale Dichiarante;
  • codice Iban della banca o della posta del beneficiario;
  • la documentazione che attesti la gravissima non autosufficienza nel caso di anziano senza indennità di accompagnamento.

Per presentare la domanda è necessario compilare sulla piattaforma dedicata il format allegato al presente avviso pubblico. Nella domanda non bisogna allegare nessuna documentazione relativa al soggetto beneficiario salvo eventuali diagnosi specialistiche che attestino la gravissima non autosufficienza.

Come inviare la domanda

Vediamo insieme come presentare la domanda telematica dellAssegno di cura della Regione Puglia. Clicca sul seguente link ed entra nella piattaforma di sistema puglia. Se non sei registrato sul sito sistema Puglia clicca in alto a destra su Registrazione.

Completa i dati della registrazione e controlla il Tuo indirizzo email per la conferma della registrazione. Dopo esserTi registrato correttamente vai alla sezione Assegno di cura 2017 del seguente link ed inserisci nellArea riservata Username e password. In seguito nel menu a sinistra in Procedura Telematica clicca su Assegno di Cura.

Nel rettangolo Codice fiscale Referente inserisci il codice fiscale del referente del beneficiario.

Compila tutti i dati anagrafici del referente della Famiglia e clicca su Inserisci. Dopo qualche minuto riceverai sulla Tua email il codice famiglia per accedere al proprio Nucleo familiare.

Dopo aver compilato tutte le informazioni del nucleo familiare, clicca su Crea domande di Accesso ad un avviso pubblico ed inserisci tutti i dati dellistanza online per richiedere lassegno di cura. Alla fine della procedura clicca su Autorizzo al trattamento dei dati personali ai sensi del D. Lgs.196/2003, convalida la domanda e stampala.

Sarai contattato dalla Asl di riferimento per consegnare la domanda firmata ed i documenti che attestano i requisiti per beneficiare dellassegno di cura della Regione Puglia.

Per qualsiasi consulenza personalizzata sullassegno di cura, puoi accedere alla nostra sezione consulenza online.

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Dividendi 2018: i migliori su Borsa Italiana, finanza e borsa italiana.

#Finanza #e #borsa #italiana

Dividendi 2018: i migliori su Borsa Italiana

15 Gennaio 2018 – 09:51 2018-01-17 10:15:48

17 Gennaio 2018 – 10:15

Ecco le azioni che pagano i dividendi più alti nel 2018 su Borsa Italiana. Sul podio Intesa Sanpaolo, Azimut e Banca Farmafactoring.

Anno nuovo, nuove strategie di investimento. Ma quella che punta al dividendo rimane la preferita dagli investitori azionari italiani, alla ricerca dei migliori dividendi nel 2018 – ovvero le cedole più alte promesse dalle società quotate su Borsa Italiana.

Di seguito ha redatto una classifica che raccoglie i dividendi 2018 più alti, utile allinvestitore alla ricerca dei migliori titoli su cui investire nel corso dell’anno appena iniziato.

Molte società hanno già riferito il proprio piano sulle cedole, così da permetterci di raccogliere tutte le informazioni utili al lettore in un’unica tabella.

Dividendi 2018: la classifica dei migliori su Borsa Italiana

La percentuale riportata all’interno della classifica dei dividendi 2018 migliori di Piazza Affari si basa sull’ipotesi di acquisto dei titoli ai prezzi alla fine dello scorso anno. L’elenco aiuta l’investitore a comprendere quali siano le società che, più “generosamente”, promettono una cedola invitante nel 2018.

La colonna “prezzo di acquisto” riporta il prezzo sul quale viene calcolata la percentuale di dividendo spettante all’investitore nel corso del 2018.

Di seguito, invece, riportiamo le stime sui dividendi presentate dalle società componenti del Ftse Mib, lindice principale di Piazza Affari.

Notiamo come per la quasi totalità delle società del Ftse Mib ci si attenda un dividendo al rialzo nel 2018.

Il calcolo dei dividendi

Per correttezza di informazione, dopo aver riportato la classifica dei dividendi 2018 più alti su Piazza Affari, sottolineiamo che la variazione percentuale espressa come cedola cambia in base ai movimenti della quotazione del titolo. Di conseguenza, la percentuale di dividendo a cui concretamente l’investitore avrà diritto viene calcolata partendo la prezzo a cui il titolo è stato acquistato.

I dividendi riportati all’interno della classifica di sono dunque soggetti a variazioni: il valore diminuisce quando la quotazione del titolo aumenta e, viceversa, il dividendo aumenta quando scende il prezzo del titolo. Se il valore assoluto del dividendo non può cambiare, varia invece il suo impatto percentuale in base al prezzo di acquisto.

La formula in base alla quale, convenzionalmente, viene calcolato il valore percentuale del dividendo è la seguente:

Dividendo (in %) = valore assoluto del dividendo * 100 / prezzo di acquisto

Investire in titoli ad alto dividendo

Investire in titoli azionari che offrono i rendimenti migliori sul mercato risulta essere una delle scelte più condivise tra analisti ed investitori.

Guardando agli andamenti storici sul mercato notiamo che i titoli che offrono i rendimenti più alti solitamente sono quelli che soffrono di meno in caso di crolli improvvisi sul mercato. Inoltre, sempre in caso di condizione avversa del mercato, il dividendo tutela il ritorno dell’investimento, o almeno riesce a compensare parte delle perdite.

Infine, il valore del dividendo che viene sottratto dal valore del titolo prima dell’apertura della sessione nel giorno dello stacco della cedola spesso viene compensato da una variazione al rialzo del titolo dovuta agli acquisti da parte degli investitori.

Tasse e commissioni sui dividendi

I dividendi sono tassati dallo Stato italiano con un’aliquota del 26% (in merito, invitiamo a consultare la guida completa “Tassazione dividendi 2018”).

Sul fronte delle commissioni sui dividendi dovute al proprio intermediario, l’importo da pagare sulle cedole può arrivare anche all’1% in caso di acquisti in filiale, senza calcolare le ulteriori spese fisse di gestione applicate dall’istituto bancario a cui si fa riferimento.

Le commissioni sui dividendi scendono in caso di acquisti attraverso intermediari online.

5 Brand Lessons From T-Mobile’s Marketing Strategy

#t #mobile #branding


David Aaker, Vice Chairman of Prophet consults exclusively for Prophet clients. He is the creator of the Aaker Model™, has published more than 100 articles and 15 books, including his latest, Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles That Drive Success. Prior to that book, he authored Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant, which was cited by Advertising Age as being among the “Ten Marketing Books You Should Have Read” in 2011 and was named one of the top 3 marketing books of the year by Strategy and Business.

Professor Emeritus at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, he has been awarded four career awards including the 1996 Paul D. Converse Award for outstanding contributions to the development of marketing. In March 2014, he was profiled by California Magazine and called “The Plato and Newton of Branding.”

5 Lessons From T-Mobile s Game-Changing Strategy

Typical mobile industry players are regarded as arrogant and insensitive to the frustrations of the consumers. It’s an industry that has long frustrated customers with complex plans, locked-in contracts, restrictions against upgrading phones and the loss of investments in existing devices. But now, T-Mobile has introduced a game-changing marketing strategy to the market.

They call themselves the Un-carrier, to vividly emphasize that they are doing something radically different. They’re basing their whole philosophy around doing exactly what the customers want, as indicated by their feedback. It sounds simple. So why did it take so long to create such a strategy? And why was T-Mobile, the number 4 player in the industry, the first to innovate? (Full Disclosure—Prophet was a partner with T-Mobile in developing the new strategy.)

A Brief History of T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” Marketing Strategy

The “Simple Choice Plan,” introduced in March of 2013, included elements that broke long-time industry practices. Long-term contracts were replaced with monthly plans with no long-term commitment. Plan pricing that required you to estimate minutes used and text messages sent was replaced with plan pricing that was much more flexible and easier to understand. The basic plan includes unlimited talk, text and web access (up to 500MB high-speed) and can be augmented for those that need large pools of high-speed data. Finally, you can bring your own device to the program. You don’t have to buy a new phone, but if you do, T-Mobile will finance it over 24 months. When it’s paid off, the monthly bill will be reduced accordingly.

With Un-carrier 2.0, launched in the summer of 2013, family plans without necessary credit checks were added. This was a huge deal for users that are routinely slammed with multiple $200 deposits on family plans. Families could now get four lines with unlimited talk, text, and web (up to 500MB high-speed) for $100 per month, plus taxes and fees. In addition, the JUMP! (Just Upgrade My Phone) Program recently launched, where a person who subscribes for $10 a month can update their phone twice a year. At the same time improvements in their network, particularly in major urban areas, were announced, improvements that allowed T-Mobile to surpass Sprint on coverage.

And the momentum continues. In October of 2013, T-Mobile announced at a New Your concert event their Un-carrier 3.0 strategy, by which they would deliver unlimited global data at no extra charge in 100+ countries. The program was a dramatic attack at the practice of charging large fees for cross-border connection.

Then, at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), T-Mobile announced an offer to pay the termination fee of the locked-in customers of Verizon, Sprint or AT T and give them a credit toward a new phone. The colorful T-Mobile CEO, John Legere was quoted as saying, “We are either going to take over this whole industry or these bastards are going to change.”

The Impact of T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” Campaign

Since the Un-carrier launch, T-Mobile has steadily brought this strategy to life through positioning, framing the discussion, messaging, communications, customer experience and employee engagement. The strategy was supported by humorous advertising (advertising gets easy when you have something to say) that featured Bill Hader as an inept phone-user who welcomed the Jump! program. The JUMP! campaign was led by some outrageous (think Steve Jobs-style) presentations by Legere talking about why customers are switching to T-Mobile and how backward competitors are.

At the beginning of 2013, T-Mobile was suffering from an ongoing loss of share that affected its image as well as its financial health. The Un-carrier initiative dramatically changed that. At one point during the campaign, T-Mobile was gaining customers at a rate that exceeded the three competitors combined. Further, according to a study by Baird Equity. 26 percent of potential wireless carrier switchers are looking at T-Mobile, as compared to 9 percent for Sprint, 10 percent for AT T, and 19 percent for Verizon. In the minds of many, T-Mobile went from an also-ran company to a firm with leadership position that reinvented a major industry. It’s an amazing achievement.

5 Lessons to Learn from the T-Mobile’s Marketing Strategy

As I discussed in Brand Relevance . the only way to grow is to create “must haves” that define a new subcategory.

T-Mobile was not able to grow until it did just that, developing a half dozen “must haves.” Note that the disruption was not caused by a technological advance, but by some simple changes in pricing and contracts.

  • A new subcategory needs to be protected.

    T-Mobile protected its innovative, disrupter position with breakthrough brand-building and ongoing game-changing innovation.

  • The disruption was driven by an understanding of basic customer frustrations and complaints.

    In fact, it did not take strategic insight that was subtle and nuanced. Perhaps the depth and influence of these customer issues were underestimated, but they were well known.

  • Any brand can become a true challenger brand.

    It is interesting that the brand that pulled off this innovation wasn’t Verizon or AT T, but the fourth place player. Why was that? The industry leaders had too much to gain by sticking with the status quo. As a challenger brand, T-Mobile had less to lose and more to gain by disrupting the wireless category and doing what the other carriers do not; they put the customers’ needs ahead of business-as-usual.

  • Once you start innovating, keep up the momentum.

    All three major competitors scrambled to respond with their own versions of fewer contracts, quicker upgrades, cheaper plans and more. To maintain relevance, they had no choice. But they are all clearly copying the innovator, playing catch up. Although these competitors have an impressive set of assets, it is likely that the market structure will be changed by the T-Mobile initiatives. Further, the T-Mobile momentum and energy will make it hard to reverse these changes.

  • Final Thoughts

    The disruption of a major industry doesn’t happen very often. But when it does, there will be significant growth almost always from a new entrant or an also-ran. The essence of strategy in dynamic times is to drive a disruption, understand it and maintain relevance in the new marketplace.

    2 thoughts on 5 Lessons From T-Mobile s Game-Changing Strategy

    What you need to know about Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), data center airflow management.

    #Data #center #airflow #management


    What you need to know about Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

    What exactly is Data Center Infrastructure Management? Is DCIM truly a new idea or just a repackaging of the same old methods?

    Data center airflow management

    The cloud may be here, but it’s not omnipresent nor will it fit the needs of every company. There is still a need for traditional in-house data centers across many kinds of organizations. Even if your company does use the cloud, you might have a hybrid configuration or at least a network and electrical backbone in your facility, which warrants close monitoring and inspection. Of course, you may be a cloud provider yourself, with a supersized data center that warrants the best management solution on the market!

    Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) isn’t a brand new topic; it has been around since at least 2009 and is steadily gaining momentum. 451 Research claimed in April of 2013 that “the growth rate of DCIM far outstrips that for the datacenter equipment industries and for the enterprise IT segment as a whole.” It should be noted, however, that 451 also states DCIM is small by comparison to other elements of enterprise software “such as IT service management, ERP, databases or security.” reported in June of 2013 that: “the growth of cloud services and the datacenters that support [DCIM] could leap from an estimated $450 million this year to $1.7 billion by 2016.” With this much growing potential in store, it’s worth looking at what DCIM can offer.

    Of course, just because something is deemed new doesn’t make it an automatic benefit across the board – nor does it mean the trend or product is really “new.” Thin-client computing is considered by some as merely a reboot of mainframe operations, which have been around for decades. The Apple iPad, launched in 2010, was deemed the first tablet by many who somehow overlooked Microsoft’s Tablet PC ten years earlier. Malcolm Gladwell outlines the amazing transformation of Hush Puppies shoes from stodgy outdated footwear to reinvented fashion craze in his fascinating book, “The Tipping Point.” We live in a society where things get rehashed and revisited and what’s old becomes new again. With that in mind, is DCIM just another re-telling of the same story, like the film “The Amazing Spider-Man” in 2012? In my view, the answer is no.

    What is DCIM?

    It’s safe to say many IT professionals are familiar with traditional methods of infrastructural monitoring such as downtime alerts, server component and/or resource evaluation and network latency checks. Products such as Nagios, WhatsUpGold, Dell IT Assist and Dell Management Console are standard fare when it comes to keeping an eye on the health of your physical systems, software, and environment. DCIM is this, but it’s also more, much like replacing your breakdown-prone Ford Pinto with a finely-tuned Cadillac convertible. It will still get you to the same places but with wider range, power and capability to do new things (like impress your neighbors!).

    How is DCIM different?

    Traditional infrastructural monitoring has been largely about one piece of the jigsaw puzzle, with many other pieces glaringly absent (or for which new technologies showed a need that these products couldn’t fill). For instance ,maybe you can tell your servers are up, but have no way of knowing how many servers you can fit in your space and still safely cool. DCIM fills in those gaps by introducing concepts such as:

    • Asset tracking
    • Change management
    • Analysis of virtual/logical systems and how they interact with physical hardware
    • Management of “utility” operations like electricity, heating and cooling from a usage, efficiency and cost savings perspectives
    • Maximizing system utilization for best efficiency
    • Consolidation of resources/locations
    • Optimizing physical infrastructure (including space management) to enable higher capacity
    • Multi-layered monitoring
    • Future planning via modeling scenarios

    There are plenty of existing software and/or products which handle some of these areas, of course, but the goal of DCIM is to unify them within one centralized point of administration so “the left hand knows what the right is doing” – and so do all the other pieces of the puzzle.

    What are some examples of DCIM in action?

    1. As outlined in a scenario by Gary Bunyan at, a company wants to gain insight into all of their assets including technical (running programs) and financial (serial and asset numbers). DCIM performs this function but, rather than dumping the asset information into an Excel file where it gathers dust, it provides contextual ongoing data about the assets and how they relate to one another to help spot cost cutting opportunities, reduce risk, and better manage the data center. Furthermore, issues such as the impact of the asset on other assets. as well as on the business overall, can be explored.
    2. Emerson Network Powerdiscusses several scenarios of DCIM, one of which involves providing data center technicians “the visibility and control to optimize performance while maintaining or improving availability. With this level of progression, data center management becomes truly proactive as personnel can anticipate potential failures and automatically shift compute and physical resources to eliminate downtime while increasing resource utilization to optimize efficiency across the data center.” Having users page you at 3 AM to report email is down is so 2003.
    3. Yevgeniy Sverdlik of writes that DCIM can keep tabs on “all devices within the IT infrastructure and ongoing health monitoring of each of them as well as monitoring of things like energy consumption, temperature, humidity and airflow. The software uses that data to create a digital model of the infrastructure, updating it as changes occur. The model, ideally presented in an accessible graphical format, is a key aspect of a DCIM solution, as it visualizes interrelationships between devices in the infrastructure. An analytical engine is what interprets the data the solution collects to find problems or inefficiencies.” It’s no longer enough to just monitor the data center to make sure it doesn’t get too hot or check to see if someone left the door open.

