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Fresher Than Ever: AC Schnitzer Upgrades the Recently Premiered BMW 3-Series

Believe it or Not This Uprated BMW 1-Series is Incredibly Powerful! Covers 0-100 km/h in 4.5 Seconds!

What Makes 2016 Honda Pilot So Safe?

2016 Honda Pilot received the highest 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). But this is not all: 2016 Pilot also earned the TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) when equipped with the optional crash prevention system, which makes it the first three-row SUV machine with such high achievements and ratings. Honda Sensing, available for Pilot EX trim levels and above,

Volvo Introduces XC90 R-Design Model

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AC Schnitzer BMW 1-Series

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WIMMER KTM X-Bow R Limited Edition

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Find a Dealer

Are you a Dealer? Join our Online Dealer Showroom.

Looking for new markets and buyers for your cars? The HMN Online Showroom is the answer.

The Online Showroom will promote your cars to over 2.5 million unique visitors a month on www.hemmings.com – the most comprehensive online resource for the collector-car enthusiast.

Our current web traffic generates over 22 million page views a month, and in a recent survey, we asked our worldwide Internet audience why they visit www.hemmings.com . 61% replied they plan to buy a car(s) within the next 12 months; their age is between 45-54, and 49.8% have incomes between $75,000 and $249,999. They are serious, qualified buyers and your potential customer.

Annual and open terms (30 days) are available.

Features of the program include:

    Multi-level pricing based on your inventory

Multiple packages available to fit your needs Host pages with all your cars

We provide detailed contact information and a live link to your web site. Individual online photo ad for each vehicle in classified search pages

Buyers find your cars both on your pages in the Showroom and in the general classified search with a direct link to your showroom. Individual detail page for each car

Up to 25 photos and 1000 characters of description plus brand new videos option ! “Email The Dealer” Option

Potential customers can email you about a particular car with just a click. Free Banner

Our art department will design a banner with your artwork for your pages. This continually promotes your business name. Make Instant Changes

Update your inventory 24/7 with your password OR upload cars with an electronic feed process. Earn Frequency Discounting toward print advertising

12-month online agreement ensures 12X discount on display print ads in Hemmings publications Confidential vehicle activity report

Track how often a car has been viewed in the last 7 days and within the last 30 days – Personal access 24/7.

There is no better value for your advertising dollar than the Hemmings Online Showroom! To find out more about the program, please fill out the information form or call Collins Sennett (800-227-4373 ext 79662). Your business and cars will be affiliated with Hemmings Motor News – the world’s largest Collector Car Marketplace, serving the industry for over 50 years!

Contact us to learn more:

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Compare Rates on Car Loans

There is a method to buying a new vehicle, and this includes such things as price, color, budget, warranty, and other considerations that are most important in the potential purchaser’s mind. But the place that really needs to be considered first of all is the financial area, because without this vital item, the chances of purchasing that new vehicle would probably only be a dream for many people desiring some new transportation. There are a number of ways in which to address this aspect of a new car purchase, but rest assured, without taking the proper time and due diligence to investigate the various aspects of car financing, many shoppers are left confused after sitting down with the financial people at the auto dealership.

This untimely mess doesn’t have to be a part of the purchase agreement if the right steps are taken before the process of searching for a new car even begins. Consumers in the know will start off by locating a fair number of auto financing institutions, and try to get pre-qualified for a car loan before even going to a dealership to look for a new ride. Although many individuals have a good credit rating and can get auto financing through the financial services at the dealership, there are times when this might not be good enough, or the deal is not the same type as available through a third party. The possibility also exists that the loan application may be turned down without the proper authorization, so that is another good reason for going the extra mile first.

Usually people with a good credit history will have no trouble getting an auto loan approved by almost any lender. There is built-in equity with every car that provides some type of insurance in case a problem arises when paying off the loan itself. For those individuals with a poor credit rating however, they are likely faced with the possibility of a higher interest rate for their loan application, because lending institutions consider them a poor risk, and likely to default on the agreement. Consumers in this situation sometimes have little choice but to agree to this type of financing if they need to purchase a new vehicle. It really doesn’t matter a great deal to the high risk group, but it is important to try and obtain financing through another party other than that of the auto dealership, because then there are other options available, and the best rate most likely will be garnered.

