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Best sites to buy used cars

We ve compiled a list of the best Web sites to buy a second-hand car in Australia

Buying a used car used to mean trekking all the way to a dealership and talking to a car salesperson; possibly one with a disturbing moustache.

Whether you want to buy a used car from a private seller or a dealer, the whole experience is now easier than ever before. Having a look at car classifieds online can save you time and, most importantly, get you a great deal. We take a look at some of the best Web sites in Australia to buy a second-hand car. is the largest online classifieds service for used cars in the country, with 196,974 used cars for sale when we checked it. also has trucks, caravans and motorcycles in its database.

Car City

Car City is described as the “largest car complex of its kind in the southern hemisphere”. With a tagline like that, it’s hard to go past Car City when you’re purchasing a used car — unless you live outside of Sydney or Melbourne. However, Car City says it is looking to open new depots in Perth and Brisbane. Cars are accompanied by slideshows, complete with cheesy music.


Usually associated with finding a house or apartment to rent, Gumtree is a free classified ads site in Sydney that also advertises used car sales. Gumtree is definitely worth a look if you’re on a tight budget: there’s a nifty feature of searching for cars below $5000.


Drive offers car classifieds for both new and used cars and we like the extras that this site provides. It offers news and reviews of car models as well as handy tips for buying a used car.


We know what you’re thinking. Buying a car on eBay can’t be safe, right? Well, because auctions on eBay are usually at least a week long, many sellers give you the option of seeing the car and test driving before you buy. However be wary that some sellers may not be willing to sell you their cars if their auction price is below the reserve. With that being said, there are thousands of used cars available to be bought outright or bid on. iPhone users can also browse and buy used cars using the eBay app for iPhone .

Trading Post

We’re glad to see that the Trading Post has an online site and you can search private and dealer used cars on its website. A quick search found 69,372 used cars for sale in Australia.

BMW used cars

If you’re shopping specifically for a BMW, check out this Web site: a database for many used BMWs around Australia.


Although it’s not technically a Web site for buying used cars, Redbook can be an extremely useful tool if you’re looking for more information about a previous model car. Price guides, average number of kilometres and the specifications of car models are available.

Carsguide is another massive classifieds tool to find the used car that you have been looking for. It has very specific search options for you to use like the number of doors you want on your car (hopefully more than one), to the fuel type.


Autoline offers free advertising for people who want to sell their car. Buyers will also find this site useful, with around 20,000 used cars for sale.

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Your Best Local Dealers – Compare Offers Save!


The key to getting a new car at the lowest price is simple compare multiple new car dealer offers. No matter where you live, local dealers are competing against each other to make sales. This means special Internet pricing offers, competitive discounts, and a willingness to out bargain the competition!

The trick is, locating dealerships in your area that are known for offering the lowest prices. Dealers aiming to reach sales goals, move out old inventory, and beat their competitors. Here’s how.

Using a free online auto dealer locator is the quickest way to access all the information you need to save. Dealer locators allow you, the new car buyer, to connect with local dealerships that are actively seeking sales. Dealers that are more willing to bargain down their price.

The process is simple, select the new car you want and provide your contact information. While you’re completing the form the dealer locator is scouring its database for local pre-qualified dealers waiting to make you a deal. All you have to do is select the local dealers you’d like to compare.

The more dealers you select, the better the chances you ll have of finding the lowest price. Think of it like winning the lottery, but with odds in your favor, the more tickets you buy, the better chance you have to win! Only here, you don’t need to buy anything; online car dealer finders are completely free.

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait, special Internet only offers will start rolling in. The majority of dealerships will email you an offer, if a dealer has a limited time offer, or specific questions they may call you. Either way, you still have no obligation to buy.

Dealerships that work with online new car dealer locator services are accustomed to negotiating with new car buyers in this manner. They will understand that you’re shopping multiple new car dealerships, and expect you to make counter offers. Most are also willing to drop their prices further to beat a competitor. All you have to do is forward an email!