    Who are the vendors and what do they offer?

    Some example vendors and their products are listed as follows:

    It should be pointed out this this is a field with some growing pains so a magic solution is not a 100 percent universal guarantee. Kevin Fogarty, the author of the Slashdot article referenced above, points out a report from Heavy Reading which indicated vendors need to “adapt their products to manage virtual as well as physical datacenter assets, while scaling their products to accommodate the telco datacenters supporting public cloud services.”

    6 Free Printable Gift Tag Templates

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    Six Free Gift Tag Templates

    Six Free Gift Tag Templates – Printable PDF

    6 free gift tags in different styles to download. Kate Pullen

    The templates on the following pages include six different gift tag shapes that can be used for a variety of projects. Use these template to make your own custom gift tags for special gifts or make gift tags to embellish scrapbook pages, handmade cards or other projects. The shapes are easy to cut out from paper or cardstock. To create a different look to your git tags then try cutting them out using decorative edge scissors.

    How to Download Template Files

    This templates are in on the following. MORE pages, or download a single file with all 6 templates here. simply click on the link in each page to open the full size image. You may need to click again on the image to open the full size version. Then right click and save to your computer.

    Tips for Using Gift Tag Templates

    • Print the template onto scrap paper and use this as a template to transfer onto good quality card or paper. This will allow you to arrange the templates to make maximum use of your paper.
    • Store the printed templates in an envelope or file so you can use them for other projects.
    • Use your favorite stamps to decorate the gift tags to match handmade cards or gift wrap.
    • Jazz up the gift tags by attaching them with bright ribbons or fancy yarns.

    More Free Templates
    Here is a selection of free printable templates for you to enjoy! Don t forget, you can add digital stamps to templates and this is a quick way add decoration to the finished item.

    Entergy Arkansas, We Power Life, engery.




    At Entergy, storm preparation is a continuous cycle. Learn More >>







    Customer Services Engery Start / Stop / Move Service Engery Pay Your Bill Engery Save Money on Your Bill Engery Safety Engery Generator Safety Engery Espa ol

    Save Money on Your Bill Engery Energy Efficiency Programs Engery Builder Services Engery Small Business Engery Customized Commercial Industrial Programs Engery Powerful Solutions

    Need Help Paying Your Bill? Engery Donate to The Power to Care

    CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information: Independence Plant | White Bluff Plant Engery DOE Smart Grid Grant Awarded Engery 2017 FRP Public Notice

    1998-2017 Entergy Corporation, All Rights Reserved. The Entergy name and logo are registered service marks of

    Entergy Corporation and may not be used without the express, written consent of Entergy Corporation.

    Online Masters In Special Education

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    Online Master of Science in Education in Special Education

    Purdue University’s online MSEd in Special Education program combines a unique view of the entire education landscape with practical experience addressing the latest breakthroughs in assessment, instructional strategies, and evidence-based practices for teaching students with disabilities. In as little as 20 months, this online master’s degree in special education will give you the skills to:

    • Plan and administer special education curricula.
    • Facilitate a safe and effective classroom environment.
    • Meet the needs of exceptional children who require highly skilled educators.

    The MSEd in Special Education program focuses on mild intervention, with the option to add a focus in intense intervention. Different tracks are available to meet your career needs:

    • Master’s only. Intended for those seeking knowledge in the area of special education. No practicum is required; an additional elective course is taken in its place.
    • Master’s with initial special education licensure. Intended for those seeking a master’s degree as well as an initial license in special education in mild intervention or mild and intense intervention. This track requires practicum and student teaching field experiences.
    • Master’s with advanced special education licensure. Intended for those who already have initial (teaching) licensure and are looking to add an advanced licensure in mild intervention or mild and intense intervention. This track requires practicum experiences.
    • Master’s with advanced special education licensure – intense intervention only. Intended for those who already have a special education teaching license in mild intervention and looking for advanced licensure in intense intervention. This track requires practicum experiences.

    Students who choose to add the intense intervention focus to their studies complete additional hours and coursework.

    Advance Your Training in the Field of Special Education

    This advanced special education degree is for passionate educators who value all learners, regardless of skill level or ability, and who want use the latest instructional, behavioral, and communication strategies to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities. The Master of Education in Special Education combines the latest technology and research with practical experience in one program to advance your expertise and position you as a leader in the field.

    The core curriculum of the program focuses on mild intervention, with an emphasis on helping students achieve their academic and behavioral potential. These special education online courses are geared toward assisting students with learning disabilities, mild developmental disabilities, emotional behavioral disorders and high functioning autism.

    By the time you complete the MSEd in Special Education requirements, you will be able to:

    • Understand the various characteristics and categories of disability identified by law.
    • Be able to apply methods of assessment including the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to make instructional decisions.
    • Empirically validate instructional methods to provide age-appropriate curriculum adapted to individual students’ needs and educational plans.
    • Ensure students have access to the general education curriculum using evidence-based practices.
    • Use current and emerging technologies to promote increased mobility, communication, self-determination, and cognitive functioning.
    • Provide behavioral support for students with challenging behavior that promote and teach appropriate functional behavior and social skills.
    • Create safe and positive learning environments where diversity across culture, race, ethnicity, and gender are valued.
    • Understand and apply ethics and standards for professional practice in special education.

    Intense Intervention Focus

    You have the option to add a focus on intense intervention to complement your studies in mild intervention. This add-on to the online special education degree consists of three courses plus a practicum in addition to the mild intervention curriculum.

    In this focus area, you will learn to help students who require more significant interventions to help them learn and function. These are children and adolescents with severe intellectual and/or physical disabilities that require intense intervention techniques, usually in a dedicated classroom. You will learn strategies for developing self-determination, self-advocacy and independence to help your students succeed in school and beyond. Courses examine:

    • Characteristics of severe disabilities.
    • The medical and physical management of individuals with multiple disabilities.
    • Methods for teaching students with severe challenges.

    Purdue’s College of Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top 50 best education schools in the United States.

    Complete Your edTPA

    The curriculum of the online MSEd in Special Education is aligned with edTPA, formerly the Teacher Performance Assessment. EdTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment and support system that is designed to meet state and national standards – including Common Core State Standards and the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) – to ensure new teachers are empowered to teach each student effectively.

    The edTPA process involves three tasks: planning, instruction and assessment. As part of the edTPA requirements for this advanced special education degree, you will create four professional portfolios, three of which you will complete under faculty supervision and one of which you will complete on your own. You will also submit unedited video recordings of yourself teaching in your classroom. These will demonstrate your ability to:

    • Design plans and teach in ways that support your students’ strengths and needs.
    • Engage students in learning.
    • Analyze levels of learning and comprehension.
    • Adjust instructional plans and techniques to be more effective.

    Licensing Information

    Purdue’s special education online degree program is designed to give you the skills and training needed for licensure in the state of Indiana. The State of Indiana has a compact agreement with most states, meaning a student with a valid Indiana teaching license can obtain a license in another state. Specific coursework, testing, or grade point averages may be required.

    To learn more about each state’s requirements for licensing, please contact the Department of Education in your desired state or visit the United States Department of Education website for license requirements and application procedures.

    Advance Today

    If you would like to advance your teaching career and gain the skills necessary to become an effective special educator, discover the possibilities of distance learning through Purdue University online. For more information, click here or call 877-497-5851 to speak with an admissions advisor.

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    Cheap Auto Insurance in West Virginia – Save 35% Today, cheap car insurance in virginia.

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    Cheap Car Insurance in West Virginia

    Cheap car insurance in virginiaLooking for West Virginia automobile insurance? Sometimes browsing for a provider can be tricky. But with, it’s as straightforward as entering your zip code. We can provide you with the top seven insurance providers in your location, whether you live in a big city like Charleston, Huntington, or Parkersburg, or a lesser populated area such as Morgantown or Wheeling.

    West Virginia Auto Insurance Average Premiums

    The state average rate for West Virginia is around $86 every month, which is not excessive when in comparison using the data of the nation. Certain areas, like Morgantown or Wheeling, are cheaper average prices you will find around $78/mo. However again, there are other costly metropolitan areas like Parkersburg, in which the average rate per month starts around $104.

    Important West Virginia Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements

    Finding cheap West Virginia car insurance is easy if you are familiar with state requirements. Because there aren’t any no-fault laws in the state of West Virginia, so you won’t be required to purchase any no-fault coverage. UM/UIM coverage is required, and must meet the state minimum requirements for Liability insurance, which is also required:

    Charleston Huntington Morgantown Parkersburg Wheeling State Average

    10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 $84 $86 $78 $104 $79 $86

    Choosing the Right Amount of West Virginia Car Insurance Coverage

    West Virginia has better quality insurance needs, like uninsured motorist coverage, in comparison with other states. However, Comprehensive coverage and such things as collision or medical payments continue to be optional but tend to cost the cash over time.

    Charleston Huntington Morgantown Parkersburg Wheeling State Average

    15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 $44 $125 $45 $127 $38 $117 $41 $121 $40 $117 $42 $121

    West Virginia DUI Laws

    Arrested for DUI? If this is your first offense, you may face these penalties: up to a 6 month prison sentence (with a minimum 2 day prison sentence for a BAL above 0.15); a prison sentence ranging from 2 days to a full year if a minor under 16 is present in the vehicle with you; a fine ranging from $100-$500 (maximum fine increases to $1,00 if BAL is above 0.15); a fine ranging from $200-$1,000 if a minor under 16 is present in the vehicle with you; your license may be suspended for 15 days (45 days for a BAL above 0.15); and an interlock device may be installed on your vehicle.

    Not every driver is required to file an SR-22. These are for special cases when motorists have been convicted of serious driving violations. These include causing an accident or being caught driving without insurance. You may also need an SR-22 if you have been convicted of a DUI. Many of these convictions will result in a suspended license, and in many states, you will not be able to get your license back until you file an SR-22. The state of West Virginia, for example, is a state which requires an SR-22 to be filed before your license is reinstated.

    Charleston Huntington Morgantown Parkersburg Wheeling State Average

    10 20 30 40 50 60 $44 $57 $45 $64 $38 $55 $41 $54 $40 $61 $42 $58

    Age Limit Laws

    New laws and regulations insist that motorists as youthful as 15 can obtain a student stage permit within the state of West Virginia. After a minimum of six months and 50 hrs of supervised driving, 10 of these during the night (or even less hours if they take driver s ed), they are able to make an application for medium level permit at age 16. They might not drive between 10 PM and 5 AM, and also have zero non-family passengers within the vehicle who re younger than 20 (that grows to one traveller after 6 months). Young drivers can obtain a full license at age 17.

    Charleston Huntington Morgantown Parkersburg Wheeling State Average

    20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 $178 $184 $151 $168 $158 $168

    Credit Score Laws and Regulations

    Suffering any kind of financial difficulty might have lasting effects with regards to your credit rating. In West Virginia, it s legal for the insurer to change your rates according to credit rating changes, and that s why you should pay your bill promptly each month.

    Charleston Huntington Morgantown Parkersburg Wheeling State Average

    10 20 30 40 50 60 $39 $64 $40 $67 $33 $56 $37 $61 $34 $61 $36 $62

    Insuring your Vehicle in West Virginia

    Here is a question: imagine if a family member or friend borrows your vehicle, and gets into any sort of accident? Well, when the at-fault driver was driving your automobile, it might really be both you and your insurance provider. This is exactly why your insurer must know as many details about your automobile because without such information, they cannot safeguard themselves as well as your vehicle in odd situations such as the one pointed out above.

    Charleston Huntington Morgantown Parkersburg Wheeling State Average

    15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 $44 $120 $45 $120 $38 $115 $41 $116 $40 $114 $42 $117

    Additional West Virginia Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements

    To date, we have spoken about a few of the greatest rate-modifying factors like credit, as well as your location but there are more laws and regulations you have to obey to maintain low rates:

    Highway Safety Laws

    There aren t any aggressive driving laws and regulations around the book in West Virginia. However that shouldn t diminish how harmful aggressive driving is, just how much aggressive driving increases your probability of any sort of accident, or even the additional legal and financial penalties you ll face when aggressive driving habits cause any sort of accident.

    Banco EXTERIOR, creditos banco de venezuela.

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    creditos banco de venezuela

    Creditos banco de venezuela

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    Creditos banco de venezuela

    Rachat de credit, credit a taux bas.

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    Le rachat de crédits

    Pourquoi faire ?

    Réduire considérablement le montant de ses mensualités

    Comment ?

    • 1) Avec l’allongement des annuités.
    • 2) En faisant baisser ses taux d’intérets.

    Partout en France

    Vous avez contracté trop de dettes, leurs remboursements mensuels deviennent trop lourd !

    En réorganisant vos credits, remboursez à votre rythme et faite de belles économies !

    Vous avez la possibilité grâce au rachat de pret, de bénéficier d’une tresorerie supplémentaire (réaliser des travaux, besoin de liquidités, l’achat d’une voiture ..).

    Le rôle du comparateur !

    • – Bénéficier de plusieurs devis !
    • – Choisir la meilleure offre !
    • – Etre suivis par un expert financié
    • – Réaliser un gain de temps !


    Les étapes du rachat de pret :

    1) Je fais une simulation en ligne.

    Ma demande est transmise à plusieurs courtiers qui sont eux mêmes partenaires de plusieurs banques !

    2) Je reçois plusieurs offres par mail ou par téléphone.

    L’étude est sans engagement et gratuite, aucun versements ne doit être exigés avant l’obtention definitif du prêt

    3) Je monte un dossier a transmettre à la banque

    Avec un conseillé je monte mon dossier avec mes différents justificatifs (revenus, domicile, contrat de travail ..) afin de le proposer favorablement a une banque qui rachètera mes credits.

    4) Je reçois la reponse de la banque de restructuration de prêt

    La banque prend le relai du courtier et regroupe vos crédits en 1 seul avec des mensualités moins importantes

    Notre comparateur vous donne acces à un large choix de courtiers. Votre dossier sera le plus souvent accepté si vous présentez une situation professionelle stable et un taux d’endettement inférieur a 60 %

    Si vos revenus sont insufisants, faite appel à un co emprunteur (conjoint , parents).

    Qu’elle type de credits peus ton racheter ?

    Tous les types de credits peuvent être racheter ( pret, immobilier, à la consommation, dettes personnelles, decouvert, impots etc ..)

    Néanmoins les banques ne rachèterons pas les petits surendettement inférieurs à 7000 euros voir même inférieurs à 12 000 euros.

    Les differents Types de Rachats de crédits:

    – Le rachat de credit hypothécaire

    Il regroupe votre credit immobilier avec vos credits à la consommation, la durée peut être équivalente à un emprunt immobilier, soit jusuq’a 30 ans !

    – Le regroupement de crédits à la consommation

    Il regroupe l’ensemble de vos dettes hors pret immobilier et la durée ne peut exeder 12 ans

    – La renégociation de pret immobilier

    Dedié à renégocier uniquement 1 pret immo, il baisse les taux d’interets et allonge les annuités si besoin.

    Auto Insurance Quotes: Farmers Insurance, free auto insurance quote online.

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    Getting an Auto Insurance Quote

    Quoting with Farmers is quick and easy.

    Auto Insurance Quotes Online

    Have you read up on Farmers Auto insurance? Interested in an insurance quote? Ready to see what the coverage, personal service, and support of Farmers insurance can save you?

    The process is quick and easy, and in no time, you’ll have auto insurance rates to compare and consider. If the insurance rates and coverage are right, you can even buy your policy online as well.

    The Insurance Quote Process

    To make things as clear as possible, let’s review the simple Farmers Auto insurance quote process:

    Tell us about yourself

    Fill out the basics; your name, address, contact information, etc. This lets us know who we’re quoting.

    Tell us about your car

    Tell us about your car, and we can more accurately generate your quote. To see if you qualify for potential insurance rate discounts, we’ll also ask about your commute, and any extras your car may have, like security systems or recovery devices.

