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The Canadian Subsidy Directory promises to be the most complete and up-to-date publication available for anyone searching for Canadian grants, loans and government programs and it certainly delivers the goods -3208 times, in fact! Indeed, the possible sources of dollars described here from just the Canada Council for the Arts alone number over 150. The directory is available in print version for $149.95 or, as either a CD or pdf file, for $69.95. Everyone in the country from the Armenian National Committee of Canada to the Hamilton Police Pipe Band to York University to the town of Tillsonburg seems to have a copy because, as one can see, this outstanding resource is both comprehensive and easy to use and it suggests new possibilities with every scan of its contents. Businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals can find, inside, detailed contact information for each funding body along with a description of each grant, loan or program available. Order toll free by calling 1-866-322-3376 and for clarification of grants, scholarships, loans, mortgages, and venture capital, check out the website at Do so and you ll save yourself hours of research and frustration.

Subsidies, grants, ministerial loan guarantees, financial contributions and support, financial incentives, scholarships, prizes, bursaries

The Canadian Subsidy Directory is Canada’s most trusted reference dedicated to provide information leading to financial help, subsidies, grants, loans, joint ventures or any funding program offered by the federal and provincial governments, associations and foundations.

Stop searching! This publication will link you to thousands of grants, loans and programs available across Canada for businesses, non-profit organizations and personal projects. You will find inside, detailed contact information along with a description of each grant, loan or program. This publication is offered in print, electronic or online (database access).

. Our current publications

NEW. The Canadian Subsidy Directory (database) offers continuously updated information.
Completely hosted, no database software to download or manage.

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Toll free: 1-866-322-3376

This being awards season, my nomination for best book of the year is a perennial personal favourite: The Canadian Subsidy Directory 2013

By William Watson, Ottawa Citizen, Chairman of the Department of Economics, McGill University – January 29, 2013

Subsidy guide becomes publishing success story

National Post Friday,
August 08, 2003

From insuring honey farmers to funding research on the medical use of marijuana, Canadians love their subsidies, judging from the latest edition of a book on Canada grants, loans and subsidies available from governments, banks and charities. The Canadian Subsidies Directory, which lists 2,000 subsidies available from all provinces and territories (except Quebec, which rates a separate book) is flying off the shelves.

California Title Loans: 60 Locations to Get a Title Loan in CA! #california #auto #title #loans


California Title Loan Locations

California Title Loan Information

Few Americans have as much pride as those who hail from the world-famous Golden State, and rightfully so! The 31st state is the third-largest in the nation, allowing it to offer the most wonderful diversity in geography, topography, weather, lifestyle, and both indoor and outdoor activities. Regardless of your preference, California seems to offer accommodations to suit your every need. You may choose to live humbly in Alpine County, one of the smallest counties in CA, with no ATMs, banks, high schools, dentists, or traffic lights. Conversely, you may choose to live amid the bright lights of Los Angeles, which is ranked the fourth-largest economy in the entire United States.

But if you’re faced with financial problems, whether you’re in the deepest dunes of Death Valley or the highest mountains of Sierra Nevada, you simply cannot hide from those late bills and unexpected expenses. And although there are numerous lenders out there offering cash advances or payday loans, most of those can dig you deeper into the desert sand. But TitleMax® is different. TitleMax® can be your solution, your relief, and your ticket to a better future.

We accept your title as your collateral when you don’t have a good enough credit score to get a traditional bank loan. You get to keep driving your vehicle throughout the entire duration of the car title loan or motorcycle title loan. And we work with you to set up monthly payments until you can pay the loan off and get your car title back! That is why we have the title loan California people trust.

In California, you can get a car title loan or motorcycle title loan starting at $2,500 in as little as 30 minutes at your closest TitleMax® store. To be approved for a car title loan or motorcycle title loan, all you need is a vehicle with a clear (or lien-free)title and valid government-issued ID. We have great auto title loans in California because they are quick and simple; and an auto title loan is a smart option for your future. Let TitleMax® help dig you out of your mounting bills and get you back to living the West Coast lifestyle with the car title loans and motorcycle title loans California people have been relying on for years. Get started online today!

