The Best Used Cars under 5000 Dollars on Craigslist Cars, used cars under 5000.#Used #cars #under #5000

The Best Used Cars under 5000 Dollars on Craigslist Cars

When searching Craigslist I like to look at all the options that are available for the buyers this way they can have some flexibility with used cars to purchase. Many buyers opt to choose their cars by the brand name such as Nissan Sentra, Honda Accords etc. Some of the best used cars under 5000 are seen as commuter cars, which are not always the case.

If you wish to purchase a used vehicle under $5000 you are looking at potential to buy a used luxury vehicle. My Infiniti G35 was sold at a price of $5000. Many people asked me why I sold it at that low price. The main reason was that I was looking to make a quick sale. There were a few small problems with my car. Kelly Blue Book priced the car at an excellent price, for only $6800. I figured since the new owner of the vehicle will still have to do a few repairs I sold the car for $5000. One good thing about the vehicle is that the mileage on the car was only 147,000 and it was still in good condition. Before I decided to sell the car I had the brake pads replaced and added a new set of tyres to it. It was still a bargain!

You will be amazed at the types of luxury cars you will stumble upon for just under $5000.I like searching for Used cars on Craigslist. The main keywords I use are best used cars under $5000. If I’m looking for a luxury car such as Audi, Lexus or BMW I search for them by name. Below you will find a few of the best used cars for 5000 dollars that I have stumbled upon on Craigslist.

If you are looking for a reliable, good condition vehicle that will take you from point A to point B than here are a few other options that are available when it comes to the best used cars under 5000. I personally recommend these used cars below if you are seeking reliability, value for your price and good quality in a vehicle.

Most Reliable Cars and List of The Best Used Cars Under 5000 Dollars

Volvos from the early 90s to the late 90s When browsing Craigslist I often see Volvos. They are usually priced at $3000-$5000. Obviously with these cars you need to perform some regular maintenance. These cars have an average of 25 mileages per gallon. This is by far the most reliable cars and it comes with a high safety rating.

Dodge Neon’s If you look on Craigslist it sells for the average price of approximately $4000-$5000. You can compare these cars to Honda Civic the only thing that makes it different is the amount of torque. The mileage on this vehicle is roughly 110,000 to 130,000 miles.

Used cars under 5000

Dodge Neon Cars For 4000 Dollars

Joint venture vehicles – What’s great about these vehicles is the fact that have similar features as a Toyota Corolla for a few dollars less. You can check out the late 90s to the early 2000s Geo Prism if you are looking to purchase very reliable used cars under 5000.

I have a few friends that owned Ford Taurus for the past few years without have any major problems with the vehicle, which would make it an excellent vehicle I would say.

1 Used Cars US Wide Cheap Cars Auctions Used Cars For Sale, used cars for cheap.#Used #cars #for #cheap

used cars for cheap

Used cars for cheap

Used cars for cheap


Used cars for cheap

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Used Cars For $5000 or Less, Online Auctions, used cars under 5000.#Used #cars #under #5000

Sell find cheap used cars in USA

Used cars under 5000

Vehicles listed online at auction

Used Cars Under $5000

If you are wondering where to find cheap used cars for under $5000 dollars, then check below these for sale online at auction. These vehicles have prices for $5000 or less, and many of the area ready to be sold from now on for the price shown. Keep in mind that these vehicles are from all makes and body styles, and they are located across the country. If you want to see cars for sale for less than $5k in a specific location or from your favorite make, please use the drop down menus or the menu bar on the left side of this page. These listings are updated everyday, so if you don’t see a vehicle you like, please come back soon to check what’s new. Keep in mind that these auctions are provided by eBay. If you place a bid, you will be responsible for the transaction in case you win it. On eBay, bids are legal contracts, and you’ll have to be able to pay the price you’re offering. Please read the auctioneer terms and conditions first before bidding for a car.