    Tell us about any other drivers

    If there are other drivers in your house, like your spouse or children, it’s important to tell us about them too. We’ll ask about their driving history, to get a better sense of everyone’s experience on the road.

    See your discounts

    After you’ve told us about you, your car, and your other drivers, we’ll show you all the discounts you could qualify for, and ask you a few last questions to see if you qualify for even more!

    Get your quote!

    View your quote quickly. You can even change your limits and coverages to see how that would affect your insurance rate.

    Auto Insurance Quote Cheat Sheet – What You’ll Need

    To make for the most accurate and quickest quote possible, it’s good to have some information in front of you before you start. That way, you’re not running around the house trying to find a document while your quote sits and waits.

    Here’s a list of things to have at the ready before starting your quote:

    Have the license plate number of any car you’d like to cover readily available.

    Make sure to have your driver’s license number, and the numbers of any other drivers in your household.

    It’s a good idea to write down the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for any cars you want to cover. You can find the VIN by standing outside the car and looking at the dashboard on the driver’s side.

    Write down the current odometer reading for each car you’d like to cover.

    Have a general idea of when you purchased each car you’d like to cover.

    Have your current insurance policy declarations page at the ready. It contains all of your current coverages and limits, and can help if you’d like the same limits or want to compare insurance quotes apples-to-apples.

    Get Your Auto Quote Online

    Now that you know the process, and have the information you need at your fingertips, why not get an online insurance quote now? It only takes a few minutes, and you can even buy online too!

    Would you rather quote with a real person? We have those too! Call 1-800-493-4917 to speak with a Farmers agent and quote over the phone.

    This brief summary is not a policy document. Please read the actual policy documents for your state for important details on coverages, exclusions, limits, conditions and terms. If there is any conflict between this summary and the policy documents, the policy documents will control. Not all products and discounts are available in every state.

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    Free auto insurance quote online

    Free auto insurance quote online

    Free auto insurance quote online

    Free auto insurance quote online

    Free auto insurance quote online

    Free auto insurance quote online

    Free auto insurance quote online

    Free auto insurance quote online

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    Free auto insurance quote online

    return link 1 Life insurance issued by Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, 3003 77th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

    Products features may not be available in all states may vary by state. Restrictions, exclusions, limits, and conditions apply.

    Fidas ADSP – Associazione Donatori di Sangue del Piemonte onlus, Requisiti per la donazione di sangue, quando non si può donare il sangue.

    #Quando #non #si #può #donare #il #sangue

    Fidas ADSP – Associazione Donatori di Sangue del Piemonte onlus

    Fidas ADSPAssociazione Donatori di Sangue del Piemonte onlus

    Posso donare?

    Requisiti per la Donazione di Sangue:

    Chiunque sia in buone condizioni di salute ed abbia le seguenti caratteristiche:

    Peso corporeo: > 50 Kg;

    Etа: > 18 anni, fino a 60 se alla prima donazione, 65 ed oltre a giudizio medico per il donatore periodico;

    Pressione arteriosa: massima > 110 e 50 e 50 e < 100 batti al minuto;

    Non devono essere presenti patologie croniche, alterazioni a carico di fegato, cuore, ecc., patologie infettive trasmissibili (epatiti, AIDS, eccetera) nй comportamenti a rischio per queste ultime.

    Intervalli di Donazione

    • da Sangue Intero a Sangue Intero 90 giorni (max 2/anno donne in etа fertile, uomini e donne con etа superiore a 65 anni, max 4/anno uomini e donne in etа non fertile, salvo diverso indice di donazione)
    • da Sangue Intero a Plasma 1 mese
    • da Sangue Intero a Piastrinoaferesi 1 mese
    • da Plasma a Sangue Intero 14 giorni
    • da Plasma a Plasma 14 giorni
    • da Plasma a Piastrinoaferesi 14 giorni
    • da Piastrinoaferesi a Sangue Intero 14 giorni
    • da Piastrinoaferesi a Plasma 1 mese
    • da Piastrinoaferesi a Piastrinoaferesi 14 giorni

    N.B.: la Piastrinoaferesi consiste solitamente in una donazione multipla comprendente un’unitа di Piastrine + un’unitа di Plasma (PlasmaPIAF) o di Globuli Rossi (EritroPIAF). Quest’ultima, agli effetti dell’intervallo fra donazioni, deve essere assimilata ad una donazione di S.I.

    Fermi restando gli intervalli minimi consentiti dalla legge fra i diversi tipi di donazione, per ragioni di prudenza legate al tempo necessario per il completamento delle procedure relative alla donazione precedente, si consiglia peraltro un intervallo minimo di 30 giorni.

    Il numero massimo consentito di PlasmaPIAF и di 6 all’anno; il numero massimo consentito di EritroPIAF и 4 all’anno per l’uomo e 2 all’anno per la donna in etа fertile.

    Il numero massimo complessivo di donazioni per anno solare, fra i vari tipi di donazione, и di 8 (Raccomandazione CRS 1/2010).

    Numero massimo di Donazioni all’anno

    Il D. M 3/3/2005 “Caratteristiche e modalitа per la donazione del sangue e di emocomponenti” all’All.1 prescrive un numero massimo per ogni singolo tipo di donazione (Sangue Intero, plasma, piastrine, donazioni multiple), ma non un numero massimo complessivo.

    Considerando che numerosi donatori ormai alternano differenti tipi di donazione, si indica tale limite in 8 donazioni complessive nel corso dell’anno solare.

    (da “Linee guida Cabina di Regia Provincia di Torino 3/2009”).

    Chi NON puт donare:

    • Chi ha contratto, anche in passato, un’epatite virale di tipo B o C (epatiti che tendono a persistere nel tempo e vengono trasmesse attraverso il sangue);
    • chi fa uso abitudinario di sostanze stupefacenti;
    • chi fa uso eccessivo di bevande alcooliche (alcolisti cronici);
    • chi soffre di patologie cardiovascolari importanti.

    La donazione и controindicata temporaneamente nelle seguenti situazioni:

    • In gravidanza, e durante l’allattamento;
    • in caso di soggiorni in paesi tropicali, la sospensione varia a seconda della nazione visitata e delle profilassi effettuate; infezioni, quali bronchiti, sinusiti, ecc. ;
    • nei periodi di assunzione di farmaci o di interventi chirurgici;

    Di seguito il questionario a cui si viene sottoposti prima di una donazione per verificare l’idoneitа alla stessa:

    Ha notato perdita ingiustificata di peso negli ultimi tempi?

    Ha mai sofferto o soffre di malattie allergiche, autoimmuni, dell’ apparato respiratorio, gastrointestinale, osteoarticolare, tumori maligni, tubercolosi, diabete, convulsioni e/o svenimenti attacchi epilettici, malattie cardiovascolari, ipertensione, malattie infettive, ittero e/o epatite, malattie renali, ematologiche, reumatiche, tropicali ?

    Ha sofferto di febbri di natura ignota?

    Ha ingerito da meno di 5 giorni aspirina o altri analgesici ?

    Sta assumendo farmaci?

    Ha notato ingrossamento della ghiandole linfatiche ?

    E’ stato recentemente sottoposto a vaccinazioni ?

    Se sм quale? Quando ?

    Ha recentemente fatto viaggi e ha soggiornato all’estero?

    Se sм dove ? Quando ?

    In famiglia vi sono stati casi di malattia di Creutzfeld-Jacob, insonnia familiare mortale, demenza, encefalopatie spongiformi ?

    Ha soggiornato nel Regno Unito (Inghilterra, Scozia, Galles, Irlanda del Nord) per oltre 6 mesi anche non consecutivi tra il 1980 e il 1996, o ha ricevuto trasfusioni allogeniche nel Regno Unito dopo il 1980 ?

    E’ mai stato sottoposto a trapianto di organi, tessuti o cellule ?

    Ha ricevuto ormoni della crescita o estratti ipofisari ?

    E’ dedito all’alcool ?

    Ha mai assunto sostanze stupefacenti ?

    Le и mai stato detto in precedenza di non donare sangue ?

    Ha attivitа o hobby rischiosi ?

    Ha letto e compreso (vedi nota a fondo pagina) le informazioni sull’ AIDS, l’ epatite virale e le altre malattie trasmissibili ?

    Ha mai avuto comportamenti sessuali a rischio di trasmissione di malattie infettive ?

    E’ mai risultato positivo ai test dell’ epatite B e/o C e/o per l’AIDS ?

    Ha mai avuto rapporti sessuali con partner risultato positivo ai test dell’ epatite B e/o C e/o per l’ AIDS ?

    Ha avuto esposizione a malattie contagiose compresa la convivenza con pazienti affetti da epatite B e/o epatite C ?

    E’ stato sottoposto ad interventi chirurgici ?

    Se sм, quali? Quando ?

    Ha effettuato indagini endoscopiche o con l’uso di cateteri arteriosi o venosi, cure odontoiatriche ?

    Si и sottoposto a tatuaggi, forature delle orecchie o di altra parte del corpo, ad agopuntura ?

    E’ stata/o sottoposto a trasfusione di sangue o emocomponenti, o a somministrazione di emoderivati ?

    Si и ferito accidentalmente con una siringa o con altri strumenti contaminati dal sangue ?

    Da quante ore и a digiuno ?

    Ha avuto gravidanza o interruzione di gravidanza ?

    Veterinarius – Organisme de formation continue v – t – rinaire, organisme de credit.

    #Organisme #de #credit

    Dernière minute

    Date limite d’inscription: le 14 Mai

    Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes

    Date limite d’inscription: le 16 Mai

    Date limite d’inscription: le 22 Mai

    Date limite d’inscription: le 12 Mai


    Questions et réponses

    Rejoignez le calendrier de nos formations (cliquez ici) et cliquez sur le calepin à droite de la formation qui vous intéresse ; vous serez alors amené(e) à créer un compte client. Pour plus de détails, aller dans longlet FAQ (cliquez ici)

    Bonne nouvelle pour les salarié.e.s en formations à Veterinarius

    Les salarié.e.s participant à des formations Veterinarius continueront donc à bénéficier dune prise en charge financière

    sans interruption depuis le 1er juillet, date dexigence des nouveaux critères de qualité et de bonnes pratiques

    pour tous les organismes de formation accueillant des salariés.

    Le programme FIDELIV

    Lorsque vous validerez 30 points, un mail vous sera adressé avec un coupon de réduction de 100% (valeur équivalant à un TP dune journée à Maisons-Alfort.).

    Bon à savoir ! Le crédit dimpôt pour la formation

    20% de réduction = Opération parrainage

    Traitement chirurgical de la hernie discale thoraco-lombaire

    R.C.S. CRETEIL 498 085 364 – SIRET 498 085 364 00012 – APE 8559A

    Numéro de déclaration d’activité : 11 94 07060 94

    Alma – Accessori e mobili bagno – Arbi Arredobagno, composizioni per bagno.

    #Composizioni #per #bagno

    Alma: Accessori e mobili da bagno per personalizzare l’ambiente.

    Diverse dimensioni, differenti possibilità di accostamenti, il legno che incontra il colore. Alma intesa come un complesso di accessori e mobili bagno, come sintesi di nuovi percorsi stilistici e progettuali, come risposta al bisogno di una contemporaneità mai eccessiva e sempre elegante.

    L 215 × P 50.5 cm

    L 278.5 x P 50.5 cm (con sporgenza portasalviette)

    L 106 × P 50.5 cm + colonne L 105 x P 37 cm

    L 131 × P 37.5/44 cm + colonne L 85 x P 20.8 cm

    Weimaraner und Weimaraner Welpen kaufen, rechtsanwalt obst.

    #Rechtsanwalt #obst

    Hundezucht Hermanns – Weimaraner und Magyar Vizsla Hunde und Welpen

    Weimaraner und Weimaraner Welpen

    Der Weimaraner ist ein sehr menschenbezogener Hund, der den Anschluß an seine Familie benötigt. Die Ursprünge des Weimaraners liegen in der 2. Hälfte des 18. und der ersten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Die Hunderasse wurde sehr wahrscheinlich auch am Hof von Carl August, Großherzog von Weimar, gezüchtet. Er ist wohl der älteste deutsche Vorstehhund. Er ist von besonders schönem Äußeren, welches in Verbindung mit der einmaligen grauen Färbung diesen Hund auffallen lassen.

    Rechtsanwalt obst


    Weimaraner werden bis zu 35-40 kg schwer und bis zu 65-70 cm groß und sind kräftig gebaut. Auffällig sind ihre langen und breiten Ohren, die bis zum Mundwinkel reichen. Kurzhaar Weimaraner besitzen ein kurzes, dichtes und sehr weiches Deckhaar (ohne oder mit geringer Unterwolle), das glatt anliegt. Es gibt ihn in silber-, reh- oder mausgrau sowie Übergänge zwischen diesen Farbtönen (lt.FCI-Rassestandart). Das Fell ist sehr pflegeleicht, lediglich die Ohren sollten regelmäßig sauber gehalten und kontrolliert werden. In unserer Bildergalerie finden Sie zahlreiche Fotos von Weimaranern und Weimaraner Welpen.


    Diese Hunderasse ist sehr intelligent und lernt schnell, gilt als anhänglich und verschmust in der Familie, sowie absolut treu und kinderlieb.Er ist ein phantasievoller und humorvoller Begleiter für Jung und Alt, mit dem man viel Spaß hat. Er verträgt keine rohen Ausbildungsmethoden, muss aber trotzdem mit absoluter Konsequenz erzogen werden.

    Er zeigt sich bei falscher Erziehung aber auch als stur. Umso wichtiger ist es, ihn sinnvoll zu beschäftigen und mit viel Durchsetzungsfähigkeit zu erziehen.

    Wenn der Weimaraner seinen Besitzer anerkennt und sich auf ihn verlassen kann, ist der Weimaraner ein ausgesprochen liebevoller Freund in seinem gesamten Hundeleben. Er ist dann motiviert sich in seine Familie einzubinden. Der Weimaraner bringt viel Ausdauer und Energie mit sich und ist daher gerade für erfahrene Hundebesitzer der ideale Partner. Einige Weimaraner werden unter anderem auch als Therapiehunde, Trümmerspürhunde, Jagdhunde und Rettungshunde eingesetzt.

    Als Familienhund sollte er eine gute geistige Beschäftigung haben: Dummy-Arbeit (Apportieren), Mantrailing, eine Futterfährte aufspüren oder einfach nur „Socken sortieren“ im Haushalt :o). Nur Bällchen werfen oder laufen reicht nicht als angemessene Beschäftigung für den Weimaraner. Er benötigt unbedingt den (fast) ständigen Kontakt zu seiner Familie. Wenn der Weimaraner bei der Erziehung jedoch nicht respektiert wird und nur einfache Befehle ausführen muss, kann er auch mal die Arbeit verweigern. Die richtige Balance zwischen Liebe und nötiger Disziplin ist der Schlüssel für einen wohl erzogenen und loyalen Weimaraner.

    Der Weimaraner ist ausgeglichen, besonnen, ruhig, souverän, leichtführig, intelligent, robust und sehr menschenbezogen.

    Sind Sie neugierig geworden? Rufen Sie uns doch an oder senden uns eine E-Mail, wir können dann gern noch weitere Fragen (Ernährung, Erziehung, etc.) beantworten.

    Rechtsanwalt obst

    Einige Fakten:

    Fragen und Antworten

    Ist der Weimaraner als Familienhund geeignet?

    Der Weimaraner ist ein Familienhund, der aber auch Aufgaben innerhalb seiner Familie haben will und mit seinen Menschen zusammenarbeiten will. Andernfalls ist er nicht genügend ausgelastet und wird Probleme bereiten. Daher benötigt er stets anspruchsvolle Aufgaben, die sowohl seine Konzentration und Intelligenz erfordern. Mantrailing, Dummy-Arbeit oder auch Fährten aufspüren sind ideale Beschäftigungen, die sowohl Ihnen als auch Ihrem Hund Spaß machen werden. Wird sein Wesen respektiert, so dankt er es mit hingebungsvoller Treue.

    Welche Pflege benötigt der Weimaraner?

    Die Rasse des Weimaraners bedarf keiner besonderen Pflege. Das Fell bei kurz- und langhaarigen Weimaranern ist äußerst pflegeleicht. Selbstverständlich sollten regelmäßig Pfoten, Augen und Ohren kontrolliert werden. Zum Thema Ernährung gibt es keine speziellen Hinweise, die beachtet werden sollten. Frisches Gemüse und Obst sind aber eine gesunde Ergänzung für den Ernährungsplan.