Locate the best new car price from new car dealers near you – start now by requesting a free new car price quote !

Dealer Locator Blogs

Isn’t it frustrating to search for a new car on a car buying website, only to find out the car is hundreds or thousands of miles away from where you live? Don’t be tempted by car deals that are Read More

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Car Buying Advice

Following annual tradition, automotive advertising spools up to a turbo-like frenzy in late summer as dealerships seek to move the current metal and make room for the new—in this case, 2015—model.

For most of the world, 2014 does not end until December 31. But in the automotive world, it’s as good as done. The long-held tradition of carmakers starting to deliver updated, next-model-year cars and

For most of the world, 2014 does not end until December 31. But in the automotive world, it’s as good as done. The long-held tradition of carmakers starting to deliver updated, next-model-year cars and trucks en masse to their showrooms starting around September means that dealers will automatically get more aggressive

As summer winds down, dealerships are eager to clear out the remaining 2014 models to make room for the 2015 cars that will soon arrive. Already, advertisements are promoting deep discounts and n.

As summer winds down, dealerships are eager to clear out the remaining 2014 models to make room for the 2015 cars that will soon arrive. Already, advertisements are promoting deep discounts and n.

Nissan has announced pricing and equipment details for its sub-compact 2015 Versa Note.

But nobody wants to buy a car with hidden costs and spend hundreds or thousands more than intended in finance charges, fees and mechanical problems. But if you’re in the market for a car, consider these

But nobody wants to buy a car with hidden costs and spend hundreds or thousands more than intended in finance charges, fees and mechanical problems. But if you’re in the market for a car, consider these hidden costs before signing on the dotted line. If the dealer can beat that, great, but at least you’ve done your homework

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When it comes to buying a new car around the holidays, Black Friday is a chance to save some extra money with special deals. Offers can involve extra discounts, complimentary payment incentives and special leases. However, you ll need to know.

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Ford to Offer Hassle-Free Insider Pricing in November

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Best Deal Auto Sales – Melbourne FL, 32940

BEST DEAL AUTO SALES We pride ourselves in offering quality pre-owned vehicles with the financing options you need. Whether you have Good Credit, Bad Credit, or No Credit, BEST DEAL AUTO SALES can get you into your next vehicle. Feel free to drop by or call ahead for an appointment. Be sure to check our price against the prices of other automobile dealerships in the area. Whether you are planning to buy now or will be buying in the future, BEST DEAL AUTO SALES offers the best selection of used cars, vans, autos, SUVs, and trucks of any car lot in the area, plus great prices! Our Quality, Sales and Satisfied Customers prove it!

From our convenient location MELBOURNE ,FL, you can check out all the cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and other automobiles we have in stock. We also serve Surrounding countys. We also have a large customer base in Orange,Indian river,St. Lucie,Volusia and many more that we’ve helped find great pre-owned vehicles. So don’t hesitate to come down and see for yourself why dealing with us is the new way to buy your next vehicle!

For many years, Best Deal Auto Sales has been the premier Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot in the Melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach area. We’re located near Cocoa, Cocoa Beach. At Best Deal Auto Sales, our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction with each and every one of our shoppers by giving you the best Melbourne Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale buying experience possible. While there are other Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lots in the Melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach area, there is only one Best Deal Auto Sales.

If you’re in the market for a Melbourne Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory, Best Deal Auto Sales is the place to be! As a great selling Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot in the region, we consistently stock used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks. Cocoa, Cocoa Beach Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks shoppers can also see the rest of our Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale. If you haven’t made up your mind on what used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks you would like to take a look at, you’ll find that our website is very helpful. While other Melbourne Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lots may offer you some information on their Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale lineup, Best Deal Auto Sales gives you the complete picture.

In addition to our great Melbourne Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lineup, buying a Used Cars, Pickup Trucks in the Cape Canaveral, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Indialantic, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Patrick Afb, Rockledge, Satellite Beach, Sharpes area has never been easier! We carry Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale and more. Now, you can browse the great selection of used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks that everyone is talking about! Make sure and visit our Melbourne Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks inventories often.