Remember that we have professional associates who can answer your questions and guide you through our California title loans process. Our service is fast, and you can drive off from one of our locations with your cash and your vehicle! We have the car title loans and motorcycle title loans California residents can count on when times get tough and cash is running out. Contact us today and we will show you why we have the very best auto title loans in California and how we can help you!

We have satisfied customers all over California, which is how we know that we have the car title loans and motorcycle title loans CA residents can rely on. When your cash is running short and you have bills to pay or unexpected expenses, contact TitleMax® to find out the details about the car title loan and motorcycle title loan California consumers have been counting on for years!

  • * Maximum loan amount in Illinois is $4,000. Maximum loan amount in Mississippi is $2,500. Maximum loan amount in Tennessee is $6,500, assuming customer qualifies and accepts both the Pledge and Line of Credit. Maximum loan amount in select Texas stores is $1,340, and in others it is $10,000. Minimum loan amount in California is $2,600.
  • ** Car title loans may require a credit check in California. Motorcycle title loan and pawn approval requires satisfaction of all loan eligibility requirements including a vehicle evaluation and a credit check.
  • *** To be approved for a title loan or pawn, you must be at least 18 years of age (19 in Alabama). Account approval subject to vehicle inspection, appraisal, and, if applicable, a credit check.
  • † Proof of income is required in Illinois, South Carolina, and California. In California you are also required to provide proof of residency, and a valid vehicle registration to obtain a loan.
  • ‡ Signature and personal loans are offered by an affiliate of TitleMax® and are currently only available in Florida. Account approval requires satisfaction of all loan eligibility requirements, including a credit inquiry, and, if applicable, motor vehicle appraisal.
  • § Refinancing of a competitor’s title loan is not available in Mississippi or Virginia. In Illinois, you are required to have reduced your original principal balance by 20% before refinancing. TitleMax®, TitleBucks®, and InstaLoan®, are not considered competitors. Please see a store associate for details.
  • – TitleMax® of Virginia, Inc. d/b/a TitleMax® is licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission, license number VTL-11.
  • – In some Texas locations, TitleMax® will act as a Credit Services Organization to assist you in obtaining a loan. Your loan may be made by an unaffiliated third party Lender. Please see store associate for details. Please see Texas Schedule of All Fees .
  • – In GA, TitleMax® offers Title Pawns.
  • – In CA, Loans are made by TitleMax® of California, Inc. California Finance Lenders Law License No. 603K014.

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Texas Auto Insurance Reviews: Complaint Ratings for 40 Major Companies – Auto, Home, Life Insurance Reviews – Shopping TipsAuto, Home, Life Insurance Reviews – Shopping Tips #texas #auto #insurance #ratings


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Texas Auto Insurance Reviews: Complaint Ratings for 40 Major Companies

Does your car insurance company have a large amount of customer complaints? Will you have problems placing a claim, or have a valid claim delayed or denied? Is your company very good. or very bad. Most consumers fail to check the complaint records of their insurance companies. This blog post provides complaint information for the 40 largest (by Texas market share) auto insurance companies, covering over 92% of the Texas car insurance market, and rates them based on their 2010 complaint record (Accurate 2011 complaint records are not available yet). Learn which companies are best and worst.
Is your home or auto insurance company better or worse than average? I review all the leading auto home insurance companies in the USA, using each company s customer survey results from recent JD Power insurance studies, as well as each company s complaint record, to determine if a company is performing better than average, average, or worse than average, for customer service, claims, price. How is your insurance company rated? Is its coverage competitively priced? Does it have a higher than average number of customer complaints? Find out by reading the reviews on my home page by clicking .

I m always blogging to help you get the best policies and prices for auto, home, life insurance, so bookmark or place my website in your favorites!