    Für welche Arbeiten eigenen sich Weimaraner?

    Der Weimaraner kann wegen seinem intelligenten Charakter vielseitig eingesetzt werden. Er kann beispielsweise als Jagdhund, Trümmerspürhund oder Rettungshund mit seiner Ausdauer und Konzentration die Arbeit der Menschen bereichern. Das liebevolle und anhängliche Wesen dieser Rasse eignet sich auch für eine Verwendung im Therapiebereich und für die Begleitung von Blinden. Der Weimaraner baut stets eine enge Bindung zum Besitzer auf. Bei genügend mentaler und körperlicher Auslastung z.B. mit Mantrailing ist er der ideale Familienhund.

    Was ist bei der Erziehung eines Weimaraners wichtig?

    Viel Liebe, Geduld und Disziplin ist für einen gut erzogenen Weimaraner von großer Bedeutung. Er ist äußerst lern- und arbeitswillig und möchte mit seiner Leistung den Menschen unterstützen. Daher müssen Sie ihm viel Beschäftigung bieten, damit dieser Instinkt befriedigt werden kann. Ein Weimaraner erwartet von seinem Halter Konsequenz und Durchsetzungsfähigkeit, bevor er ihn als seine Führungsperson akzeptiert. Achten Sie aber darauf Ihre Erziehung nicht allein auf Gehorsam und das Ausführen von Befehlen auszurichten, denn eine liebevolle und sanfte Behandlung benötigt der Weimaraner am meisten.

    Was zeichnet das Wesen des Weimaraners aus?

    Der Weimaraner wird für seine ernsthafte, ausdauernde und konzentrierte Arbeitsweise geschätzt. Er ist mutig und gewillt Herausforderungen zu bewältigen und dem Besitzer stets hilfsbereit zur Seite zu stehen, wenn er ihn braucht. Intelligenz und eine schnelle Auffassungsgabe zeichnen den Charakter dieser Rasse aus. Der Weimaraner ist außerdem sehr menschenbezogen und sucht immer die Nähe zu seiner Familie. Eine klar strukturierte Erziehung belohnt der Weimaraner mit Treue und viel Liebe.

    Online Medical Billing and Coding Schools, Classes, online medical billing courses.

    #Online #medical #billing #courses

    The Cutting Edge of Medicine Medical Billing and Coding!

    M edical Billing and Coding was at one time a career that you could launch by purchasing a book, investing in some computer software, and, once you were confident in your skills, starting a home business with which you provided this valuable service to a group of doctors.

    Billing and coding continues to be a great career opportunity, with pay being considered generous for an entry level job. read more . .

    Featured online schools offering degrees/ certificates:

    Browse Schools that offer online Billing/Coding

    Browse Schools that offer online Billing/Coding

    article continued from above.

    However, trying to educate yourself through methods that avoid college courses or classes may not be the best method of insuring that you will have a job once you have the knowledge. The two terms “billing” and “coding,” actually involve two different jobs which are often performed by the same person. Medical billing involves collecting data for all aspects of a claim, helping to make sure the medical facility is performing efficiently. Coding, on the other hand, is the application of the correct code to every medical procedure used in a particular case. Without correct codes, the insurance companies are unable to make correct, speedy payment. Both jobs require knowledge of medical procedures, anatomy and terminology along with an understanding of how the insurance industry operates.

    The medical field has evolved dramatically over the past 10 to 15 years alone. The arrival of the Affordable Care Act has resulted in complex levels of medical coding; the new CD-10 has changed to available codes from just over 13,000 to 144,000. If the wrong code is entered on a bill, the doctor stands to lose thousands of dollars, both in the cost of refiling and in fines and reductions in payment from the insurance company. In fact, it is possible for a physician to lose his practice because of coding errors. As for lost revenue, Ruthann Russo, executive director of HP3 Healthcare Concepts, says that a review of one 200 physician multi-specialty group revealed that an estimated $10 million was simply lost because staff involved had not correctly billed the services.

    Get Educated

    These changes actually mean that billing and coding is as great a career opportunity as ever; in fact one national survey reports that there are 30% more positions than there are people to fill them, and the shortage is expected to increase. But doctors can no longer afford to take a chance on people who claim to know the business but have no formal training. Doctors are urged to hire personnel with AHIMA or APC certification, who have taken courses with AHIMA approved trainers. You may be expected to take courses in Health Information Management, Pharmacology, and Legal compliance as well as the courses in coding. However, don’t feel overwhelmed. Many schools have designed their programs to be completed in as little as four months. Those who complete the course work, a practicum, and pass the test receive certification and are considered billing and coding specialists.

    Use our convenient service to research the education programs and get started on your own billing and coding career.

    Get Paid

    The pay for a billing/coding specialist varies from state to state but according to the BLS, the mean annual wage for Medical Records and Health Information Technicians overall, is about $38,860.

    Inmobiliaria Pereira Alquiler Venta de Casas Apartamentos Pereira Cartago, venta de inmueble.

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    Teléfono: (6) 344 14 00

    Local 15 Bosques de Santa Helena II, Avenida Sur, Pereira Colombia.

    Venta de inmueble

    Swiss man remembers school with son of North Korean leader, don enfance. #Don #enfance

    Swiss man remembers school with son of North Korean leader

    • Joao Micaelo went to school with a student who told him his father led North Korea
    • Micaelo didn’t believe him at the time but now thinks it’s true
    • The North Korean liked basketball as a teen, says Micaelo
    • "He was a good guy" in school, but "maybe he’s another person" now, he says

    (CNN) — One of the most secretive countries in the world seems to be putting a succession plan into place: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il promoted his youngest son to general.

    Experts say that could be an indication that Kim Jong Un will succeed his father and his grandfather as leader of North Korea.

    The outside world knows very little about Kim — not even his age, which is apparently 27 or 28. But at least one person outside the reclusive communist state once considered Kim Jong Un his best friend.

    Or at least he thinks so.

    Joao Micaelo went to school in Switzerland with a boy he knew as Pak Un from 1998 to 2001. A teacher put them together at the same desk when the new student arrived, and they hit it off.

    Then, one day Pak Un told Micaelo, "I am the son of the leader of North Korea." Micaelo "didn’t believe him because . it was a normal school," he told CNN Tuesday.

    "Normally the children of people like this, they don’t go to a normal school."

    But having seen pictures of the apparent heir to Kim Jong Il, Micaelo thinks it’s his high school friend. He remembered what his friend had told him years before.

    "Then I said, "Okay, maybe it’s true what he said to me,’ " said Micaelo, who now lives in Bern, Switzerland, near the school he attended.

    Local government officials in the town that’s home to the Liebefeld School confirmed a student named Pak Un attended at the same time as Micaelo. The school declined to speak to CNN.

    Micaelo remembers "Pak Un" being introduced as the son of the ambassador of North Korea. What is life like inside North Korea?

    "He was a normal guy like me," Micaelo said, interested in sports, movies and computers. "He was competitive at sports. He didn’t like to lose, like any of us. For him, basketball was everything," Micaelo said

    "He played basketball, he had basketball games on his Playstation. The whole world for him was just basketball all the time," he said.

    The North Korean, who spoke good enough German to be understood, was not outgoing, Micaelo said.

    "He was very quiet and he didn’t speak with anyone. Maybe it was because most of the people did not take the time to understand him," he said. "And he was not that type of guy who goes to another and says, ‘Hello, how are you?’ He was always quiet."

    He didn’t go out at night to parties or discos, but he and Micaelo sometimes talked about girls, his friend said. Micaelo went to his house many times, meeting people whom he thought were his friend’s parents.

    But they spoke English, not German, and because Micaelo didn’t speak English well at the time, he didn’t get to know them very well. But they struck him as "a normal family, like my family."

    "Pak Un" didn’t talk much about North Korea, Micaelo said. He hasn’t seen his friend in years, since the North Korean moved home to go to a private school. But he’d like to see him again — particularly if it didn’t mean going to North Korea. Is there political change in the wind in North Korea?

    "I would like to speak with him to remember old times, you know," Micaelo said.

    "Because you know for me, he was also an important friend. He was my best friend at the time. I would like to see him again."

    But, Micaelo said, he’s not sure if now is the right time. "Just now I don’t know if it’s good to see him again. . If he asked me to go visit him. I don’t know if I go or not," he said.

    "I can just say what I know: Un, when he was 16, he was a good guy," Micaelo said. "So, I don’t think he would do something bad. But I don’t know what he’s been like in the last nine years.

    "I just knew him when he was 16 years old. He’s been in a special school for this for nine years," he said. "Maybe he’s another person."

    AHK Tschechien: Außenhandel, Wirtschaft – Politik, immobilienanzeigen. #Immobilienanzeigen

    AHK Tschechien


    Werden Sie European EnergyManager!

    Helfen Sie Ihrem Unternehmen, Energie effizient und kostensparend einzusetzen. Im Februar 2018 startet der 12. Jahrgang dieser berufsbegleitenden Weiterbildung. » mehr


    AHK-Publikation „Doing Business in Tschechien”

    Von Unternehmern für Unternehmer. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren!


    DTIHK-Wettbewerb: Gewinner-Startup steht fest!

    Auf der Winners’ Night präsentierten die Finalisten des Wettbewerbs Connect Visions to Solutions ihre Lösungen für eine intelligente Infrastruktur. Spanisches Startup Bioo macht das Rennen. » Fotogalerie


    Die neue Plus: Gesundheitswirtschaft

    Interview: CEO Nanopharma Liliana Berezkinová | Patient in guter Verfassung | American Dream aus dem Kuhstall| Informationen für Mitglieder + vieles » mehr | auch als eMagazin


    Ergebnisse des Gehaltsbenchmarks liegen vor

    Die Studie wird jetzt digital zur Verfügung gestellt. Gehaltsbenchmark 2017/2018 ist ein wichtiges Werkzeug für Ihre strategischen Unternehmensentscheidungen. » bestellen


    Vermietung der DTIHK-Kuppel

    Wir vermieten kurzfristig Räumlichkeiten an einer der besten Adressen Prags – dem Sitz der DTIHK am Wenzelsplatz. Bei Interesse übernehmen wir gerne die komplette Veranstaltungsorganisation für Sie. » mehr

    Weihnachts-Jour-Fixe der DTIHK 2017


    Über den Dächern von Prag genossen am Donnerstag, 14. Dezember rund 200 Gäste die vorweihnachtliche Stimmung. Mitglieder und Freunde der DTIHK ließen. mehr

    Die neue Plus: Gesundheitswirtschaft | Auch unter


    Im Suchmaschinen-Ranking siegt „Gesundheit“ eindeutig über das „Automobil“. Es ist also nur folgerichtig, dass wir nach dem Titelthema Automotive nun. mehr

    DTIHK-Business Mixer in Ostrava


    Zusammen mit der Firma Brose CZ veranstaltete die DTIHK am 28. November im Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava das größte regionale Networkingevent dieses. mehr

    Neujahrs-Jour-Fixe der DTIHK


    Starten Sie mit uns in das neue Jahr! Der erste Jour Fixe in 2018 findet im Hotel Savoy Prague statt. An einem Ort, an dem sich die Tradition. mehr

    Seminar “Perfekt geplant und genial improvisiert. Deutsch-tschechische Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit am Arbeitsplatz”


    Die Deutsch-Tschechische Industrie- und Handelskammer lädt Sie herzlich ein zum SeminarPERFEKT GEPLANT UND GENIAL IMPROVISIERT.DEUTSCH-TSCHECHISCHE. mehr

    XII. General Manager Roundtable in Pilsen


    Das Regionalbüro Pilsen der IHK Regensburg und der DTIHKveranstaltet bereits den XII. General Manager Roundtable in Westböhmen. Ziele des. mehr

    Neue Partnerin bei UEPA


    Lucie Hladěnová wurde mit dem 1.1.2018 Partnerin bei UEPA. mehr

    Kabelkonfektionär CiS electronic GmbH erhält den proALPHA-Champion-Award 2017


    Der Kabelkonfektionär, Systemtechnik- und Mechatronikanbieter CiS electronic GmbH mit Hauptsitz in Krefeld und Produktionsstandorten in Tschechien. mehr

    Neue Verstärkungen von Moore Stephens in Prag

    Herr Martin Houska wird neuer Partner von Moore Stephens. Die Firma ernannte zugleich eine neue Betriebsleiterin, Frau Zuzana Prokopcová. mehr

    Dipendente e partita iva: doppia contribuzione INPS, partita iva professionisti. #Partita #iva #professionisti

    Dipendente e partita iva: doppia contribuzione INPS

    21 Giu Dipendente e partita iva: doppia contribuzione INPS

    Fra le richieste di consulenza che ci pervengono ogni giorno, riceviamo molto spesso una domanda, che attanaglia diversi soggetti che cercano di arrotondare il proprio stipendio con una seconda attività, ma che molto spesso hanno il timore di farlo per via delle spese piuttosto elevate: se avvio unattività e sono già lavoratore dipendente devo versare due volte i contributi INPS?

    Innanzitutto per semplicità trattiamo in questo articolo il caso di un soggetto che apre partita iva nel settore del commercio o dei servizi (quindi tralasciamo lartigianato, lagricoltura, il lavoro autonomo come professionista o le società, per cui vigono delle regole particolari), per cui in condizioni normali sarebbe necessaria liscrizione in Camera di Commercio e liscrizione allINPS gestione commercianti. Quando la doppia contribuzione INPS non è necessaria?

    Ci viene in soccorso& la stessa INPS, con una spiegazione molto chiara indicata in una delle pagine del proprio sito (Informazioni) che cito testualmente:

    I casi nei quali è prevista la “non iscrivibilità” sono:

    • svolgimento di attività da lavoro dipendente a tempo pieno;
    • partecipazione alla realizzazione dello scopo sociale esclusivamente tramite conferimento di capitale;
    • altra attività prevalente con iscrizione alla relativa cassa/ente previdenziale;
    • iscrizione alla gestione previdenziale degli artigiani o commercianti per altra attività dimpresa.

    Devono essere comunicate direttamente all’Inps tutte le informazioni relative alla modifica della posizione contributiva del titolare o del coadiuvante che non siano di interesse del Registro delle Imprese.

    E, tuttavia, possibile (ma non necessario) utilizzare ComUnica nei casi di iscrizione di un coadiuvante in un momento successivo alla nascita dell’impresa.

    La cessazione di una impresa può non far venir meno lobbligo contributivo per il titolare o socio che contemporaneamente eserciti la propria attività in altra impresa. Tale circostanza (che tecnicamente è denominata continuità contributiva) deve essere evidenziata sul quadro AC della ComUnica.

    N.B.: Qualora, a seguito della presentazione della ComUnica, emergano delle incongruenze tali da non consentire il perfezionamento della iscrizione, la procedura emette à una lettera con la quale l’interessato viene invitato a presentarsi, presso gli uffici della Sede Inps competente territorialmente (o a contattare il numero verde 803.164), al fine di chiarire la propria posizione assicurativa.

    Quindi emerge chiaramente che se si è dipendenti a tempo pieno (e consigliamo anche a tempo indeterminato, anche se non specificato), non è necessario versare due volte i contributi fissi INPS (il cui importo fisso minimo è di circa 3.200 euro lanno al momento, e costituiscono forse la maggiore limitazione allavvio di imprese commerciali), ma è possibile richiedere nella Comunicazione UNICA la non iscrivibilità, indicando il codice fiscale del datore di lavoro e la matricola INPS del soggetto che richiede la non iscrizione (nel quadro di Comunica AC/INPS).

    Cè da dire comunque che in alcuni casi ci è capitato che alcuni soggetti venissero ugualmente iscritti alla gestione commercianti nonostante possedessero i requisiti di non iscrivibilità: in quel caso la stessa INPS richiede un incontro nel quale è possibile presentare la documentazione idonea e, se del caso, presentare unistanza per la non iscrizione alla gestione commercianti.