With the growth of online technology, many lenders are now establishing themselves as a major broker for these types of services, and they make it easy for any individual to apply for auto financing right from the comfort of their armchair. It is important to have all of the proper paperwork ready to input, because this help to verify the proper credit rating, and will quickly indicate what types of plans are available for the particular vehicle under consideration. When this process is completed, there will be a set amount of money offered, which will give a consumer the starting point to begin looking for a new car.

The very best way to get financing for an automobile is to go through the pre-qualification process through any number of lenders, both online and off. The online route has its advantage because there is no need to go from place to place in search of the best deal that is available. It can all be done right from the computer, and those individuals with a good credit rating have a wide variety of choices from which to select the best deal.

This entire process starts by first going to the bank or credit union to be used for financing. Many times consumers can get a much better deal than through financial firms that specialize in the area of new car loans. It is easy to get started, and with information from a past lender, it is simple to get approval based upon past history of successful repayment of another loan.

For those people with a poor credit history, it is still possible to get the pre-qualification status from a sub prime lender. This can be done online or through a broker. The pre-qualification process is the same as any other loan. The only difference is the personal information supplied by the consumer is the basis for the process. An offer is extended if successful.

An official application then follows that step. After the application is verified, and proof of income established, the loan itself is either accepted or rejected.

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Guaranteed Credit Approval


We guarantee that we can get you approved, even if you have been recently divorced, filed for bankruptcy, and even had your car repossessed. Call us today, we will help you find a car that fits your budget.

Call 888-290-2235 and you can be approved in 30 seconds! Guaranteed!

Gee Automotive purchases powered by CAPS provide each customer with:

  • Honest, open communication about your credit situation
  • Collective, team-driven results to help you find the vehicle that best fits your needs
  • Thoughtful salespeople who are eager to listen and educate
  • Timely, objective turnaround without feeling hurried or swept aside

Gee Automotive knows that buying a vehicle during these difficult financial times can be an overwhelming challenge. However, through our partnership with Credit Acceptance Gee Automotive is excited to announce an effective solution. No matter what your credit history holds, the patented Credit Approval Processing System (CAPS) will have you approved within 30 seconds and provide you the opportunity to re-establish credit one payment at a time.

Utilizing the power of CAPS, Gee Automotive is confident that we can have you behind the wheel of a vehicle, regardless of credit history. Our skilled salespeople will help you find identify the vehicles you can afford and will always treat you with dignity and respect.

We made the key decision to partner with Credit Acceptance because their core values of honesty, teamwork, learning, urgency, and fun are well-matched with the Gee Automotive mission statement.

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2000 Chevy Tahoe LT 4×4 – $3000 (Burton)

I have a 2000 Chevy Tahoe LT 4×4 four door with barn doors on the back for sell asking 3k for it. 1000 under KKB. It has 4.8 v8 auto tranny works great no issues. Has 155,218 miles. Has hot heat super cold ac. Has aftermarket door speakers and a boss touch screen dvd,cd,Bluetooth and much more flip up 7 in screen it’s new. Has no light on dash. Has a tow package with tow hitch. Has a new spare tire under suv.has leather seats. Roll up windows. Power locks. Has rubber Matt on floor there is no Carpet so u don’t have to worrie about them gettin muddy or anything easy to clean.dont have 3row but can seat 6 ppl 3 in front and 3 in back. Gets 17city 23hwy. Just put about 1200 into the motor all new sensors belts water pump plugs wires new radiator flush tranny flush oil change just did all this about 2 months ago it’s good to go runs and drives like a champ

The bad.