The Texas Department of Insurance website is the source of my information about market share. I provide the national complaint index for each car insurance company from my Homeowners Automobile Insurance Company Reviews. but many of the insurance companies are subsidiary insurance companies doing business mainly in Texas, so the national complaint rating may be considered a good proxy, for the number of valid complaints submitted against the company, by Texas consumers. You can find out more about the source of the national complaint information I use on my website.

I devised a letter grade system, using the national complaint ratios for the auto insurance companies listed, to make it easy to tell an insurance company with a great or good complaint record, from an insurance company with a poor or average complaint record.

Here is my grading system. I also list the national complaint ratio (the lower the number the better the complaint record).

A+ = Insurance companies with complaints 25% or less than the average insurance company.

A = Insurance companies with complaints 50% or less than the average insurance company.

B = Insurance companies with complaints 90% or less than the average insurance company.

C = Insurance companies with complaints from 90% to 110% of the average insurance company.

D = Insurance companies with complaints from 110% to 200% of the average insurance company.

F = Insurance companies with complaints over 200% of the average insurance company. More than twice as much as average!

Consider these grades, along with price and other factors (as listed on my website), when choosing an home insurance company.

Insurance companies frequently have several subsidiary auto insurance companies. Make sure you know the correct name of the insurance subsidiary quoting or insuring you, to check the proper complaint grade.

40 largest Car Insurance Companies Rated by their 2010 National Complaint Records (listed in order, from biggest to smallest, by Texas market share)

1. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company = A (.34)

2. Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company = A+ (.25)

3. Progressive County Mutual Insurance Company = A+(.20)

4. Government Employees Insurance Company = A (.43)

5. Allstate Fire Casualty Insurance Company = A (.39)

6. Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Company = F (2.26)

7. Allstate Indemnity Company = B (.57)

8. United Services Automobile Association = B (.71)(USAA sells only to the military, their immediate family members, and honorably discharged veterans).

9. Home State County Mutual Insurance Company = B (.65)

10. Consumers County Mutual Insurance Company = A+ (.08)

11. USAA Casualty Insurance Company = C (.96)(USAA sells only to the military, their immediate family members, and honorably discharged veterans).

12. Allstate County Mutual Insurance Company = A+ (.18)

13. Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company = A- (.49)

14. Texas Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company = A+ (No complaints for 2010)

15. State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas = A+ (.25)

16. Southern County Mutual Insurance Company = B (.70)

17. Loya Insurance Company = A+ (.23)

18. Liberty County Mutual Insurance Company = A (.26)

19. Geico Indemnity Company = B (.62)

20. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company = B+ (.54)

21. AAA Texas County Mutual Insurance Company = A- (.46)

22. Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company = A+ (.12)

23. Foremost County Mutual Insurance Company = A+ (.06)

24. Garrison Property Casualty Insurance Company = B (.60)(Part of USAA Insurance Group: USAA sells only to the military, their immediate family members, and honorably discharged veterans).

25. Mid-Century Insurance Company of Texas = A+ (.15)

26. Allstate Property Casualty Insurance Company = A- (.50)

27. USAA General Indemnity Company = B (.44) (USAA sells only to the military, their immediate family members, and honorably discharged veterans).

28. Germania Select Insurance Company = A+ (No complaints in 2010)

29. Amica Mutual Insurance Company = A (.43)

30. ACCC Insurance Company = D+ (1.14)

31. Metropolitan Lloyds Insurance Company of Texas = A+ (.10)

32. Unitrin County Mutual Insurance Company = A (.42)

33. Bristol West Specialty Insurance Company (Security National Insurance Company) = B (.63)

34. 21st Century Centennial Insurance Company = B (.83)

35. Infinity County Mutual Insurance Company = C (.94)

36. Farm Bureau County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas = A+ (.14)

37. Mercury County Mutual Insurance Company = A (.27)

38. Geico General Insurance Company = B+ (.51)

39. Allstate Insurance Company = C (.96)

40. Trinity Universal Insurance Company = A-(.50) (Part of Unitrin Insurance Group)

Many people pay too much for their insurance because they never shop for better rates, or if they do shop, they don t check the rates of enough companies. For a lot of people, the best auto home insurance companies are the ones with the coverage they need at a lower price. With auto home insurance, you don t get better service or coverage because you pay more. Some of the best companies have competitive rates. Some companies charge twice as much as others for the same coverage. But no single company has low rates for everyone. You have to shop with all the leading companies, to find the company with the best coverage and best price for you. The ad below will take you to links to get online quotes from leading Home, Auto, Health, Life insurance companies in your area. Choose the type of insurance, put in your zip, and start shopping now!