    Potrebbero anche interessarti:

    Responsabilit – professionale, assicurazione sanitaria usa. #Assicurazione #sanitaria #usa

    Responsabilità professionale. Tutti i dubbi sulla “rivalsa” della struttura sanitaria nei confronti dei professionisti sanitari dipendenti

    È prevedibile che proprio la vaghezza del d.d.l. Gelli sul concetto di colpa grave, e quindi la possibilità di una sua ampia estensione interpretativa nella applicazione pratica, contribuisca ad incrementate le azioni di rivalsa da parte delle strutture sanitarie

    18 GEN – Lart. 9 del d.d.l. Gelli, poco considerato nel pur acceso dibattito che riguarda il d.d.l. nel suo complesso, tenta di sistematizzare la disciplina della rivalsa nei confronti del professionista dipendente della struttura sanitaria.

    Il comma 1 contempla che “Lazione di rivalsa della struttura sanitaria nei confronti dellesercente la professione sanitaria può essere esercitata solo in caso di dolo o colpa grave”. Questo disposto riprende le fonti normative da tempo esistenti in materia di rivalsa nei confronti del dipendente pubblico, sottolineando che tale azione è connessa al solo “caso di dolo o di colpa grave”, ma propone una equivoca voce verbale “può” (essere esercitata), la cui accezione è discutibile, potendo essere alternativamente intesa come esprimente una mera opzione (e non un obbligo) o come determinante una delimitazione (lazione di rivalsa è ammissibile “solo” in quei casi).

    – la prima è riportata nella seconda frase del comma 3, che specifica che la comunicazione al professionista “deve contenere lavviso che la sentenza di condanna che ne abbia definitivamente accertato la responsabilità per dolo o colpa grave farà stato nei confronti del professionista nel giudizio di rivalsa”; qui si fa riferimento alla sentenza, di condanna della struttura sanitaria al risarcimento al danneggiato, emessa relativamente ad un processo celebrato anche in assenza del professionista la cui prestazione sia stata accertata come caratterizzata da dolo o colpa grave;

    – la seconda è contenuta nel comma 7 e concerne leventuale successivo giudizio di rivalsa – attivato dalla struttura sanitaria nei confronti del professionista – e che contempla che, in tale giudizio appunto, “ il giudice può desumere argomenti di prova dal materiale probatorio acquisito nel giudizio instaurato dal paziente nei confronti della struttura sanitaria”.

    È inammissibile leventualità che lavviso sia dato a risarcimento stragiudiziale avvenuto.

    Professori di Medicina legale

    Università degli Studi di Padova

    Massachusetts Car Insurance – Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in MA, cheapest insurance in massachusetts. #Cheapest #insurance #in #massachusetts

    cheapest insurance in massachusetts

    Cheapest insurance in massachusetts

    Massachusetts Car Insurance

    The time you take in finding the best Massachusetts car insurance rate for yourself when you live in Massachusetts (MA) is a wise investment for motorists in the state. In 2006, the average annual cost of Massachusetts car insurance for a resident was $1,113.00. The possession of car insurance is required by law in Massachusetts, as well as being required by nationwide law. Therefore, it is logical for one to seek the most affordable rate possible. A Massachusetts car insurance quote from a price comparison website, such as ours, is a useful aid in determining the best policy for your needs. It is a quick, cheap, and simple tool to use.

    The law of the state of Massachusetts requires that a vehicle’s operator maintain certain types of car insurance coverage, such as Bodily Injury Liability limits, of $20,000 per injured person up to a total of $40,000 per accident, and Property Damage Liability coverage with a minimum limit of $5,000. This is referred to as the 20/40/5 minimum for the state of Massachusetts. In addition to the other required car insurance, policyholders in Massachusetts must have $8,000.00 worth of coverage for personal injury protection. Personal injury protection car insurance provides coverage for the medical bills of you and your passengers if you are involved in an accident. Although these are only the minimum requirements, many drivers purchase other policies to increase their coverage. Much of the additional coverage purchased is dependent upon the type of car the motorist owns.

    While there are some states who offer an alternative to obtaining car insurance through a private provider, Massachusetts does not. However, until recently, the government of the Massachusetts has played a large part in governing the Massachusetts auto insurance industry within the state. In the past, the government decreed a maximum on the car insurance rates that could be charged to a consumer. This, effectively, disbarred the car insurance companies from increasing their revenues by increasing rates. This system was removed last year in order to encourage new competition to enter the marketplace. There was a large outcry from Massachusetts car insurance companies who claimed they could not compete with nationwide companies who could offer cheaper rates. At this time, only three major nationwide companies have entered the market. All three have avoided opening local offices or hiring local agents. The majority of their advertising is limited to online websites and the use of 1-800 numbers. Reaction to the program has been mixed.

    How Competition Lowers Your Massachusetts Car Insurance Quote

    Although the mandating of car insurance by state and federal law is not new, the field remains quite competitive. These entire companies’ singular goal is to ensure your business. It can be confusing to decide whether to select a nationally known company or a smaller, statewide operation. Nationwide companies can offer lower rates on your Massachusetts car insurance because of the large scale of their operations. However, smaller companies are better able to provide policies towards a particular sector of consumer (like a woman with children) or they may offer policies that are aimed at the type of vehicle being driven. It is difficult to know where to begin. There are two main advantages to the motorist arising out the fracas – the guarantee to find an affordable price and the advent of customer focused tools. With the Internet being the modus operandi for most people today, most Massachusetts auto insurance websites have an option in which you can receive a free car insurance quote. What the average consumer fails to comprehend is that these quotes, while useful tools, are by no means a guarantee that an auto insurance company will cover you in Massachusetts. However, an online Massachusetts car insurance quote is a good step in doing your research.

    When you happen to find a policy with a company that interests you, you have one of two options. You can either go online to investigate further or you can call an agent. Regardless of which option you choose, you will then be required to answer many questions about your locale and vital statistics. A Massachusetts auto insurance provider will use the answers to these questions to determine the risk they will be taking on in insuring you. This is called your risk factor. Your risk factor directly affects what your car insurance premiums will be. If you are considered at a high risk to be involved in an accident, the auto insurance provider will set your monthly rates at whatever high enough level they deem appropriate. Because the requirement of automobile insurance is government mandated, many Massachusetts consumers feel it is unfair to allow the rates to be charged at will. A Massachusetts car insurance company is a business though and must make a profit as any other business would.

    If the information that you provide when filling out your quote provides a zip code is in the inner sections of a city in Massachusetts, like Boston, MA or Brockton, MA, your rates will likely be higher because it will be thought that you are more likely to be victimized. If your zip code is located in a wealthier city in Massachusetts, such as Cambridge, MA or Fall River, MA, it is thought that you will be more well-to-do and able to pay higher rates on Massachusetts car insurance.

    What Affects Your Massachusetts Car Insurance Rates?

    The crime statistics in your Massachusetts neighborhood will play a part in determining how high your risk factor will be. The financial status of your neighborhood will also help determine how likely you are to be the victim of a crime. The information you provide about your vital statistics will be taken into account when determining your risk factor. By comparing your statistics to the past number of claims by those sharing your characteristics, the car insurance provider can better predict how likely you are to be involved in an accident or other mischief. It is common knowledge that young males under the age of twenty five are considered to be among the riskiest groups to insure. Middle-aged, married women are considered to be among the lowest risk of the groups.

    A Massachusetts auto insurance provider may go so far as to request information about your personal habits like drinking or smoking. For example, if you smoke, the Massachusetts insurance carrier will assume at some point you will smoke in your car. Smoking, while driving, is considered a risky behavior which could potentially distract you from driving and cause you to have an accident. It is important to answer the questions during a Massachusetts car insurance provider’s assessment honestly. Many companies have it written into their policies that if a policyholder is found to have falsified information, like about his or her driving record, that the policy and all subsequent claims can be voided at will. When information about you is being ascertained by the car insurance provider, invariably you will be asked about the kind of car you drive. Car insurance companies across the nation keep statistics about what kinds of vehicles are most commonly involved in crashes and how expensive the repairs to them are. Sports cars often have some of the highest premiums around.

    Now that you are armed with all of this information, it is time to log online to your computer and obtain your free car insurance quote. It is up to you to utilize the tools available to save your money.

    So what are you waiting for? Compare cost and coverage details from the Massachusetts cities of: Boston, Cambridge, Barnstable Town, Fall River, Framingham, Lowell, New Bedford, Newton, Pittsfield, Quincy, Springfield, Worcester and more.

    Apartamentos torredembarra #Apartamentos #torredembarra


    трансферы Реус и Барселона | экскурсии и регулярные рейсы на побережье Коста-Дорада

    • Apartamentos torredembarra
    • Apartamentos torredembarra
    • Apartamentos torredembarra
    • Apartamentos torredembarra
    • Apartamentos torredembarra
    • Apartamentos torredembarra

    Apartamentos torredembarra

    РЕУС от 2€ Барселона от 13,00€

    Apartamentos torredembarra

    Apartamentos torredembarra

    РЕУС от 2€ Барселона от 13,00€

    Apartamentos torredembarra Apartamentos torredembarra

    Apartamentos torredembarra




    Tаррагона, Реус, Салоу, Ла Пинеда, Камбрильс, Вилафортунь, Торредембарра, Алтафулья , Порт Авентура


    • Официальный сервис
    • Многочисленные остановки в городе
    • Гарантийное обслуживание
    • Гибкость расписания

    Apartamentos torredembarra

    Покупайте билеты в Порт Авентура и Аквапарк Коста Карибе.


    Все туры.Plana предлагает Вам экскурсии в Барселону, Валенсию, Андорру и другие интересные места, где сможете провести незабываемый день

    Apartamentos torredembarra


    • Вход включен
    • экскурсия с гидом

    Apartamentos torredembarra32.95

    Apartamentos torredembarra


    • Вход включен
    • экскурсия с гидом

    Apartamentos torredembarra29.95

    Apartamentos torredembarra


    • экскурсия с гидом

    Apartamentos torredembarra19.95

    Apartamentos torredembarra


    • Вход включен
    • экскурсия с гидом

    Apartamentos torredembarra23.95


    сообщить вам маршруты, события, изменения в расписании, новые дороги, и т.д. Перейти к сегодняшнему дню

    СТОП ОТМЕНЕН 08/26/17 БАРСЕЛОНА Грасия

    Пасео де Грасиа 26/08/17

    Apartamentos torredembarra

    Apartamentos torredembarra

    Прекратить отмену в Камбрильсе 25 августа 2017 года

    Прекратить отмену в Камбрильсе 25 августа 2017 года

    От Ribarroja Bellaterra, на побережье Коста Дорада, Плана автобус доставит вас к своим обычным линиям. Проверьте наши графики и останавливается здесь:

    Apartamentos torredembarra

    Покупка билетов

    Сообщаем вам, из всех мест, где вы можете приобрести билеты на транспорт.

    Apartamentos torredembarra

    Apartamentos torredembarra

    Автобусная остановка

    Проверьте нашу карту остановках и выбрать вариант, который соответствует вашим потребностям.


    Общественный транспорт

    Мы являемся официальным общественным транспортом, с нами вы можете отправится в самые важные города Коста Дорады: Таррагона, Реус, Салоу, Порт Авентура, Салоу, Ла Пинеда . Наслаждайтесь поездкой всего за 1’20 € с комфортным и удобным графиком . Информация и продажa в наших в наших официальных пунктах продажи. – это официальный транспорт для Tрансфер из аэропорта Барселоны y Tрансфер из аэропорта Reus в Salou, Cambrils, Tarragona, La Pineda, PortAventura и Costa Dorada.

    Официальная услуга трансферов с :

    Apartamentos torredembarra Apartamentos torredembarra

    Apartamentos torredembarra

    Компания Plana · При поддержке Viatges Plana S. L. GC 449 · C/ Colón, 28 Tarragona

    Case in vendita Firenze, stanze in affitto firenze. #Stanze #in #affitto #firenze

    case in vendita Firenze

    Ricerche immobiliari a Firenze e nei dintorni

    Immobili in vendita a Firenze con:

    Ricerche correlate:

    • Lista
    • Mappa

    Firenze, nel pittoresco quartiere di S. Frediano, proponiamo grazioso ed ampio Bilocale posto al piano primo di antica palazzina. Lappartamento, 55 mq. di calpestio, si compone di ingresso, ampio e luminoso soggiorno con due finestre e cucina a vista, corridoio disempegno notte, grandissima camera matrimoniale, bagno e ripostiglio. Le condizioni g.

    Salva ricerca e ricevi annunci

    tra la stazione s.m.n. e porta al prato gradevole palazzina fine anni 50 , al quarto piano con ascensore , proponiamo validissimo e luminoso cinque vani ( 130 mq circa ) dotato di doppi servizi , terrazzo abitabile , due balconi oltre garage di proprietà e cantina nello stesso stabile. limmobile si presenta in buone condizioni generali in quanto.

    PIAZZALE MICHELANGELO vicinanze. Piccolo terratetto con doppio ingresso indipendente, piano terra, mezzanino e primo, trilocale di 80 mq circa composto al piano terra da doppio ingresso, soggiorno/studio oltre bagno e vano tecnico. Al piano mezzanino angolo cottura, al piano primo zona living, camera, due bagni oltre terrazzo di 12 mq. Termosingolo.

    FIRENZE DALMAZIA, piccola palazzina anni 70, secondo piano con ascensore, tre vani, 60 mq circa, composto da cucina abitabile, soggiorno, camera, servizio, oltre ripostiglio, balcone e posto auto condominiale. Termocentrale. Ottime condizioni generali. Lappartamento è situato a Firenze Dalmazia, in zona ben servita da attività commerciali e servi.

    FIRENZE NOVOLI, Via di Novoli, in palazzina anni 70, quarto piano con ascensore, bilocale (40 mq) composto da ingresso, soggiorno con angolo cottura, camera, servizio, terrazza oltre cantina e posto auto. Medie condizioni generali. L appartamento è ubicato in zona ben servita da attività commerciali e servizi di trasporto, inoltre essendo ad un p.

    CURE ALTE, pressi VIA MAFFIA, proponiamo ottimo appartamento ad un piano alto con ascensore. Lappartamento, situato in un bel palazzo, è molto luminoso, e dal salone gode di una vista stupenda sul Duomo e gli altri monumenti di Firenze. Composto da ampio ingresso, splendido salone doppio, cucina abitabile, due belle camere matrimoniali, 2 servizi.

    LIBERTA – VIA CHERUBINI in importante contesto residenziale , al piano rialzato di gradevole e curato stabile in stile " Firenze Capitale " proponiamo in vendita ELEGANTE E LUMINOSO SEI VANI ( 160 MQ CIRCA ) con DOPPIO INGRESSO oltre due servizi ENTRAMBI FINESTRATI e PICCOLO TERRAZZINO TERGALE ( 10 MQ CIRCA ) ; lappartamento è strutturalmente san.

    BORGO PINTI allaltezza di Piazza dAzaglio , al primo piano di piccola palazzina di moderna costruzione , proponiamo LUMINOSO TRE VANI CON TERRAZZO ABITABILE in buone condizioni generali , ben distruibuito e finestrato ; lappartamento nella sua modesta metratura è abitabile da subito e ha due camere da letto e una cucina abitabile oltre a servizi.

    FIRENZE – VIA PIAGENTINA Centrale, a pochi minuti dal Centro storico, proponiamo appartamento di nuova ristrutturazione al 1° piano con ascensore. Limmobile si compone una cucina abitabile con balconcino, un salotto, una camera da letto e un servizio/lavanderia. Possibilità di realizzare la seconda camera. Per maggiori informazioni rivolgersi a .

    FIRENZE NOVOLI, Villaggio residenziale "Orazio Vecchi", in palazzina anni 70, sesto piano con ascensore, quattro vani (90 mq) composto da sala, cucina, due camere, servizio, ripostiglio, due terrazze, garage e posti auto condominiali. Medie condizioni generali. L appartamento è posto in contesto interno e privato con accesso da cancello automatic.

    VIA DELLA PERGOLA al primo piano di piccola palazzina di moderna costruzione, proponiamo in vendita ARIOSO E LUMINOSO TRILOCALE (50 MQ CIRCA) oltre servizio e GRADEVOLE TERRAZZO abitabile (12 MQ CIRCA). Limmobile, frutto di una recentissima rivisitazione interna che ne ha esaltato la caratteristiche secondo un capitolato in voga nel centro storico.

    Firenze, Via Carlo del Greco, in strada interna, ultimo piano 3,5 vani. Al secondo e ultimo piano, su due livelli, appartamento di 95 mq così composto: ingresso, soggiorno, cucina, camera matrimoniale, bagno finestrato con doccia, balcone con affaccio tergale, al piano superiore soppalco ad uso studio seconda camera da letto. L immobile si present.