We hope that you find our website helpful to your needs. Although Best Deal Auto Sales of Melbourne in FL doesn’t stay open 24 hours a day, our dealership website is always open all day, every day! On our website which serves Melbourne area customers, you can research our Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks, Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale, used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks. Search the extensive inventory of all the Best Deal Auto Sales Used Cars, Pickup Trucks that we offer at great prices, request a vehicle price quote, view pictures and data about the Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale or learn about our Used Cars, Pickup Trucks that we currently have. Give us a call at 321-752-6444.

Melbourne Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks | Cocoa FL Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks | Cocoa Beach Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks

Best Deal Auto Sales – Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks Melbourne, FL

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Cars for Sale Under Values

Best Used Cars Under 5000

Dependable transportation with affordable long and short term cost of ownership is typically the driving factor behind consumers looking for great solutions in the search for the best used cars under $5000 today.

It is important to take into consideration the condition of any used car, and a fair amount of research is imperative during this process to assist in getting the best information possible regarding the particular used vehicle you are looking at purchasing. While the best used cars for sale can include a variety of makes, models and years, the right one ultimately needs to meet popular requirements such as price, condition, and cargo space as well as fuel efficiency. Taking this into account people today are frequently looking for the best economical used car that they can get for less than 5000 dollars. After all, with better gas mileage this is an approach which lends itself well to a lowered long term cost of ownership, and includes the fact that the insurance costs can be significantly lower on a smaller used vehicle.

The Honda Accord is considered to be one of the best used cars under 5000 dollars as it can provide an impressive mix of comfort, efficiency, dependability and it has a great reputation among current owners of this vehicle. A well maintained example should incorporate both a clean exterior and interior. The MPG found on the Accord from the mid to late 1990s forward will range from the low 20s in the city to the upper 20s on the highway. While the efficiency will vary based upon many factors including driving habits, the Honda Accord 4 cylinder 2.3 liter automatic 4 speed VTEC for example averages 20 city and 28 highway. Typically the manual transmission models will get a couple of miles per gallon more than their automatic counterparts. The slightly heftier version of the Accord, being the 6 cylinder 3.0 liter automatic 4 speed, provides more power at only slightly less MPG.

In this price range you should expect a well maintained used car in great mechanical condition too. Based on careful research this list also encompasses the Toyota Camry which has been one of the best selling used cars for quite some time and finding them for $5,000 or less is still going to get you some of the great factory options as well. With a range of trims to choose from you can count on used Toyota vehicles to live up to their appropriately earned reputation for delivering on quality.

The Ford Focus provides a range of stylish opportunities including models from the early 2000 s which offer decent performance and 4 cylinder manual or automatic transmission solutions to the affordable daily driving needs of many people. For example the early 2000 s Ford Focus models have EPA MPG ratings in the low 20s city to the low 30s highway.

Ultimately the real upfront benefits however are in the fact that you are getting the car at a substantially lower price then the original sticker would have been. This is why the main focus of which is the best used car for under 5000 today may be one which does not get the best gas mileage, but one that provides the driver with the most room to haul their stuff within the vehicle. Included within this list are some of the current best small SUV models considering that there may be some concern as to the amount of cargo space which the smaller cars actually can offer drivers today.

Best Used SUV Under $5,000

The used Honda CR-V models under $5000 tend to be slightly older models of this compact SUV. Often the mechanical and cosmetic condition will be high quality yet there may be high mileage on the vehicle. The same holds true for the popular Kia Sorento yet these can still be good solutions for SUVs in this price range. Keep in mind as you are doing your research that there are many important factors involved in choosing the best used car under 5000 that meets your own specifications.