Do you have any questions or commentary about these ratings? Tell me about it. Please leave a comment on my facebook page. Follow me on Twitter for important insurance consumer news and new blog entries at CarInsWatch .

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Whether you need a conference call service provider in Calgary. Edmonton. Halifax. Toronto. Ottawa. St. John’s , Victoria. Vancouver. Winnipeg or anywhere else in the world. Calliflower’s international conference call service can connect your customers and your team quickly, easily and professionally. And if your city isn’t one of the Canadian cities we serve. contact us. We have access to telephone numbers all across this great land of ours!

A New Kind of Business Conversation!

Calliflower is the tool for having easy and inexpensive online meetings. globally. Calliflower is a single solution that combines conference calling. document sharing. text chat. and more in an easy and intuitive online environment. With Calliflower’s rich and easy to use toolset, you can host any kind of meeting you want ranging from a simple conference call to a webinar with 100 or more participants. Calliflower also makes it easy to keep a record of the meeting, by making recordings and copies of important documents accessible to all participants after the call.

Calliflower is optimized for mobile collaboration right from meeting setup, during the in-call experience and continues to provide a call record after the meeting is complete to ensure productivity at your desk or on the road.

With call-in numbers in 32 countries and 150 cities today. including Canada, Calliflower is a local call away from most North American centers, and many European and Asian cities as well.

  • Unlimited conference calling
  • Unlimited document sharing, with choice of Collaborative or Lecture Mode
  • 150 local dial in numbers in 32 countries
  • Multiple organizers to suit the size of your company
  • Ability to assign a Delegate call organizer
  • Calendar integration, including Outlook/Exchange
  • Invitations reminders by email and mobile phone
  • Free call-in option
  • Personal PIN enhances security and participant awareness
  • Ability to assign caller ID for PIN-less access
  • Interactive Chat with active links and Participant Avatar
  • Intuitive call moderation controls, including hand raising and mute
  • Unlimited MP3 Recordings available
  • Convenient web dashboard keeps all your calls at your fingertips
  • Call Archiving

Before You Apply: The Graduate School – Northwestern University #northwestern #grad #school


Before You Apply

Before you begin The Graduate School s (TGS) Application for Admission, please review the information below.

The Graduate School’s Academic Programs

To start the application process, please review TGS’s Academic Programs list. Only the programs on this list are offered by TGS.

Professional degrees (i.e. the master of business administration, master of sports administration, master and doctor of music, doctor of audiology, doctor of medicine, and a variety of engineering, law, and journalism degrees) are not administered by TGS, but by these respective professional schools:

If you would like to apply to a program outside of the purview of TGS, please contact these schools directly.

Academic Requirements

Admitted students must hold a U.S. bachelor s degree or a comparable non-U.S. degree from a regionally accredited institution. TGS will accept applications from international students with 3-year bachelor’s degrees. You may be considered for admission before you finish your undergraduate degree, but you must complete that degree before you enroll at Northwestern.

Types of Applications

New Applicants

If you are applying to Northwestern as a graduate student for the first time, you should use TGS’s online application .

Withdrawn Students and Alumni

Students that have been admitted to TGS, but have not registered for more than two terms, will be withdrawn from the University and must apply for readmission through Student Services using the same online application and be sure to accurately respond to the first page of questions. The decision to readmit a former student is at the discretion of the program. Please contact Student Services with questions.

Individuals that have already earned a degree from TGS and wish to apply to a new program must also use the same online application and be sure to accurately respond to the first page of questions. The program admission office will decide which supplemental materials they wish to require.

