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#Accidental death mortgage insurance \ #Video

#Accidental #death #mortgage #insurance

#Accidental death mortgage insurance  #Video, REMMONT.COM

Accidental death mortgage insurance

Helping over half a million protect life’s precious moments

Helping over half a million
protect life’s precious moments

Safeguard yourself, your family and your home

MaxLife Multiplier

Lifetime insurance coverage for up to 3 times the sum assured.

MaxTerm Value/​MaxTerm Value (CI)

Term life protection plan which offers high coverage at an affordable premium. Option to include critical illness coverage.

Smart Life/Smart Supreme

Term life protection plans with guaranteed acceptance.

ElderShield Comprehensive

Supplement your basic ElderShield with higher benefits while stretching coverage up to a lifetime, to help you lessen the financial burden and provide greater peace of mind.

GREAT SupremeHealth

A MediSave-approved Integrated Shield Plan which covers hospital and surgical expenses.

GREAT TotalCare

Complements GREAT SupremeHealth to cover up to 95% of your total hospitalisation bill.


Standalone hospitalisation plan which provides hospital cash benefits.

MaxMaternity Care

Covers hospital care and pregnancy complications for mother and child.

Great PA (New!)

With up to S$500,000 accidental death and total permanent disablement benefit, Great PA provides you and your family an all-rounded coverage in the event of accidents.

PA Cashback Plus

Receive up to S$150,000 in the event of accidental death or total permanent disablement. 50% refund of premium at the end of every 5 years. 24-hour worldwide coverage.

PA Supreme

Receive up to S$500,000 in the event of accidental death or total permanent disablement, and up to $50,000 for emergency medical evacuation or repatriation. 24-hour worldwide coverage.

PA Protect

Receive up to S$250,000 in the event of accidental death or total permanent disablement. Optional child rider to cover infectious diseases. 24-hour worldwide coverage.

Junior Protector Plus

Protects you and your child against medical and hospital bills should accidents occur.

Explorer Travel Insurance

Reimburses for travel inconveniences, disruptions and medical expenses.

AutoWise Car Insurance

Competitive car insurance premiums with up to $50,000 personal accident coverage.

Mortgage Insurance

Choice of single or regular premium payment. Option for premium refund.

Complements fire insurance with protection against physical loss of or damage to household contents and renovation.

Protects building structure, home fixtures and fittings as well as household contents against unfortunate events.

Provides all the necessary coverage required by Ministry of Manpower for your maid while protecting your responsibility as an employer.

Build towards your financial goals

GREATLife Generation

Guaranteed lifetime monthly income to supplement your lifestyle needs.

MaxRetire Income

Guaranteed monthly retirement income for 20 or 35 years

Flexibility to pick a later payout age for higher monthly retirement income.

PremierLife Generation II

A single premium plan with guaranteed lifetime monthly payouts from the 5 th policy year onwards and a lump sum inheritance for your next generation.


Guaranteed monthly retirement income for 20 years

MaxEdu Goal

Guaranteed yearly payouts to fund your child’s university education, with premiums starting from just S$104 monthly.

GREATLife Endowment Insurance

Multiply your returns and enjoy flexibility to meet your changing life goals.

Pay premiums over 5 years, 10 years or 15 years.

MaxEndowment Insurance Special

Now enhanced with higher returns. For a limited time only.

10-year policy term.

Pay premiums only for the first 5 years.

MaxGrowth Enhanced

15-year policy term.

Pay premiums only for the first 5 years.

MaxAdvance Payout

15-year policy term.

Pay premiums only for the first 10 years and receive yearly payouts starting from the 2 nd policy anniversary.

PrimeGold Bonus 2

15- or 20-year policy term.

A single premium plan with the flexibility to receive yearly cash payouts for 10, 15, or 17 years.

MaxGrowth Plus

12-year policy term.

Pay premiums only for the first 6 years and receive yearly payouts from the end of the 2 nd policy year.

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Important Information

This document does not take into account your particular investment and protection aims, financial situation or needs. You may want to seek advice from a financial adviser before committing to buy the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a financial adviser, you should consider whether the product is suitable for you.

Buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value payable, if any, may be less than the total premiums paid.

This document is for general information only. It is not a contract of insurance or an offer to buy an insurance product or service. It is also not meant to provide any insurance or financial advice. The specific terms and conditions of the plan are set out in the policy documents. If you are interested in the insurance policy, you should read the product summary and policy illustration (available from us) before deciding whether to buy this product.

We do not guarantee, represent or warrant that any of the information provided in this document is accurate and you should not rely on it as such. We do not undertake to update the information or to correct any inaccuracies. All information may change without notice. We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly in connection with or as a result of you acting on the information in this document.

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