If you need more room or increased towing capacity then there are some decent SUVs which can supply you with more cargo space and even 4 wheel drive capabilities. Some of the more prolific examples include the Chevrolet Blazer. These represent a portion of used cars for sale under 5 000 dollars which can deliver on the basis of a long standing reputation among SUVs. The 6 cylinder 4.3 liter Chevy Blazer with automatic transmission can provide you with relatively fair gas mileage for a four wheel drive vehicle yet obviously not as high as the more economical cars.

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Bill Evans

Общие сведения

Highly experienced sales executive with extensive experience in automotive sales management and remarketing. Strong networker with a broad, cross-industry collection of executive-level contacts on which to draw for information. High energy individual with desire to develop innovative sales solutions and open new distribution opportunities and revenue streams while exceeding customer needs and expectations. Accomplished in developing operational processes and procedures, effectively managing teams and overall departmental performance. Strategic deal development expertise, communicating effectively with all organizational levels and promoting team collaboration. Strong acumen in organizational development and leadership, streamlining processes, reducing unnecessary expenses, and focusing on profit goals while investing in people

Operations Management • Automotive Sales • Long and Short Sales Cycles • Organizational Development

Опыт работы

Founder and President Big Bucks Auto октябрь 2002 – сентябрь 2013 (11 лет)

• Effectively managed sales, keeping a pulse on the market, and developing an in-depth understanding of all financial data as well as strong customer relations skills.

• Created dealership sales forecasts by estimating total vehicle sales, gross and operating profits as well as expenses.

• Planned and implemented objectives for achieving sales and gross profits.

• Monitored company performance adjusting tactics and strategy as necessary to effectually grow overall business performance.

• Overseeing standards for displaying and merchandising vehicles as well as reviewing and initialing all promotions before they are finalized.

• Managed and spearheaded operations, maintaining full profit and loss responsibility.

• Drove processes for inventory control, auto shipping receiving management, logistics, and facilities maintenance.

• Developed annual budget and managed costs, developing strategies to realize profit improvement to enhance company’s performance to exceed budget expectations.

• Grew business by 10% year over consistently.

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Best used car websites

As exciting as it is to buy a new car — err, at least one new to you — the process of finding and purchasing any vehicle is exhausting. You wouldn t be surprised to find a sleazy salesman breathing down your neck as you peruse the lot s selection, trying to put you in a different car at every turn. Given the aforementioned situation, or a similar scenario thereof, it s no wonder nobody enjoys perusing Bob s Used Car Emporium for a new set of cars under such stressful conditions. Thankfully, the Internet boasts a bevy of virtual car lots, lined with everything from mid-size sedans to all-terrain pickup trucks. The sites allow you to swap the salesman and pressure-laden environment for a comfortable desk chair, while providing you with all the necessary information regarding each car s condition and supposed history. However, the question remains, which site is the most competent and coupled with a dearth of scammers, crooks, and the like?

Here is our top selection of the best used car websites for bettering your online shopping experience. No cheesy slick-backs, no false information, and no forced decisions; just the best websites to help you buy a used ride. Also, skim our list detailing the essential questions you should ask when buying a used car  and our roundup of the best cars for new drivers  if you re still shopping around.

Contrary to what the website s ridiculous commercials make you believe, navigating to won t lead your conscious to manifest itself as a second head on your body. Rather, the site is a deep and extensive resource for anyone shopping for a used car. Filters allow you to search based on make, model, and the highest possible price for any used or certified pre-owned car in your area — and once you find your desired car —the website provides quick links to the car s various Carfax reports. Moreover, you re given the option to instant message the dealer or owner directly if they re currently online, or simple email the if they re not. s simple navigation and robust resource selection make it one of the best for first-time buyers.

Few sites surpass when it comes to advanced search tools. Not only does the site s initial search let you choose the make, model, and price of your desired car akin to most sites on our list, but you can also filter your results based on the type of car you want, its fuel economy, exact specifications, or a variety of other notable features. For instance, do you want a car with an intuitive navigation system? How about a sedan with four doors and keyless entry? Then check the requisite box for either option and let the result populate. even gives you the option to search for Business Elite model Chevy or GMC commercial vehicles at any given moment.