Bachelor s/Master s Degree Program

TGS offers academically strong, motivated Northwestern University undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue a concurrent, combined bachelor s/master’s degree program. This program is restricted to Northwestern University undergraduates and is limited to certain degree programs within the University.

Bachelor’s/Master’s applicants should use TGS’s online application and be sure to accurately respond to the first page of questions. Applicants to the combined bachelor’s/master’s program follow a distinct application process and should consult the bachelor’s/master’s program page for more detailed instructions.


If you are applying for admission as a non-degree seeking student through TGS, you will need to submit TGS s online application. If you are applying as a non-degree seeking student through The School of Professional Studies’ Office of Special Students. you will not need to complete TGS’s application.

Contact Departments

Questions regarding admission (deadlines, admission requirements, application materials, application status, etc.) should be directed to your specific program. Contact information for each program is available via the Program Contact List .


Academic departments/degree programs set their own application deadlines. Please be sure to review your program s web page to determine your department s application deadline. Late applications are not guaranteed review and application fees cannot be refunded .

Northwestern University Admission Policy

It is the policy of Northwestern University not to discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, age, disability, citizenship, or veteran status in matters of admissions, employment, housing or services, or in the educational program or activities it operates, in accordance with civil rights legislation and University commitment. Any alleged violations of this policy or questions regarding the law with respect to nondiscrimination should be addressed to the Director of Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Labor Relations. 720 University Place, Evanston, Illinois 60208-1147; phone 847/491-7458. You can also contact the Office of the Provost. Rebecca Crown Center, Evanston, Illinois 60208-1101; phone 847/491-7041.

Applicants seeking disability accommodations should contact AccessibleNU at 847-467-5530 in Evanston or 312-503-4042 in Chicago. See the AccessibleNU website for more information.

FAQs – Admissions

Q: May I apply to more than one program?

A: You may only submit one application to TGS per academic year, with the exception of McCormick School of Engineering PhD programs. Additional applications will not be reviewed and application fees will not be refunded.

Q: May I apply for admission in any academic quarter?

A: Most departments admit students to fall quarter only, although a very few will consider applications for other terms. Please consult your chosen program for its policy (see contact information provided on our Program Contact List ). Keep in mind that because most financial aid awards are made to students who matriculate in the fall, funds may not be available to you if you enroll in another quarter.

Q: I want to begin my program two years from now. May I apply for admission this year and defer to next year?

A: Admission is offered for a specific program and a specific quarter of entry. Deferral is only granted with the approval of the admitting program and TGS. You may not defer for more than one year from the original quarter of admission.

Q: Where can I find statistics regarding the program to which I am applying?

A: TGS’s Program Statistics page posts valuable information regarding program admission statistics, completion rates, placements, etc.

Q: I would like to take graduate-level classes at Northwestern, but I am not interested in pursuing at degree at this time? May I do this?

A. Yes, Northwestern University has two non-degree student options. For more information, please consult the Nondegree Student Status web page.

Q: Can I apply directly to a PhD program, or must I apply to study toward a master s degree first?

A: It is important that you indicate the highest degree you are seeking from Northwestern University. Many of our programs admit only those students whose ultimate goal is the PhD. In some programs, you will earn the master s en route to the PhD; in others, this is not considered necessary.

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Chevy Parts: Performance Parts Catalog #auto #body #supply

#auto parts catalog

Help Center

* The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge. tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Click here to see all Chevrolet vehicles’ destination freight charges.

***The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price excludes tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Includes destination freight charge and gas guzzler tax.

Unless specifically noted to the contrary herein, vehicles equipped with Chevrolet Performance Parts may not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and emissions regulations and should not be operated on public roads. Chevrolet Performance customers are responsible for ensuring their use of Chevrolet Performance complies with applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances. Many parts intended for racing or other “off-highway” use are not designed or tested for crashworthiness or to meet the safety needs of the motoring public, and may adversely affect the original intended performance or handling characteristics of the vehicle. These parts are designed and intended to be used with experts supervising their installation and use, to help assure the proper and safe operation of the vehicle.

