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Replacement Car Parts & Accessories

When your vehicle starts to fail on you and you find the need to replace a number of its parts and accessories, you have to depend on one brand that delivers a wide array of vehicle products with good quality. The Replacement brand carries and offers a wide variety of vehicle parts and add-ons for your auto. From A/C compressors to wiring harnesses, Replacement has them all in store for you and more.

Aside from the compressors and the wiring harnesses, the Replacement brand also carries bumpers, bumper absorbers and other bumper accessories, distributors, door moldings, clutches, door handles, mirrors, mud flaps, and a bunch of other accessories for your vehicle’s interior and exterior. The Replacement bumper is just one of the many vehicle parts which are available in the automotive market right now. This specific accessory may come in different styles and configurations. The bumper is guaranteed to raise the level of appearance of the vehicles to which they will be equipped and incorporated. This accessory from the Replacement brand is both stylish and reliable at the same time. It can be effectively used to take the place of your old and worn-out stock bumper.

Replacement also offers the Replacement seat belts, all designed and crafted to maximize your driving safety and comfort on the road. These seat belts are simple straps of fabric with some connecting hardware that will surely hold you in position when your auto accidentally comes into an abrupt stop. Once your vehicle suddenly stops, a special device will lock the belt in place, thus restraining you safely on your post. This restraining action will keep you from hitting the dashboard of your vehicle and save you from possible injuries. These are just a few of the many performance parts and accessories that the Replacement brand offers for the ordinary drivers and the performance drivers alike. Interested to see a more complete list of the products being carried by the Replacement brand? Just check out the online catalog at Parts Train and you will see for yourself a comprehensive line of Replacement parts and accessories.

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Which Free Used Car Price Guide Should You Use?

It is important that the free used car price guide that you choose is one of the better ones. There are two that come to mind, one is the Kelley Blue Book, and the other is the NADA guide. Both give you an estimate car price, but which one should you use.

  • Kelley Blue Book is a consumer driven book, meaning it is geared towards you, the buyer. The site has a plethora of information on cars, and their specifications. The best part is that you can get a free appraisal of your car by entering in some information. You need to enter the make, model, year and trim. Then you can select the value you want to see (trade in, retail, private party, certified pre owned) and then enter the details of your car by checking boxes. Lastly, you can fill in the condition of your car. The price is then shown to you, and you have an estimate price for your car
  • NADA Guide is the site you may want to shy away from. There isn’t anything wrong with the site per se. However, as a consumer, you may feel like they are overvaluing their cars. Their guides go under the assumption that your car is in excellent condition—a classification that only applies to 5 percent of used cars. You then have to deduct money from the price, but you can never be sure as to how much to deduct based on your car. It is more of a guessing game, whereas KBB allows you to adjust the price for condition

Compare Other Online Prices

If you’re just searching to find a more general price range for a particular vehicle, you might consider browsing websites like Auto Trader or CarsDirect. These websites have thousands of vehicles for sale and will almost always have quite a few vehicles very similar to the one you’re thinking of buying or selling. By comparing prices on similarly equipped vehicles you can get gauge an accurate and fair price for your vehicle.

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Browse Business Listings in Waukegan, Illinois for Auto Auctions

Have you ever wanted to buy your own car at rock-bottom prices? Checking out auto auctions in Waukegan, IL may just get you that ?92 Cadillac convertible of your dreams!

Waukegan, IL Police Auctions

It feels good when you get a deal. If you consider yourself a bargain-hunter, make sure you don’t miss a single one of our Waukegan, IL auto auctions.

If you have a teenager that has been bugging you for a car, the auctions might be your only chance to shut them up. Waukegan, IL auto auctions are a fantastic source for getting all sorts of used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs at a fraction of the retail and even used prices! It is important to prepare before you go to any auction. Make sure you go there knowing exactly what you want, and get there with a budget already in mind.

Many Waukegan, IL automotive auctions will allow you to view the vehicles, start them, and inspect them prior to the beginning of the auction. Typically, cars are brought out individually, and the auctioneer will sell each car while it?s on display. Typically, there will be a minimum opening bid on the vehicles, depending on the quality, make, and model of the vehicle being presented, but don?t be turned away just because of this. Minimum bids are typically extremely low, often dropping to $50 for well used cars.

