May 15 2018

5 Best Navigation Systems – Nov, auto gps.#Auto #gps

Best Navigation Systems

Auto gps

A large-screen GPS with all the bells and whistles. The very best GPS product on the market today.

Seven-inch touch screen. Optional voice activation. May be linked to cellphone via Bluetooth.

Some users may prefer a smaller screen, but we found it to be just the right size.

Auto gps

An excellent entry-level device from a reputable company. The best deal for the lowest price.

Clear, responsive screen. Easy mount (via suction cup). Highly reputable maps.

Only covers the lower 49 states. Maps for other regions must be purchased separately.

Auto gps

It’s technically advanced and Driver Alerts are a tremendous bonus, but minor glitches make the previous Nüvi models a better value.

Extensive feature set includes school zone, red light, and speed camera warnings.

Not all “new” ideas are improvements. Map updates can be frustratingly slow to load.

Auto gps

Fast signal acquisition and excellent accuracy, but some owners feel the learning curve is steeper than it should be.

3D images provide a more recognizable “real world” view. Touch and voice controls work well.

Must link to smartphone for traffic data, but not all phones are compatible.

Auto gps

A high-quality GPS system from a European manufacturer. Voice recognition is one of its major benefits.

Hands-free voice recognition. Night-driving mode offers clarity in the dark.

Suction cup cannot be removed. Screen may appear washed out in daylight.

We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

Shopping Guide For Best Navigation Systems

Almost every smartphone can act as a GPS, but there are definite advantages to having a dedicated dash- or window-mounted navigation device for your car. Not only do they deliver valuable, focused information, they also have features designed to make your journey safer. Best of all, they re very affordable. But how do you know which of the dozens of models on the market is right for you?

The BestReviews team thrives on this kind of question. Through independent, in-depth research, we find answers that help you make the right decision when it s time to buy. You can trust us because we don t accept products directly from manufacturers. We remain unbiased by purchasing the same products available to you, straight off the shelf.

After extensive testing out on the road and in our own lab, our product specialists selected the five models above for their market-leading performance and competitive prices. If you re ready to buy a GPS for your car, these are the products that meet our standards.

You ll notice we only featured two manufacturers, and that s unusual for us. However, these two companies provide all the leading products. For a better understanding of features of navigation systems, read the shopping guide below.

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