While not strictly a used car website catered for finding a 95 Geo Metro, Hemmings is a classic car collector s dream. The website provides a worthwhile blast from the past, reveling in 60s Chevy Impalas and Studebakers from the 30s, while additionally offering tools for locating specific parts or services pertaining to a car you may already own. Hemmings also offers a Daily News Letter, an updated blog, and several other resources for the classic car owner to use in addition to standard search functionality. The site even touts its own webstore where you can buy diecast models, Hemmings apparel, collector car books, or a 2014 wall calendar. For the classic car enthusiast, Hemmings is an excellent resource for car classifieds, complete with supplementary buying tips and links to upcoming local auctions.

Simple and straightforward, CarsDirect is all about the basic. You can choose to search for used cars within your provided area based on body style and price or make and model, thus filtering available options only within your region. Search results include offerings from both dealers and owners, with a bundled option of viewing your desired car s Carfax report. CarsDirect also allows you save your favorite cars and search history when deciding between different makes and models, and each search result provides a slew of images detailing the selected cars condition. Furthermore, you can submit an inquiry about the particular make or model your looking at, or choose whether you re look for special financing. Links to the respective car dealer s website come standard, as do comprehensive maps providing you directions to the dealer s location.

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Cheap Used Engines

Cheap Car and Truck Engine Store

Automobile owners in the country have been constantly on the hunt for cheap, quality used engines. When your engine breaks down, Used Car Parts Exchange is here to provide the lowest possible prices in the entire industry. Our used engines are also guaranteed to be the highest possible quality. Gasoline or diesel, old or new, it doesn’t matter: We’re the largest supplier of used quality engines in the country.

With our unique service, we offer every customer up to three years of warranty protection and a 30-day low price guarantee on every make and model of engine we have in stock. And with over 200 of the nation’s top salvage yards, finding exactly what you need is never a problem. When you shop with us, you can know that you’re shopping quality, time and again, from the top salvage yards that know exactly where and how to find superior motors.

What we’re offering

America is an enormous, 300-million-plus melting pot nation of different faces. People are individuals, and as such, thousands of different automobile models are driven in the country. We cover it all. We take tremendous pride in carrying the widest selection of used engines in the entire industry. Not only will you find American classics like Chevy and Ford, but we also carry Aston Martin, BMW, Volvo, Nissan, and motors from every manufacturer under the sun.

You’ll find the best prices in the industry on every make, model and year imaginable. Quality is our strong suit, and we’re always working to ensure that every motor we sell lasts a lifetime.

When a used engine is brought into one of our 200-plus salvage yards, it’s thoroughly inspected for a wide range of quality-control issues, including overall functionality, wear and tear, and many safety issues. We have the best people in the business overseeing the day-to-day operations at Used Car Parts Exchange. So when a motor is advertised for sale on our website, you can rest assured that it’s in pristine condition – just like the day it was first driven off the lot.

The Largest Network

Instead of working through one central location, we’re conveniently located in over 200 locations. This means that not only do we have access to even the rarest engines in the industry, but we’ll also be able to find whatever you need. Engines come in all different shapes and sizes; you may need a rare Mini engine. No problem. Simply browse our site and seek your part, and if you can’t find it, we’ll happily locate it for you.

We’ll put out the word that you need a certain make, model and year engine – all you have to do is wait patiently until we can find one that will run for you like it’s brand new. It won’t be long, either. We receive thousands of parts from a wide variety of manufacturers on a daily basis. Used Car Parts Exchange works hard to make sure that we cover a multitude of models and years; we know that not everyone drives the same automobile. Some people need diesel, some need gas, some need rare, but all need affordable quality. And that’s where we excel.