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Drive home with an auto loan.

Flexible, low-rate lending to get you down the road.

Finance a new or used car

If you are in the market for a new or used car, truck or van, or just want to refinance your current auto loan to get a more favorable rate, City Bank has plenty of auto loan options available to you. We are committed to offering every customer low auto loan rates, a variety of loan terms, and the ability to apply for a loan at your convenience no matter what kind of vehicle you want to purchase.

We have tailored the application process to be simple, fast and convenient. You can apply by visiting one of our branch locations, online or over the phone. Here s how to get started.

  1. Apply for pre-approval by calling City Bank at 1-800-OUR-BANK or stopping by one of our locations. A friendly loan specialist will assist you through the application process.
  2. Before you ever visit the dealership, we pre-approve you for the amount you need.
  3. There is no obligation take the loan or buy a vehicle until you are ready.
  4. With a City Bank auto loan, dealers will consider you a cash buyer and you will enjoy a better bargaining position. You can negotiate the best deal and often drive away in your new vehicle the same day.

Low rates, flexible terms and a convenient application process what are you waiting for? Accelerate your dream deal with a City Bank car loan today.

Cheapest New Cars For 2014 Under $14000 – Top 5 #oriely #auto

#cheap new cars

Cheapest New Cars For 2014 Under $14000 – Top 5

N ew year, new life, goes the saying, and for some people, new life means new car, why not? who would not like to start the year with a new car? at least, I would. For those lucky ones that have in their plans to get a new or used car this coming 2014, but are still not quite sure because a new one could be more expensive than a used one, let me contradict you, show you and tell you a little bit, about what are the best and cheapest new 2014 cars you can get today in the US for less than $14000 only, an affordable figure for someone with decent credit and decent job. All of them are economical, great for the city and good for all tastes and ages.

Starting with the most expensive, this is the top 5 list of the cheapest new cars in America for this coming 2014:

5) Kia Rio 2014 – MSRP Price: $13,800

In the new model of the 3rd generation of the Rio, Kia keeps the youthful and sporty style which has helped it to gain a lot of worldwide followers in recent years. It is available in two different versions, sedan and 5-door hatchback, being the hatchback only $100 more expensive.

KIA RIO 2014 SEDAN. For the low price, this vehicle is simply amazing. To find more about the new Rio, please visit its official site .

Its exterior design shows the constant evolution of Kia in recent years. With daring and aerodynamic cuts that inspire a sense of youth and rebellion. Includes sunroof and alloy wheels making the Rio one of the favorite cars of the youth segment looking for an economical but well equipped car.

It has some qualities that place it above the others in its segment. Its exterior European style, an interior perfectly clean with well designed controls, and above all, a friendly and efficient powertrain. This model will amaze you instantly once you are seated behind the wheel. If I had to pick one of the reasons that most attract me from the Rio, compared to other inexpensive small cars, it would be its lively style, quiet acceleration and fresh look.

4) Smart ForTwo Pure 2014 – MSRP Price: $13,270

The fact that a car is tiny does not mean it has to be unsafe or poorly equipped, and the smart Fortwo Pure is living proof of that.

The subcompact segment is gaining momentum in developed markets due to high gas prices and pollution emissions, and the smart fortwo pure, a car designed for urban living space, has been developed from these requirements.

2014 SMART FORTWO PURE. An high quality urban car unique in its kind. To find more about the new fortwo, please visit its official site. Photo source:

This tiny coupe comes with 5-speed smartshift transmission with automatic or manual mode. It also features hill start assist, and lots of standard safety features such as 8 full-size airbags.

The fortwo is a car that, as its name implies, is designed for two people. Its exterior design is very distinctive, especially because of the already famous Tridion safety cell, which everyone knows as the silver stripe we found across the car. This safety cell was created considering that the small car could withstand impacts of much larger vehicles and achieved its goal in spades.