    San Frediano appena fuori le mura, in bella e caratteristica palazzina, ampio appartamento di 100 mq al piano terreno con resede privata di 25 mq c.a. limmobile è composto da ingresso, soggiorno doppio, cucinotto, sala da pranzo, 2 camere matrimoniali, servizio. Dalla resede privata si accede ad un ulteriore vano uso lavanderia di 15 mq c.a.. Term.

    FIRENZE SAVONAROLA Pressi, VIA MASACCIO In zona molto servita, in piccola realtà condominiale disponiamo di un appartamento in vendita, 2,5 vani composto da ingresso, sala da pranzo, cucinotto finestrato, camera da letto matrimoniale, ripostiglio soppalcato e bagno. L’appartamento si presenta in buone condizioni interne, è posto al piano terra di u.

    soffiano in prestigiosa strada residenziale bellissimo appartamento al 5 ed ultimo piano con ascensore e termo singolo, luminosissimo e panoramico sulle colline circostanti con un taglio classico, così diviso: ingresso aperto su salone doppio affacciato su profonda terrazza, cucina tinello abitabile con balcone di servizio, nella zona notte tre am.

    FIRENZE LEOPOLDO, bel palazzo anni 70, ultimo piano con ascensore, cinque vani, 90 mq circa, composto da cucina abitabile, sala doppia, due camere, doppi servizi, due balconi, ripostiglio, soffitta e cantina. Termosingolo. Buone condizioni generali. Si vende la nuda proprietà. Lappartamento è situato a Firenze Piazza Leopoldo, in zona servita da .

    Campo di Marte, (Via Gabriele DAnnunzio), in ottima piccola palazzina anni 30, appartamento di complessivi 80 mq attualmente suddiviso in due porzioni indipendenti adiacenti, entrambe in buone condizioni. A) Appartamento composto da ingresso, soggiorno, cucina abitabile con balcone e ripostiglio, camera matrimoniale, servizio, soppalchi ripostigl.

    PIAZZA DELLA LIBERTA – VIA CHERUBINI in importante contesto residenziale, al piano rialzato di gradevole e curato stabile in stile "Firenze Capitale" proponiamo in vendita ELEGANTE E LUMINOSO SEI VANI (160 MQ CIRCA) con DOPPIO INGRESSO oltre due servizi ENTRAMBI FINESTRATI e PICCOLO TERRAZZINO TERGALE (10 MQ CIRCA). Lappartamento, internamente da.

    rif: 2vnovv – a due passi dal parco san donato, vicino a tutti i servizi ed alla nuova travia, adatti ad investitori e a chi cerca la prima abitazione, vendiamo bilocale di 50 mq circa composto da ingresso, soggiorno con angolo cottura con accesso a terrazzo, camera con accesso ad altro terrazino, bagno. il tutto viene consegnato completamente rist.

    Alquiler de apartamentos, casas particulares y habitaciones en La Habana, Cuba, alquiler de casas. #Alquiler #de #casas

    Alquiler de apartamentos y casas particulares en La Habana

    Alquiler de casasAlquiler de casas

    Renta de apartamentos y habitaciones en casas en la Habana, Cuba.

    Casas Particulares recomendadas, Apartamentos en La Habana, Habitaciones dobles y triples en casas de familia en la Habana, todos ubicados, en distintos puntos de la ciudad. es una web que facilita la reserva de alojamientos en La Habana, Cuba, tanto en apartamentos independientes como en casas familiares en la Habana, conocidas como casas particulares..

    Alquiler de casas

    Alquiler de casas

    Alquiler de casas

    Alquiler de casas

    Alquiler de casas

    Alquiler de casas

    Alquiler de casas

    Alquiler de casas

    Apartamentos, Casas y Habitaciones para alquilar en Miramar

    Alquiler de casas

    2 Habitaciones dobles

    Precio: 35 – 40 CUC

    Acogedora terraza y garaje

    Alquiler de casas

    3 Habitaciones dobles

    Precio: 35 – 50 CUC

    Preciosas vistas al mar

    Alquiler de casas

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    Die Whg. verfьgt ьber 2 getrennte Schlafzimmer, 1 groЯe Wohnkьche mit eingebauter Kьche, 1 Abstellraum und 1 Bad mit Badewanne, Waschmaschinenanschluss und WC, sowie eine nach Westen ausgerichtete Terrasse mit ca. 10 m2!

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    Der Mietpreis versteht sich inkl. sдmtlicher BK, .

    Grьnflдchen und dem Einkaufszentrum Sillpark.

    Die Skylofts Pradl bieten Ihnen urbanen Flair und unzдhlige Freizeitaktivitдten in

    Die neuwertige 2 Zimmerwohnung aus 2014 hat ca. 46,70 m2 und besticht durch ihre Hochwertigkeit.

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    Segъn la disposiciуn adicional 72 de la LPGE-2012, a partir del 1 de septiembre de 2012 y con efectos indefinidos, la condiciуn de residente en las Islas Canarias, Islas Baleares y en Ceuta y Melilla, a los efectos de obtenciуn de la bonificaciуn al transporte regular de pasajeros, marнtimo y aйreo, se acreditarб mediante el certificado de empadronamiento en vigor (segъn lo regulado en la Ley 7/1985 reguladora de las bases del rйgimen local, artнculos 15 a 17).

    El certificado de residencia debe ser emitido segъn el modelo definido en el Anexo I del Real Decreto 1316/2001 conocido popularmente como “certificado de viajes”. Dicho certificado tiene una validez de seis meses.

    Residentes espaсoles: Deberбn presentar el certificado de residencia expedido por el ayuntamiento, acompaсado por el documento nacional de identidad (DNI) como documento identificativo. Para los ciudadanos espaсoles menores de 14 aсos que no tengan DNI, solo serб necesario presentar el certificado de residencia del ayuntamiento. Si es residente en Ceuta o Melilla puede beneficiarse de este descuento en los vuelos con origen o destino Sevilla, Mбlaga o Jerez combinados con transporte marнtimo a Ceuta, presentando, ademбs de la acreditaciуn de residente, el billete de transporte marнtimo.

    Residentes extranjeros: Deberбn ser ciudadanos de la UE (Alemania, Austria, Bйlgica, Chipre, Dinamarca, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, Estonia, Finlandia, Francia, Grecia, Hungrнa, Irlanda, Italia, Letonia, Lituania, Luxemburgo, Malta, Paнses Bajos, Polonia, Portugal, Reino Unido, Repъblica Checa y Suecia) o de los paнses firmantes del acuerdo sobre el espacio econуmico europeo: Noruega, Islandia y Liechtenstein, y Suiza. Tambiйn podrбn beneficiarse de la bonificaciуn sus familiares nacionales de terceros paнses beneficiarios del derecho de residencia o del derecho de residencia permanente y los ciudadanos nacionales de terceros paнses residentes de larga duraciуn, que acrediten su condiciуn de residente en las Comunidades Autуnomas de Canarias e Illes Balears y en las Ciudades de Ceuta y Melilla. Deberбn presentar el certificado de residencia del ayuntamiento, acompaсado del documento de identidad (NIE) o pasaporte como documento identificativo.

    En todos los casos, espaсoles o extranjeros, deberбn exhibir la acreditaciуn en los mostradores de facturaciуn, asн como en la puerta de embarque, de lo contrario no podrбn utilizar el billete con el descuento aplicado y deberбn adquirir un billete nuevo. La exhibiciуn de los mismos se entenderб como declaraciуn de responsabilidad del beneficiario sobre la vigencia de sus datos y su condiciуn de residente. La agencia de viajes le podrб solicitar el envнo de la documentaciуn donde acredite que es residente para poder emitir su billete aйreo con dicho descuento. Estos documentos sуlo serбn eficaces a los efectos de acreditaciуn de la residencia, cuando estйn en vigor.

    Dipendenti statali -il Blog – Blog Archive – Inps Richiesta Pin: Come Richiedere ed Attivare il Codice Pin dell – Inps, codice pin dispositivo. #Codice #pin #dispositivo

    Dipendenti statali -il Blog-

    Appunti e riflessioni: La Community dei Dipendenti Statali e Pubblici


    Commenti recenti

    • Ruggero su Rinnovo Contratti Statali
    • simone su Dipendente pubblico prestazione occasionale: è possibile?
    • fedele su Vacanze Studio INPDAP INPSieme Tutto quello che ti serve sapere
    • admin su Dipendente statale si fa rimborsare € 4524,00 di commissioni della cessione del quinto rinegoziata.
    • Fioretti Giovanni su Dipendente statale si fa rimborsare € 4524,00 di commissioni della cessione del quinto rinegoziata.


    Inps Richiesta Pin: Come Richiedere ed Attivare il Codice Pin dell’Inps

    Inps Richiesta Pin: I dipendenti pubblici e statali, ad oggi, hanno la possibilità di realizzare molte operazioni, riguardo i propri documenti, attraverso il sito ufficiale dell’Inps (ex gestione Inpdap), ma per poter accedere ai servizi online dell’ente, è necessaria l’attivazione di un PIN specifico, riservato e personale che permette di accedere all’area riservata dei dipendenti e visualizzare certi documenti oppure realizzare alcune gestioni.

    I dipendenti pubblici, ex inpdap, possono realizzare online tutte le operazioni riguardo la pensione, i ricorsi, pagamenti, contributi, riscatti, maternità, accedere alla modulistica dell’Inps, ecc….Ma prima, come abbiamo appena detto, è necessario richiedere un pin di accesso.

    Inps Richiesta Pin: Come ottenere la chiave di accesso?

    Questi sono i passaggi da fare per accedere ai servizi online dell’Inps, ex gestione inpdap:

    Inps Richiesta Pin

    – Per richiedere un pin, i dipendenti pubblici devono andare sul sito ufficiale dell’Inps e cliccare sul bottone IL PIN ONLINE (vedi immagine)

    – Una volta dentro, il portale offre la possibilità di ottenere il primo pin, un pin nuovo in caso di smarrimento oppure attivare il proprio pin. Inoltre, è presente in questa pagina un ulteriore servizio per la conversione del pin. Infatti, alcuni servizi online, quali ad esempio le domande di prestazioni, necessita che il PIN sia di tipo dispositivo.

    – Per ottenere fare l’Inps Richiesta Pin è necessario cliccare su Richiedere un nuovo pin e il portale ti chiederà il codice fiscale e la residenza, così da controllare la tua identità.

    – Se la procedura dell’Inps Richiesta Pin ha esito positivo si apre una pagina che ti avvisa che l’assegnazione è stata effettuata con successo” . Al centro della pagina hai i PRIMI 8 CARATTERI alfanumerici del codice PIN. Gli 8 ricevuti saranno ricevuti tramite posta ordinaria.

    La prima volta che questo pin viene utilizzato, il portale obbliga alla modifica del proprio PIN. Compare un avviso che invita a generare un nuovo codice, leggi attentamente l’avviso, poi click su Avanti per continuare e generare (in automatico) il nuovo codice, che sarà quello definitivo.

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    Avant dutiliser une pharmacie en ligne, il est nécessaire daller à votre médecin et assurez-vous que votre prescription est toujours valide. Sans une prescription valide, il sera presque impossible dobtenir une pharmacie en ligne, qui est légitime, à vous expédier tout type de drogue. Une fois que vous avez fait en sorte que votre prescription est toujours valide, vous devez envoyer votre prescription à la pharmacie en ligne que vous avez choisi. Ceci est pour vous assurer que votre ordonnance est valable, ainsi que pour vous assurer que vous nêtes pas essayer dobtenir des médicaments que vous navez pas besoin. Certaines pharmacies en ligne peuvent vous permettre de passer une commande pendant que votre compte est toujours en attente pour une prescription. Votre commande sera toujours assemblé, mais il ne sera pas livré jusquà ce que vos ordonnances ont été vérifiées avec votre médecin.

    Il est important que vous ne choisissez une pharmacie en ligne qui est légitime. Certaines pharmacies en ligne, autant que vous pourriez penser quils sont légitimes, sont des escroqueries réellement. Cest exact, il y a des pharmacies en ligne qui peuvent essayer de voler votre argent et des renseignements personnels. Vous pouvez obtenir autour de ces sites frauduleux en faisant en sorte que la pharmacie en ligne est de bonne réputation. Vous devriez être en mesure dappeler la pharmacie en ligne et avoir toutes réponses à vos questions. En outre, vous devriez être en mesure de trouver des critiques positives en ligne de leurs services. Si vous ne pouvez pas faire ces deux choses, la pharmacie en ligne que vous essayez de commander à partir est le plus probablement dune arnaque.

    Une fois votre ordonnance a été vérifiée, votre commande sera expédiée à partir de la pharmacie en ligne entrepôt. Les pharmacies en ligne utilise ces entrepôts car il aide à garder leurs frais généraux faibles. Vous aurez besoin dêtre à la maison quand la prestation est, comme la plupart des entreprises de bonne réputation exigent quune personne de plus de 21 ans avec lidentification soit présent. Parfois, vous pouvez communiquer avec votre pharmacie en ligne et les configurer votre Viagra ou dautres prescriptions sur lauto-recharge. Cela permettra dassurer que vous obtenez des recharges rapides envoyés à votre porte juste au moment où vous en avez besoin. Afin de se qualifier pour cela, vous aurez besoin davoir des recharges sur votre ordonnance, sinon, vous devrez contacter votre médecin pour avoir une autre prescription avec des recharges écrites. Maintenant que vous savez comment acheter du viagra en ligne, nous espérons que vous serez en mesure déconomiser de largent et profiter de vous-même plus.

    The Average Car Insurance Rates by Age, average car insurance rates.

    #Average #car #insurance #rates

    The Average Car Insurance Rates by Age

    Average car insurance rates


    Average car insurance rates vary widely depending on the age of the driver. When all other factors are the same or equal, older, more experienced drivers pay lower premiums than younger drivers. In order to better illustrate how age affects car insurance rates, here is a sampling of rates collected from for a 2004 Honda Civic LX. For the purposes of this comparison, the vehicle has been paid off (no loan) and has a manual transmission. The owner is male and drives the vehicle an average of 40 miles per day.

    Coverage for our comparison includes a full comprehensive and collision policy that includes standard coverage limits in most states.

    Policy Coverage Limits

    • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: $100,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
    • Property Damage Liability Coverage: $50,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
    • Medical Payments Coverage: $10,000 per person, no accident cap
    • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage: $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident
    • Uninsured Property Damage Coverage: $50,000 per accident

    Deductible Amounts

    • Uninsured Motorist Deductible: $500
    • Comprehensive Deductible: $250
    • Collision Deductible: $250

    The sample policy also includes coverage for towing and standard rental-car coverage. As for the driver, he has no tickets or infractions in 5 previous years and has an average credit score.

    Drivers Aged 24 Years and Younger Averages

    For drivers under the age of 24, rates for this automobile on a 6-month policy are as follows:

    Drivers Age 25 to 29

    For drivers age 25 to 29, the average rates for the same 6-month coverage and with the same vehicle are:

    Drivers Age 30 to 39

    For drivers age 30 to 39, the average rates for the same 6-month coverage and the same vehicle are:

    Drivers Age 40 to 49

    For drivers age 40 to 49, the average rates for the same 6-month coverage and the same vehicle are:

    Drivers Age 50 to 59

    • Travelers Insurance: $480
    • Direct Insurance: $868
    • Esurance: $1,032
    • Safeco Insurance: $1,058
    • Compare Car Insurance Quotes

    Senior Citizen Policy Considerations

    When drivers reach the age of 60, pricing for car insurance starts to make less sense. Some companies reward our most experienced drivers with lower rates, while some choose to start charging senior citizens higher premiums. Here are the rates for the same coverage as above.

    • Travelers Insurance: $529
    • Direct Insurance: $838
    • Esurance: $1,022
    • Safeco Insurance: $1,053

    As you can see, Travelers Insurance charges about 10 percent more for seniors than it does for drivers in their 50s. The other three companies offer very minimal reductions in premium rates charged to senior citizens.

    Women’s Policies are Cheaper

    All of the above price comparisons are for male drivers. Women drivers always enjoy slightly lower rates for the same coverage. This is because most major insurance carriers consider women safer drivers than men. Until age 55 or so, women usually enjoy a 10% rate reduction versus men. After age 55, the gap closes to only about a 5% cost difference.

    Related Questions and Answers

    Does Car Insurance for a Senior Citizen Automatically Go Down, or is it Only AARP Discounts?