The quality of the auto auction you attend matters quite a bit. At the higher level of auto auctions, you may find one-of-a-kind classics, and bidding may reach six figures! These types of auctions are very rare, however. At many police and local auctions, the bids will barely break $200 or $300. At cheaper auctions you must practice caution. You could end up with a trashed car, or one that doesn’t even run. Be careful what you bid on, and do everything you can to test the cars for yourself before the auction starts!

When investigating Waukegan, IL auto auctions, look for those that will let you examine the vehicles or turn them on prior to the auction’s start. This largely eliminates the chances of bidding top dollar for a lemon. Most auto auctions will generally have a resource catalog, pamphlet, or program that contains detailed information on the car, including mileage, service done, service required, and a vehicle accident record. If these documents are not provided, ask the auctioneer for it specifically; these pieces of information are vital when choosing a car. If you are participating in a local police or seizure auto auction they will often explain how it was acquired, and there is almost always a minimum bid on each auto. At public car auctions, bids will usually increase in increments of $50.

Some auto auctions in Waukegan, IL are “dealer-only,” and require a license to bid. If you aren’t a professional, make sure an auction is “open to the public” before you go.

Last year, my brother went to a Waukegan, IL auto auction and got a great deal. He picked up a lightly used SUV at a local car auction for about half the price I would have paid at a used-car dealership. It may not be the most efficient piece of human engineering, but it runs like a dream.

Waukegan, IL Auto Auctioneers

Going to a local auto auctioneer is the best way to get a great running vehicle for the lowest price. It is a risk, but what rewards come without it? More often than not, you will receive the vehicle “as is” without a warranty or guarantee of any kind. This is why you should consult with Waukegan, IL auto auctioneers privately before just going into an auction blind. There are some pretty tricky sellers out there. I’ve seen auctions that are totals scams, where the seller actually participates in the bidding just to jack up the bid, and then pull out when they are satisfied with the price they will get for it. We?ll help you become a pro and sniff out those scams.

At Waukegan, IL auto auctioneers, we?ll research your specific auction and alert you to any suspicious activity we uncover. Bid with confidence!

It’s already a risk to decide to buy at an auction, don’t make it riskier than it needs to be. Our auto auctioneers will represent you and only you. We charge but a small flat rate for our services but you are buying peace of mind and you won?t get a lemon. something that could cost you a lot more.

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Dealer Contact

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Not finding what you’re looking for? Below are vehicles that may interest you.

2008 BMW X3

Exterior: GRAY / Interior:

Description: Contact Murray Auto Sales Inc today for information on dozens of vehicles like this 2008 BMW X3 3.0si. CARFAX BuyBack Guarantee provides that extra peace of mind for you that there’s no surprises on this vehicle’s history. In their original incarnation SUVs were chiefly owned by folks who valued “utility” above “sport.” Not anymore! The BMW X3 3.0si redefines the SUV and makes the perfect “all around” family companion. This X3 is equipped with AWD for improved handling. Whether you’re faced…

2007 BMW 5 Series

Exterior: BLUE / Interior:

Description: Thank you for your interest in one of Murray Auto Sales Inc’s online offerings. Please continue for more information regarding this 2007 BMW 5 Series 530xi with 116 062 miles. Rest assured when you purchase a vehicle with the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee you’re getting what you paid for. Today’s luxury vehicle is not just about opulence. It’s about a perfect balance of performance comfort and attention to detail. This 2007 BMW 5 Series is the perfect example of the modern luxury. This AWD-equipped…

2005 BMW X5

Exterior: GRAY / Interior:

Description: Check out this gently-used 2005 BMW X5 we recently got in. Why gamble on purchasing a pre-owned vehicle when you can get a CARFAX Buyback Guarantee for free from Murray Auto Sales Inc. This BMW X5 3.0i is an incredibly versatile vehicle that is a “must have” for any family. You appreciate the finer things in life the vehicle you drive should not be the exception. Style performance sophistication is in a class of its own with this stunning BMW X5. No matter the varying terrain or weather…

2008 Acura TL

Description: Check out this gently-used 2008 Acura TL we recently got in. Why gamble on purchasing a pre-owned vehicle when you can get a CARFAX Buyback Guarantee for free from Murray Auto Sales Inc. If you are looking for a pre-owned vehicle that looks brand-new look no further than this Silver Acura TL. You will never have to worry about keeping up with traffic in this TL as it packs a beast under the hood. A perfect find to complement any rare automotive collection. This beautiful lass will turn heads…

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Washington Auto Group – Waukegan IL, 60085

Welcome to Washington Auto Group Waukegan Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks Lot In 60085

On behalf of everyone at Washington Auto Group, we would like to thank you for visiting our website. Low prices, terrific customer service, and sales honesty separate us from other Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale lots in Waukegan and across IL. We want to be your choice when searching for Waukegan Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lots. We want to sell the best quality Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory than anyone. We want to be the best option for IL used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks. In other words, we want to be the best Waukegan Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot in IL.