Always Quality – Always Affordable

Any company in the industry can pull out an engine and pawn it off as “quality,” we know that. We also know that you know that. In this day and age, far too many suppliers of used engines claim that their parts will last the long haul, but they just end up breaking down. We’re entirely different. We take tremendous satisfaction in the fact that we put every used engine through a rigorous inspection process. When we decide to sell it, we let you know that it will last.

Our three-year warranty plan on used engines is leaps and bounds above what the next best competitor is offering. There’s no question that our engine is going to breathe new life into your automobile.

The pricing options we offer are also sending our competitors into a frenzied state. We find the absolute lowest market price and make sure that our used engines are priced below that line. You’ll never overpay a single penny with us. And if you do, you’ll fall into our 30-day lowest price guarantee.

If the used engine you purchased elsewhere has the same warranty features and the same high quality, we’ll make up the difference to you in cash so you know that you’re never paying more than the lowest price on the market.

Used Car Parts Exchange offers multiple ways to save on used engines. For more information call us toll free at 1-866-612-9798 – or stop in and browse our parts inventory.

Most Popular Used Engines

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Best Used Cars Under $5000

For many Americans some form of automobile is more than just a luxury: it is a necessary part of their daily arsenal of accessories. According to the US Census Bureau. the average American has to face an almost half-hour commute one way to get to their place of work or back home every day, and will spend on average nearly 40 hours stuck in traffic per year. People in San Francisco spent a reported 83 hours sitting in traffic not moving in 2013. Combining that time with trips to the grocery store, recreation, and other obligations, and it becomes obvious that for most Americans their automobile is one of the most important items they own. This article will discuss some of the best used cars under $5000.

We are living in a time when the economy is in less than perfect condition. With around 15 percent of our nation living at or below the poverty line. many Americans simply cannot afford to spend a great deal of money on a brand new automobile. More than that, every automobile comes with a whole slew of associated long-term costs, like fuel, maintenance, and of course, insurance. These costs add significantly to the price of a vehicle, and unfortunately for many the trade-off is usually that better reliability and fuel mileage come with higher prices.

So, what can a budget-conscious (or economically constrained) individual in need of a new automobile do? The answer is, obviously, to delve into the used/pre-owned vehicle market. Yet, even when looking at pre-owned vehicles or, perhaps, even more so than when looking at new ones finding a balance between price and reliability is often frustrating. Vehicles that are easily obtainable for cheap are often times cheap for a reason, whether that be poor condition, poor performance, or just general low appeal to secondhand buyers.

Looking through the thousands of pre-owned cars on the market and trying to find one that both fits your budget in the short term and won t break the bank in the long run can be a huge hassle, but with a little forethought and planning, finding a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle for cheap can be done.

Why Used Cars Under $5000?

For the purposes of looking at pre-owned vehicles, five thousand dollars is often considered a great place to start your budget. Five thousand dollars gives you enough ceiling to open up a lot of relatively recent pre-owned vehicles for consideration, which can be important when considering fuel economy and reliability.

While trucks and SUVs are often popular vehicles, the best reliability and fuel economy can often be found in the pre-owned car market. Not only are trucks and SUVs more often than not less fuel efficient than compact cars and sedans, but drivers have a tendency to put them through a lot more adventuresome driving than your average family car will see. This makes pre-owned cars the best place for a shopper to look when trying to find a solid investment in their transportation future.

Eight Cars Under $5000

While it is true that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of cars to choose from, even at the five grand price limit, not every car is made the same. You can visit dozens of sites looking for the best vehicles available in nearly any price range, and every site will give you a different list of recommendations. Despite this, there are a few standbys that nearly every list will include due to their universally accepted excellence for their price point.

In no particular order, here are eight of the most recommended used cars under five thousand dollars:

2005 Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback

2001 Honda Civic Coupe

2003 Volvo S40 Sedan

2000 Ford Crown Victoria Sedan

2000 Honda Accord Sedan

2000 Mazda MX-5 Miata Convertible

2002 Toyota Corolla Sedan

2002 Chevrolet Prizm Sedan

Price:  between $3000-$3500

Why it is recommended:  The Prizm is, for the most part, a Toyota Corolla re-branded with the Chevrolet logo. As such, many of the concerns and advantages associated with the Corolla also apply to the Prizm. The Prizm is considered to be somewhat less common to find, but was also less popular than the Corolla, helping to keep its price low.