    Seniors often enjoy great car insurance discounts as long as they do their homework and maximize their opportunities. While AARP is the best-known car insurance discount for seniors, there are others available, like AAA, that offer discounts. Other opportunities include enrolling in and passing a defensive-driving course and maintaining a good driving record. Some seniors may also find they’re spending less time on the road and this can make them eligible for a low-mileage discount. Deals for senior citizens vary by insurance company, so ask your insurance carrier about the discounts available for senior drivers.

    Related Articles

    Average car insurance rates

    Georgia Insurance Quotes, auto insurance quotes georgia.

    #Auto #insurance #quotes #georgia

    Empire State of Mind: Georgia Insurance

    In the Empire State of the South, pride and tradition goes back past the manners of Scarlett O’Hara and up through Bulldogs football, the 1996 Olympic Games, and beyond. Protecting your traditions is more than a mindset; it’s a fiscal necessity. Georgia insurance is one thing you should never overlook, whether this means protecting yourself against frustrated commuters in Atlanta or preparing your home for hurricane damage. If you take the time to compare Georgia insurance quotes, you’ll discover that great coverage at affordable prices is far from “gone with the wind.”

    Homes around the Peach State, from the hills of Savannah to the streets of Macon, cost an average of $746 per year to insure. But you can find lower Georgia home insurance quotes if you make your home safer. Enhancing your home’s fire protection with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers can lower that premium to $634. Anti-theft protection such as deadbolt locks and an alarm system often leads to savings up to 10%. These steps make fiscal sense, because you never want to leave your home unprotected against severe weather. Hurricane winds, and the heavy rains they carry, are always a danger in Georgia. Check your policy to determine the amount of coverage you have against wind damage-especially the coverage for important possessions. And consider a flood policy as well. Flood damage is rarely covered in a home insurance policy, as these damages fall under federal (FEMA) regulations. The extra coverage will raise your Georgia insurance quotes, but the losses you may suffer without such coverage are worth the moderate savings.

    If you’re headed to see the natural wonders of Okefenokee Swamp, or to enjoy an afternoon Braves games, reckless driving isn’t just speeding or carelessness on the road; it means driving without insurance. State law requires at least a 25/50/25 policy: bodily injury liability limits of $25,000 per injured person up to a total of $50,000 per accident, and property damage liability coverage with a minimum limit of $25,000. If you fail to show proof of insurance of at least these minimum levels, you’ll face a $25 lapse fee, an additional registration fee, and possibly a six-month registration suspension. And once you purchase a policy, safe driving keeps your costs low. A 35-year-old man in Atlanta will see his Georgia auto insurance quotes jump as much as $300 a year if he gets a speeding ticket. Make smart choices. You’ll find that a clean driving record and good credit history go a long way. And when you shop around, consider placing multiple drivers on a single policy. In Macon, a 28-year-old woman can save hundreds of dollars a year simply by adding her husband to her car insurance policy.

    The right protection is out there for home, auto, life, health and business insurance if you compare enough Georgia insurance quotes. A free service like makes the process easy by allowing you to enter your information one time. You can see the financial effect of combining your home and auto policies, or changing your profession, or any number of other considerations. If you crunch the numbers and make informed decisions, you’ll feel as unstoppable as Herschel Walker on the goal line.

    Georgia Insurance Information By City:

    Acceptance Insurance, Florida, cheapest car insurance florida.

    #Cheapest #car #insurance #florida

    Florida Auto Insurance – Get a Free Quote Online

    Cheapest car insurance florida

    Acceptance knows what makes a great Florida auto insurance policy: outstanding value for the money and first-rate customer service. We offer value to our customers with a diverse selection of auto insurance products, so you can get the policy that’s right for your needs, including these fundamental types of coverage:

    • Florida requires drivers to carry at least $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 of property damage liability coverage.

    Basic Liability Coverage

    Drivers in this state are legally required to carry Florida auto insurance with at least the basic property damage liability coverage. This type of insurance covers the other driver’s property in the event of a collision for which you are at fault. Most serious collisions are far more expensive than that though, so it’s a good idea to consider additional coverage. However, Florida does not require bodily injury liability coverage. This means that if you are at fault in an accident and the other driver incurs accident-related medical expenses, your insurance would not cover any of it. Bodily injury liability insurance is highly recommended in Florida so you will be covered in case of an at-fault accident.

    Personal Injury Protection

    In Florida, all drivers are legally required to purchase personal injury protection, or PIP. This covers the majority of medical expenses for you and your passengers, regardless of who is at fault in an accident. This coverage also covers, in part, lost wages, all replacement services such as child car, housekeeping or lawn work. It also provides a death benefit.

    Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

    Adding comprehensive and collision protection to your policy is a smart move. A comprehensive and collision policy will cover your property repair and replacement costs following an accident – not just the other driver’s – and you can even add rental car coverage. Comprehensive coverage applies to things like fire, theft, vandalism and other types of damage, as well. If you’re worried about the monthly payments, Acceptance has you covered. You can always choose a higher deductible to lower your policy premiums.

    Uninsured Motorist Coverage

    If you want to know that you’re covered in the event of an accident, regardless of the other driver’s insurance status, you will need to add uninsured motorist coverage to your Florida auto insurance policy. This type of coverage will protect you from the high costs of medical bills and repairs resulting from collisions with drivers who were not carrying insurance, or who had inadequate coverage for the scope of the damage. Acceptance Insurance offers a range of uninsured motorist coverage to suit your needs.

    Texas Renters Insurance, cheap car insurance in san antonio tx.

    #Cheap #car #insurance #in #san #antonio #tx

    Texas Renters Insurance

    Nationwide offers competitive renters insurance rates to protect your belongings.

    Search all Texas Agents

    Texas Links

    From the bustling streets of Houston to the cultural hub of Dallas to downtown El Paso, Texas is a wonderful state to rent a home. You get the best of everything, but are you protecting your rental property and belongings in the best way possible? With Texas renters insurance from Nationwide, you can rest assured you will safeguard what’s most important to you. Our insurance policies are flexible and dependable, and we offer renters insurance discounts to help members save even more. Get started on your renters insurance quote today.

    Cheap car insurance in san antonio tx

    Renters insurance coverage

    With Nationwide renters insurance coverage, you enjoy the security of knowing your belongings may be covered if stolen, damaged or destroyed.

    Cheap car insurance in san antonio tx

    Discounts on renters insurance rates

    Save money on Nationwide renters insurance coverage with these renters insurance discounts.

    Cheap car insurance in san antonio tx

    Take advantage of Brand New Belongings ®

    Get coverage that protects your belongings for their full value with Brand New Belongings.

    Find local agents in your neighborhood

    We have Nationwide agents throughout Texas. Find your local agent.

    Nationwide offers reliable renters coverage across Texas, including renters insurance in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and more. Get affordable, reliable coverage that can be customized for your needs.

    Here are a few policy features that may meet the needs of Texas renters:

    • Valuables Plus ® 1 insurance may cover items such as jewelry, watches, antiques and fine art in the event of covered losses, including theft.
    • Medical payments renters insurance may cover others’ medical expenses resulting from an accident on your property.

    Nationwide agents throughout Texas are ready to assist you. Select your city below to find an agent near you.

    Don’t see your city? Visit our directory of insurance agents in Texas to find one near you.

    Get a free Texas renters insurance review

    Nationwide wants you to have the best renters insurance coverage at the best price. That’s why we offer our members a free, annual insurance assessment. Our On Your Side ® Review can help you:

    • Increase or decrease your deductible(s)
    • Determine the renters insurance coverage options that are right for your budget and situation. For instance, do you want to add additional coverage? Have you installed a protective device that could qualify you for a discount? The On Your Side ® Review is an opportunity to make such updates to your policy.
    • Review our responsive renters insurance claim policy

    Call Nationwide at 1-877-On-Your-Side and get your Texas renters insurance quote today.

    Nationwide coverage in Texas

    Nationwide offers more than just great renters insurance in Texas. Learn more about our home, auto and motorcycle policies below.

    [1] Valuables Plus is an optional feature. Exclusions and limits apply. Details vary by state and policy language. Please consult your policy for the specifics of your selected coverages.

    Insurance terms, definitions and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which control coverage determinations. Such terms may vary by state, and exclusions may apply.

    Préstamos personales, Créditos personales, creditos personales online.

    #Creditos #personales #online

    creditos personales online

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    Contenido más popular

      • ¿Puedo consultar online el registro de ASNEF? 229 vistas
      • Protección de Datos sanciona a Banco Cetelem y Eurocrédito 216 vistas
      • Préstamos desde 5000 a 30.000 euros 165 vistas
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    Enlaces Recomendados

    Oferta de préstamos por provincia

    Nube de Conceptos


    Novedades & Noticias

    En los últimos años los préstamos de capital privado han evolucionado notablemente, anteriormente se caracterizaban por su rigidez.

    No se trata de una quimera, aún en tiempos de crisis es posible obtener préstamos personales en buenas condiciones, para ello es.

    El sector de los préstamos rápidos se ha posicionado como el de mayor crecimiento porcentual en la industria de la inversión crediticia.

    Préstamos personales

    A raiz de nuestro último artículo: Préstamos personales baratos ¿Cómo conseguirlos? hemos recibido bastantes consultas y preguntas.

    Se trata de una financiera online que ofrece préstamos rápidos sin aval de hasta por 300 euros si no eres cliente habitual o hasta.

    El mercado de los préstamos y créditos de pequeño importante es inmune a la crisis, no hay más que ver como cada poco tiempo se.

    Preguntas frecuentes

    Sí. Conviene recibir asesoría especializada o conocer en detalle los los derechos de los clientes bancarios antes de contratar un.

    Recientemente hemos recibido varias consultas preguntandonos acerca de la tarjeta Moduscard de MasterCard, las personas que nos han.

    De forma continuada podemos observar ditintas ofertas de intermediación financiera independiente sobre en páginas web o sitios de.

    Reunificación de préstamos

    En opinión de la Agencia Negociadora de Productos Bancarios, un tercio de los embargos hipotecarios, se evitarían a corto plazo con.

    La reunificación o refinanciación de deudas es uno de los servicios cuya demanda más ha crecido durante los últimos años de crisis.

    Con la crisis financiera, son muchas las personas que han caído en un bucle de préstamos e hipotecas que dificulta el día a día.

    Notas de Prensa

    El descenso de los créditos tradicionales, por parte de las entidades bancarias continúa. Los nuevos créditos para la adquisición.

    Indudablemente las familias españolas no desean continuar endeudándose sino que, por el contrario desean quitarse deudas de en medio.

    Farmers Insurance: Get a Home, Life – Auto Insurance Quote, group life insurance quotes.

    #Group #life #insurance #quotes

    Get a quote

    Includes personal service from a Farmers agent.

    Browse products for your needs

    Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    On a Disaster Recovery Mission

    After Hurricane Harvey battered the Texas Gulf Coast, this Marine Corps veteran headed to Houston to help: “We’d bang on roofs and listen for people inside.”

    Group life insurance quotes Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Farmers Mobile App

    An easier, smarter to access your insurance anytime, anywhere.

    Group life insurance quotes Group life insurance quotes

    Group life insurance quotes

    Ask Alexa about FarmersВ®

    Connect with us using your Alexa device.

    Group life insurance quotes Group life insurance quotes

    Give Feedback Group life insurance quotes opens in new window

    Group life insurance quotes opens in new window

    Group life insurance quotes

    return link 1 Life insurance issued by Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, 3003 77th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

    Products features may not be available in all states may vary by state. Restrictions, exclusions, limits, and conditions apply.

    Simulador de Préstamos Personales y Créditos Hipotecarios, simular prestamo.

    #Simular #prestamo

    Simulador de Préstamos Personales y Créditos Hipotecarios

    Parece tarea difícil acceder a los préstamos hipotecarios en Argentina desde hace mucho tiempo. Lo cierto es que la oferta es mucho menor que la demanda, y eso hace que sea muy complicado ser uno de los selectos beneficiarios de los préstamos hipotecarios.

    A pesar que otros más afortunados han accedido, este tipo de financiación ofrece la posibilidad de conseguir la vivienda propia a través de préstamos hipotecarios a tasa fija, tasa variable o mixta. Entre estas opciones los bancos en Argentina prestan dinero a tasas más altas que la de nuestros vecinos y a cuenta gotas.

    Es bueno aclarar que a diferencia de los créditos personales, los préstamos hipotecarios aplican tasas de interés menores porque el inmueble que se quiere adquirir será la garantía con que contará el banco en caso de impago. Hasta la finalización de la vida del préstamo hipotecario, el inmueble estará “hipotecado” en favor de la institución financiera.

    Simulador de préstamos hipotecarios

    Para acceder a los préstamos hipotecarios, no basta con tener ganas de comprarnos una casa, sino que debemos tener la capacidad financiera de poder pagar las cuotas mensualmente, y para eso nuestros ingresos deben ser altos porque la relación cuota/ingreso no puede superar el 30%.

    Si le interesa simular un préstamo hipotecario, antes analice cuales son sis ingresos y egresos fijos, los compromisos que ya tiene contraidos y su situacipon laboral.

    Si está dentro del selecto grupo de los que si puede hacer frente a la cuota hipotecaria, y quiere simular su proestamo hipotecario, tenga en cuenta algunos datos que deberá cargar como Monto del Préstamo, Duración del Préstamo, Interés Anual y Periodicidad de Pago

    Aquí podrá simular su préstamo hipotecario y analizar cuanto pagará de cuota mensual.

    Simuladores de préstamos

    Los simuladores de préstamos son herramientas que nos permiten hacer cálculos previos a la contratación de una hipoteca. Este tipo de aplicaciones son muy valiosas porque podemos utilizar en casa para hacer diferentes operaciones posibles para que cuando vayamos al banco tengamos diferentes alternativas estudiadas.

    Los datos suelen ser siempre los mismos, importe que pediremos, tasa de interés, el plazo y la periodicidad de las cuotas. Recuerde simular su préstamo con los datos que el banco le ofrece para poder tener el resultado más exacto posible.

    Préstamos con Veraz

    La palabra Veraz genera miedo entre muchos porque tienen temor de aparecer marcados allí. Lo cierto es que si alguna vez tuvo algún producto financiero contratado o servicios, sus registros, buenos o malos estarán allí. Aparecer en el Veraz puede conllevar un dolor de cabezas, siempre y cuando haya sido un “mal pagador” si ha estado al corriente con sus deudas, deberá estar tranquilo que no estará en la famosa “lista negra”.

    Si está interesado en solicitar préstamos en bancos o entidades financieras supervisadas por los organismos de control, éstas instituciones si consultarán con el Veraz su historial crediticio y eso no está para nada mal, porque si nos otorgan esa financiación, el banco estará dispuesto a ofrecernos dinero porque sabe que lo devolveremos.

    Ahora bien, si ustede está en el Verz porque ha sido un deudor compulsivo, en el sistema financiero formal no encontrará lo que busca y deberá caer, con riesgo, es sitios donde le ofrecen préstamos sin Veraz, pero de escasa reputación…

    Préstamos sin Veraz

    Los préstamos sin Veraz son aquellos que ofrece las financieras o aquellos acuerdos entre particulares que no están encuadrados bajo las reglas del sistema financiero formal.

    Estos acuerdos suelen realizarlos las personas que están marcadas en el Veraz y que no pueden solicitarlo en un banco. Uno de los inconvenientes de este tipo de transacciones es que las condiciones suelen ser poco ventajosas para que necesita el dinero. Los prestamistas aplican tasas de interés muy altas en este tipo de operaciones.

    Créditos personales

    Si usted ya utilizó nuestro simulador de créditos personales sabrá cuanto le financiarán y bajo que condiciones, en caso que todavía lo haya disfutado, se lo recomendamos. Los créditos personales se pueden conseguir en la mayoría de las instituciones financieras del país ya que las líneas de préstamos están abiertas en pesos para la mayoría de las personas que pueden demostrar ingresos fijos.

    Los créditos personales se consiguen a tasa fija o variable a plazos razonables. Si usted es un asalariado en relación de dependencia, los conseguirá facilmente en el banco donde le acreditan los haberes y bajo mejores condiciones, bajo la modalidad de préstamos nómina.

    Los créditos personales se puede conseguir con mínimos requisitos, presentando DNI, un servicio a nombre del titular, recibos de sueldo y sin presentar garantía o aval y suelen descontarnos als cuotas directamente de la cuenta bancaria que tenemos radicada en el banco.