At Washington Auto Group Waukegan Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks, we strive to sell more Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory to people in Antioch, Benet Lake, Buffalo Grove, Deerfield, Fort Sheridan, Fox Lake, Glencoe, Grayslake, Great Lakes, Gurnee, Highland Park, Highwood, Ingleside, Kenosha, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Lake Villa, Lake Zurich, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Long Grove, Mundelein, North Chicago, Northbrook, Pleasant Prairie, Round Lake, Russell, Vernon Hills, Wadsworth, Wauconda, Waukegan, Winthrop Harbor, Woodworth, Zion. Other Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lots in Waukegan can claim to be the best, but when it comes down to taking care of the customer before and after Used Cars, Pickup Trucks sales, Washington Auto Group stands out above the competition. It goes beyond being the best Waukegan Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot, we are one of the few IL Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale dealerships that can offer the kind of choices that you want.

When shopping for a Waukegan Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot don’t buy anywhere else until you check with Washington Auto Group first. Nobody has Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory in IL like Washington Auto Group. Whether you’re looking for used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks in Antioch or Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory in Benet Lake, we are your source. We have sold people all over the Waukegan area. Just visit Washington Auto Group Waukegan Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks to get the best deal. Give us a call today at 847-244-4466.

Get a well-maintained, competitively-priced, Used Cars, Pickup Trucks in Waukegan at Washington Auto Group. While we are the premier location to buy a Used Cars, Pickup Trucks, we also serve customers from Antioch, Benet Lake, Buffalo Grove, Deerfield, Fort Sheridan, Fox Lake, Glencoe, Grayslake, Great Lakes, Gurnee, Highland Park, Highwood, Ingleside, Kenosha, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Lake Villa, Lake Zurich, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Long Grove, Mundelein, North Chicago, Northbrook, Pleasant Prairie, Round Lake, Russell, Vernon Hills, Wadsworth, Wauconda, Waukegan, Winthrop Harbor, Woodworth, Zion. Browse our Waukegan Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks inventory to view details about our low priced, high-quality Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale and used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks. Having problems locating a Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks in Waukegan? Complete our Used Cars, Pickup Trucks Finder form and we will alert you when your dream vehicle arrives at our dealership.

Washington Auto Group – Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks Waukegan, IL

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Salvation Car Auction

Learn More About The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church.

Official auction for the Salvation Army. We are open to the public, buy cars at wholesale prices. Most cars sell to the highest bidder. Now selling FBI cars.

Welcome to the Chicago Car Auction, located in Waukegan IL, we sell hundreds of cars to the public every month. We are a public auto auction. Buy and sell like the.

Make arrangements for the car to be picked up or hauled off, if necessary. Though many of the cars for the Salvation Army auctions work and can be driven off, some.

Public Auction For Cars: Information on recent repossessed bank and credit union cars, state government and police seized vehicles. Review of car auction web sites.

Car Donation Program: How to donate your used vehicle to The Salvation Army and receive a tax deductible donation. Free pick up from any location, sign up

New Lower Minimum Bid! $250! WELCOME TO THE. VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA. AUTO AUCTION! Pontiac, MI. Next Auto Auction: July 26, 2014. Auctions begin at 10:00am.

Nowhere will you get a cheaper car than at a police auto auction. With bids that start at $100, you can drive a car home today!

The Federal Semiauto Salvation 10mm Auto shakes things up for handgun hunters. Discover why it is such a powerful game-changer in this post.

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About South Bay Autohaus

South Bay Autohaus is the leading Independent Mercedes-Benz Dealership offering San Diego Mercedes-Benz owners quality Sales, Parts, Service & Repair. We have been family owned for over 20 years and have always serviced San Diego Mercedes Benz owners with the a focus on trust, integrity and honesty.