Driver seat and middle is tour I am looking for a replacement but can’t find one to match the same color it has in it

Will consider treads must be a 4 door and same value is mine and we r lookin a car for the wife shoot me pic of what u have and we can go from there

Wholesale used cars at wholesale auto prices for Cars, Vans, Trucks, SUVs, get Wholesale Auto Dealer Auction Prices at Washington DC metro area auto wholesaler, Used Car Wholesale Auction Prices everyday #auto #kopen

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13740 N Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33613. (813) 333-9099

Wholesale used cars at wholesale auto prices for Cars, Vans, Trucks, SUVs. Get Wholesale Auto Dealer Auction Prices at THE Washington DC and Tampa Bay metro area’s auto wholesaler. Used car Wholesale Auction Prices everyday, serving the entire United States. Located in Tampa, Florida with distribution centers in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. areas

Welcome to OrderACar.Com, Your “No Hassle” Way Of Getting The Exact Car, Truck, Or SUV You Always Wanted, At Wholesale Prices!

Wouldn’t you love to buy the vehicle you always wanted at the absolute lowest price possible? How about at dealer wholesale prices? Well, now you can, through Orderacar.com. Orderacar.com is specifically designed for the educated consumer who wants VALUE, but does not want to compromise on QUALITY or SERVICE. We work much like a real estate agent, doing all orders for just 5% over the actual cost of the vehicle. ($750 minimum) We even show you the invoice from the auction.

Here’s An Important Fact About The Auto Industry That Dealerships Don’t Want You To Know!

Dealerships acquire most of their cars at, Dealer Only, wholesale auto auctions, not from trade-ins. These wholesale auctions are closed to the public. They offer the best value anywhere. Orderacar.com, will be YOUR representative at one of these Wholesale Auctions. We become your eyes and ears. You can order a high quality, fully inspected, CarFax Certified vehicle and save thousands over a traditional dealership. These are the same pre-owned vehicles that end up at your local Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Acura, Infinity, Cadillac and Carmax dealerships. ONLY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LESS!

Since we keep our overhead extremely low, and avoid ALL advertising and inventory costs, through our unique ordering process, we are able to offer you what traditional dealers can’t! We also keep a small inventory of cars in stock which we are able to offer at incredibly low prices! These cars have all been thoroughly reconditioned, equal to, or better than, what you will find at your local dealership, ONLY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LESS!

Contact Order A Car.Com 813-333-9099

The OrderACar.Com Process :

Simply tell us the year, make, model, and maximum mileage, of the vehicle you desire and we will email you a list of potential vehicles and discuss budgets.

Once you find the perfect vehicle, we set a maximum budget (your final price could be lower then the budget). If everything is acceptable, you provide a $1500 refundable deposit. This is usually done with any major credit card. The card is not actually charged and NO money is changing hands, this way you are totally protected.

Assuming the vehicle meets our high standards, we make sure it is “Carfax Certified” (Accident Report, Mileage Verification, Lemon Check, Number Of Owners, etc.).

We will purchase the vehicle with our money, assuming we can buy it for equal to, or less than, your budgeted price.

Your vehicle will go through a comprehensive inspection and re-conditioning process as outlined in our buyers order.

You pay for the car after you have seen and test driven it. If you are not local, then the vehicle is paid for prior to shipping.

Need to have the vehicle shipped? We have arrangements with National Trucking Companies that can ship the vehicle directly to your front door and still save you thousands.

Order ANY Make Or Model Through Our OrderaCar.com Service.

Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for, if you are not local, we may be able to aquire a car at an auction local to you and save you on shipping!

Prices do not include title fee(s), tag fee(s), 199 dealer fee, or taxes.

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Looking for car insurance?

Our car insurance comparison will provide you with quotes from several insurers with one simple form.

Whether you’re a young driver and it’s your first time driving, or you’re over 50 and hoping to get cheaper premiums, we’ve got policies to suit all needs and budgets.

We’ve got heaps of guides to help you find the right car insurance

Featured Article

Car insurance: All you need to know

Buying a car is a big deal and, after spending your hard earned money on your dream machine, you need to make sure you are protected in the event of an accident.