    Tipos de préstamo

    Si busca financiación las alternativas son variadas y dependerá de la finalidad del préstamo para saber que oferta le conviene pedir. Los tipos de préstamo están segmentados perfectamente y cada uno estpa dirigido a un público específico. Antes de solicitar un crédito, consulte que tipos de préstamos están ofreciendo en el mercado y cual es el más adecuado para usted. Las alternativas son préstamos para vivienda, préstmos para autos, préstamos para pymes, préstamos para microemprendimientos, préstamos para negocios, préstamos para empresas, préstamos para emprendedores, préstamos prendarios.

    Préstamos para vivienda

    Productos de financiación dirigidos exclusivamente a la adquisción o mejora de vivienda, comercio o terreno. La tasa de interés es menor que la de otros créditos porque el bien que se hipoteca es la garantía ante un impago.

    Préstamos para autos

    También denominados prendarios, su destino es la adquisición de un vehículo. Generalmente los bancos tienen acuerdos con las empresas automotrices para este tipo de ofertas.

    Préstamos para pymes

    Un segmento en crecimiento ya que las pequeñas y medianas empresas pueden acceder a la financiación para capital de trabajo o expansión del negocio.

    Préstamos para microemprendimientos

    Son productos de financiación que otorgan los bancos y también organismos e instituciones estatales que desean fomentar el desarrollo de los pequeños inversores que desean comenzar un negocio y no tienen dinero para hacerlo.

    Préstamos para negocios

    Dirigido a los emprendedores que quieren ampliar su negocio o expandir sus franquicias.

    Préstamos para empresas

    Financiación exclusiva a para aquellas compañías que necesitan una inyección de dinero para expandir su negocio o financiar su día a día.

    Préstamos para emprendedores

    Modalidad que crece constantemente porque cada vez más personas se lanzan a conquistar diferentes mercados. Es necesario demostrar el plan de negocios para que el banco o la institución gubernamental apoye la iniciativa.

    Préstamos prendarios

    Es una herramienta de financiamiento que le ofrece una institución financiera a un cliente (prestatario a través de dinero que equivale a un porcentaje del valor de un bien mueble que se entrega en garantía.

    ¿Cuáles son los bancos que ofrecen más préstamos?

    Si bien todos los bancos ofrecen préstamos en la actualidad, las condiciones financieras difieren entre ellos y según el destino del crédito, existen instituciones que tienen mejores ofertas que otras. Sin embargo, los bancos públicos, suelen ser más baratos a la hora de financiar. Hemos destacado las siguientes entidades de crédito.

    Préstamos Banco Nación

    La oferta de préstamos del Banco Nación es muy importante. Las tasas son fijas, variables o mixtas, dependiendo del destino del crédito en pesos. Conozca cuánto pagará por su crédito utilizando el simulador de préstamos de Banco Nación.

    Se pueden conseguir préstamos del Banco Nación para jubilados y pensionados, personales, hipotecarios, para pymes y empresas, etcétera.

    Préstamos Banco Ciudad

    Otra de las instituciones públicas que ofrece créditos es el Banco Ciudad. La oferta del Banco de la ciudad de Buenos Aires es muy amplia y tiene destinos exclusivos como “inquilinos”. También tiene créditos hipotecarios, para emprendedores, personales y prendarios, entre otros. Si necesita verificar el costo de la financiación con este banco, lo invitamos a ver el simulador de préstamos de Banco Ciudad.

    Préstamos Banco Provincia

    El Bapro también tiene muy buenas ofertas en préstamospersonales, hipotecarios o para compra de automotores. Como el resto de las instituciones financieras, las mejores condiciones las ofrece para los clientes que acreditan haberes en el Banco Provincia. Además, tiene líneas de financiación exclusivas para empleados de la administración pública.

    Préstamos Banco Hipotecario

    Historicamente este banco fue pionero en la financiación de viviendas. Sin embargo, poco a poco también fue expandiendo su oferta a otras aéreas y tiene muy buenos productos en préstamos personales. Al igual que otros bancos ofrece la posibilidad de contratar créditos online y puede ver a continuación el simulador de créditos del Banco Hipotecario.


    #B&b #stazione #napoli

    B&b stazione napoli

    Napoliday è un bed & breakfast situato nel centro della Città di Napoli, nel lussuoso quartiere di Chiaia, il più elegante ed esclusivo, vicino al lungomare, alle boutiques delle grandi marche e ai migliori ristoranti, e a breve distanza a piedi dalle attrazioni artistiche e culturali rinomate in tutto il mondo. Il bed and breakfast è facilmente raggiungibile dalla stazione ferroviaria e dall’aeroporto.

    Il bed and breakfast è posizionato vicino al porto di Napoli, consente di organizzare le proprie escursioni nelle più belle località di Napoli e della regione campania: Sorrento, Pompei, Capri, Ischia, Positano.

    Le camere sono spaziose e arredate con gusto e stile, creando un atmosfera calda e accogliente che ti aspetti di trovare in un b&b e che renderà piacevole il tuo soggiorno a Napoli.

    Sono dotate di tutti i confort: bagno privato, tv color, aria condizionata, minibar, riscaldamento e connessione WiFi gratis. Per chi desidera una maggiore autonomia,il b&b Napoliday propone i residence: appartamenti bilocali completamente arredati ed attrezzati con angolo cottura, ideale per trascorrere un soggiorno di affari o una piacevole vacanza a Napoli. I servizi di Napoliday,come nei migliori hotel e alberghi, includono connessione WiFi in tutte le camere, nei residence e nelle aree comuni, parcheggio a tariffa convenzionata, prenotazioni ristoranti, teatro, musei, noleggio auto, moto, biciclette e barche, escursioni e gite nelle città e isole.

    prenotazione ristoranti, teatri e musei, noleggio auto, moto biciclette e barche.

    Servizi a pagamento:

    Parcheggio convenzionato “Gran garage”, aperto 24h;

    Organizzazione di visite guidate presso: siti archeologici campani (Pompei, Ercolano, Paestum, Baia, Vesuvio, etc), Napoli sotterranea e San Gregorio Armeno (centro storico, chiese e monumenti, botteghe artigiani del presepio), Capri, Ischia e Costiera Amalfitana (Sorrento, Postano, Amalfi Ravello, etc).

    Prendere la tangenziale ed uscire a Fuorigrotta proseguire per Piazzale Tecchio, Via Giulio Cesare. dopo avere attraversato la Galleria Posillipo, proseguire per Via Caracciolo (lungomare), Piazza Vittoria, Riviera di Chiaia , Via Carducci, fino a Piazza dei Martiri, e infine Via S. M. Cappella Vecchia.

    Navetta Alibus sino a Piazza Municipio. Da qui, autobus C25 e scendere a Piazza dei Martiri.

    Linea 2, direzione Pozzuoli. Fermata Piazza Amedeo. A 500 mt, Piazza dei Martiri e Via S. M. Cappella Vecchia.

    FachГјbersetzungsdienst GmbH, Гњbersetzung FranzГ¶sisch Deutsch, FranzГ¶sisch Гњbersetzer, französisch deutsch.

    #Französisch #deutsch

    Französisch Übersetzungen

    Französisch deutsch

    Übersetzung Französisch Deutsch mit Qualitätsgarantie

    Die Fachübersetzungsdienst GmbH hat sich auf Französisch-Übersetzungen von Texten und Dokumenten der Anwendungsgebiete Industrie Handel, Wissenschaft Technik sowie auf beglaubigte Übersetzungen amtlicher Urkunden spezialisiert. Unsere Französisch-Übersetzer sind ausnahmslos akademisch geschult, verfügen über ein breites Allgemein- sowie über spezifisches Fachwissen, um Ihre Texte adäquat ins Pendant der Zielsprache zu übersetzen. Ein mehrstufiger Prozess der Qualitätssicherung gemäß ISO 17100 rundet jeden Übersetzungsvorgang ab. Wenden Sie sich einfach an unseren Kundenservice und erhalten Sie einen Kostenvoranschlag.

    Гњbersetzung FranzГ¶sisch – Deutsch

    Französisch deutsch

    Französisch zählt ohne Zweifel zu den wichtigen, weil viel gesprochenen Sprachen der Erde. Über 220 Millionen Französischsprecher weltweit, davon nahezu die Hälfte Muttersprachler, untermauern diesen Status der französischen Sprache. Im Rahmen der Kolonialisierung hat sie sich auf allen Kontinenten entweder als Hauptsprache, zumindest aber als Nebensprache erfolgreich durchgesetzt. War es bis ins vergangene Jahrhundert vornehmlich en vogue, Französisch zu sprechen, ist das Französische heute Kommunikationsbasis in über 50 Ländern der Welt. Gern unterstützen wir Sie bei Ihrem Übersetzungsvorhaben. Sie wählen Ihr Einsatzgebiet, wir garantieren den passenden Französisch-Übersetzer.

    Französisch deutsch

    Französisch nimmt in Europa als eine der Hauptsprachen in der Europäischen Union eine besondere Rolle ein. Politik und eng vernetzte Wirtschaftszweige erfordern eine zielorientierte Kooperation, sowohl in mündlicher als auch schriftlicher Form. Unser Übersetzungsbüro hat sich das Ziel gesteckt, diesen Ansprüchen durch den Einsatz hochqualifizierter Französisch-Übersetzer und Lektoren gerecht zu werden, um Sie so in der Kommunikation mit Ihren französischen Partnern bestmöglich zu unterstützen. Selbstverständlich wird ausschließlich in die eigene Muttersprache übersetzt. Lokale Mundarten wie das kanadische und karibische Französisch, oder aber verschiedene französische Dialekte Akrikas werden zielgruppengenau eingearbeitet. Fordern Sie einfach Ihr kostenloses Angebot an.

    Französisch deutsch

    Suchen Sie einen gГјnstigen FranzГ¶sisch Гњbersetzer? BenГ¶tigen Sie eine beglaubigte Гњbersetzung FranzГ¶sisch-Deutsch von Text, Dokument, Heiratsurkunde oder Geburtsurkunde durch einen vereidigten Гњbersetzer oder mГ¶chten Sie eine technische Гњbersetzung von Bedienungsanleitung, Gebrauchsanweisung, Werbetext, Pressetext, BroschГјre oder Flyer anfertigen lassen? Unser FranzГ¶sisch ГњbersetzungsbГјro bietet weiterhin die Гњbersetzung von Fachtexten aus Medizin und Technik in der Kombination Deutsch-FranzГ¶sisch und FranzГ¶sisch-Deutsch an. Sie benГ¶tigen die Гњbersetzung einer Webseite oder eines Webshops? Sie mГ¶chten einen Lebenslauf, AGBs oder einen Vertragsentwurf Гјbersetzen lassen? Ob Patenturkunde, Abschlusszeugnis oder technische Dokumentation – unsere FranzГ¶sischГјbersetzer werden Sie zu Гјberzeugen wissen.

    Carena Zimmervermietung Friedrichshain – Carena Girls – Bordell Puff Berlin, verleih hüpfburg.

    #Verleih #hüpfburg

    verleih hüpfburg

    Wir bleiben wach bis die Wolken wieder Lila sind!

    bis 8.00 Uhr frГјh

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    neue deutsche Girls:

    sehr schlanke XENIA,

    hГјbsche, blonde NICKI

    Im Osten geht die Sonne auf . 🙂 Wir sind meistens noch da, wenn andere bereits Feierabend haben.

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    immer nette Girls Unterhaltungsdamen

    030 /4264445 oder

    Du bist bei uns jederzeit

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    CARENA StraГџmannstr. 29

    10249 Berlin – Friedrichshain

    Sei unser Gast und fГјhl Dich besser wie zu Hause

    Seit 1993 – stundenweise Zimmervermietung in Berlin – Friedrichshain

    Fotos der Girls

    D u kannst uns auch eine nette Email schreiben

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Carena= einzigartige, lustige Atmosphäre • zwanglos • viele hübsche Girls • Party oder Diskret= egal • gern auch Junggesellen • . ein Besuch lohnt sich!

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg

    Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg Verleih hüpfburg

    Rauchen, SpaГџ und *Gute Laune* erlaubt 🙂

    Liebe Gäste . Carena hat auch im Jahr 2018 für Euch geöffnet !

    Jobs in Frankfurt am Main, regionale Stellenangebote aus dem Stellenmarkt von, unternehmen frankfurt am main.#Unternehmen #frankfurt #am #main

    Stellenangebote aus Frankfurt am Main

    1. Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Unternehmen frankfurt am main

  • Auto s, Suzuki – Auto s, suzuki auto.#[replace: – #-Suzuki auto]

    suzuki auto

  • Suzuki auto

    SUZUKI Splash 1.2 63KW Exclusive

    Sittard (LIM) Bedrijf 2009 Benzine Oranje 138278 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Swift 1.3 Shogun/5 Drs/Leer/Airco/2006/Apk15-9-2018

    Veenendaal (UT) Bedrijf 2006 Benzine Zwart 147657 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Alto 1.0 Exclusive Aut. Airco Slechts 4.300 KM

    Sprang-Capelle (NB) Bedrijf 2009 Benzine Zwart 4300 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Splash 1.0I TREND 5DRS.

    Emmen (DR) Bedrijf 2009 Benzine Grijs 96206 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Alto 1.1 GL Spirit, 5-Deurs! APK 10-2018! 120.000km, Zuinig, NAP

    Heerhugowaard (NH) Bedrijf 2002 Benzine Rood 120870 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Swift 1.2 DYNAMIC EASSS | NAP | Airco | Cruise | Lichtmetaal | 5drs | Led

    Emmen (DR) Bedrijf 2015 Benzine Zwart 62337 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Swift 1.3 exclusive ***nieuw binnen*** (bj 2009)

    Almelo (OV) Bedrijf 2009 Benzine Oranje 69925 km

  • Suzuki auto

    SUZUKI Alto 1.0 68pk Comfort Plus Airco

    Hapert (NB) Bedrijf 2013 Benzine Wit 75670 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Swift 1.3 Shogun 5DRS | Airco | Zeer nette auto!

    Vaassen (GLD) Bedrijf 2007 Benzine Zwart 110058 km

  • Suzuki auto

    suzuki wagonr 1.3 automaat te koop

    Zaltbommel (GLD) Particulier 2000 Benzine Groen 182835 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki SX4 1.6 Expressive RIJKLAARPRIJS (bj 2013)

    Roosendaal (NB) Bedrijf 2013 Benzine Grijs 34530 km

  • Suzuki auto


    Loon op Zand (NB) Bedrijf 1999 Benzine Groen 44662 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Swift 1.3 EXCLUSIVE Climate Control, Cruise Control

    Leiden (ZH) Bedrijf 2009 Benzine Blauw 40548 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Swift 1.2 5-D AUTOMAAT 1.2 EXCLUSIVE VOL!

    Schoonhoven (ZH) Bedrijf 2012 Benzine Wit 95770 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Celerio 1.0 RHINO

    Rouveen (OV) Bedrijf 2017 Benzine Grijs 2852 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Z egrave; egrave;r mooie Suzuki Ignis 1.3 met airco!

    Nuenen (NB) Bedrijf 2005 Benzine Blauw 198694 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki wagonR+ met veel optie’s en weinig km

    Langerak (ZH) Particulier 2000 Benzine Rood 133100 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Alto 1.1 GLX JUBIL Eacute;E 2//STUURBEKRACHTIGING!!

    Erica (DR) Bedrijf 2005 Benzine Rood 146460 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Swift 1.2 Comfort*Airco*Nieuw model*Z.G.O.H

    Enschede (OV) Bedrijf 2011 Benzine Wit 92150 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Swift 1.0 Eco

    Andelst (GLD) Bedrijf 2002 Benzine Blauw 81672 km

  • Suzuki auto


    Boxmeer (NB) Bedrijf 2016 Wit 24774 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Splash 1.2 Exclusive

    Heerlen (LIM) Bedrijf 2009 Benzine Wit 106318 km

  • Suzuki auto

    Suzuki Alto 1.1 GL MOTOR DEFECT

    Ochten (GLD) Bedrijf 2004 Benzine Rood 185919 km

  • Suzuki auto

    SUZUKI Sx4 1.6 Shogun

    Sittard (LIM) Bedrijf 2008 Benzine Grijs 92845 km

    #tags#[replace: -,-Suzuki auto]#tags#