Our technicians are highly trained, skilled and certified to perform all maintenance and service work. Our in-house parts department allows us to complete most services in the same day for your convenience.

Our selection of Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles are of the highest quality in San Diego. Each vehicle is fully serviced and inspected prior to being displayed on our showroom in order to meet highest level of standard and excellence Mercedes-Benz owner’s expect.

If you are buying a new Mercedes-Benz, contact us regarding our trade-in purchase program that will allow you to maximize the value of your previously owned Mercedes-Benz

South Bay Autohaus is your Mercedes-Benz solution in San Diego. Follow us on our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected to South Bay Autohaus promotions and news.

Meet Co-Founder Gary Flanagan

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About Rock Auto

Be the first to recommend this!

If you’re looking to tackle some DIY projects on your car or truck, a RockAuto discount can help you keep your garage stocked at minimal cost. The company maintains and constantly updates an extensive online database full of vital parts and handy accessories for vehicles of nearly any year, make, and model. Whether you’re overhauling a trusty old domestic truck or searching for a hard-to-find part for your imported roadster, a RockAuto coupon will make your next project even easier.

Rather than embarking on futile searches through shelves at brick-and-mortar auto parts stores, customers at RockAuto can lock down a speedy delivery of whatever item they need in seconds. RockAuto’s supply network stretches across every continent on earth—except Antarctica and the oft-forgotten island of Oldfoundland—connecting clients to everything from the suspension ball joint for a 2013 Ford F-150, to the cylinder head bolt for a 1997 Lada Samara.

Thanks to RockAuto’s easy-to-use database, you can find almost any part you need. Simply grab a RockAuto promo code from the list below, brush up on your auto-repair know-how, and you start saving even more on your next engine overhaul or truck surgery.

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Public Car Auctions



Do you love a good deal? Want to buy a used vehicle at wholesale prices? If so, the action-packed public auctions at Winchester Auto Auction could be the place to find your dream car.

Auto Auction Tips

If you’ve never been to an auction, here’s the inside scoop:

  • View the options. The average public car auction has hundreds of vehicles for sale. View the online run list before arriving so you’ll know which cars and run numbers to focus on without getting overwhelmed.
  • Do the research. It’s important to learn a vehicle’s retail value before bidding. Bring some pricing guides along to help, such as the Black Book or Kelley Blue Book®.  
  • Arrive Early. Most public auctions open early so people can preview vehicles. Leave enough time to examine and inspect every vehicle you might bid on. Once you’re the high bidder, the car is yours…so check the vehicle out…”buyer’s remorse” is not welcome.
  • Set a limit. Make sure to set a limit before bidding — and then stick to it. The highest bidder is legally obligated to buy the vehicle.

The Light System

Car auctions use a light system that’s placed above the auctioneer. It’s important to note that the light colors refer to how much information the seller has disclosed about the vehicle — and not what the vehicle’s condition is. Below is a quick guide:

  • Red light. The car is for sale as is. It may have problems that are not obvious to the naked or untrained eye. Good deals here but buyer beware.
  • Yellow light. The auctioneer will make an announcement about the vehicle (usually about a defect of some kind). Once these items have been announced, they aren’t subject to arbitration. Don’t bid without fully understanding the problems.
  • Green light. The seller has provided full disclosure on the vehicle’s condition (as defined by the arbitration policy).
  • Blue light. A blue light means that the vehicle’s title is not at the auction. In most cases, the seller has 30 days to provide the title or the deal is cancelled.

If you’re confused at any point about what the lights mean, make sure to ask one of the staff at Winchester Auto Auction.

Ready to experience the excitement and energy of a public auction. Register today! We look forward to offering an unforgettable bidding experience. Also, don’t hesitate to call us at 304-229-4400 with any questions or to learn more about us .

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Shopping at a police auction.

In the age of eBay, auctions are thriving online. Indeed, for many of us, the word auction now conjures mouse-clicking more than anything else hitting “refresh” on the listing for a sweet 1984 World B. Free jersey or an original set of pogs. The old-fashioned, offline sort of bidding seems like an anachronistic rarity, useful only for such out-of-the-norm purchases as, say, Impressionist art or farm animals. As it turns out, state and local governments are still in the live-auction game, particularly to offload seized cars, or outdated police and maintenance vehicles. Recently, I spent a morning at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where the New York City Police Department holds its monthly public sale, and observed a still-flourishing tradition.