Nobody thinks it will happen to them, but if you do have an accident it s comforting to know that you won t have to pay possibly thousands of dollars for repairs.

Because not all drivers share the same risk profile, there are some variables that will influence the premium you pay on your car insurance, such as your age, gender, location, driving record, car type and where you park your car.

You can reduce your premiums by adding security devices to your car, driving safely to improve chance of a good driving record, bundling your insurance with one provider to get discounts and not making unnecessary modifications to your car.

However significant savings can be made by shopping around and comparing car insurance premiums.

Car insurance provides peace of mind and vital cover that you need. Make sure you pick a policy that fits your individual needs, rather than the first policy you come across.

Use our comparison to review a variety of providers and compare prices, features and levels of cover. Compare car insurance to find the right policy for you today!

Highly recommended

Car insurance: All you need to know

Buying a car is a big deal and, after spending your hard earned money on your dream machine, you need to make sure you are protected in the event of an accident.

Nobody thinks it will happen. Read more .

Highly recommended

Car insurance: All you need to know

Buying a car is a big deal and, after spending your hard earned money on your dream machine, you need to make sure you are protected in the event of an accident.

Nobody thinks it will happen. Read more .

Highly recommended

Highly recommended

How non-disclosure affects your car insurance claims

Whichever insurance type you re considering, it s your duty to disclose and best answer the questions when applying or renewing your insurance.

Highly recommended

The ins and outs of No Claims Discounts!

A No Claims Discount (NCD) is a discount applied to your premium because of good driving and good claims history.

Highly recommended

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Compare Car Insurance Quotes and Lower Your Bill by 50%!

Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison only takes a few minutes. Are you overpaying for you car insurance year after year? Other visitors to ComparingAutoInsurances.com found that they were paying more than necessary and you could be too. There s only one sure way to find out: get free, on-obligation quotes online.

Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison is Free Easy

Knowing how to shop around can save you $476 or more each and every year. For instance, a twenty-two-year-old mother from Austin, Texas, who was paying $800 a year by being classified as under twenty-five and unmarried, was able to find affordable car insurance coverage for $300.

You should know the exact age, sex, and marital status breakdowns standard among most insurance companies throughout the country. The highest-rated group is that of single males under age 21, followed by ages 21-24 and then 25-29, with the rates decreasing at each higher age bracket. The following rating factors pertain to principal operators—those who drive at least 25 percent of the total mileage and have their vehicles registered in their own names.

Compare Car Insurance Rates Takes 3 Minutes

Compare auto insurance rates by entering your zip code into the quote box above. There s no obligation, and the savings could be substantial. You could pay less and get MORE.

comparing auto insurance

Here s another example in which a twenty-six- year-old married man was being billed for $850 a year simply because he had received one minor moving violation during his entire driving lifetime. After you compared car insurance on our website, he was able to reduce his premium to $350—a savings of $500 a year!

Even if one is fortunate enough not to be victimized as in the preceding cases, at any given time, and in any given geographic area, even under identical circumstances and with identical coverages, the car insurance rates among insurance companies can vary tremendously. For example, if you shop around for auto quotes from companies A, B, C, and D, you ll be shocked to discover that although company A s rate is $600 a year, company B s $450 and company C s $550, while company D has the lowest rate with only a $400-a-year premium.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Now!

Compare auto insurance quotes and see if you could save hundreds. As you can plainly see, the savings derived from shopping around can amount to thou-sands of dollars over the years. It is worth the effort to become more knowledgeable on this subject. We created this website to share this knowledge with you, and help you acquire the expertise to enjoy the very lowest auto insurance rates year after year.

Because statistics prove that as separate groups young single males and single females have more accidents and moving violations than their older and married counterparts, their premium rating factors are much higher than the national average of 1.00. However, if you fall into either of these categories, do not despair. There are several premium saving options available to you.

Compare auto insurance rates today. There s no obligation no high pressure and no reason not to do it right now. Get a free rate quote on ComparingAutoInsurances.com now. Car insurance quotes comparison can save you $$$.