Used cars under 5000

Vehicles By State

Vehicles By Make

Used cars under 5000

Used 1997 Ford F150 1997 Ford F150 Xl V8 Ladder Rack Tool Box Starting At Only $1300 At Auction

Used cars under 5000

Used Lincoln Mark Series Lincoln Mark Vii Lsc Starting At Only $4000 At Auction

Used cars under 5000

2012 Nissan 370z 2012 Nissan 370 Salvage Repairable Wrecked Project No Reserve Auctioned For Less Than $3100

Used cars under 5000

Used Buick Lesabre 2004 Buick Lesabre Custom 86k Free Snow Tires Starting At Only $3300 At Auction

Used cars under 5000

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 47 V8 Ho Auctioned For Less Than $5000

Used cars under 5000

Honda Odyssey Ex 35l 3rd Row Minivan 2003 Honda Odyssey Auctioned For Under $3300 Dollars

Used cars under 5000

2009 Ford Ranger Xlt 2009 Xlt Used 23l I4 16v Automatic Rwd Pickup Truck Auctioned For Less Than $5000

Used cars under 5000

Mercedesbenz Cclass C320 2004 Mercedesbenz C320 Auctioned For Under $5000 Dollars

If you aren’t satisfied with the list of cars, SUVs, trucks or minivans for sale under $5000 at auction exhibited above, either because their location, conditions, colors or prices don’t fit your need, you can also check for more cars for sale under $5000 by owner and dealers but not at auction, or what’s easier, try our car search tools at the top and bottom of this page to find the cheapest used cars for sale in USA. Please keep in mind that these vehicles listed above are for sale online at auction on eBay to the best bidder. Once you bid for one of them, you can go to negotiate directly with the dealer or owner. It is recommended to read first the terms and conditions of these auctioneers before you bid for a car.

Cheap Motors – Cheap Used Cars For Sale, cheap cars for sale.#Cheap #cars #for #sale

Cars Under a Grand Save £100’s on all these cars

Cheap cars for sale

Cheap cars for sale

Cheap cars for sale

Cheap cars for sale

Cheap cars for sale

Cheap cars for sale

Cheap cars for sale

Cheap cars for sale

Cheap cars for sale










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When choosing which used car to buy, it is vital to research a particular model thoroughly. On paper, a second hand car may look ideal but could be a dud with poor long term reliability, build quality and deprecation.

Check lists such as the JD Power Survey which are created by polling owners about what their cars are like to live with. You will find some surprising results – Mercedes has fared badly in recent times; shocking considering its pedigree.

The advantages of sourcing a cheap used car online are many – there’s a huge choice of cars for sale, stock is updated on a daily basis; there’s something to suit any budget; and prices can be compared with ease. Before deciding if you’ve found a bargain, do double check where the seller is located.

If you’ve found a cheap used car, any savings you could make may be offset by the costly delivery/pick up expenses if the seller is several counties away.

Viewing used cars online either at dealer websites or at is becoming the norm for sourcing second hand cars. Check any ad thoroughly though – for instance, if the ad features no mileage details, then it will most likely have done many, many thousands of miles.

Also, research the seller – use a search engine to see if any upset customers are venting their spleen by posting angry comments online about particular dealers.

When phoning a private seller about their second hand car, make sure it is to a landline i.e. their home, not just a mobile number. Start with “I am calling about the car for sale”. If they reply “which one?”, be wary – it could be a dealer flogging cheap cars they can’t shift due to poor condition. If the seller wants to show you a used car anywhere but outside their own home, it may mean that they don’t want you to know where they live because the car is dodgy.

  • Whether you buy a used car through an online ad or via an auction site, it is essential to have a HPI check carried out. This checks if the car has a ‘history’ – whether it is stolen, is a write-off or has any outstanding finance owing on it.

    Also recommended is a vehicle inspection. This does cost in excess of one hundred pounds but that investment could save thousands in hidden repair costs later.

  • Never pay the asking price until you’ve actually seen the used car you’re buying. After all, does the car tally with the ad? Are the service records in order? Does the mileage reflect the car’s appearance? Excessive stone chippings can betray its age. Also check that the car’s VIN number matches the log books.

    Finally, before you buy a car, go to the AA’s website, which offers a printable document that includes a legal contract for the seller to sign.

  • Buy and sell new – used cars safely, used cars for cheap.#Used #cars #for #cheap

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    Used cars for cheap

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    Used cars for cheap

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    Used cars for cheap

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    Used cars for cheap

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    BMW reveals limited-edition M3 CS

    Used cars for cheap

    BMW has lifted the lid on its all-new M3 CS – a more aggressive and more powerful variant of the standard M3 saloon. On-board is a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine producing 454bhp, a jump of 10bhp over the standard car. From standstill to 60mph takes just 3.7 seconds – half.

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    Used cars for cheap

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