Government auctions of seized goods date back as least as far as the Romans, who sold off the spoils of war to the highest bidder. Once, Rome itself was put up for auction: Post-coup, the victorious Praetorian Guard transferred control of the empire to one grabby senator for the low, low price of just 25,000 sesterces per soldier. At the Brooklyn Navy Yard, there were no vast crumbling kingdoms, but there were vast, crumpled cars for the taking: A big boatlike Chevy with a smashed-up hood, a large white Ford SUV that wouldn’t start, and the sort of wide-hipped sedans you might see in a cemetery parking lot. I arrived a few minutes after the auction’s 9 a.m. kickoff and joined a crowd of perhaps 200, all looking to take a chance on a dirt-cheap car.

Once the bidding started at its fast clip, there was no way to re-inspect the goods, though a few enterprising souls scrambled under caution tape to peer through dusty windows before officials halfheartedly swatted them away. The auctioneer drove a van, and with his head craned out the window like an overeager puppy, crisply disposed of each lot in approximately 30 seconds apiece. He used a megaphone, and seemed rather more interested in economy of time than in doing the city’s coffers a solid—herding bidders along with the meditative koan “The faster we move, the faster we proceed.” I didn’t witness any dramatic bidding wars, nor did I see more than a few hands raised for any one vehicle. If you’re victorious, you walk up to the passenger window of the barely rolling van and fill out some paperwork. There’s an initial small deposit, and then you’ve got 24 hours to come back with the rest of the cash and claim your prize.

A gambler’s gut and a Y chromosome seemed to be the only attributes the remarkably mixed crowd shared. I saw but a handful of women—a pair of friends in their early 20s dressed in killer boots and J-Lo-glam puffer coats who seemed as tentative as I felt, bobbing in and out of the fringes of the auction, poking desperately at the info packet. (They could have used the encouragement one white-curled gentleman in a leather jacket gave me when he misinterpreted my lurking and assiduous note-taking—”Don’t be shy! No big deal to raise your hand!”)

There were a few thrifty couples biding their time, waiting for the passenger cars in good condition. (You can supposedly get a markdown of as much as 40 percent over the retail price. and unlike on eBay’s auto auctions, shipping isn’t an issue.) One man trying to sell his Ugg-wearing, blond-highlighted wife on the auction experience worked harder than the auctioneer ever did. A woman flying solo had an argument on her cell phone post-purchase: “I don’t CARE; it was still a good price!” There was an older woman, alone, whom I mistook for an out-of-her-element librarian type, until she walked away and I saw the Teamster’s logo on the back of her jacket. A well-dressed middle-aged woman listened indulgently to a rough-around-the edges young man describe a boozy evening that didn’t end well. The pair were waiting for the Priuses, as was a thirtysomething woman with a large left-hand sparkler who, though it was her first auction, knew exactly how much she expected her car to set her back—she was hoping to spend $6,000 for a recent make.

But the customers were mostly men, and mostly men who seemed to know what they wanted from a car without preliminary Internet futzing-around, whether they were wearing dusty work boots or mysteriously well-cut overcoats. In many cases, they wanted car parts, not the car itself. A large number of the vehicles were up only “for salvage,” though they were often just as, or more, expensive than the working ones.

The experience reminded me of my high-school AP physics exam. At both events, a male-dominated group strove eagerly toward a well-defined goal, whether Caltech or a carburetor. And in both cases, I worried I could never wrap my mind around the bedrock calculus: It was $8,500 to salvage a 2010 Toyota sedan, for instance, while a 2007 Chevy sedan, ostensibly drivable, went for just $900. An apparently well-preserved 1986 Ford station wagon was $1,400. A car with no dashboard was $10,000. As in my physics days, these numbers seemed to surprise no one else.

Unlike the AP physics boys, however, the bidders at the police auction handled setbacks rather well. One group of business associates, covered in construction dirt and speaking the same Brooklynese as the auctioneer, took a tough loss in stride. One guy poked the designated bidder: “You f—-d it up,” he said, smiling. It wasn’t such a big deal, after all: A dinged-up red 2007 Ford Focus might be superior to a pristine-looking blue one, but both are cheap. There’s no such thing as true love at an auto auction.