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I’m happy to send in this review after having a successful experience moving my wife’s car last week. Choosing a shipper was painless and I was able to get the rate within my budget. Most importantly the car arrived in the same shape it was when it left our home.

– Ronald Talyor, Athens, Ga

All day long I manage the shipping of the cars we sell at our dealership. Sometimes we get special requests that are budget and time restricted. Last week one of our customers needed to send is newly purchased exotic to Texas. I knew we weren’t going to be able to ship this on an open carrier so I began my search for some car shipping options. I think I received 4 or 5 choices. It was pretty simple. Our customer called in to tell us how happy he was with the driver

and the delivery time.

-Sandra Rothschild, Detroit, MI

Find the deal, save money, move it quick and let me get on with my day! That’s my mantra anyways. Thanks for the help.

-Dave Schmidt, Olympia, WA

I move about 5-8 cars a year. I make online purchases through the major trader sites to locate my deals. I’ve used the same transporter for years but he retired in 2011. I stumbled to and gave out enough info to get in touch with a few auto transporters. They promised a good experience and that’s what I received.

-Todd Tillbrooke, Boston, Mass

My family relocated to Florida for the winter this year, first time visiting Florida actually. We would also need the car shipped to West Palm Beach, Fl for 3 months then returned back to the house in New Jersey. We were able to book both trips at with the same company and that saved a bunch of leg work. Thanks again.

-Samuel Richards, Newark, N.J.

Ms-overflow-style property – Windows app development #cars #4 #sale

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-ms-overflow-style: auto | none | scrollbar | -ms-autohiding-scrollbar

Property values

One or more of the following scrolling method values, in the order of preference.


Initial value. Indicates the element inherits its -ms-overflow-style from its parent element.

In Windows Store apps using JavaScript, on the root element, auto behaves like -ms-autohiding-scrollbar .


Indicates the element does not display scrollbars or panning indicators, even when its content overflows.

Unlike overflow . hidden. elements with -ms-overflow-style. none can still be scrolled via touch panning, keyboard, or mouse wheel.


Indicates the element displays a classic scrollbar-type control when its content overflows.

Unlike -ms-autohiding-scrollbar. scrollbars on elements with the -ms-overflow-style property set to scrollbar always appear on the screen and do not fade out when the element is inactive.

Scrollbars do not overlay content, and therefore take up extra layout space along the edges of the element where they appear.


Indicates the element displays auto-hiding scrollbars during mouse interactions and panning indicators during touch and keyboard interactions.

Auto-hiding scrollbars overlay content, and therefore do not require extra layout space.