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Our parts locator books are specialized directories of parts dealers, brokers, salvage yards, etc. Each book is broken down into categories (engine, interior, transmission, body parts, etc), and each listing will also specify the vehicles and years covered.

So, the bottom line is this, if you can t find the part or parts, you want, within 30 days, using these sources, using the sources in our parts locating guides, you can return it, and we will cheerfully refund the purchase price of the book. Yes, it s that easy!

Or, just like our printed locator books, our new CD-ROM part finder guides are organized and easy to use. Keyword Searchable information about everywhere to find NOS (if available), OEM Reproduction, Used, or Aftermarket parts for your automobile, truck, motorcycle, semi-truck, recreation vehicle, all terrain vehicle, snowmobile, guns, aircraft, helicopters, assistive technology devices, automobilia, classic car investment guide, auto locator service, literature, military vehicles, novelty, and more. The National Parts Locator Books are the largest single soources of front-end parts, engine parts suspension parts, sheet metal, body parts, chassis parts, frames, brakes, steering parts, interior parts, decals and tags, rubber parts, heater/ac parts, convertible parts, glass accessories, literature, alarms and much more. Anything from 1895 to the present. Or you can browse entire sections, just like the old paper version of our parts locator directories.

Looking for a piece of trim for your old Buick? Or an old ashtray for your DeSoto? How about an engine part for your Muscle car? Our Directories will give you many sources to shop from, and this can save you lots of time and money. If you use the CD-ROM, no more greasy pages, wasted phone calls, and no more swap meets, (okay, forget the swap meet comment, we still love to go either way!)

We will still continue to offer our good old fashioned paper books for our many non-technical customers who aren t into computers. But, for our new generation of enthusiasts, this is definitely for you!


Our books are the largest source of parts information on or off the net.

Guaranteed or your money back.

Over 40,000 copies sold!

25 years plus of research to find almost every parts source for just your kind of car.

Organized to find your parts easily, quickly and cheaply.

Hundreds of specialty NOS, reproduction and used parts dealers just for your car.

More options than you ve ever had: 10 clock rebuilders, 25 suppliers of engine parts, 15 that sell your carburetor, and more.

Separate sections for different parts of your car: body, interior, trim, engine, rubber, suspension, driveline, etc.

List of companies that just restore or rebuild parts.

Salvage yards that cater to old car hobbyists.

Literature dealers and clubs.

Not just 1 source. but 10 or 20!

Some National Parts Locator Books:

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