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Post bail

Post bail-Post bail
Answer If you are asked to post bond and as far as I…

What does post bond mean?

If you are asked to post bond and as far as I know this only happens in the US, then that bond is paid for out of cash. There are people in the bond business that post bonds at a rate to be paid back when the person returns to court.

What is a bond-?

A bond is what is used to post bail for someone after they have been arrested. It is a security item. A home may be used for collateral for a bond.

Can you post bond in one county for a warrant in another county?

No, you must post it with the county in which the individual is being held. Roger Moore’s first post-James Bond movie was Fire, Ice and Dynamite.

What does bismuth bond with?

Bismuth is number 83 on the periodic table and is a post-transition metal. It should bond with elements in column 3.

If a Michigan res >

Depends if Michigan & Indiana have a reciprocity agreement. If you had to post bond / post AAA card to the police officer at the time of the ticket, then there is not a reciprocity agreement, meaning they do not share driver information. Michigan & Ohio do NOT have such an agreement. You will have to post bond / post AAA card on the roadside in Ohio.

What are the requirements to Bond as an Executor?

It depends on the state. Not all states require an executor to post a bond and bond amounts vary by states. In any case, the bond is meant to serve as protection against fraud or embezzlement by an executor.

Do you get a bond if you have FTA?

The answer depends upon two factors. First, will the court permit another release on bond. Secondly, will someone agree to post the bail bond providing the court permits it.

What does it mean to call a bond?

A bond is “called” when it is redeemed.

What does 14K bond mean?

14,000,000 bond for jail .

Will you get arrested if you post bond?

If you are ‘wanted’ for another, separate offense than the one for which you are posting bond, yes, you can be re-arrested on the new charge.

On an arrest form under Bond what does SUR mean?

Surety Bond (a type of bond)

If you want to post bail with a property bond is it better to wait to do so after the preliminary hearing and or before it goes to grand jury also can the county revoke and or amend bond amount after?

(1) The defendant’s bond amount will be set at arraignment. If you don’t post it at that time they will remain in jail until someone does put the bond up. Your choice. (2) Yes, the bond amount CAN be amended by the court (raised or lowered) after it is initially set.

What does the word Post mean?

Post as in post before a word means after, whereas pre means before. Also post can mean sending mail in britain. As in you post a letter.

What does post mean in history?

I expect you mean that ‘post’ translates as ‘behind, after, later, subsequent to’. So as an example, post 2000, would mean after the year 2000.

What does the term personal recognize mean?

The term personal recognizance refers to a specific bond that is used within the court system. A person who is granted personal recognizance is allowed to post bail until the date of their trial.

Can a soldier bond out a person with a drug and firearm charge?

Same as any other person- yes, if they post their bond. You need to talk to a lawyer and a bail bondsman.

What does it mean for type of bond PTS?

what does a court bond PTS stand for

When you post bail and turn yourself in 3 days later do you still have to pay the total bail amount?

Question is unclear. Did the questioner post their own bail or did they hire a bailbondsman? Why did they surrender themselves? If they posted their own cash bond, the bond should be returned (eventually) to them. If they employed a bailbondsman, they will owe them the fee for borrowing and using his bond money.

What is an xr bond in the courts?

An XR bond is a bail bond type used by the Marion County Indiana Superior Courts. The XR bond is a split (or hybrid) bond consisting of a commercial surety bond posted by a bail bondsman and a 10 % personal recognizance bond. As an example lets say the court orders a $10,000 XR bond. In order for the bond to be posted a bail bondsman must post a $5000 surety bail bond (charging $500)…

Can you insure yourself for your car and how?

Yes, Most U.S. states will allow you to post a cash bond to meet your Financial Responsibility Requirements. You will need to research your states minimum requirements to determine the amount you need to post. Automotive Self Insurance Yes, You can post a cash bond in most U.S. states to meet your Financial Responsibility Requirements. You should contact your states Department of Motor Vehicles to determine the required bond amount for posting.

What does post in post date mean?

Is clash a synonym for bond?

Yes, clash is a synonym for bond because clash and bond mean the same thing.

What is a notary bond?

Notaries in most states are required to post bond, ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. The bond is obtained through an insurance agent and lasts for the full term of office (4 years in most states).

How do you get letter of administration to be given bond as of administratrix in?

You must petition the probate court to be appointed the administrator of the estate. If you are appointed you will need to post a bond and you will be issued Letters of Administration.

Is hydrogen an ionic bond?

If you mean is the bond in hydrogen gas, H2 ionic then the answer is no.

What happens when you are picked up on a warrant from another county and can’t post bond?

You stay in jail.

Do you have to live in the state of KY to be the administrator of an estate?

No, there is not a residency requirement. You may have to post a bond for the court.

If the defendant is being held in Texas can he post bond on a out of state charge and how?

Contact a local bondsman.

What type of bond is a junk bond?

A junk bond is one which is of very high risk. This type of bond will mean that a person may never get the money back which they invest into the bond itself.

What does metallic bond mean?

The bond which is formed the array of positive ions and sea of delocalised electron is called metallic bond.

Can someone found guilty get out on an appeal bond?

yes you can get out on an appeal bond if you are sentenced. but it is up to a judge . the judge will assess your danger level and chances of winning an appeal. you will have to post a bond of some monetary ammount . This also depends on which state you are in.

What does prefix post mean?

the prefix post means after

What does post mean in medical terms?

post means after

Where can one find some I Bonds rates?

One can find I bond rates at their local post office. The post office always has these on hand, and they will be happy to bring it out and show it to you.

What is ex post facoto?

I think you mean ex post facto, which is latin for “after the fact” I think you mean ex post facto, which is latin for “after the fact”

If you post bond to get out of jail do you get that money back when you go to court?

Not at that time. As long as you are allowed to be “out on bond” during the course of the trial, rather than held in jail, the bond will remain in effect. You will not be able to get your bond returned until the case is concluded and you’re are found either guilty or not guilty.

What is a bond in a school?

Private Career School, Post Secondary School and Occupational Schools are required to demonstrate fiscal soundness and financial strength by providing a Private Career School Bond, Post Secondary School Bond or Occupational Surety bond, to either the Department of Education or the Obligee (state entity requiring the bond) with a statement by a CPA confirming financial strength that the Private School desiring to operate is bonded and of adequate means, and the owner(s) have sufficient capital…

You bonded out daughters boyfriend they are now married Can you revoke the bond?

Yes, if you are the one who posted the bond money, you can witdraw it, but it will lhave the effect of putting him in jail, unless he can get a bailbondsman to post the bond in replacement of yours. Contact the Court Clerk’s office.

What Does 200 CS Jail Bond Mean?

it is a cash bond, you pay the whole bond cant use a bailbonds man,the number in front is the amount of the bond,ie 200 means its a $200.00 bond.

Can you post bail under eighteen?

No, a person must be eighteen to post bail. Posting of bail bond is a contractual agreement and the parties must be eighteen to enter into a valid contract.


Post bail


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