Jun 29 2020

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Car dealer

Elite car dealer websites with finance integration, SEO module and stock updates.

Simple and easy to use Websites for Car Dealers

From only £450 + VAT per year!

We maximize your reach

With feeds to 3rd-party advertisers






Promotional video for your car dealership

Car Dealer 5 offer sensibly-priced promotional video packages to showcase either your showroom and / or your forecourt.

Ideal for your website homepage to engage your potential customer using state of the art equipment to capture what your dealership is really about.

Using Edelkrone advanced technology and a DJI Inspire 2 Drone with the stunning X5 camera even the shortest of storyboard videos won’t disappoint.

We create bespoke

Car Dealer Websites

From our Responsive packages through to our Elite, each design can be tweaked to your liking. Colours can be changed, layout adjusted and many options can be selected making each site unique. We currently offer over 20 cutting-edge website designs with lots more in the pipeline. All new Elite packages have our built in SEO module as standard to boost your search engine placement.

All Car Dealer 5 packages have unique finance integration kits which can be activated at the flick of a switch. This allows any integration from Ivendi, Codeweavers, Evolution Funding and Santander to be up and running instantly.

All of our latest car dealer website designs are GDPR friendly, fully-responsive and utilise the very latest technologies. All forms have a GDPR statement with tickbox and record consent accordingly to the dealer..

Our administration system is fully-responsive which means you can upload and manipulate your stock on the go through your phone.

Car dealer

Car dealer

Car dealer

Choose Car Dealer 5 for car dealer websites and automotive web design under three packages. Responsive, Super and Elite car dealer website packages for dealers who don’t want to pay over inflated prices. From only £450 per year you get a professional looking motor trader website that allows traders to add website content and stock. A responsive administration system means you can add / edit and delete your vehicle stock on the go.
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