Beyond The Car

Our list above is a great place to start for buyers looking for a good price on a reliable vehicle, but a smart consumer will always take the time to look beyond a vehicle’s make, model, and year to make sure they are getting the best deal possible. Whether shopping on a budget or picking up a long-time dream, keeping an eye on every aspect of any car you purchase can be vital to getting the best deal possible.

There is more to purchasing a pre-owned car than simply finding the right car at the right budget. Not all used cars are created equal, and the more time that has passed between a car’s release and when you purchase it the more opportunities other drivers have had to abuse or mistreat it. Often times simple wear and tear can lead to an otherwise well-kept car being problematic within months of being purchased at no fault to either the original owner or the person who took it of their hands.

For savvy buyers, there are a few features you can look for when purchasing a pre-owned car that can help to not only protect you against problems, but sometimes can even help to keep your insurance rates on the car as low as possible.

The first item that can help the most is also one of the most problematic: checking to see if the vehicle has been manufacturer re-certified. When a manufacturer recertifies a used vehicle, that means that they believe the vehicle to be up to their standards of quality in terms of part life and expected vehicle lifespan as a whole. Manufacturer recertified vehicles will often offer manufacturer’s warranties despite being pre-owned, a feature that many insurance companies appreciate and will take into account when considering your insurance premiums.

The problem with manufacturer recertification is twofold. First of all, though not a bad thing, manufacturer recertification is not a simple process of calling up the vehicle’s manufacturer and having them approve it. Manufacturer recertification takes time and some investment on the seller or retailer’s part, and as such will usually only be found on vehicles purchased from either certified retailers or high-capacity resellers. When dealing with either smaller lots or individuals looking to sell their personal vehicle, manufacturer recertification is virtually off the table.

The second problem with manufacturer recertification is vehicle age. Many manufacturers will only offer recertification on vehicles within the last four to six model years of production, meaning that older vehicles including all of those on our list are typically no longer able to receive manufacturer recertification regardless of quality.

All hope is not lost when it comes to used cars without recertification, though. Beyond manufacturer recertification there is also dealer certification or recertification, by which the dealer who sells the vehicle gives their own assurance to the vehicle’s quality and reliability. While dealer certification does not carry the same weight as manufacturer recertification when it comes to many considerations, it has the distinct advantage of being easier to obtain, and when it comes to consumer experience can often offer most, if not all, of the same advantages dealer recertification conveys.

Beyond recertification, the next major important feature a buyer should look into when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is accident records. Checking a vehicle’s VIN against accident databases such as Carfax  can give a prospective buyer a great deal of information on the history of a vehicle, much of which will reflect on the vehicle’s reliability and safety. If a vehicle has been in a major accident, even if it has been rebuilt, overall reliability is likely to suffer, and in some cases an accident history can raise insurance rates on the vehicle even if the driver who owned the vehicle at the time of the accident is no longer in ownership.

3, 2, 1, Go

Just because you are shopping for a vehicle on a tight budget does not mean you have to sacrifice either safety or efficiency when doing so. The economy may be tight at the moment, but with a little time and effort, and foreknowledge on your side, even the most cash-strapped of car buyers can find a vehicle that fits their budget and  their needs. The vehicles we have included in our list are all great examples of reliable cars that can be purchased on a budget, but they are only a drop in the bucket when it comes to all the makes and models available on the market. Take the time to do your research on any vehicle you find, and look for those with strong safety records as a model and clean bills of health as individual units, and you can save yourself a lot of time and money at the dealer, at the pump, at the insurance company, and beyond.

Once you ve narrowed your search, call your insurance agent for a quote for particular makes and models to get exact insurance pricing.

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