The smart fortwo pure comes equipped with a 1.0L 3 cylinder in line engine of 70-HP that delivers up to 38 mpg combined. Its gas tank has a capacity of up to 8.7 gallon, this means that with the current gas prices, you can fill up to the tank with less than $30.

3) Mitsubishi Mirage 2014 – MSRP Price: $12,995

Is characterized by being compact on the outside, but plenty of room and comfort inside. It was presented in April at the New York auto show and it is now being released in the U.S. market. The main goal of this model is to expand to emerging markets, and become a practical and economical choice.

2014 MITSUBISHI MIRAGE. The incredible gasoline vehicle that yields like a hybrid. To find more about the new Japanese Mirage, please visit its official site .

The latest creation from the Japanese manufacturer took the basic concepts that define a “compact car” such as: efficiency, functionality and performance, achieving with the Mirage an urban size car, friendly to the environment with low CO2 emissions, with high safety standards for all occupants and low fuel consumption.

The Mirage is available as a five-door hatchback for five-passenger, with an 1.2L DOHC MIVEC three-cylinder engine of 74-HP, that according to Mitsubishi has a combined EPA fuel efficiency rating of 40 mpg (37 in the city / 44 on highway). If those numbers are accepted in the industry, Mitsubishi says that the Mirage will be the more efficient gasoline vehicle that isn’t a hybrid, sold in the U.S.

2) Chevrolet Spark 2014 – MSRP Price: $12,170

With eight expressive colors, the new 2014 Chevrolet Spark has a tone for everyone. It has a navigation system unique in its class. The smartphone application BringGo offers plenty of user-friendly features, such as a pager and traffic data in real time that can be experienced when it is connected through Chevrolet MyLink.

CHEVROLET SPARK 2014. A globe-trotting city car with lots of cutting-edge features and positive consumer reviews at a miserable low price ;-J that surely you can afford. To find more about the new Japanese Mirage, please visit its official site .

For the new 2014 model, the highlight is the addition of a new continuously variable transmission CVT, instead of the current 4-speed automatic. The 5-speed manual will also be offered. In both cases, they will be together to a 1.2L 4-cylinder engine which can generate 84 horsepower. The car is rated at 34 MPG combined with a 5-speed manual transmission which decreases to 32 MPG when using an automatic transmission. The inclusion of this new CVT transmission would intend to improve the EPA rating, plus it is also expected to improve the driving experience.

In short, the Spark is an unpretentious city car, focusing on doing well what it has to do. Its light weight and compact size allow it to have a small engine enough to move you into the big cities. Honestly, the interior, although it is not remarkable, it is enough for the rear passengers can make short trips without any problems, and taking into account the segment to which it belongs, it is not so bad at all.

1) Nissan Versa Sedan 2014 – MSRP Price: $11,990

The Nissan Versa sedan is an economical car that focuses on the family. For this 2014, it enters its third year on the market and does so without external changes. Its exterior design is a bit quirky as it looks like two cars in one. From the rear, it looks like an Altima. large and square, but at the front becomes rounded. In short, the 2014 Versa still has proportions a bit unorthodox for current standards, and although some pictures of an alleged facelift have come out, apparently we will have to wait until 2015 to see it on the dealerships.

2014 NISSAN VERSA SEDAN. The best deal of all five. For less than $12000 you can buy a new car that is perfect for the daily commuting and for the family too. To find more about this Japanese sedan, please visit its official site .

The Versa sales target is clear: those people looking for a modern car, affordably priced with good performance and enough interior space. So far, Nissan has been successful. In 2012 were sold 774.846 units worldwide, figure that places it as the eighth best-selling car and the Nissan model with more acceptance in the automotive industry. Being known as the cheapest new car for sale in America has also helped it to have a place on the podium of the best cars for those looking for economy and reliability.

In terms of mechanical and specifications, The Nissan Versa S model, which is the one that cost $11,990 and the cheapest one of the four available, comes equipped with a 1.6 L DOHC Inline 4-cylinder engine of 109-HP which delivers up to 27 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on highways.

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