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Buchanan auto park

Buchanan Auto Park, Inc.

Auto Repair & Service, Auto Dealers – Used Cars

Buchanan Auto Park, Inc. Reviews ( 4 )

——— Forwarded message ———-
sans-serif;”>From: of Metro Washington DC Date: Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 9:16 AMSubject: Fwd: Complaint #[redacted])To: [redacted] ———- Forwarded message ———-From: [redacted] Date: Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 9:10 AMSubject: Complaint #[redacted])To: “[email protected]” [redacted]Good Morning:I am in response to the above subject complaint (#10667475).As of yesterday, I have received a $100 check from Buchanan Auto Park. My complaint has been resolved.Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Have a great day.[redacted]

Review: I purchased a vehicle from this dealership and they told me that they did not use [redacted] Blue Book for trade in value, this week I received a notice from this same dealership that says use [redacted] Blue Book and that is why used for the value of my car. When purchased my car from them they gave me almost $4,000.00 less then the [redacted] Blue Book value. They only wanted to take advantage of me back then by telling me they did not use that value resource to determine the value of the vehicle.Desired Settlement: I want the $4,000.00 that they shorted me when I bought my vehicle with my trade in value being $4,000.00 less than the [redacted] Blue Book that requested that they used bit denied using for false sales practices

Review: My 2013Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has had repeated issues. I have recieved Check Engine Light code P06DD shortly after receiving vehicle. After the dealer stating problem could not be replicated, changing the oil filter (for free. ), replacing the oil pump, replacing the oil filter housing, the problem has reoccured. Neither the dealership nor Chyrsler have satisfactorily resolved the situation, and are not interested in replacing the vehicle. In addition to the above repairs, the vehicle has had the following faults in 24000 miles:

Transmission Valve Body

Multi Function Wiper Switch

Wireless Control Module

Drivers Seat RepairDesired Settlement: I believe this vehicle should be replaced with a one tier higher Wrangler Unlimited. This issue has been going on for far too long, with the dealer not being able to successfully repair the product. Chysler has only offered $300 as a resolution to the situation, which no where near covers the time my wife and I have lost. I am not interested in receiving money, I only want a reliable Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

November 15, 2013

Please be aware this complaint has been addressed to wrong company it should have been addressed to the above company and address. Please make whatever necessary corrections.

We have determined that the customer’s Jeep has a condition that has been challenging to resolve. Condition that set the code has not been present while in our shop which makes it more difficult to diagnose accurately. We have worked with Chrysler tech support to diagnose and make recommended repairs. Chrysler has redesigned the oil pump since the first time it was replaced and recommended that it be replaced again with the new part number. The customer’s vehicle is been repaired as of this date she has been provided a rental vehicle each time theirs has been in our shop.

The sales manager did speak to the customer the day she was here to get an idea on what it would cost her to trade the Jeep she is having problems with. She was presented with a deal that would have been a no profit deal for our company in a good faith effort to assist our customer. She was not happy with that, in fact wanted what she paid for hers or nothing. She asked what to do next I gave her another telephone number at Chrysler that she could call and escorted her back to service and turned over to Service Manager.

I am rejecting this response because:

Several areas of this response are incorrect:

The error code did occur while in the possession of the service manager, [redacted]. Also several of the other non repetitive issues were present and even discovered by service personnel [redacted] as well as a technician (name unknown to me.)

Rental vehicles were not provided on the following dates

January 8-January 11th 2013

Jeep was in for service Code P06DD.

Jeep was also in for service code P06DD

The deal initially offered by the dealership changed upon our return.

The deal initially offered by the dealership was decreased due to “this vehicle will just be going back to Chyrsler, I can’t sell it” ([redacted])

Upon attempting to negotiate work hours and time lost during above rental periods, **. [redacted] proceded to hang up on my wife.

It has come to my attention that **. [redacted] has no concern with respect to the, or the dealerships rating of F. I have yet to find the owners information as I would like to bring this to his attention, as this dealership has not fulfilled the contractual obligations based on what they have signed.

**. [redacted] also did not provide the Chrysler contact number, as we have been in contact with Chrysler several weeks before **. [redacted] was involved.

Buchanan auto park

Buchanan auto park

Buchanan auto park

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